Seduced By The Woman Next Door

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The annoying beep, beep, beep woke me from my little Saturday morning daydream, buried in washing dishes after sneakily treating myself to pancakes for breakfast I had drifted into a little world all my own, but the sound of the moving truck backing up the next door driveway startled me, I didn’t even know it had sold it had been empty that long.

I watched with interest as the contents were carried inside bit by bit. Wow there was some pretty nice stuff, the furniture all looked pretty swish.

I watched as a couple of really hunky looking men laboured hard carrying large boxes inside. I also noticed a fairly tall lithe woman standing by the front door directing traffic. She was younger than me by about ten years with very defined features, she was both mysterious and inviting yet somehow aloof. She was dressed casually but still managed to look like she had fallen off the cover of Vogue, or Woman’s day magazine, damn it I hatred her already, I imagined if my husband had been here he would have been drooling.

I watched mindlessly, my husband John was off at a football game with his mates and I was enjoying having the house to myself. Our teenage daughter Debbie was off with friends and I was free to do whatever I wanted.

I watched the woman amazed at how she seemed to glide rather than walk, god how did she make her arse wobble like that? I sighed hating the envious stab at my waistline.

I managed to drag myself away and was hanging out the laundry when I heard a loud crash and what must have been the woman’s voice shriek, “Be careful!”

I nosily peeked over the fence; they were unloading a rather large crate in front of the garage. The woman was in aggressively in charge as she barked demandingly at them, “There had better be no damage, or somebody is going to pay!”

A couple of the men peeled back a couple of planks exposing whatever was inside, she leaned down and peeked, “Oh thank god, you can rest easy boys.” I was stretching to see what the fuss was about and standing on tippy toe, craning my neck to see when the woman turned and saw me staring. The moment her eyes locked on mine I felt my face flush with embarrassment, ‘Shit caught spying.’ Her deep penetrating glance turned me to mush and I dropped quickly to the ground silently cursing myself for being caught out. ‘Shit, shit, shit, I felt stupid, how did she do that? Make me feel like an idiot.’

I almost crawled back to hanging out the laundry and snuck inside feeling foolish. I went back to the safety of the kitchen to watch, but as I stared out the window her eyes again caught me and the corners of her mouth turned upwards in a sardonic twisted grin. I felt like I had been scolded by the principle, as jets of water sprayed everywhere covering me in suds. I had to quickly grab the tap to shut it down. I hadn’t felt like this since my first date.

I quickly stepped back from the window and went about my business, stopping at lunchtime for coffee and a bite to eat. When I peered out the kitchen window the truck was gone, all that was left was the large crate in front of the garage. Ever since being caught out I felt uncomfortable and uneasy, with one simple gaze she had made me feel like a naughty child and I didn’t like it.

I had dinner in the oven cooking when John got home, he was so wrapped up in talking about the stupid game he barely showed he heard me say we have new neighbours. But as I told him I wasn’t even sure it was plural, I made an assumption even although I hadn’t seen a man other than the movers that she would have a husband.

As the days drifted by I kept a closer than normal eye on the place, one day when I was at work the crate vanished, then the next there was a sporty little convertible parked in the drive. That certainly got John’s interest piqued, he didn’t care who they were but the car… Wow now that excited him.

We had been married now long enough for the gloss to have well and truly worn off, we were comfortable and happy but the gloss and excitement had definitely faded. Why I was so interested in the couple next door I can’t explain, the look in her eye? There was something about her that piqued my interest, she stirred something deep inside me. Who knows… but I wanted to know who they were, we were neighbours damn it. When I tried to get John to go over and introduce himself he laughed at me, “You’re so damned interested you go… I don’t care.”

My job as a relief school teacher meant I did get days off during the week and I was surprised to see a fairly constant stream of cars come and go next door, but the surprising thing was they were all women, I never once saw men or even a man go inside. Maybe her husband worked away somewhere, or was on the road a lot. This was a very expensive neighbourhood, not your normal solo mum territory.

She made the odd appearance and always looked like she stepped off the cover of that magazine, never a hair out of place and always dressed divinely, she had incredible taste and much like antalya escort her furniture it was all labels, no shopping at K mart there. She made me feel shabby without even trying and had my inferiority complex running at full speed.

It might sound catty but I hated women like her, always looking so effortlessly elegant and stylish even when I saw her in the morning she looked spectacular, damn it, it’s just not fair. I was attractive I suppose, at least I used to think so, although lately since she moved in next door I was feeling very second hand.

We didn’t even speak for weeks, I knew she saw me but for whatever reason she ignored me, turning her nose up, well at least that’s how it felt.

It was when a package got dropped off at our door and when I went to open it I realised it was addressed to next door. I smiled, ‘Ha I’ll teach her.’ I put it on the dresser beside the door and tried to ignore it, I expected her to come looking for it but no, she never did, every day I walked past it thinking today would be the day but no it dragged on and on until I caved.

It was driving me crazy knowing it was there so after spending two hours in front of the bathroom mirror doing my hair and applying makeup and another hour going through my wardrobe looking for something that didn’t make me look so ordinary I picked up the package and walked next door. Knocking on the door I felt silly and anxious, god even my palms were clammy. When she opened it my heart skipped a beat, I felt like a stupid kid on a first date.

She opened the door and her beautiful smile lit up my world. “Oh hello.” She purred, like a tiger waiting to pounce.

“Um this was delivered to our place by mistake.” I spluttered holding it out to her.

She reached for it as well and nodded, “Ah I wondered where it had gone, I have been berating the couriers for losing it.” I was expecting to get an invite in but she offered a quick thank you and closed the door leaving me standing there shocked and a little peeved. ‘Wow what a bitch.’

I walked home seething, silently cursing her under my breath.

Saturday came again and with John and Debbie both gone for the day and the doors locked I decided that my other Saturday distraction, my guilty pleasure had been neglected for to long. I poured a glass of wine and went into the bedroom, lay back on the bed with my new book, a racy story, which of course was my guilty pleasure. I love erotic fiction and romance novels, having recently picked up what was the sexiest thing I had read I ages, having only just started I was dying to get back into it.

Propped up on the bed, with the sun pouring in through the window bathing the bed and me in beautiful warm sunshine I casually sipped my wine. By the time I was on my third glass my hand had already slid down into my panties and my finger slowly eased its way into the slippery crevice that was my vagina. Ah I loved that first slippery touch, my clammy kitty opening up and my fingers sliding inside. This particular story was good and as the main female character was making love with her handsome paramour my finger was busily gliding in and out of my little kitty. I could feel my juices flowing and as the electric tingles started deep within I was getting very juicy, I love that dirty sound, I get all squishy and I can hear as well as feel my fingers as the wriggles and slide in and out. Lost in the moment the book long since dropped and my mind now in full imaginary mode, I could almost fell the hard muscles of the young hunk as he made passionate love to me, it felt so real with my eyes clamped shut I could smell his sweaty body banging away on top of me. Lost in the moment I could almost feel his coarse wiry pubic hair grinding against me.

As the intense emotions built, I gave in to the sensations my pelvis pushed up hard thrusting against my hand.

Orgasm wasn’t far away, my head was light, my breathing ragged I was almost there, those gorgeous little spasms were becoming uncontrollable, oh god I was going to cum. ‘Oh fuck.’ I whispered to nobody. I don’t talk much when I am with my husband but alone in the moment I like to hear my voice, ‘Fuck, me, oh yes fuck me.’

Just as I was about to fall over the precipice the doorbell rang. I froze, my fingers deep in my kitty. When I didn’t answer there was another loud knock on the door and my moment was broken, gone into the empty ether. Sighing deeply I stood straightening down my dress and rubbing the sticky juices on my hand. I wobbled my way to the door hoping it was just some of Debbie’s friends looking for her and I could chase them away.

As I pulled open the door there was the woman from next door. She smiled broadly, “Good morning, I wanted to apologise for my curt behaviour the other day.” Holding out her hand she introduced herself, “I’m Brianna.”

I was shocked and nervously I held out my hand before realising it was probably still sticky. “Hi, I’m Charlotte.”

As our hands met I saw the smile change alanya escort to a coquettish smile. She lifted my hand to her lips and kissed my hand her tongue snaking out and sliding along my knuckles as she inhaled deeply. “Seems I interrupted you.”

Shaking my head I muttered hesitantly. “No, no I was just…doing housework.”

My hand was still against her lips, “really, housework huh.” She giggled, “Now that’s housework I would love to help you with.”

My face turned bright red immediately and I could feel my heart thumping crazily. “Whaaaat do you mean?”

She scoffed derisively, “No need to be embarrassed darling, I just meant I would love to help out.”

She let my hand go as I stood statuesque like staring open mouthed, and walked up to me her face inches from mine, her nipples pressing against my own, our inhalations mixing and her mound pressing hotly against mine. The heat, oh my god it was intense, my heart may have stopped, the heat, the heat, it was tremendous.

“Well can I come in?” She breathed, her sweet perfume filling my senses.

I stumbled backwards as she pushed past me. She glided in effortlessly, her hand trailing against my own. She lifted her hand to her mouth and licked it seductively, “Hmmm you taste wonderful.”

My heart leapt into my mouth as I followed in the vacuum of her wake. She turned quickly and lost in my embarrassment I walked right into her as I bumped into her she slid her hands down cupping my arse cheeks and pulling me against her. Slightly taller than me she glared down into my eyes her mocking smile beaming, “Hhhhmmmmm nice, do you work out?”

The heat of her kitty ground against mine, my arms were trapped between us keeping our breasts apart.

She held me tight staring amusingly, she leaned forward to kiss me and I woke from my stupor and pushed with my arms and stumbled out of her grasp. She shrugged, “Oh well, a kiss would have been nice.” She whispered, “I only came to apologise, I should let you get back to your play shouldn’t I?”

She had a questioning look as I gasped, “Yes, I have housework to do.”

Laughing she agreed, “Yes you do, I hope you have a nice orgasm, it tastes delicious.”

With that she nonchalantly walked out leaving me wondering what the hell had just happened.

I stretched to watch her walk up her driveway moving sveltely like a stalking cat. She knew I was watching and enjoyed it.

I collapsed back in a chair, my heart still pounding, I had never so much as looked at another woman, this came out of the blue and disturbed me, my little kitty still pulsed and tingled, as I laid back I could feel the sweat clinging to my sticky skin. Slowly I slid my fingers back into my panties and felt my pulsing hard clit. God I couldn’t remember ever being this excited, as soon as my fingers slid inside the sticky gooey heat coated them and seemingly with ease my body released the tension in the form of a huge shuddering orgasm, disturbingly with my eyes clamped tightly shut all I could see was her mocking smiling face. ‘Oh fuck.’ I whimpered as the waves of delight flowed over my body, my kitty convulsing tightly around my probing fingers.

When John got home I felt like I was raping him, he couldn’t believe his luck but I didn’t hear too many complaints. He was barely in the door before I dragged him into the bedroom.

Over the next few days I tried to get my head around what had happened and every day I craned my neck whenever I heard the slightest noise next door but I didn’t see her.

It wasn’t until we attended a party up the road at Ellen’s place. John and I were chatting with a group of friends when I felt a pat on the shoulder and as I turned Brianna planted a light kiss on my lips, “Hello neighbour.” She whispered.

She had done it again, I was breathless and unable to talk. She mockingly introduced herself to John who was staring weirdly at me. She disappeared into the crowd leaving John questioning, “What was that all about?”

“She just surprised me.”

He laughed, “Well she is certainly a looker, that’s for sure.”

I watched her flitting around the room chatting, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She wore a beautiful emerald green form fitting gown with a long slit up the side, obviously braless her prominent nipples stuck out like beacons. I took the opportunity to appraise her look, her auburn hair was short in a classic angled pageboy cut, her makeup was light, not overdone except for her eyes, her eyes were beautiful dark and smoky. God her nipples were so large and so inviting. Shaking my head I scolded myself for being silly.

As my eyes followed her around the room she turned her head and our eyes locked together and she sneered catching me staring, just for that slit second time stood still.

Embarrassed at being caught again I snuck away into the kitchen. I was pouring a fresh glass of wine when I felt a body crush up behind me, arms sliding around my waist. alanya rus escort “Hello lover, did you finish your housework?”

Her breath was hot and wet on the nape of my neck, her wet lips grazing my Goosebumps covered skin. “Did you have a nice cum?”

Again I was unable to breathe let alone talk. Her hands slid up my tummy easing over my heaving breasts, I couldn’t hold in the little sigh and she giggled, “Yes I bet you did.” Her fingers tweaked my nipples as she mauled and massaged my boobs. Her lips were no longer grazing my skin they sucked venomously as she worked up to my ears, nibbling and nuzzling, biting chewing.

“Charlotte, what are you up to in here?” I heard Ellen calling. I flung Brianna’s arms away pushing back with my arse just as Ellen walked in. “Just getting a drink Ellen.” I stuttered.

She gave me a quizzical gaze before grabbing Brianna’s hand and dragging her away leaving me panting breathlessly wondering what in god’s name was going on with me? My kitty convulsed as I leaned against the counter and sunk my glass of wine in one huge gulp.

It took me a few moments to gather my senses and meander slowly out and mingle with the others.

Bloody hell, I couldn’t get my mind off her, throughout the week I had dreamed about her in the most lurid way possible, I felt like she had cast some form of spell over me, I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t breathe.

Later after watching her saunter around amongst my friends captivating them all I decided to go outside onto the patio and get some fresh air.

I walked around enjoying the bracing cool night air but was shocked to hear Brianna, who had breezed up behind me unnoticed. “Would you like a smoke?”

Turning and shaking my head I rasped, “I don’t smoke.”

She giggled, “I see.” She pulled out a cigarette and lit up, but as I smelt the acrid smoke I realised it wasn’t tobacco, it was pot. I hadn’t smoked pot since college. She handed it to me and without thinking took a small hit coughing harshly as the biting smoke filled my lungs.

She took a big hit herself as we stood at the end away from doors or windows.

I was still coughing as she took another hit but this time leaned across and slowly blew the smoke into my open inhaling mouth. I sucked in deeply enjoying the softer feel. She passed me a bottle of wine as she took another hit. I laughed at myself, shit drinking wine from a bottle…When was the last time I had done that?

As I handed her the bottle she leaned across again and this time as she blew the smoke into my open mouth her lips grazed against mine. My eyes must have been as big as saucers as I gaped. I inhaled and she kept leaning forward, my eyes closed and I tilted my head expectantly until her lips were sliding wetly over mine, the smoke billowing out as her tongue snaked and slithered its way in.

Oh my god her lips were so soft, so sensuous, big and soft yet firm. I accepted her tongue into my mouth embracing it with my own, our tongues coiled and danced. Not a slow dance but a tango, a fiery burst of wine enhanced passion.

Just as I thought it could get no better she pulled back separating as she took another hit and as our kiss restarted I tasted the acrid smoke filtering into me as I sucked her tongue.

Her breasts pushed against me as she pushed me back against the post grinding her pussy hard against me, her leg pushed in between mine and I could feel her kitty on my thigh as she ground harder rubbing her clit up and down my exposed leg, her arms around my neck as she kissed me like I had never been kissed before.

Was this heaven? Had I died and gone to some exotic land where breathing was optional?

It was torrid, sweltering, her lips were incredible, I had never felt anything like it, her boobs crushed against me, our nipples colliding. As she writhed against me like an angry snake her other leg pushed up between my legs and I felt her thigh rubbing my clit, mashing my engorged swollen kitty around. God I was so hot I heard it squelch squishing against her leg.

I heard a bang realising she had dropped the bottle, lost in our excitement. It was like she was fucking me, her hips thrusting wildly as she ground harder and harder and I realised…oh my god I was going to cum, she was fucking me against a post in my friends garden with a room full of people only metres away and I was going to cum, oh fuck I was going to cum and I couldn’t have stopped it if I wnted.

With that realisation in the bank I thrust back fucking her as her hips bucked ferociously jamming her leg wetly between my open lips crushing my clit and I came, I came harder and more intensely than I have ever cum in my life. Tears rolled down my cheeks in a mixture of sheer sexual delight, embarrassment and shame.

Christ I’m a middle aged married woman for god’s sake.

As we rocked together she smiled, truly smiled for the first time. “Don’t cry darling, you were wonderful.” She kissed away my tears and wiped my face with her thumb. “Why are you crying?”

“I’m married, and you’re a woman!” I croaked, “Jesus what have I done?”

Her arms wrapped around me like a security blanket, “Relax my darling Charlotte, it doesn’t matter, we shared a moment, don’t tell me you didn’t like it.”

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