Samantha’s Endorphin High

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Samantha was an attractive 18-year old Singaporean Chinese girl in Junior College with long black hair and lightly tanned skin who was relatively low-key compared to some of the more widely-renowned hot girls in college.

She had nevertheless occupied many of her male classmates’ wet dreams and vivid fantasies.

This was partly due to her thick and curvaceous ass that many a guy would want to spank and caress, as well as her tendency to tease them by giving out hugs freely, squashing her C-cup tits against them.

She would smirk as she felt their erections pressing against her flat stomach before pulling away and walking off, making sure to sway her hips and highlight her gorgeous ass.

Steven was one of the many guys who had been teased by Samantha. He was an average 18 year-old in almost every sense of the word. He wasn’t ugly, nor was he attractive.

He wasn’t tall or short, nor muscular or scrawny. He was just average… except for one area.

He was packing a huge cock in his pants. His manhood was easily 8 inches when fully hard, and thick. His balls were large and heavy, a sign that he had huge potential for sex.

He had had a crush on Samantha since the first day of school when they were in the same orientation group, and it had developed into an unhealthy obsession.

She occupied most of his jerk-off fantasies, and one night as he lay in bed after exploding a huge load over a photo of Samantha in a bikini, he was more determined than ever to fuck her before they graduated.

One week before graduation, his chance came.

Samantha and Steven shared a common group of friends, and they had all agreed to study together for their upcoming exam. They chose a classroom in a relatively secluded part of the school to avoid distractions.

Samantha felt herself going a little bit crazy as she stared at the Biology content she had to study. She groaned and leaned back, cursing out, “Fuck this, guys. If I look at these notes for another minute I’m going to scream.”

One of her male friends commented, “Well, you chose to take Bio. Why not go for a run and relax? It usually works for you right? It’s not like you can just enjoy your other favourite physical activity…”

Samantha smirked at him and the thinly-veiled innuendo, before replying, “You have a point. I haven’t run in a while. Besides, how do YOU know what my other favourite physical activity is? You’re nowhere on the list of guys I would fuck. You’re dick is tiny.”

All of her friends laughed, as the poor guy stuttered, humiliated. He knew he had a small dick, and he knew Samantha had felt it when it pressed against her.

Steven got up and grabbed a pair of running shorts from her bag before walking to the back of the room. “I’m gonna change guys. Don’t peek.”

All of the guy chorused their agreement, but as soon as Steven’s back was turned, they turned to face her and were treated to the glorious sight of Samantha’s panty-covered ass as she pulled off her skirt.

She slowly dragged the shorts up her leg, purposely giving the watching perverts a show. As soon as she was done, her audience quickly turned around and prevented nothing happened. She walked out of the room to go for a run.

The moment she left, the girls in the group began to tease the guys, “You’re all perverts. You couldn’t resist looking at her ass could you?” One of the guys smirked and replied, “Yeah. Her ass is HOT.” With that, they all went back to studying.

One by one, the study group shrank as people went off to go home. By 6, Steven was the only one left. He wasn’t exactly ready for his exams, so he stayed for another half-hour to study until Samantha came back.

He was shocked when she slammed the door open, panting, her white dri-fit tee drenched in sweat showing her hot pink bra. She closed the door behind her and stumbled to an available seat before collapsing into it, gasping for air.

Her chest was heaving, causing her breasts to move in rhythm up and down, causing a massive stirring in Steven’s pants. “You okay?” Steven asked, as Samantha just sat on the chair, breathing deeply.

Samantha took a moment before replying, “I’m fine…it’s… just… haven’t run that fast… or far… in… a… long time…”

Steven hesitated and then nodded slowly. Samantha’s eyes were closed as she tilted her head back in exhaustion. Steven took advantage of her inattention to get an eyeful of her heaving tits, imagining himself tit-fucking them.

He lost track of time as he was so obsessed, that he was completely surprised when he heard a loud “Ahem!”

He jerked out of his stupor and realised that Steven had caught him staring. Steven flushed and Samantha asked, “Were you staring at my boobs?”

Steven, seeing no way to deny it, just admitted it to it. “Yeah. I was.”

Samantha looked at him calmly and felt a wetness in her pussy. Her friend had been right. Her favourite activity was having a good fuck with a big cock, but she hadn’t gotten erotik film izle much of that lately.

“Pervert.” She replied “Are you just gonna look?”

Steven stared at her in shock, not quite comprehending what she had just said. “Look. Do you want to fuck me? Or not?”

He stared at her like an idiot for almost a full minute before saying “Of course I want to fuck you. I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw you. Just… No offense, but it seems kind of… too easy?”

Samantha sighed and stood up on shaky feet before gripping the hem of her translucent shirt and peeled it off of her skin, exposing her bare, flat stomach. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it drop to the ground.

Her exposed tits sagged slightly from their size. Her skin had a slightly shiny appearance to it from the sweat that had formed after her run.

“Yeah. Usually it takes a bit more for me to let a guy fuck me. But today… I’m horny. I haven’t had cock in almost a month. And I’m on an endorphin high, so just count yourself lucky and get naked.” She stated, a little impatiently.

As she reached to her shorts and bent down, taking them off along with her panties, Steven got to work. He gripped his t-shirt and pulled it off before unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his long pants.

He quickly slid his pants off along with his underwear before quickly striding towards Steven before she changed her mind.

She stood in front of him, her hips thrust out to one side, resting her weight on her right leg.

She folded her arms under her breasts and said, “Some ground rules. One, no falling in love. This is purely physical. Two, you can film it. Just no posting it anywhere. Third, nothing is off limits. You can do whatever you want, as long as I can do whatever I want. Deal?”

Steven was transfixed by the sight of her full tits and hairy pussy, but he heard what she was saying. He agreed to all of her terms, and set his phone on the table to record their fucking.

Samantha started things off by dropping to her knees in front of him and drooling saliva all over his monstrous cock. She groaned as she stroked it in her hand before licking the tip, causing him to shudder and grab a chair to collapse into.

She wrapped both of her hands around his cock before dragging them up and down his entire saliva-covered length. She murmured, “This is the biggest cock I’ve handled… I knew you had a huge cock… Just not this big. If I knew I would’ve fucked you sooner…”

“I need to know it tastes like,” Samantha whispered, transfixed by the erect manhood in front of her.

She opened her mouth wide and slid his erect cock into her mouth and began sucking. Samantha began sucking half of Steven’s cock up and down, making Steven moan with each tight squeeze of her little mouth.

Her soft lips were like pillows surrounding Steven’s cock. Her saliva spread all over him, making it easier to take more of his enormous length down her throat. With each slide down, Samantha tried to take more and more of his cock.

Eventually, the saliva began dripping out of her mouth. She would pull back and saliva would drip to the floor. She had been sucking for about three minutes when she noticed a small puddle of sweat and drool forming in front of her while she was on her knees.

Steven placed his hand behind Samantha’s head, gripping onto her sweaty hair to encourage her to take more of his cock. Unfortunately she could only take in about 2/3rds of the length, which was still impressive.

“You slut, you like your cocks coated in drool.” Steven murmured.

“Mmmhmm,” Samantha replied in agreement not removing her head from Steven’s cock. She slowed her pace down to enjoy as much as she could.

She wanted to savour every bit of it. She pulled back a little bit, wrapping her mouth around Steven’s cockhead. She swirled her tongue around it before gently jabbing her tongue against his piss hole.

“Oh fuck! That was great Samantha!” Steven said out loud as he tilted his head back.

She grabbed hold of his cock and began to force more and more down her throat. Properly lubed, it slid down her throat with relative ease, but his thickness began slow her down.

She tried to shove more down by shifting her head to different angles to find more room down her throat. This helped Steven explore parts of her mouth that were new to him and sent a jolt up his spine that signified pure ecstasy.

Steven was in heaven having this beautiful girl below him enjoying sucking the life out of his cock. She managed to fit about 7.5 inches down her throat before pulling away and coming up for air.

“Oh my god.” Samantha said as tears began to run down her face. “This cock is so damn good!” Samantha went right back to sucking on Steven’s cock.

She held the base with her right hand and cupped his balls with her left. She tightened her mouth’s grip on Steven’s cock and she quickly fucked her mouth up and down about half the film izle length of his long rod.

Steven groaned out and remembered she said that nothing was off limits.

Sensing that he was about to cum, from the familiar feeling of his balls beginning to expand, he made use of his grip on her head to pull her head forward, timing it with her bobbing down on his cock, while he simultaneously thrust his hips forward.

His cock ended up buried all the way down her throat, her nose buried in his pubic hair. Finally having the last half an inch of his cock buried in her warm mouth caused Steven to lose control.

He groaned out in sheer ecstasy, “I’m cumming Samantha!” She was powerless to do anything except take his cum as it exploded out of his cock down her throat, tears streaming down her face from being oxygen deprived.

Steven’s orgasm finally subsided, and he pulled out of her mouth, her face completely red from almost being choked.

Steven collapsed back and sat on the floor, his legs shaky from his intense climax. Samantha gasped, desperate to retake air.

As she felt her breathing return to normal, she rasped out, “Fuck Steven. Warn me at least?” Steven hesitated, unsure of whether she was angry.

“Sorry about that…” She let out a croaky laugh, “It’s fine. I like being gagged. It turns me on.”

She slowly stood up and stretched, giving Steven a good view of her full tits before walking towards him and asking, “Do you have enough in you to fuck me? I really want that hard cock in my pussy.”

Steven looked at her and stood up unsteadily before saying, “Just give me a moment to feel you up and I should be ready.” Samantha nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

He slammed into her and forced her body against the wall of the classroom. He locked lips with her and felt his chest press up against her firm and full tits.

As he made out with Samantha, he felt the way Samantha’s breasts were flattened against his chest, the way her tanned arms went around his neck, pulling him close.

Steven tasted the sweet taste of Samantha’s mouth and groaned as he felt his cock rubbing against her moist cunt. Samantha felt her stiff nipples rubbing against his chest and moaned into the kiss, just as Steven forced his tongue into her mouth, French-kissing her.

He was relentless in his attempts to subdue her tongue. She used her tongue to try and press back against Steven, playfully fighting him off, but he wanted to dominate her completely.

He pressed his tongue against hers again and again, until she finally got the message and relaxed. He triumphantly broke the kiss and bent down to suck on her tits.

Her hands dropped to his head as he eagerly licked around her boobs slowly, avoiding her nipples.

She groaned in frustration, wanting to have her sensitive nipples played with. Her brown and diamond hard nipples were mounted on her brown areolas.

He licked her tits until they were coated in his saliva and gleaming, and she was writhing in agony at her denied pleasure.

Finally, he attacked her nipples and sealed his lips around them, sucking hard and licking her right nipple all at once.

His hands that had been pinning her arms to the wall went to her left breast and her ass cheeks, gripping and groping them, squeezing them.

He took hold of her upper arms and lifted them above her head, whispering to her, “There’s a part of you I can’t wait to taste…”

Samantha she had a feeling she knew what he was talking about, and although it didn’t really turn her on, she decided to just go with it. Steven pinned her arms above her head and buried his face in one of her now exposed armpits.

He took a deep whiff of her underarm, enjoying the concentrated smell of sweat that mixed with her natural scent. He groaned and felt his cock swell. He began to lick her, lapping up and getting a good taste of her sweat and armpit.

Samantha just stood there, groaning and enjoying the feeling of his stiffening cock rubbing against her hairy lips.

He raised himself up slightly and went to kiss and lick her neck. He raised his head up and began to make out with her again.

Her arms once again wound round his neck tightly, and he lifted her up off the ground by gripping her ass. His cock finally fully erect, Steven proceeded to carry her to a table and dropped her on it before mounting her, ready to fuck her hard.

She adjusted herself, pressing her legs together, raising her knees above her tits with her ass over the edge of the table. “Now fuck me,” she ordered. Steven needed no encouragement.

He lined his cock up against her wet folds and he slowly increased the force applied until his head penetrated her lips. Samantha bit down on her lower lip let out a low moan.

Her pussy had gone unused for a while, and it felt good to feel a hot, hard tool making its way in her. For Steven, it felt amazing to have her tight, wet walls wrapping around his cockhead, squeezing it.

“Oh God, seks filmi izle you’re so fucking tight,” Steven exclaimed as he worked half his length into her before withdrawing.

“Thanks…you’re cock’s a monster,” Samantha groaned from beneath him.

Even though his comment told her that Steven was impressed with how tight she was, Samantha moved her legs from having a wide base of support so that now they were touching each other.

He felt the result immediately as her pussy seemed to double in its firm grip around his dick. He was sure it would have even been painful if she hadn’t done such a good job with her mouth earlier as the spit proved a needed lubrication.

“Fuck,” he grunted and reflexively brought his open palm down hard onto her thick ass.

“Whhoaaa,” Samantha grunted. The spank wasn’t painful but it caught her by surprise. Her previous fucks had never brought any rough play into the bedroom, too scared of pissing her off, even simple ass slapping had never been done.

But she had to admit that she liked it. Steven realised it too, so while he slammed more of his dick into her pink hole with each thrust, he also smacked her ass hard, alternating between cheeks.

“Mmhmm…yeaahhhh,” the dirty Asian girl groaned in another mix of pleasure, arousal and pain.

The pair kept up the fuck for a long while, both working up a layer of sweat on bodies, making their skin glisten.

Samantha kept her legs pressed together to make herself stay tight, tighter than Steven thought was humanly possible, and at some point began wiggling her hips so his cock rubbed different places with her pussy.

Steven, for his part, was the main energy provider and he was sparing no expense.

He took the occasional break where he’d slam his 8-inch as deep as possible into her mound and hold it in there for a few second as she grinded her ass into him but he supplied a steady stream of deep thrusts that hit so hard it made her thick booty ripple.

Samantha knew that her orgasm wasn’t going to take too much longer to arrive. Whenever she had sex that was fueled by pure passion, her climax tended to come quickly.

This time was no exception to that rule of thumb as she could feel her euphoria building with each deep, hard thrust into her pussy.

“I’m…ugghh…so so so close,” Samantha panted in between moans. Steven had his pride and making Samantha cum was a goal he kept in mind, besides maximising his own pleasure, of course.

He took one of his hands from clutching her hips and wrapped it around her body so that his finger could land within her wet folds and begin rubbing over her sensitive clitoris.

The result was instantaneous as Samantha began to scream louder and slam her palms against the table in pure arousal. He knew that she was going to peak in no time now but he couldn’t help himself.

Moving his right hand from holding her hips still he brought his thumb to his mouth to suck on it then placed it in her crack between her cheeks.

He rubbed his finger pad against her backdoor then applied pressure and watched as his thumb popped inside her asshole.


Samantha felt the sudden but welcome entry of Steven’s thumb into her ass, and that, coupled with her pent-up sexual tension and the good fuck she was being given, was more than enough to make her cum.

She reached her climax, her pussy clamping down hard on Steven’s cock, her back arching, fists clenched tight against the table as she screamed out, “FUCK YES! THAT’S WHAT I NEED!”

She continued to scream out for a good half a minute as Steven continued to pound into her cunt, dragging out her climax.

Finally, when her climax subsided, Steven pulled out of her and let her collapse flat onto the table top. Samantha whimpered as she suddenly felt so empty.

Panting, she glanced behind her to see why Steven had stopped. “Steven, why did you stop?”

Steven just mounted the table she was on, and lay down on top of her, his cock pressing against her ass. “I was getting kind of tired. And I think this would be a better position to fuck you in.”

Samantha giggled and groaned as she felt his cock rubbing against her asshole. “Wrong hole.”

Steven rested his entire bodyweight on her and ran his hands down the sides of her body, and whispered, “It’s the right one.”

Samantha glanced at him in surprise, not figuring that he would dare to try anal on his first time fucking her.

She shrugged, having done it before, and just said, “Okay. But go slow. Your cock is pretty big, I don’t want it doing any damage.”

Steven didn’t bother gracing her with a reply. Instead, he just pressed his still-hard cockhead even harder against her backdoor until he made it in.

Steven slowly shoved his cock in, relentlessly thrusting forward, making headway. His cock burrowed deeper and deeper inside, and he groaned as he felt her hot ass that was so much tighter than her pussy grip his cock.

He kept forcing his way in, even as Samantha relaxed her anal muscles, letting him have easier passage. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he was balls deep in her ass, and her ass was pressed almost flat against his pelvis.

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