Rooming with RoseAnn Pt. 03

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Chapter 3

Barry’s first lesson in gratifying RoseAnn.

The next morning, RoseAnn called in to take a vacation day and taught my first lesson in cunnilingus. After bagels and coffee, she lured me back to the bedroom, where we hugged and kissed, standing naked beside her bed. But instead of getting into bed, she led me to an overstuffed armchair and seated herself upright, holding my hand. I stood puzzled in front of her until she tugged at my wrist and I understood. I kneeled before her on the carpet.

Seated on the edge of the chair, she smiled and thrust her chest at me to make it absolutely clear what she wanted. Her nipples were puckered, and erect, and impossible to resist. I leaned forward and touched the tip of my tongue to the skin above a nipple. Her quick inhalation gave me all the courage I needed. I licked at the nipple as she pulled my head to her chest and gasped into my hair. The nipple swelled even more against my tongue. After a moment, she roughly pushed my head to the other breast, and I licked that, too, leaving fingers behind to gently squeeze and pinch the first nipple.

“Ooh, you sure know how to make me feel good, Barry. Suck harder. Please suck harder.”

I was already sucking hard at her nipple, and I was afraid of hurting her, but she pulled at my head even harder, and whimpered into my hair.

I pulled back. “I’m hurting you.”

“Yes, but it excites me, too. Keep it up. Ah!” She made a little cry as I sucked as hard as I could. I moved back to the first nipple, and sucked hard. She whimpered again, arching her back to push her breast even farther into my mouth. Her body was tensing, as if she were close to orgasm. I moved back and forth, servicing one nipple, then the other, loving the little cries she made.

She bent again so her lips touched my scalp, and whispered, “I’ve done my best to fulfill your fantasy, Barry. But I have fantasies, too. Will you help with mine?” Unable to speak with a mouth full of breast, and unwilling to stop, I nodded. What were her fantasies, other than what we were doing right now?

Her voice was soft, nearly a whisper. “Have you ever gone down on a girl?” Her breath burned against my scalp.

I shook my head no, and then realized that this was an invitation, one that I’d dreamed about since she’d flashed the black curl in the pool at the Dells. Less than a day in California, and my wildest, most secret fantasies were coming true, all at once.

I drew back for a moment to speak. “But I’ve thought about it,” I said. Goosebumps rose on my arms. Was this really going to happen?

“Oh? So you’ve thought about it? Who with?”

It was now or never. “With you,” I whispered. I heard a note of desperation in my voice.

“Ooh, that’s nice to hear. Would …would you go down on me now?” I could barely hear her for the blood pounding in my ears.

I backed away so my gaze fixed on the dense black bush between her legs. “You’ll have to teach me.”

“It comes naturally. Just lick, slow like the rhythm of breathing. It’s that simple. Once you start, you’ll know what to do.”

My insides were in turmoil as she spread escort eryaman her thighs wide, hooking her knees on the arms of the chair. How often had I dreamed about this, lying alone in my bed? She hooked a wrist behind my neck and gently drew my face to within inches of her pussy. Moist red lips pouted within the nest of dark curls.

Though she tugged gently at my neck, it was her rich, animal scent that lured me closer. My heart thudded in my chest as her potent female chemistry blew the cobwebs from my brain. I had never wanted anything more in my life.

She brushed the hair aside with her free hand and used two fingers to spread her labia like the petals of a rose. The clitoris, like a tiny fingertip, beckoned.

“Do you see this? It’s very sensitive, and if you lick it first, I’ll climax too soon.” She pointed her third finger toward her gaping vagina and its delicate lips. “Lick here, lower down, until I tell you to move up.”

I was transfixed by the beauty of her pussy, but she must have thought I was hesitating, and said, “You know what a douche is? I used it to wash your semen out of my pussy. I’ll be clean and nice for you.”

Shaking with lust and nervousness, I leaned until my lips brushed her hair, and reached with my tongue. But at the first taste of her honey, the first sigh of pleasure, the first enthusiastic heave of her hips, my hesitation vanished. I pressed in close and burrowed like an animal. I opened my mouth wide against her flesh, and pushed my tongue into her, greedily harvesting her sweet fluid. My mind whirled with the wonder of the female body, its taste, its entrancing aromas, the hypnotic undulations of belly and thighs, the gasps and whimpers of pleasure.

As I frantically licked, I wanted desperately to feel her come, but she held my head down, away from the precious bud. It was a few minutes before she said, “My clit! Lick it now!” She pulled her hand away so I could do what I wanted most. When she came, seconds later, it was like riding a wild pony, an explosion of the senses, of rich taste and loud moans, of striving to stay with her through the violence. As her frenzy faded and her body relaxed, I grew conscious of an ache in my balls. Yet all I wanted was to kneel between her thighs with my lips resting in her pubic hair.

“I was afraid this would never happen,” she whispered, stroking my hair with her fingers. She lowered her feet to the floor and squeezed my head with her thighs, and stroked my ears with her fingertips.

“Did you like doing that for me?”

“Oh, yes,” I said, my voice muffled by her flesh. “Can I lick you again?”

“You were so enthusiastic. Are you sure you haven’t licked a woman before?”

“I licked you every night since I met you. In my imagination, at least. Most nights you were all I could think about. But this was better than I ever imagined.”

“Mmm. That’s very flattering.”

“What about you? Was it good?”

She pursed her lips and smiled. “Couldn’t you tell? It was wonderful, better than anything I’ve had. And you tell me you’re a beginner?”

“Can I lick you again?”

“Ask nice,” she breathed.

“Please, elvankent escort may I lick you again? Please?”

She giggled. “Yes, you may. But I need you to be less frantic. Pacing matters. When the time comes to lick my clit, do it slowly, with the flat of your tongue. I mean, slowly. Your tongue is nice and rough, and I feel it best if you’re not in a hurry. Practice a nice, gentle way of licking.” She hooked her knees on the chair arms again, and drew the curtain of hair back from the swollen pussy lips. Her clitoris had swelled to nearly the size of a thimble. The vagina gaped below, glistening with her moisture.

She sighed and grasped my ears with her fingertips, drawing me toward her until my tongue slipped into the sacred gate. The hot flesh seemed to grasp at my tongue and she moaned in delight as I licked at the wet, slippery walls. As I strove to penetrate ever more deeply, fluid collected in my mouth, and from time to time, I swallowed. When I reached under her thighs and gently rolled her nipples in my fingers, she gasped and arched her back.

I must have slipped into a trance, because her voice was suddenly impatient. “Barry, now! Lick my clit now!”

I moved up and licked, this time letting the sensitive button slide ever so slowly in a circle on the flat of my tongue. She made little cries, and her hips began to churn. I thought she might be ready to come, but she kept up the frenzy for several minutes. Her thighs tensed like springs and she began to cry out, a high-pitched squeal. I hung on, not wanting to spoil the precious moment as her hips bounced wildly on the chair. After what seemed forever, she turned my head so my cheek rested once more on her pubic hair.

“Oooh, you are such a quick learner,” she whispered.

“Oh, no,” I said, out of breath, “I can’t be that good already. I’ll need much more practice. Lots and lots of practice. But right now, I have a problem.”


“I ache down there. I need you to do something for me.”

“Let me see. Stand up.”

My cock stood straight out, dark and swollen. She smiled and gently stroked it with her fingertips. “It’s very nice, but if I get you off now, won’t you be too fatigued and out of sorts to do any more? I took the whole day off, you know.”

I thought I might want to go down on her again, and said, “I’ll wait, but it won’t be easy.”

She gently pinched my cock and let it go. “Perhaps not, but if you’re like most men, once you come, you won’t have the same interest in my pleasure.”

She seemed to hesitate, and then asked, “Barry, do you masturbate?”

The question took me completely off guard. I stared down at her.

She made a quick smile. “Silly question. Of course you do. Every young man masturbates. Most women, too. When I was your age, I got myself off almost every day. But I want you to make a promise to me. Now, before it becomes an issue.”

I had trouble breathing, but gasped, “What promise?”

“I want you to promise that you won’t masturbate. It really matters to me. I don’t want us to have any secrets. Secrets are no good for a relationship. etimesgut escort It bothers me to think of you sneaking off to the bathroom in the night.”

We have a relationship? A little thrill ran up my spine. A relationship? ‘Relationship’ sounded so serious, so adult. I wanted to ask her what she meant, but this was not the right time.

She continued, “You wait until we’re in bed tonight. I’ll see you get what you need.”

“I don’t think I can wait that long,” I said, my voice rising. “It’s only noon, and I ache.” My balls were heavy, and my cock felt like it might split.

“You’ll hold out for me, because you know it’ll be good. I know you can hold out. But you haven’t made that promise yet.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“Promise me you won’t masturbate.” She casually stroked my nipples. “It matters a great deal to me. It’s a non-negotiable condition, if you like.”

“I promise.” When she raised an eyebrow, I said, “I promise I won’t masturbate.”

“I know how young men are,” she said. “You’ll probably weaken some time or other. So I want you to also promise that if you do masturbate, you won’t wait for me to discover it on my own. You’ll confess it to me. Every time you have an orgasm, I want to know about it.”

“I promise,” I said, and added quickly, “I won’t give in, but if I do, I promise I’ll confess.”

Her smile broadened. “See? That was easy. And it’s a load off my mind. Shall we go out for some lunch?”

I wanted to stay in and spend more time with my head between her thighs, but I was also hungry. She took me to where her BMW was kept, in a garage under the apartments, and drove us to a Thai restaurant. The owner, a middle-aged Asian man, greeted her like a friend, or at least a valued customer, and attended to her personally throughout the meal. I was still dazed by the experiences of the morning, and couldn’t concentrate on the food. There was a congested ache in my crotch that no amount of squirming could relieve.

Afterward, she took me to the Stanford campus so I’d know the way. “In two weeks, this will be a traffic madhouse,” she said. “Instead of driving, you should buy yourself a bike to get back and forth. It’s only two miles. Be sure to buy a cheap one. Bikes get stolen all the time.”

I was preoccupied. How soon would we be back at the apartment? But she next drove to a store to pick up some groceries, including chicken and peppers for supper. Anger boiled in my chest. Surely, she was dawdling with these mundane chores just to toy with me. I checked my watch, and it was already four o’clock. When we got back, she’d surely want to make supper right away. How was I going to keep my temper in check that long?

“How about we skip supper and have a little nap?” I suggested, as she pulled the car into the garage under her apartment.

She switched off the engine and turned to face me, laying a hand on my shoulder. Her expression was serious. “Barry, I think I know you better than you know yourself. I’ll decide when we have sex and when we don’t. You’d better get used to that. You’ve been irritable all afternoon. If this thing of ours is going to work out, you’re going to have to learn a little patience.”

Abashed, I lowered my eyes and nodded in acquiescence. An experienced adult woman was an entirely different challenge than the teenagers I’d dated and overwhelmed. I had a lot to learn.

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