Road Trip Rogue Ch. 06

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Ch. 6: Give Me a Few Good Ones

After a few seconds Sharon opened her eyes and beamed with excitement, “Oh, fuck.” she gasped, “I almost had an orgasm just then, and I wasn’t even using my fingers.”

I think Sharon was still hoping that we would just poke around a little bit. But that comment moved my thoughts completely over to my selfish desires. I was pretty damn sure that within minutes we would be fucking each other like wild animals. I was poised and ready but I did not move. Sharon seemed to fidget with indecision. Finally she exhaled a long deep breath, and almost imperceptibly spread her knees further apart. She pulled my head down and placed her lips on my ear lobe.

“Give me a few good ones.” Sharon said with a husky whisper.

I was already on the way in, and it felt glorious. Sharon threw her head back and her pelvis up. I began slow and gentle. That gave us the ability to writhe against each other and groan with pleasure. After a few of those I acted as if I was stopping but then surprised her with three rapid pumps, hitting her pelvis hard on the last one. We yelled loud and long as I slowly withdrew to her entrance. When we settled down a little bit we gazed at each other. I was ready but she had to be ready too. Sharon slowly returned my smile.

Sharon took a long deep breath and yelled, “Fuck me!” Her voice shook as I pounded into her. I started out fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. We bounced up and down on the bed and her tits swung in circles. My lust and adrenaline level was so high I hadn’t noticed that she was busy trying to fuck me back. With our legs hanging off the bed Sharon was able to thrust her pelvis up against me every time I slammed into her. I slowed down so that we could become a more coordinated fucking machine. Sharon obviously appreciated the difference.

“Yeah…That’s it…I think…I can have…an orgasm…just like this.”

I was glad she said that, because I knew for sure I could have an orgasm. Our bodies began to make a slapping sound every time we hit against each other. Sharon added to the noise by grunting with each slap, and I joined her.

I glanced at the doorway and Paula stood there with a satisfied smile. She silently toasted me with her margarita class. I was way too busy with Sharon to respond.

The sound of our grunting and slapping genitals was deafening. Then the pitch of Sharon’s voice got higher and higher. She was clearly working up to an orgasm. There was only one problem. So was I.

“Sharon, I’m getting ready to come.”

“Oh…”she escort sincan frowned in disappointment. I pulled out and jumped down to place my mouth on her pussy. Her body recoiled with the frustrating removal of my cock.

“Aw, shit… I was so close.” she complained. Sharon ran her fingers in my hair as she continued, “Wow, if I could just have an orgasm without using my fingers.”

The rumbling in my loins settled down and I lifted up. “I’m coming back up there to try again.” She giggled and welcomed me with open arms and legs.

As I mounted Sharon my cock found her pussy as if our genitals were magnets for each other. I grabbed Sharon’s ass with both hands for leverage and slid easily into her to resume our fucking session. She pressed her legs downward and her pubic box up, resuming her quest for an orgasm. Once again we grunted and slapped bodies together. But this time Sharon showed greater intensity. I could feel her butt tremble and tense in my hands each time she pressed against me.

“I can feel it starting…This is going…to be great.” Sharon said between breaths. “Let me know…if you get close…to coming.”

“Everything’s fine…so far,” I was able to gasp. Sharon’s eyes were closed and her head tilted up. I impulsively decided to try more talking during sex. “I love…fucking you Sharon…You’re so…hot.”

Sharon smiled without opening her eyes. She was in deep concentration.

“Oh…Oh…Oh…” she said going one music note higher with each syllable as she put more force into her movements. My loins began to stir a little but I figured I could make it through her impending orgasm. Each time my pelvis crashed against Sharon she pressed her heals down and her chin up. Sharon was frowning and her eyes were tightly closed. Her head went from side to side each time our bodies pounded together. But her enthusiasm had caught up with me and I was close. I hated to interrupt her.

“Sharon I’m about to come.”

“Shit. I’m almost there.” We continued pounding into each other. “Just hang on a little longer.”

I kept on thrusting but a volcano was brewing big time in my loins. I began to yell to help relieve some of the tension. Sharon opened her eyes and yelled nose to nose with me then she screamed to signal the beginning of her climax and we clutched against each other. She slammed her pussy up against me and gurgled as she threw her head back. Immediately Sharon’s vagina began a heavy throb and released a flood of warm liquid around my straining cock. It was too much. The uncontrollable feeling of ankara escort inevitable orgasm was upon me.

“I’m coming.” I said, making a weak attempt to withdraw.

Sharon seemed unsure about letting my dick leave her pussy. She suddenly clamped her arms around me while hunching her pelvis against mine. I gave up all resistance and shouted as my entire body clenched to jam as deep into Sharon as possible. We arched against each other at the foot of the bed with our feet straining into the carpet. It must’ve been a sight for Paula.

I pressed so hard against Sharon I thought I might hurt her, but she was pushing hard right back against me. Sharon turned her head to me and we shared a long passionate French kiss as we experienced the euphoric feeling of our pulsing genitals. As the throbbing sensation diminished I gave Sharon a few short thrusts. She responded with relaxed, satisfied moans even though she was still breathing heavily.

After a moment she said breathlessly, “For the first time I had an orgasm without using my fingers.” She seemed to consider her statement and then whispered, “But I can’t believe I had sex with you again. I couldn’t stop myself.”

Her eyes were closed and her face was relaxed. She had a deep flushed color and her lips were a dark shade of purple. Sharon was beautiful.

“I must be heavy,” I managed to mumble even though I felt completely drained of energy. I stirred but Sharon responded by gripping me tightly.

“There’s no need to get out now,” she whispered. I relaxed on top of her and managed to keep my softening cock lodged inside her warm pussy as I slowly passed out.

I must have been semi-conscious for a minute. I hallucinated that I was inside a dark, warm, comfortable cave with my wife, but she transformed gradually into Sharon and then into Paula. I became aware of gentle female voices.

“Is he dead?”

“He fell asleep on top of me.”


I felt the sharp sting of a hand slapping my naked buttock.

“Come on Sleeping Beauty, it’s time to get up,” Paula said. She was obviously the one who popped me on the butt. I became aware that my face was buried in Sharon’s hair up next to her ear. I groggily raised my head, leaving a trail of slobber between my bottom lip and a pool of moisture in Sharon’s hair.

“Eww,” Sharon and Paula exclaimed in disgust.

Paula stood over our joined naked bodies still wearing her pink bikini. Without speaking I moved to roll off of Sharon. Paula hustled to the side of the bed.

“Wait. I want to see this.” Paula was pointedly etimesgut escort bayan looking at our sex organs.

Sharon and I cooperated as if it was the normal thing to do. We all three looked as I slowly disengaged. My cock was still somewhat firm and it took a couple of seconds to pull completely out.

“Ooo,” said Sharon at the triggering of sensitive nerves.

The head of my penis flopped down on the bed along with a small lava-flow of semen.

“Ugh.” I responded.

“Ooo,” said Paula, wide-eyed with lust. Then she took charge. “The natives in the swimming pool are getting restless. We need to join them before they come in here. Ya’ll have the house smelling like a musty high school locker room.” Then with the efficiency of a world-class hotel manager she handed each of us a hot, damp bath towel.

Sharon and I stood naked beside the bed wiping down and locating our bathing suits. Meanwhile Paula purposely spilled her Margarita on the bed’s wet spot, disguising the evidence of our activities.

“Now,” Paula continued, “grab a fresh margarita off the kitchen counter and head for the pool. As soon as you get there go completely underwater; because you both look like shit.” Paula got a chuckle out of this while Sharon and I simply followed her directions like zombies.

As I reached to open the back door with margarita in hand, Sharon turned to face me, “I’ll call you.”

The sight that greeted us from the pool must have been as much a shock to Sharon as it was to me. Ozzie must have been underwater but Robert and Ellen had their backs to us. He held Ellen high above his head supporting her with one hand on her breast and the other hand firmly cupping her crotch. They laughed wildly as he launched her like a torpedo into the water attempting to spear Ozzie.

Sharon and I came to a stop upon this spectacle of my wife with her husband. She simply said, “I told you.”

Paula bolted past us and called out, “Are the mosquitoes any better now that it’s dark?”

It was clear from the way they staggered around in the shallow water that all three were completely drunk and enjoying it. Paula expertly distracted them as Sharon and I dunked ourselves.

We interacted as a group for a while but I was bone tired. I searched out the nearest pool step to sit down. Almost immediately Paula plopped down beside me, beaming with pride.

“Sometimes I amaze myself at what I can do. Ya’ll were so hot!” She bumped shoulders, “You owe me.”

Before I could say anything Sharon materialized out of nowhere. She was actually rough as she sat between us and then turned to glare at Paula, who simply giggled and gave me a knowing smile before jumping up and joining the others. The whole time Sharon kept a wary eye on Paula without even looking at me.

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