Right Where I Want You

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I want you. Yes I think I want you tied up, spread eagle on the bed. As I kneel over your head, my white lace panties sooo close to your mouth.

You can see it, the small wet spot appearing, you can smell it, God it’s making you crazy. If only I hadn’t tied you so tight, you’d be able to touch it. Run your tongue down my lace covered lips, taste it, bury your nose in it. I can hear you whimper for it, it’s so close baby, it’s driving you wild. You would do anything to feel it against your mouth, if only you could suck on it. I kneel over you, my pussy still so close, but just out of reach. I kiss down your stomach, your thighs, my hair stroking you cock, so soft, like a whisper. Oh god you can’t wait to feel my mouth on your poor aching shaft, but I’m still licking and kissing your thighs and stomach. It’s twitching, waiting, “God please”, you murmur, dying for just one kiss, one lick.

You see my panties getting wetter and wetter, knowing how fucking turned on I am by teasing you. Oh God if only you could get you mouth in there. I hear you beginning to plead, “please, please, please.” What are you begging for baby? My pussy or my mouth? Do you even know?

I flick my tongue against your balls, one short, light flick. It sends a bold of electricity through you. You groan, trying to raise your hips of the bed. Mmmm, smiling, sorry baby, your tied too tight. Lightly I lick up your shaft, one slow, long, wet lick. Eliciting one long groan from you. I drag my palm over the tip of you cock, across your slit. Precum dribbling. My fingers playing with your balls, scratching, squeezing. If only I’d take you into my mouth. Shit that would feel so good. “Please baby”, your plaintive wails continue. sincan escort ” Oh God please.”

Your tongue stretching out to try and taste my pussy. The smell driving you mad, the sight of it, lace covered, wet, the lips swollen. Fuck baby please.

Suddenly I take the length of you into my mouth, sucking you in deep, hard, swirling my tongue around and around. I can hear you scream: “Fuck! I’m going to cum! Fuck!” Just as quickly I slide you out of my mouth. Your cock pointing straight up, the cum boiling in your balls, only one more lick, one more flick of my tongue, you’ll cum. I stop. When you realize your not going to be allowed to cum you begin to moan, nooooooooo. I lower my pussy onto your open mouth to muffle your cries. Your reprieve is short lived as smiling I crawl off of you and curl up next to you. I kiss you on the cheek. Get some rest baby, your going to need it. I curl up next to you, my head on your chest, my pussy against your hip, one thigh thrown over yours. My fingers playing with your chest, your nipples. I pull the covers up over us and fall asleep. You can feel me, smell me, but you can’t touch me, you can’t fuck me. You fall into a fitful, erotic dream-filled sleep.

I want you, right where I have you.

But, I’m not done with you yet…

The next morning you wake up and I untie you for a few minutes to stretch your sore muscles and relieve yourself. I follow you into the bathroom and press my rock hard nipples against you back, reach around you with a warm soapy washcloth. Gently I wash you and you sigh in appreciation as my hands soothe and calm you. I turn you to face me , gently kiss you and admonish you to hurry back to bed.

You come back to me ankara escort and immediately lie down, your gorgeous cock sticking straight up. Your hands obediently over your head I tie them off. You spread your legs to be tied but I stop you. “Wait, baby I have a

surprise,” From the bedside table I take a pair of panties, silky and black. You gasp, your eyes bright, torn between the humiliation and the burning desire to wear the panties.

When I’m done, I look down at you, my handiwork. Christ you look so hot, so horny. Your eyes closed in the luxurious feel of the silk cupping your heavy tight balls and aching cock. You begin to move your hips and you find I haven’t tied you as tightly as last night. Ohhhh, that silk, gliding, fuck it feels so good doesn’t it baby? Your cock straining to get some more friction against the sheer fabric. My hand reach down to stroke you through the panties from your balls to the tip. I can feel your animal groan in my core and realize how wet my panties are. Do you want to see? I take them off and dangle them in front of you. You open your mouth for them. I let you suck them. I position myself between your legs, kneeling, facing you. Smiling up at you, I ask, “Ready baby?” A grunt is all I get in reply, you’re too busy tasting me, happily sucking on my panties. I take my finger and begin to tease you with it, running it around and in between your balls. So much cum in them, so heavy and tight. My finger trails up your shaft lightly, you begin to twitch and moan, the taste of my pussy and the feel of my hand driving you wild. Your hips pumping, trying to get more contact with my hand, but it’s gone and only feel the smooth silk, teasing, gliding, too soft.

Then etimegut escort again my fingers, my nails, trailing over you, playing with you. I can see the desperation in your face, you eyes becoming wild. I lean down and begin to suck you through the silk, I can hear your muffled wail through my panties. Between last night and this morning you are being driven beyond anything you ever thought you could endure, but wished for, longed for, secretly, in your hidden, darkest desires. You never realized how much you needed this. But I did. I’m so wet right now it’s drooling down my leg. I lean over you again, my nipples scraping against your chest and I reach for a pair of scissors. I see the question in your eyes, not fear, you trust me, but your wondering what the fuck am I up to now? You feel the cool steel on your thigh, snip…I’m cutting off your panties. I make sure to drag them over your balls and cock in one long, silky, excruciating stroke as I take them off of you.

Mmmmm, I lean down and take your cock into my mouth, smiling. I fooled you with this trick last night remember baby? My tongue swirls around and around your head. Playing with your sweet spot, wet and hot and sucking you. I can hear your whimpers turn to yells, endless cries of lust as you try to fuck my mouth. I slide your shaft all the way to the back of my throat, my hand squeezing your balls, I can feel them tighten, the cum churning, boiling, starting up the shaft. And then I stop, again.

You scream, cry, moan, nooooooooooooooooo.

Poor Baby.

Then you feel me crawling up you, my pussy positioned over your cock, and slowly I lower myself onto you, your hips jerk up, thrusting and I slam myself down onto you. As I sit on you, impaled by you, I reach around and cut the ties on your legs, then I stretch out on top of you and cut your wrist ties.

My lips at your ear. Smiling. “Now I think you have me just where you want me baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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