Rewarding Patience

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When she opened the door to the hotel room she found the dimness of lamp lighting calming. Walking through the large room to the windows facing the city, she barely noticed the plush furniture or the wet bar in the corner. Why was she so nervous? She continued to ask herself this as if an answer would some how be revealed. She knew him and trusted him so the anxiety seemed out of character for her.

Still, she was nervous and it was showing in the slight tremble in her hands. It made her appear weak and she hated that. She was known for her strength and confidence. Attempting to distract herself, she looked around the room and found the bar. She didn’t care what was there, she needed a shot. Pouring the bourbon in the tumbler and tossing back the alcohol was her quick fix for the nerves. She welcomed the burning in her throat that ran down to her stomach in exchange for the anxiety of his arrival.

The alcohol was barely in her system when she heard the light knock on the door. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She had waited for this day. It was finally going to happen. All those times she had sat across the restaurant or bar or club knowing he was there and yet unable to have a small meal with him. Unable to sit next to him at the bar. Having only those quick moments when he looked up and caught her gaze and smiled. Causing the butterflies in her stomach to go wild. Or passing him in the hallway leaving the restroom and his brushing up against her side as he walked by. That physical contact brought on more than butterflies. It lit a small fire that burned deep in her pussy. She dreamed of a day when the hiding would stop and he make it known she was his, but this was not that day.

She crossed the room and opened the door to his smiling face. He always made it obvious he was glad she was near by his smile. But there had been times that she had shown up at the wrong place at the wrong time and was not greeted by a look of happiness. He had always texted her on an untraceable number to let her know where he would be. He checked in with her every day, but never to actually meet in person. Until today. Today escort sincan the waiting was over.

He stepped into the room he had reserved under a false name and pushed his fists into the pockets of his pants. She wondered if he were attempting to hide the fact that he was hard. If so, he was unsuccessful. She tried to immediately look away, but she found herself looking back and staring. The bulge in his pants made her mouth water. Her breathing increased and her thighs clenched together as the fire in her pussy burned hotter with just his entering the room. She knew he could see her nipples were hard through the thin top she wore with the skirt and stiletto heels. He had to know how badly she wanted him. It was obvious in every possible way and she had never tried to hide it.

“I’m glad…….” What? She had no idea how to finish.

“Shhhhhh….” He whispered while reaching out to take her hand in his and pulling her to him. Words were not what either of them wanted in that moment. He leaned into her and touched her lips with his. It was so soft she hardly felt it. But she did feel something else. His cock pressed into her lower belly and his left hand slid into the hair at the back of her head giving a slight tug for her to look up at him. His right hand pulled her top out of her skirt and pushed it up to grasp her breast and pinch the nipple hard enough for a light cry to escape her lips. He kissed her again to cover the cry but this time his tongue slid between her lips and danced with hers. His left hand turned her head slightly to increase the pressure of his mouth and deepened the kiss. She felt light headed from the emotions of it all and reached up to grab his shoulders.

“Do you have any idea how hard you make me by just being in the same room with you?”

With that one question she felt the wetness of her panties and her face heated as if she were blushing. The aching emptiness in her pussy was getting stronger. Burning heat building. She had to move this along or she would die of need. Pulling her top over her head and pushing her skirt to the floor, she dropped to her knees in front ankara escort of him. It took only a moment to free his cock and then the head was in her mouth with her tongue swirling around it. She needed to let him know how badly she wanted to please him.

Groaning he pushed further into her mouth until she could feel him in the back of her throat. His hands gripped her hair as he began to slowly fuck her mouth. She was gagging from his size and pressure in the back of her throat, but he didn’t stop and she didn’t want him to. She reached up and cupped his balls and moaned hard so her mouth practically vibrated around his cock.

He gripped her forearms and lifted her up to stand. “Take the rest off now,” he said forcefully. She didn’t hesitate. He pulled off his own clothing and motioned for her to move to the bedroom. Once there he gripped her hips and tossed her to the bed. “You want this gentle, baby? Cause I can do you gentle. I want you to remember it. I want you to always know who owns that pussy.” She gasped at his words.

“No, I don’t want gentle. I want all you’ve got,” she whispered as she eased back further on the bed. He moved over and took one of her nipples in his mouth. Sucking and loving it with his tongue until he bit softly. Just enough to make her cry out and then moved over to give the other the same attention.

Sliding down over her body, he came to rest with his mouth right at the glistening lips of her shaved pussy. His breath kissing those lips and making her lift her hips in invitation. His tongue dipped in to swirl around her clit. She threw her head back, moaning. The fire there was much hotter now. She was already so close. Just a little more, she thought. His tongue stopped the swirling motion and licked her outer lips before nipping each side with a bite. Again, she cried out more from surprise than pain. The blood was rushing there and she felt the edge of orgasm teasing her. “Please!” she begged.

“Yes, baby. Beg me to take that pussy.” His cock was barely sliding back and forth over her pussy lips. She gripped his hips with her thighs and attempted to impale herself on etimesgut escort bayan his cock, but he eased back. “Behave or I’ll spank that sweet ass of yours,” he said, pinching her nipple to show her he was still in control. She groaned and eased the pressure of her thighs. With that he eased inside her tight pussy and her juices allowed him to slide right in.

“Oh fuck, you are so tight.” His large hard cock pushing inside and allowing a moment for her to get used to his size. Then he began to roll his hips sliding his cock almost all the way out. Within moments the slow roll became faster and faster until he was pounding her pussy. She gripped the comforter in an attempt to hang on. He could feel the walls of her pussy tightening around his cock and it almost made him cum, but he pulled out quickly and leaned back flipping her onto her stomach. Dazed, she moved as he directed. Pulling her ass into the air while pushing her face down onto the mattress he pushed back in and continued pounding away. The wet slapping noise met only with load moans of need.

This position had his cock pushing against her g-spot and from there the heat grew out of control. “You ready to cum, baby?”

When she didn’t answer he slapped her ass. “Answer!”

“Yes! Yes, I want to cum!” The pounding from his hips forcing his cock in and out got harder. In and out. She knew she would be sore tomorrow but she wanted it. In and out. She loved it.

“Is your pussy hot, baby,” still fucking.


“Say it!” he demanded.

“My pussy is hot!”

“Again!” Slap.

“My pussy is hot! Oh my God!” The scream she gave would probably have been heard over the entire floor of the hotel had he not reached around and muffled her mouth. With the other hand on her shoulder he pulled her back against his chest and pounded out his release filling her with his cum as he stifled a growl that sounded more like animal than man. Draining his balls completely. His cock twitching inside of her throbbing pussy still coming down from orgasm. Both gasping for breath and waiting for heart beats to calm.

Its was a little while before either could speak. She was at a loss for words as he pulled her back up against his chest and was spooning with her as he slowly stroked her arm. He whispered, “Next time …..I’m claiming that ass.” Then they both drifted to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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