Revenant Cowboy with a Wife Fetish

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Note from the Author:

This one has rimming in it and some deepthroating (No actual anal though) those are the only spoilers you’ll get. Besides… Maybe that this was released in October, Halloween Season, for a reason.

As always if you make it to the end of the story, VOTE. Leave a comment, do both! We authors here do this all for free, granted for me a lot of this is getting these things out of my brain in what I guess is a sort of mediation, but the other part is it’s nice to entertain. Think about how many great stories you are missing out on! From people who did one or two and then gave up because they didn’t think they did a good job. But if nurtured they would have gone on to write your favorite story. The kind that would have you getting wet or hard for days afterward. So control your Troll, be constructive and not destructive. You can Vote and Comment anonymously, if that’s what you’re worried about. Believe me this is in a lot of ways opening up your soul to the world, if just a perverted little part of it. Putting something you solely created out there for all to see, then getting zero feedback? Yeah, ouch.

I’ve decided to put this here and on my profile, maybe it’s best here as I know you’re reading the story. If you want to edit me, please reach out. Get one of my stories (Hopefully one of the older ones as I will agree with some of the Trolls, they are kind of a hot mess.) send me the edited version. I will try and reply right away, try to read it as quickly as possible, compare, and if we mesh then you can have the job from now on. Old gods and new help your mortal soul for that responsibility.

Anyways, onto the story.

– The Guy from Defluer


“The hot cowboy is totally checking you out.” Helen said leaning over to whisper the news to her sister.

“What?” She knew what hot cowboy her sister was talking about, she’d noticed him right away.

“Be casual, he’s looking right now.” Joann was far from casual, she didn’t think anybody had ever checked her out before, openly looking at her most optimistic she could convince herself that maybe, MAYBE, his head was turning away to pretend to look at something on a shelf. “I told you to be casual.”

“I don’t think…”

“I saw him!”

“He was probably checking you out.”

“Some guys like them big.” It hurt Joann that her skinny older sister said shit like that, of course she knew she was big, Helen didn’t mean to be mean about it, but…

It was why she didn’t think she’d ever been checked out before. She was heavy and most guys just looked right past her. Even Phil had at first, eventually seeing her since they worked in the same fast food place. Taking months to see her and ask her out, but after that he got on the ball. A year after he asked her to marry him, and now… Here she was looking at antiques they would never buy in some town she’d never heard of before, just because Phil and his best friend (who had married her sister) had heard the fishing was good here.

There had been guys who looked, if she had a low cut top on or something, she’d noticed eyes drifting to her cleavage. But she knew that didn’t mean much. Guys just looked, hell she’d even had a few straight women look, it was natural. She was a five foot one chubby thirty year old blonde mother of one who had been ignored by almost all but one guy her entire life, she wouldn’t be easily convinced some tall handsome cowboy was looking her way.

Then again she wasn’t exactly dressed like she normally was. Her Father in law and mother in law were on the trip too, which was where her son and Helen’s were, most likely destroying their grandparents’ (real and might as well be real) travel trailer by bouncing off the tin walls. Grandma who had told the two wives to get out, do some shopping, see the sights, have lunch before the husbands got back from their morning fishing was watching them. Which probably meant candy bars for breakfast and Skittles for lunch.

There wasn’t much to see or do but it was better than chasing after kids to keep them from wandering too far into the water, the mud, woods, or poison ivy. It was peaceful, which was nice for a change. The town was small, almost everyone had a smile on their face. While it wasn’t “Cowboy Country” it didn’t seem out of the ordinary that one would be in the area.

“Oh yeah, he’s definitely looking at you.” Helen reaffirmed, holding up some nicknack as if to catch the light better when in fact she was getting a subtle angle on the cowboy.

“So what?” She asked her sister not believing it, not wanting to keep getting reminded of what was untrue. “Doesn’t really matter.”

“It’s not nice? To be checked out?”

“I probably sat on something, like a Cheerio. Plus…” She shrugged.

“Don’t give me that happily married bull crap. I am too, but… I still like getting checked out, not that many guys look at me. Tut, tut!” Cutting Joann off before she could say the usual about how she’d be glad to change bodies with her. “I’m plain faced, got no tits, sincan escort and cannot pull off those yoga pants like you do. Seriously! Your ass is looking so good right now.”

She almost ran her hands across it. She hadn’t intended to go out in her current outfit, it had just been for around the campsite, but when her mother in law offered she’d felt a conditional timer on there. Hadn’t wanted to run to the tent for a change. Plus that would feel weird. Her mother in law tells her to go to town and she goes and “dolls” herself up? Nope, so she’d gone out with leggings she’d never wear around town back home. Skin tight leggings plus a pretty tight semi low cut blouse which now had her wondering if the better choice would have been changing. Especially wearing a bra but… no panties. She couldn’t wear regular panties with these pants and it wasn’t like she was bringing a thong to go camping!

“Nope, no cheerio, only that booty and… He’s coming over!” Helen hissed after crossing behind her to make sure there wasn’t a ‘present’ left by one of their kids stuck to Joann.

“Oh my god!” Joann yipped, because he was coming over!

“Hey ladies, can I ask your opinion on something?” Putting forth a glass… sculpture that was very difficult to wrap her head around. “I’m confounded by what this is supposed to be.”

“Oh my god!” Joann burst out laughing.

“It’s… It’s… What is it?” Helen fumbled into giggling.

“On my initial viewing, and I don’t mean to be crass, but it appeared to be in the general shape of a woman.” Joann instantly saw it, nodding her head as his strong hands motioned to what would be breasts up front and a butt in the back. That they were smiling and had laughed already made him venture further, that he wouldn’t offend a couple of prudes. “Then there is this. And this. That made me think… Is it two male… Organs stacked atop one another?”

“That’s what I thought when I first saw it!” Joann laughed some more.

“I thought it was balls, shaft, mutant second set of balls, and the rest.” Helen covering her mouth at her own crude description.

It was odd how one well landed joke made them feel at ease with one another. Well that and he was drop dead gorgeous! Sure there was some roughness to his appearance that maybe some women wouldn’t be fond of. It was clear by the way Helen kept looking at him that she liked what she saw, Joann certainly did. A tall leanly muscled very fit man. Dressed in tight faded jeans, a blue plaid collared “cowboy” shirt with the short sleeved slightly rolled up. No hat but he had a beat up leather belt and a prominent buckle that drew her eyes to his crotch where she was sure something fairly sizable was caged. Of course he had the boots that had thumped across the old wood floor of the antiques shop like they would have across a saloon floor in a western movie. No beard but he wasn’t clean shaven either, the stubble growing in even, not like the patchwork Phil (Her husband) got when he tried to grow something.

Admiring his handsome features the next thing Joann knew the statue was gone and they were talking. Where they were from, how did they like living near the city, how long they were here for, and what they were doing. It wasn’t until Helen caught her eye, sisters and best friends forever they could communicate a lot without speaking, the older very aware how deftly he navigated AROUND their relationship status. Never asking about husbands or boyfriends, unlike most men who would have thrown that question out by now. Then again, he would have to be blind to miss Helen’s right, it wasn’t like she had been hiding her left hand either. He had to know.

“Name is Levi.” Looking a bit embarrassed for waiting so long into the conversation to introduce himself, Joann and Helen speaking over each other to introduce themselves.

“Levi like the jeans?” Joann asked realizing too late she was pointing to his crotch.

“I can’t say it is.” Was his forced smile because it was a bad joke, or because where she’d pointed. “More likely, as my mother was a religious woman, it is Levi from the Bible. Which I hope you won’t take as a judgement of my character.”

“Uh… No I won’t.” Joann said, even though she wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that.

“Because I can’t say I’m exactly a Bible thumping fellow, nobody has ever accused me of following the scriptures to the letter. Not that I could quote any to know I’d violated it. But if I was a gambling man I’d put money on that I’d violated all them commandments.” Reaching up as it to tip his hat at them, at his joke, stopping when he realized he wasn’t wearing one.

“Oh, I’m sure my sister in violating one now.” Helen said, giving her a nudge.

He easily shifted to something else but with a big smile that said he knew, “We better keep perusing or we’re likely to get ejected as loiterers.” Tipping his head in the direction of the old lady who was glaring at them. Motioning to the stairs, no elevator, a concept that would not fly anywhere back home in the city. Helen and Joann confirmed they were ankara escort both okay and eager to continue the conversation, with a quick glance at each other. Up the stairs they went, the cowboy leading the way. “Well this is a view.”

“Yeah?” Joann had been staring at his butt, thinking it was a work of art! Him saying that caught her with a wave of embarrassment, until she saw that he was talking about something else entirely. The second floor was mostly windows, there was items for sale up here but it was the view outside that caught her attention, as it had the cowboy’s. “Wow!”

The front of the store just looked out onto the rustic town that had done a little updating, fifty years ago! The back, that’s where they were drawn too. Outside was a steep slope down, a vista of trees dotted with the occasional cabin all the way down to the river. It was amazing! It was also amazing somebody hadn’t torn this place down and put up a hotel, just for this view!

Joann locked up rigid as the cowboy eased his arm over her shoulder, a bold move without the yawn you always saw in movies. Her eyes flicked to Helen who was all slack jawed with shock, finally mustering a very unhelpful shrug. After another heartbeat she motioned to be cool, that Joann should just let it happen. He was pointing out a few interesting items, not noticing the two sisters’ unverbal communication. Joann liked it, it seemed the cowboy was indeed hitting on her. Instead of delighting her it just freaked her out all the more. Their sisterly bond didn’t report how far Helen thought she should let things go, or more importantly where? Where was anything that Helen thought might happen going to happen? Levi had said he was in town looking for property, not that he had it already! They couldn’t go back to the campsite! And…

“I’m going to go find a restroom.” Helen said, fighting a smile as she clearly was just intending to leave them alone, Joann could have screamed!

“To the left where you first came in.” He instructed without taking his arm from Joann. “Saw ’em as I walked in.”

“You’ll probably hear me, or anybody else, when I come back. These stairs are really creaky.” Helen! Telling her that they would hear somebody coming up before somebody coming up would see them.

“Yes ma’am I reckon we will.” A big eager smile on his face, clearly knowing Helen was leaving on purpose as well. “Miss Joann.” Turning to face her, arm coming off her shoulder but taking both her hands in his strong workman’s hands. They were paradoxically rough and soft, her nipples went hard so hard because of it, just imagining them… She forced that thought away as the handsome man looked at her. Seeming a bit bashful, “I…”

“Just Joann.”

“If you insist, Joann then, I think you’re beautiful.” It should have been corny and her only reaction should have been to roll her eyes. Except he was quite handsome, and his accent and mannerisms sold so much. Plus, she’d never been called beautiful by anybody but Phil. Even that from him was rare. “Your eyes make you look as innocent as a lark, they are lovely as I’ve ever seen. But…”


“But… And I know I started talking to you and Miss Helen in a crass way, but… But as beautiful as you are here.” Moving both his strong hands, she couldn’t fathom how they could be rough but soft at the same time, cupping her cheeks. Stroking her face as he looked at her and for once she could actually believe she was beautiful. Those eyes moved over her features with nothing but approval, “As enchanting as those lark’s eyes are…” Leaning forward, shame and embarrassment making him hesitate. She gave him an encouraging nod, if he would have stayed silent a moment more she would have screamed at him to finish. “It’s your body, I’m very sorry for saying so Ms. Joann, it’s your lustrous body that made me approach. It made me feel so… hungry. Positively starved.”

“It did?”

“It did.” His eyes dropping to her chest, other people had looked, but the way Levi did was on another level. She didn’t think Phil had looked at her like this when she had pulled her top down and let him see her breasts, let anybody see her breasts, for the first time. That was after weeks of dating and… It had been wild, they had been making out for what felt like hours and her nipples had ached with the need for attention. They were like that now, from mere seconds of him looking at them. “I’ve never seen the like of you before, by the stars, your breasts…”

Once more… Once more it was her JOANN KATHERINE PETERSON who moved those hands from her face, to her breasts! She was happily married and not even a quarter hour after being approached by a strange handsome man she was putting his hands to her chest. Asking, “These?”

“Oh yes ma’am those called to me like…” If she didn’t know better, with a handsome guy like him, it had been years and years since he’d touched any. A groan of arousal rolling out of him that made her nipples tingle, her already wet part, wetter! It was the height of insanity but… She let him pull the low cut top etimegut escort down with his hungry fingers, the material coming off from her shoulders further until he freed her large breasts. A stranger! Right in the middle of a public store! “My lord Miss Joann! They are like… Like…”

She got what they were like when he hefted one, ducking to suck on the pink nipple set on the pale breast. His blue eyes up on her were the answer, if his eager hands and hungry mouth were not, they stared at her like she was a dream come true. She was pulsing by the time he kissed his way up from them, to her lips. Wrapping his arms around her, pulling her tight.

“Miss Joann… Joann, if I’m being honest it was your derriere that really did the calling.” Said between kissing her neck and now bared shoulders, the stubble not aggravating her skin, skiing that was used to Phil always being clean shaven, well truthfully skin that was used to nothing like this. She couldn’t remember the last time a mouth, and tongue (which ventured out to taste her) had done this to her. “Miss Joann, even an unreligious man like myself should know better but… You derriere is of divine holy making.

“My butt?”

“Indeed, in those pants… Well I about fell down and worshiped it at first sighting.” He knew he had her, maybe it was the whimper of delight that escaped her, or just that she was tits out in an antique store. Without any hesitation he shoved her pants down, exposing her ass not for looking but to get his hands full of it a moment later. “My lord! My lord woman, you’ve no idea.”

“Oh Jesus!” He spun her around like she was nothing, he was lean but SO strong. Looking at her butt like… Well like the time she’d caught Phil looking at the gorgeous skinny whore at the beach on their honeymoon. Indeed, he did look ready to fall down and start bowing to her. Her big fat booty which had never got her nothing but insecurities and teased. That butt which she pushed out at him, after rolling her pants down clear of her cheeks. Telling herself to shut up at the thought of what she wanted to say, but it still came out! “O… Okay then show me.”

“Show you ma’am?” Excited but confused.

“Show me.” She had no idea what she meant but… She got her answer.

He dropped to his knees, no hesitation or worry about hurting himself. Kissing her cheeks like he had her. Her neck, shoulders, and lips got the same passion as her butt did. She… She bent over, a wicked thought filling her that she didn’t have the courage to speak aloud. Didn’t need too, as soon as she reached back and pulled her big ass apart the hot courteous cowboy knew what to do. He buried himself in there as he had between her tits, only this time he ran his tongue out. Lighting her afire as he licked her asshole.

“Oh my… Jesus yes! Levi, you weren’t lying!” His tongue doing things back there that Phil had never been able to do in the front.

“Why ever would I lie Miss Joan?” But she had no answer to that, just shoving herself back at him, he smiled and went to it.

“OH GOD!” Between her legs all it took was a few strokes of his fingers, with all the stuff before, the licking of her asshole. She popped! Falling forward against a carousel horse somebody had fitted with a base, as some kind of furniture. He didn’t stop licking but it was only those few strokes of her vagina, he shoved her up onto the carousel horse’s saddle, spreading her cheeks himself, to keep her weak knees from laying her out. “Levi! Oh GOD!”

“Ms. Joan,” Kissing his way up her back, shoving her top up ahead of him so he could do it, so it was a thin strip, her belly and tits and almost everything exposed now. RIGHT IN A STORE! RIGHT IN A FREAKING OPEN PUBLIC PLACE! But his mouth, his hungry starving mouth kept any chance of freaking out away. “I’ve never done that to a woman before.”

“I’m sorry!” She was too, her still lightly ongoing orgasm making the realization of what she’d forced him to do hit her. Her asshole! He’d licked her asshole! Shoved his tongue IN! “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not! I’m as swollen up as a brand new hitching post.” Shoving himself against her ass to let her know what he meant.

“Oh my god, you’re huge!” Phil had pressed himself against her, hard and soft, a thousand times before, it had never felt THIS big.

“Can I put it inside you? I’d really love to put it…”

“What? This?” Because she had to be sure what she was getting herself in for she reached back to rub it, it felt like it should be measured in feet instead of inches. Not like a sock or something he’d stuffed in there to impress ladies. Touching him, well she needed more, bending and twisting more to get her hand on his ass. Finding his kerchief she pulled it out. “Yes!” Rolling it up, “Now! Levi put it in me now!”

Having she held it to her face. It smelled and tasted of him, she imagined him wiping his forehead and neck with it after working in the field. It made her want it, HIM all the more. Being so manly he started at his belt and fly, lifting a leg at the same time to catch her yoga pants that were stretched between her knees, pushing them down without missing a beat in getting his own undone and off. As she stepped out of them, knowing she was going to need all the spreading she could get, he exposed himself.

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