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Big Tits

They hadn’t seen each other for at least six months. With travel and work and others, it just hadn’t worked out that they could meet up. Jesse and Ellie had kept in touch of course periodically so there was still something there, but would it be different? Would things feel different? They would soon find out that it was as if no time had passed.

Ellie drove up and walked in the house as if she still belonged there. Jesse was upstairs and called to her to join him. There she was, looking as good as she always did. He was there to embrace her, that familiar feeling of his arms around her. It was a friendly kiss at first, but it didn’t take long for that to grow.

No, nothing had changed between them even though everything had. In their own physical, sexual way, they were right where they were from the last time they had seen each other. What a good feeling, to be so comfortable, they both knew the afternoon would be so much fun.

Off they went, catching up on life on the drive to The Club. They got there, went upstairs and even though they hadn’t seen each other in some time they went right to the changeroom and started getting undressed like they had been there last week. They wrapped the towels around themselves and went out to the pool.

They took up their spots at a couple of lounge chairs and sat for a bit. They both knew that the sexual tension that had always been so high between them was still there, it was just a decision as to whether they would act on it right away. He took her hand and placed it on his cock and she started stroking him. They chatted while she felt him rise. Jesse asked if she wanted a swim first or if she wanted an orgasm. It was a hot afternoon, she decided she wanted things to build even further so she got up and went into the pool. He followed.

They hadn’t been at the Club in some time, but they took up their regular spot on the edge of the deep end with Ellie straddling him, arms around his neck and his hands on her ass. It felt so right and certainly heightened their desire. She kissed him deeply, she felt him getting hard against her pussy. They weren’t in the pool more than 10 minutes before they needed to get out, they needed their bodies joined. She needed his tongue on her clit and he couldn’t wait to taste her.

They went upstairs to the red room, they wanted to be seen and heard. They knew that being right at the top of the third floor, they would be seen by anyone coming up the stairs and they would be heard right down to the ground floor. They were hoping to attract others. There was another couple in the room beside them, but they weren’t making any noise at all. Another couple was in the porn room but again they weren’t making any noise. It was still early in the day though, could it be that the others were just a little shy?

No bother, Jesse and Ellie didn’t care, they would start things going. Both of them enjoyed the vocal aspect of their sex, they couldn’t help themselves but to voice their pleasure. It also added another element. They didn’t understand couples that came to a sex club and didn’t make a peep. Jesse especially, found that hearing others enhanced his pleasure.

They spread their bedsheet out and Ellie laid down and spread her legs, there was no mistaking where she wanted Jesse to start. She hadn’t had a man lick her well in a while and she knew what Jesse’s tongue could do to her. He gladly obliged. He crawled to her, his eyes on the prize of her pussy. Slowly he spread her lips and flicked his tongue against her clit, she moaned knowing that was the beautiful sincan escort start to an afternoon of orgasms.

He started slowly, exploring her pussy and building up her desire to cum. He played with her, teasing her, going fast, building her up and then slowing his tongue to gently stroke her. He knew that drove her wild. Her moans not only gave him encouragement, but they got his cock hard. He needed to be inside her soon but first he would bring her up and over the edge and give her the first orgasm of many.

As she crested, and her moaning rang out he knew it was time to slam his cock in that wet pussy. He looked up to her, his face glistening with her juices, and in a move that had her head spinning a bit, he grabbed her legs and pulled her down, so he could plunge into her. He let out a low moan as his cock entered her wet pussy. The feel of that wet pussy around his cock got him even harder with every thrust he made.

He quickened his pace because he couldn’t help himself, she felt good. It had been a long time. He knew he wasn’t going to have a problem lasting for a while, he had been thinking about this too much to let go too quickly. She was loving it, but she wanted to suck that cock. She told him, she wanted to taste herself on him, so as he was coming out of her she quickly spun herself around and sucked that cock hard. He tasted so good in her mouth, covered in her own juices.

She continued with simulated sex, her mouth tight around his shaft and quickly going up and down but then she slowed it down and played with his head, twirling her tongue on it, licking him up and down while she looked up at him. He wanted to be back inside her, so he took her face away and pushed her down and told her to get on all fours and face the opening of the room.

He quickly went back inside and sunk deep into her. He was slow at first, but it was only a couple of thrusts before he was slamming into her. He knew she loved it that way and wouldn’t be able to keep quiet. He wanted others downstairs to hear her, maybe they would get interested and come up to watch.

At first no one came but he kept going at her, knowing that her tits would be swaying back and forth as he hammered her with his cock. She was loud, it’s one of the things he enjoyed about her, she wasn’t quiet, she couldn’t be. It wasn’t long before a couple came up the stairs. They turned into the room beside them, the one with the one-way glass that looked into the red room. He looked at the windows and smiled and a couple of minutes later that couple moved to the top of the stairs to watch.

Ellie’s head had been down but somehow, she sensed that there were others. She looked up at them and smiled. They smiled back with their approval. With that, it felt like Jesse actually went deeper into her and she couldn’t help but let out a scream that seemed to really set off the couple watching.

The man slid his fingers into the woman and she parted her legs to give him better access. Ellie smiled and watched his fingers slide in and out of her. Ellie imagined how wet the woman was getting, she looked back at Jesse and smiled and they shared a perfect moment of Club sex for themselves.

Jesse figured it was time Ellie had another orgasm so he slipped out of her, and with her ass still in the air he licked her ass and swirled his tongue into her pussy. Then he grabbed her hips and threw her down on her back and spread her legs so that he could get to that clit. He also moved farther back and just before he dove in he looked back at the couple and offered for them to ankara escort share the bed if they wanted. He didn’t wait for an answer he turned and spread those beautifully engorged lips and started to play with Ellie’s clit.

The couple decided to join them. They spread their towels and the woman started sucking the man’s cock. They sat opposite of where Ellie and Jesse were so Ellie was facing the man. Their eyes locked and they both smiled enjoying the similar experiences. Ellie enjoyed watching the woman suck her man but she kept her eyes on the man’s face to see how his expressions changed as the techniques changed.

Jesse was busy with her pussy but he did glance up to see how the couple had settled in. He looked up at Ellie and smiled knowing she was enjoying the sensations he was giving her but they were intensified with the man watching her. Ellie had her knees bent but she straightened out her leg inviting the man to touch her if he wanted. He wanted. How could she have known that he had a bit of a foot and leg fetish? The woman was working away on his cock giving him great pleasure and that was certainly enhanced by touching and caressing Ellie’s foot. It’s a wonderful thing how sex can be even better with small additions.

Jesse added in his fingers to probe Ellie’s pussy while he kept going on her clit. He knew that drove her crazy. Her moans increased as she neared her orgasm. Her body was electric with all the feelings. From her toes the man was touching to her pussy, the electric feeling went all the way to her head and made her hair tingle. She didn’t hold back she took it all and let out luscious screams as the power went through her.

She pulled Jesse’s face harder into her pussy, grinding herself into his mouth. As the orgasm sent spasms through her all she could do was lie there and enjoy. Jesse understood that she was satisfied for the time being. They both laid back and watched as the other woman expertly brought her man to orgasm as he massaged Ellie’s foot. At the point just before he came, he gripped Ellie’s foot tight and let out a wonderfully potent moan and filled his woman’s mouth.

After a couple of minutes of rest, Jesse and Ellie thanked the couple for sharing and made their way back outside. They were relaxing and floating in the pool enjoying the sun on their bodies. The other couple eventually came out and started up some conversation. They were from out of town and had come to celebrate their anniversary for the weekend. They had gone to some other clubs, they had to get their fun in as their small town didn’t have much to cater to their lifestyle. It was casual banter while lounging in the pool.

Ellie couldn’t help noticing an attractive woman with two men. There was something about them. She kept her eye on them as she continued the conversation with the other couple. As Jesse held Ellie and gently drifted away from the other couple, Ellie mentioned the small group. They were attractive with nice bodies. It would be fun to share a room with them if, in fact, they were there as a threesome. They would keep their eyes open and see what happened. Soon they got out of the pool, showered and went to the bar for a drink.

After sitting at the bar for a while and chatting with some other people, it was time to go back upstairs. It’s an interesting feeling at the Club, they rarely went an hour without sex. For Ellie and Jesse going to the Club wasn’t about fucking other people, it was a way to enhance their own sexuality and heighten their already high desire for each other.

Watching other people etimegut escort and knowing that others were watching them was what it was all about for them. During the times that they had gone it was more about couples coming together for their own enjoyment. Sure, there were hookups or threesomes but single men weren’t always allowed so their was a different vibe in the air.

They decided to check out and see if anything interesting was happening in the dungeon. They had enjoyed some time there, but it wasn’t really their thing. They stopped in the doorway and saw that the threesome from the pool were already started.

They were on the S chair. The one guy was sitting with the girl on his lap facing away from him while she was sucking the other guys cock. She looked like she was really enjoying both of them. Ellie saw them from an angle, the girl was riding the guy and enthusiastically sucking the other, that really turned Ellie on, she was instantly wet and couldn’t help herself letting out a low moan.

Jesse automatically put his hand on her pussy. He felt the moisture and was a little surprised she was so aroused so quickly. He started to massage her and his other hand went to her breast. He knew was squeezing her nipple would do, send a signal straight to her clit.

Jesse was also very aroused and quickly his erection was there. He could feel Ellie getting wetter by the second and soon he pushed her into the room and bent her over the desk about 6 feet away from the action. He quickly slid his rock-hard cock into that hot, wet pussy. He needed to feel her surround his throbbing head. She spread her legs, arched her back and threw back her head. He slammed into her. It seemed for a time his thrusts were keeping time with the woman’s riding movements.

This wasn’t sweet and gentle, this was hard fucking. He put his hand into her hair and pulled her head back and she let out a little shriek as he pounded that pussy.

The guy getting the blowjob looked over and was obviously enjoying their show. He took hold of the woman’s head and held her there as he fucked her mouth hard. He watched as Ellie’s tits were swinging back and forth, not sloppy but fucking hot. If they were closer Ellie would’ve wanted him squeezing her tits.

It was almost as if Jesse could read her mind and as he still held Ellie’s hair he reached around and pinched her nipple. He wanted her to be overcome and overwhelmed by all the feelings running through her body. He wanted her to feel the sex in every cell. She continued to cry out with every thrust of his long, hard cock.

She watched with intensity as the other guy fucked the woman’s mouth and wished that she could be tasting cock as she was getting this fucking. Her thoughts took her away for a few minutes and before she knew it she was squirting on the floor. She was on her tip toes now trying to get all the feeling she could from Jesse’s cock.

She looked over again at the threesome and just as she did she saw the guy getting a blowjob unload on the girl, in her mouth, on her cheek, some even got on her forehead and into her hair. As he was unloading Jesse couldn’t hold it any longer, he quickly came out of Ellie’s pussy and muttered something she vaguely caught but she understood and was on her knees accepting his hot cum as he let out a loud yell as he emptied into her, pulling her head down on his cock and keeping it there. She didn’t mind one bit, she took it all and savoured him. He had so much she had to swallow twice so as not to waste any of it.

The Club never failed to enhance their sexuality. The sex was always hot but it was even hotter when they saw others who enjoyed watching them and certainly for this round, the threesome gave them something extra. Exhibitionism and voyeurism… worked for them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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