Retired Life Ch. 01

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Karen peered out her bedroom window, wondering whose car had pulled into her driveway. She had been sleeping, but the headlights had waked her. Shaking her head, she realized the car was her husband’s. She knelt over the bed, shaking the man awake.

“Wake up, Mr. Taylor; my husband has come home early from his trip.”

She grabbed a robe, and headed out the bedroom towards the front door, hoping to delay Jonathon until her friend with benefits could sneak out the back.

(About a month before)

Karen looked out across the street through her bedroom window. Mr. Taylor was out cutting his front yard, for the second time this week. She liked watching him; she always had an attraction to older men. And Mr. Taylor was quite a specimen. By his bearing, he appeared to be a retired military man, almost six feet tall, with muscled biceps and a flat stomach. He was probably in his early fifties, and his legs were very athletic. He moved with a purpose, and Karen wished he would move between her legs.

Karen had turned 24 three months before and still considered her body in good shape, enough to attract whistles when she walked in the parking lot to a store. She had medium sized breasts (36d) and a cute butt, but she considered her best resources being her long legs for someone five foot two. Her red hair was cut to her shoulders, and she was considered quite a looker by most.

Karen had been married now for five years. After high school, she took a job as a customer service representative at the call center for the local cable company. She met her future husband Jon when he conducted software training about six months after she started working. They dated for about five months, and then got married. She continued to work at the call center, and Jon worked for the software firm.

Karen had been sexually active in high school for several years, with about six partners, including several college men and one divorced guy in his thirties, so she was a bit experienced, though Jon was eight years her senior and had had about two dozen lovers. Their sex life, like the rest of their life, during those first few years was great.

About three years ago, the cable company merged with a larger competitor, and Karen was laid off. She spent about a year fruitlessly looking for another fulltime job, trying a few temp agencies and getting some work. With just a high school degree, she was competing against college graduates. She worked a couple weeks as a checkout cashier at the large supermarket, before quitting. Meanwhile, Jon had been promoted several times and was now managing various software projects being implemented, and with it substantial increases in take home pay. Jon and Karen decided that maybe it was time to have a baby, so Karen stopped looking for work.

The next year was one of frustration and fun. Jon and Karen made love in the morning, when he came home and when they went to bed. But after six months of trying, really trying, Karen knew something was not right. Jon immediately said it could not be him, as he had gotten a girl pregnant when he was 19 in college (and paid for the abortion). So Karen went to her doctor looking for help.

Karen went through many tests, which did not provide any answers. Her doctor prescribed several hormonal prescriptions, which just kicked Karen’s sexual urges into overdrive. Six more months, and still she did not get pregnant. There were more tests, and a few more prescriptions, but still there were no positive results.

Through all of this, Jon had been a big supporter and very positive that things would work out. Then his firm landed a big contract to support a Chinese company, which would require Jon to travel. At the beginning of the project, Jon was maybe gone a week at a time, then home for a couple of weeks. Over the last six months, the trips were now lasting three or four weeks long.

It was now mid-May, and Jon had been gone two weeks and called last night saying he would be home in about ten days. Karen was watching Mr. Taylor finish cutting his front lawn. He was turning her on. The drugs, the absence of her husband and the fine example of manhood were causing Karen to get very aroused. While watching Mr. Taylor, Karen began absentminded playing with herself. While standing at the bedroom window, with the drapes partly pulled open. Mr. Taylor shut off the lawn mower, and pushed it into the garage. He came out with the garden hose, and was starting to unwind it, when he looked directly at Karen. She was busted.

Karen at first was watching the older man and was too caught up in her passion to realize that he was now watching her. She continued to play with herself, not aware that her actions were being monitored by Mr. Taylor, but also his lovely wife looking out her living room window.

Mr. Taylor was slowly unwinding the hose from the wheel, watching his next store neighbor put on a lovely show. She appeared to be dressed only in a robe, and the robe was open in the middle revealing her lovely escort sincan breasts and her playing hands. He liked what he saw.

Mrs. Taylor shared her husband’s feelings, and she could also touch herself too. She was looking between the drapes, having heard her husband shut off the lawn mower and was about to open the door and ask him if he wanted a drink of water or tea. She saw him look across the street, and quickly determined what he was watching. She enjoyed the show for a few minutes, then walked over and opened the front door.

“Fred, hey honey, would you like a drink of water or something, or are you too tense right now to move?”

Mr. Taylor turned his head to his wife’s voice, and just had a big smile on his face. “You busy right now?”

Karen’s trance was broken when she saw Mr. Taylor turn his head, and then she looked over to the front door and saw his blonde wife. They were talking for an instance, and then Mr. Taylor put the hose down, and started to walk towards his wife. He looked over his shoulder at Karen, and Karen could see that he was watching her, and so was his wife. She stepped backwards, and fell on to the bed.

“I guess the show is over now, Heidi, but it looks like she got us both excited. How about some afternoon delight?”

From the bed, Karen could see out the window, and watched Mr. Taylor pat his wife on the butt, look back at her with a big smile on his face and go inside the house. She got off the bed and closed the drapes, then fell back on the bed with her robe opened to give her access.

Karen’s right hand reached for her swollen clit, and began to rub it back and forth. Meanwhile Karen’s other hand was pinching and alternately pulling on her left nipple. She closed her eyes and imagined Mr. Taylor standing over her, watching her play with herself. Mr. Taylor was not wearing a shirt, and just some loose shorts. His cock began to get hard, and started to tent the front of his shorts. Karen enjoyed causing a man to get hard. Hard for her. She continued to masturbate her clit and nipple. When Mr. Taylor pulled out his long, hard cock, Karen began the first of her afternoon climaxes.

Fred walked behind his wife of many years, eager to get into her pants. The came to the bedroom, and the couple quickly removed all their clothes and Heidi pulled down the comforter. Heidi got on the bed on her knees, turned to face Fred, and immediately put his cock in her mouth, sucking on it with a passion. Fred was already pretty hard, but became harder due to his blonde wife’s lovely activities. Before he could cum, Heidi pulled her lips off his dick and asked “You were watching our neighbor for quite a few minutes, watching her playing with herself. And she has such lovely breasts too. I bet you would love to fuck her.”

Fred only could smile an acknowledgement to her. She continued, “I bet I can get into her pants before you can.” Fred laughed, knowing his wife had been very successful in the past, but he was willing to take her up on the friendly bet. He leaned down and flipped his wife on her stomach, and quickly moved behind her nice ass and pushed his cock to the hilt into her aching pussy. He banged her hard, while she screamed in orgasm after orgasm.

(Later that afternoon)

After Karen recovered from her climax, she peeked between the drapes and saw no one outside the Taylor’s house. Maybe they had not really seen her, maybe they did.

It was still only about 2 pm, and Karen decided that she really needed to put on some clothes and go outside and cut the grass. Jon had cut it two weeks ago, and with the spring rain, she could not wait until he returned from China or the grass would be about a foot high.

Karen put on a tank top and short shorts, thinking I might as well give the neighbors another thrill while she cut the grass. She went to the garage, hit the door opener, and pushed the lawn mower out to the top of the driveway. As Jon had shown her, she first checked the oil, and then filled the tank with gasoline. She pressed the rubber button five times, and then pulled the cord. It started right up. She wiggled her butt, and then pulled the lever and the lawn mower moved forward. She began to cut the front lawn.

“It seems that our lovely neighbor has recovered from her strip tease and is cutting the grass. She is quite a lovely thing, Fred. You ought to get off that bed and take a look.”

Mr. Taylor obeyed his wife and walked over to her, looking through the curtains at the young women with a too tight top on with even tighter shorts cutting the grass.

Of course, the activities of Karen only caused Fred to cause his hand and fingers to start wandering down the front of his naked wife. He gently massaged both her breasts and pinched and pulled her nipples. Heidi enjoyed the attention. Fred moved his body so that his cock lied along the crack of his wife’s ass. He continued to massage her, and his right hand moved down to twiddle her clitty. This also resulted in his cock to get a little ankara escort hard. Heidi backed her husband back to the bed, letting his cock enter her arse, which she then rode him reverse cowgirl style until she climaxed.

Lying in the bed, Heidi and Fred started to talk about their neighbors. “It looks like to me that her husband is going out of town more often for longer periods — that is the first time I think I have ever seen her cut the grass in the three years we have lived here.”

“Yes, I agree. That can’t be good, as we have seen how close a couple they are, especially since they rarely close their bedroom drapes. I image that she is quite aroused with him not being around to scratch her itch.”

“Well Fred, you know you always have my permission to go scratch an itch, all in fun, just remember where your home is.”

“I can’t imagine why someone that young would care to do anything with an old fart like me.”

“Trust me, my husband, young ladies like myself always value experience over youth.”

“We will see.” Fred laid there silently thinking what Heidi had said, since he was ten years older than she was.

(Ten days later)

Jon returned home the next week, and between three or four bouts in the bedroom each of the next four days, he managed to cut the grass. He reminded Karen that she probably needed to cut it at least once a week, if not twice a week, for the next month while he would be back in China.

Before she knew it, Jon was off on another trip to China.

Five days later, Karen put on a very revealing bikini top and pulled on some short shorts, and went out to the garage to cut the grass. As she pushed the lawn mower out on to the driveway, she saw Mr. Taylor watering his flowers. She checked the oil and filled up the tank, then pulled the cord. Oops, she forgot to prime the engine. Pushing the rubber button, then she yanked the cord and the lawn mower started. She swung it around, and caught Mr. Taylor turning to look at the noise. She waved at him, and he returned the wave. Then she saw Mrs. Taylor coming from the back yard, and she waved again.

“My, she has some lovely breasts, I wonder if she has ever been with a woman?”

“Heidi, be good, or I’m going to have to pull your shorts down and give you an old fashioned spanking.”

The couple was laughing, while Karen began cutting the front yard.

(A week later)

It was getting hot as May turned to June. A few days before, Karen had stood at her bedroom window, without any clothes on, and watched and played as Mr. Taylor had cut his front yard. Fred enjoyed the show, and could see Heidi also enjoying the show as she peeked through the curtains.

The next day, Karen went through the same routine to cut the grass. But this time, she pulled the cord and the motor did not start. She pulled again. Nothing. She pressed on the rubber button, priming the engine. Pulled again, and the motor did not start. She stood there looking at the machine.

“Hey Fred, the young lady has some problems trying to start her lawn mower. Maybe it is time for Superman to make an appearance.”

Fred walked out of his house. He was wearing a red, white and blue t-shirt and shorts.

“Having problems with the lawn mower?”

“Well, yes, I don’t know why it isn’t starting.”

“Let me take a look. Oh, where’s my manners, I’m Fred, Fred Taylor.”

“Oh Mr. Taylor, I’m Karen Jones, we met briefly at the Robinson’s July 4th party last year.”

“Oh yea, I’m terrible with names when meeting folks for the first time. And you can call me Fred; mister is what my dad is called.”

They both laughed, and Fred began to inspect the lawn mower while Karen watched. He checked the oil and the spark plug, checked to make sure that everything looked connected. He tried the pull cord several times, and the motor would not turn over.

“Well I’m afraid that you might have to take it to the Sears service center over on Hudson to see what is a wrong with it on Monday morning.”

“I wonder how long that will take?”

“They should be able to look at it within a couple of days, depending upon what is wrong, maybe a week or two for them to get parts, maybe less.”

“The grass will be two feet high by then.”

“Well I could lend you my mower, but it does not have the self-propelled feature, you have to push it. That might be a little tough for you to do. How about I cut your grass until you can get your lawn mower repaired?”

“I don’t know if I can afford to pay you for that.”

“Don’t worry about money. I work pretty cheap, maybe a glass of ice tea after I finish each side, we can work it out.”

“OK, I think I can make it worth your while.”

Fred chuckled, and turned back to his house to get his lawn mower. He started to whistle. Life is full of opportunities. He went and opened the front door, and let Heidi know he might be a while. She wished him luck.

Fred began to cut Karen’s yard, knowing he was being observed by both Karen and Heidi. And etimesgut escort bayan if the opportunity presented itself to get into Karen’s bedroom, he knew that he would keep the drapes open and let Heidi watch using his binoculars and the dressing table mirror that gave them a perfect view of the bed.

Karen went inside, and saw that Mr. Taylor, Fred, was cutting the front lawn first, which means he would be finishing off in the back. That would give her an opportunity to come out on the back deck, offer some refreshments and given that it was hot, offer to let him come inside to cool off. She moved from room to room, watching Fred as he pushed his lawn mower. He cut the grass faster than she ever did, even faster than when Jon cut it. She was getting excited, and went to kitchen to plan for some refreshments. Maybe some long island ice team instead.

Fred would glance at Karen’s house, and see her watching him behind a curtain. Good, she is probably touching herself like she does when I cut my yard. I wonder if she is just a tease, or if she would really fool around.

Fred was nearly done with the back yard and figured that he might as well give it a try. He shut the motor off, and wiped his brow. Almost immediately, Karen opened the sliding door and came out on the deck.

“Hey Fred, it is a little hot outside, would you like to come inside where it is cool?”

“Only if you promise not to kill me and sell my organs abroad?”

“OK, no sharp knives then.”

Fred walked into Karen’s house, and it really was cold inside, so much so that his nipples became immediately hard and he knew that they clearly showed through his tee shirt.

Karen immediately noticed them and it caused her to pause. “Is it too cold in here?”

“No, it feels great after being outside. But can I borrow a towel so that I don’t drip my sweat all over your floor and furniture?”

Karen brushed past him to go to the laundry room, maybe accidently but probably on purpose. She returned with a towel and handed it to Fred. “Would you like some ice tea?”

“Yes please”

Karen reached for the pitcher, poured its contents into the glass and handed it to Fred.

Fred took a sip, and smiled as he tasted the alcohol. “I see this is rather strong ice tea.”

“As they make it in refined establishments.”

“So we agree that this is an establishment? And what kind of refined activities does it sponsor?”

Karen sipped her ice tea too and pondered her response. She decided to take a chance. “It depends upon what kind of refined activities you might be interested in, Mr. Taylor.”

“Well I would be interested in several types of refined activities, especially with someone as pleasing to look at as you, Mrs. Jones. Several things come immediately to mind. I wonder if we might be interested in some of the same things?”

Karen realized that she needed to make the first move, as Fred was too much a gentleman to force himself on her inside her own house. She got up from the table, and moved closer to Fred, and reached for and brushed his erect nibbles.

“I think we might have a meeting of the minds, young lady.”

Fred put his drink down on the side table, and without standing, stretched his head in the direction of Karen’s open and inviting lips. She did not move, and he quickly made contact. She responded with a slight tongue into his mouth, which his own directly caressed and licked. They engaged in a sweet, sensual kiss for a few minutes. He then pulled back, and looked into Karen’s eyes, a question being asked. Karen responded without saying a sound, and Fred got up, and quickly picked up the young woman. Without saying a word, Karen directed him to her bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed, and began to rub her breasts. Karen pushed him away, and quickly pulled the bikini top off as well as her shorts and panties. Fred did not undress; he got on his knees beside the bed and looked at the woman, sizing her up. He began to massage her shoulders, and moved slowly over about an hour, down to her pussy; bye passed it to her lovely legs. After the hand and fingers and lip massage, he got between her legs, licking and sucking and blowing on her clit, tonguing her pussy and driving her to cum at least three strong times. She then pulled him on top of her, and he quickly entered her. She raised her legs to her shoulders, getting him very deep inside and he banged into her roughly for another fifteen minutes as she came again and again. Fred finally had to stop, and rolled off of her, but laying close to her. They both fell asleep.

(Maybe a half hour later)

Fred woke up a bit hungry, and needing a shower. He thought about taking a quick one in Karen’s bathroom; then decided that Heidi would probably want to lick him all over like a cat when he got home. Karen did not stir as he got out of the bed, and he went to kitchen to put on his clothes. After putting on his tennis shoes, he walked quietly back to Karen’s bedroom and looked in on her, she was sleeping with a very content look on her face. He left and went out the back sliding door, and pushed his lawn mower towards his house. After putting it in the garage, he went inside and was quickly facing his lovely wife, naked as a jaybird.

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