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Charley knew better, you simply don’t go into Boystown after eight pm and expect to be the first in, hell, at that time you are lucky to be tenth or eleventh. The lights were dim and he wasn’t drunk so he ignored the girls and headed straight to the bar. “Tequila Solo and a Dos Equis,” he ordered. The bartender grunted and turned reaching for the beer. Looking down at the crack of the man’s ass, Charley was sudden glad he hadn’t eaten anything. His plan was to be a cheaper drunk, but after this sight he knew it saved him from losing his dinner on the bar.

When the bartender placed the shot glass, beer, and a wedge of lime in front of him he growled, “Dos mas.” He then licked his hand between the thumb and index finger, grabbed a salt shaker and covered his hand in salt. Grabbing his glass, he ran his tongue over the salt, splashed the tequila into his mouth and then bit down on the lime, letting the juices flow into his mouth before swallowing.

The liquid burned going down his throat and he thought how much he’d love the taste of pussy right now, but not here, not now, not from these cum soaked whores. Yeah the guys were supposed to wear rubbers, but he knew what it took to get your cock wet. Only time he dared eat any of these whores was early in the afternoon, just after they kissed their bambinos goodbye and shook their asses into the bars.

Suddenly a loud commotion from near the dance floor drew his attention. Three men were holding up beers chanting, “Eat, eat, eat,” as a bare assed friend crawled across the long table to where a stripper sat with her legs spread wide. The crawling man grabbed a shot glass left on the table, sipped the last drops from it and tossed it aside then continued crawling. The man then settled down between the dancer’s legs and began slurping loudly, while one of his friends worked a lit candle into his ass.

Charley grabbed a beer and took a long drink wondering if the dancers fucked between dances. “Nah,” he said, burping, “That’s just another cum soak cunt.”

After a few minutes the dancer climbed down off the table and Charley finished his fifth round of Tequila Solos and cervesas. He was drunk enough now to pick out a girl so he turned on his barstool and looked over the bar. Spotting a fat, ugly one who was holding her enormous tit out as some guy licked beer foam off the nipple, he simply stared. It took a few minutes, but the woman left the tit sucking guy and walked over to Charley.

He looked closely at her dark face, noticing the deep set wrinkles he hadn’t noticed from across the room. This one had to be at least fifty… “Quantos anos?” he asked.

“Trente y seis,” she sincan escort answered.

Noticing she was missing several teeth Charley moaned, “Thirty six, fuck you are sixty if you are a day. How much? Quantos dolares?”

“Fifty,” she said.

Charley laughed and held up a twenty dollar bill.

The woman shook her head, “No, no… Forty.”

Charley opened his wallet and pulled out a five, “Twenty five.”

She shook her head so Charley pulled another ten out of his wallet. The woman nodded and after Charley slipped the wallet back into his pants she took his hand and led him through a doorway into the back. There was a man sitting under a dim light and the woman said something Charley couldn’t hear. The man nodded and the fat woman squeezed past him tugging on Charley’s hand.

They slipped into an air conditioned room and the woman pulled him over to the sink. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and ran her wet, soapy hands over it scrubbing it thoroughly. Enjoying the rough handling Charley thrust his hips forward as she finished washing and then rinsed him off with a wet rag.

Charley went ahead and let his pants fall to the floor as he slipped out of his shoes and pulled off his shirt. The woman held up a small packet, tore it open and then slipped its contents into her mouth. She then grabbed Charley’s hips, pulled him closer and then slowly worked the rubber down the length of his cock using her mouth. Once the rubber was on she kept her mouth on his cock, moving her head back and forth.

He quickly pulled away, “No sucky, want fucky.”

“Fucky is forty,” she said.

“Bullshit you bitch, thirty-five, no tengo mas,” he said, pointing to the cash on the dresser, grabbing his wallet from his pants and then showing her it was empty. “Thirty-five no mas.”

The woman nodded and pushed him back so he sat down on the bed. She pulled off her tight tube top letting her huge breasts slap down on her belly. The flabby flesh still jiggled as she pulled off her shorts and panties.

“Fuck you are a disgusting woman,” Charley said, reaching out and grabbing her stomach, kneading it as he pulled her onto the bed. Her folds of soft skin rolled over his body as he moved her over him. His hands moved over her, kneading the flesh like bread dough. She sat there motionlessly as the man pinched, squeezed and lolled over her skin.

When he finished she leaned back and spread her legs as Charley kneeled over her, taking her enormous breast between his two hands. Holding it he moved his mouth to her nipple and began sucking, feeling it harden in his mouth. He moved his mouth away and then ran his face ankara escort back and forth over her enormous nipple. Yeah she was disgusting, “But I’ll fuck you,” she said, kneeling between her legs.

The woman reached down, grabbed her calves and pulled her legs wide open. Charley was left gazing down at a gaping hole surrounded by a dark, curly but matted fur. The brown lips were spotted and glistened with whatever grease she had worked into herself when he wasn’t watching. He expected so see sharp fangs emerge as he watched his cock slip effortlessly into her loose snatch.

Yeah, this was a well used whore, he thought, as his cock pushed easily into the hilt. With the rubber on he could hardly feel her cunt around him. He whispered in her ear, “The last guy you fucked must have been big as a horse, unless you’ve been jacking off with wine bottles or something.”

She didn’t respond she only let go of her legs and let them squeeze around him as she reached down and toyed with his nipples. As Charley began thrusting he was disappointed a bit, even as she squeezed her legs around him, her pussy gaped like a canyon. Damn, he decided he simply fuck her till she came… that was sometimes fun. The thought of making a whore come always appealed to him, to get someone off who had done it so many times before. Yeah, Charley could always feel special when that happened.

He slowed his movements, letting his pelvis grind over her clit as he reached the hilt. When he withdrew, he wiggled a bit, knowing plenty of the hookers there would tremble when he did that. Unfortunately this cunt seemed dead, nothing he did worked.

Now Charley wasn’t stupid and he knew most likely the other women were faking it when they moaned and came with him, but that was all part of it and the wondering, the possibility he brought one of them off would lead him to dip into his socks and pull out an extra ten or twenty for a tip. But this bitch wasn’t responding to anything and even through it felt like he was sliding his cock up and down La Vierta Canyon, he was feeling a tingling in his cock.

Trying to hold off from coming he looked over the room, gazing over the stained walls, over a window covered in plywood and into the bathroom. There near the door he saw something moving. He concentrated on the cockroach as it slowly climbed up the rough textured wall trailing a faint glistening trail of something, something, something he needed to think intently about to keep from… oh fuck the rubber… it broke. And damn the wet, warm and so, so soft comfort of her slipped down the length of him as suddenly he couldn’t hold off any longer and yes, yes… came. Their etimegut escort moisture combined and he grunted happily, “Yeah let me spill inside her, let her get HIV,” he thought to himself. “But wait, if she gets it now from me, that means that… oh fuck,” forget that.

He kept his cock shoved deep inside the woman as it twitched and spurted his cum into the wide open space inside her. Charley imagined his semen dripping into a huge, white endless pool.

“Damn it,” he groaned under his breath, she could have at least faked it. Now he’d have to rush into the “Bano” and wash off his dick. Hell, no telling how many guys have been in there, how many talked her into no rubber. He pulled on his underwear and pants, pulled up his socks without bothering to pull any extra money out. Yeah, “No tip for you Mamacita,” he laughed.

He stepped into the bathroom and scrubbed his cock, milking out the last droplets of his cum. He then wiped it off with the wet rag, zipped up his pants and grabbed his shirt. He looked over at the woman who ran her fingers over her pussy and pulled them away dripping with his cum.

“You did it inside me, you pay extra.”

“Fuck you, I got no extra,” he said, grabbing his wallet and opening it for her once again. Pointing down to his cock he said, “Usey rubber,” he then moved his hands like he was breaking a stick, “rubber broke.” He then shrugged his shoulders, turned and walked out of the room saying to himself, “Damn that was an ugly cunt.”

He didn’t pause in the bar, he headed straight through the smoke, careful not to slip on the spilled beer and whatever else soaked that floor. Once outside, as he moved through a throng of people, he grabbed the ass of several of the women as he headed to his car. Once there, he started his engine, and headed out toward the border crossing. While waiting in the short line he tossed a couple of mints into his mouth and chewed loudly.

When he pulled up to the crossing guard he announced, “Nothing to claim, just stopped at Sam’s for dinner and a few beers.” The guard, noticing his pale complexion shined the light into the empty backseat and then waved him past. For the rest of his drive home Charley ran over what he was going to write before he went to bed. He always did that, he liked to jot down his thoughts, especially after his visits across the border.

Finally arriving home he glanced at the clock. It was still before midnight so he slipped into his study, turned on his desk light and grabbed a pen. He would write the first draft by hand and then type it into his computer in the morning. Pondering a moment, he leaned forward and carefully lettered in a title, “The Virtues of a Good Woman.”

He paused and then thought, “Yes, that will make the perfect sermon for tomorrow.” He then continued writing, pausing only momentarily to adjust the still damp cock in his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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