Reporter’s Dilemma Pt. 02

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Gregor led Caroline into the main part of the basement, all the junk that had accumulated through the several years the church had lain abandoned had been cleared out, and it had been converted into a large sound stage. She saw cameras, boom microphones, the filming crew getting the cameras ready to roll, testing the sound levels, getting everything ready.

Everything ready for me, her mind whispered, everything ready for me to be fucked like a slutty whore.

Gregor called, “Everybody, gather round, and let’s say hello to our newest porn starlet.”

Caroline was surrounded, and she received hellos and welcomes from everybody on the set. She smiled weakly, mumbling a thank you, and Gregor motioned three men over. They were tall, well-built, brawny fellows.

“Susie, meet your co-stars, Lance, Peter, and Paul. They will have the honor of taking your body, along with me, I love to get in on the action of new, young talent. I will be taking your ass, while you suck Lance’s cock, and Peter and Paul will be getting handjobs from you. Their cocks will be pointing right at your tits, and they’ll blow their loads all over your nice, perky melons. Can I assume that you are an anal virgin?”

Caroline, her mind reeling, nodded, oh fuck, she was going to lose her ass cherry, right here on camera.

“Ok, we’ll make sure that your ass and my cock are well lubed up, I think we’re just about ready to roll.”

She saw her co-stars casually stripping in front of her, and hard eager cocks rose up, her breath caught as she saw those stiff pricks, she’d never even done a three-way, let alone a group orgy, and the stiff, eager girth, the length of rock hard cocks ready to plunder her holes made her husband’s cock look like a cocktail wiener.

“Susie, would you like to get naked in a changing room?”

Caroline answered that by starting to strip off her clothes, why bother with a changing room, they’d see everything she had sooner or later. She unclipped her bra, letting it just fall away, and she shoved her panties down, and stood before them, naked. Gregor circled in around her, and his cock was rock hard, just like the other three, ready to open her holes.

“Oh yeah, perfect, Susie, this way please.”

She was led over to a section with thick carpeting, there was a padded square placed in the middle of the floor. She could see a round piece of hardened plastic right in the middle, and as she drew level with it, she could see a camera lens behind the plastic, pointing upwards. Gregor instructed her to kneel on it and adjusted her body so the camera would have a perfect view of the moment she had her ass hole breached, and capture all the hard-driving action of her ass being fucked.

“Hold your body up Susie, we need to measure that your hands and your mouth are at the right level.”

Her co-stars moved in, and she grasped Peter and Paul’s 8-inch cocks, the two that she would be stroking, and they moved around until they were aiming their cocks right at her tits. They grinned and gave Gregor a thumbs up, perfect. Lance’s cock bobbed in front of her mouth, touching her lips, and Lance gave a thumbs up, her head was at the perfect level, she would soon be servicing his 9 inches.

“Ok Susie, stand up, and grab your ankles please.”

Bent over, her ass upthrust, the feel of two fingers, slick with lube, sliding along her asshole, brought it into crystal clear focus. She was going to be ass fucked, and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. She grunted as she felt a finger penetrate her tight hole, sliding lube up her virgin passage.

Gregor said softly, “Try and relax your ass as much as you can, it’ll make it easier baby.”

Caroline would try, but damn, in this situation, it was next to impossible.

“Okay guys, let’s go escort bayan into the other room and start the action. Susie, on the platform, please, head down, ass up. We have to get the plotline going.”

She thought, Yeah, I bet it’ll be a pretty damn skimpy plotline, her body being plundered would be the reason every guy would be watching.

She heard talk and laughter from the next room, and Gregor led in her co-stars. He swept a hand towards her.

“There she is, just like I told you. Little Susie is all grown up, and she wants to become Susie Cream Pie, right baby?”

The camera quickly panned away from her face, and she gave a non-committal grunt. Gregor grinned, they’d dub in a breathy, horny voice-over, panting about how much she wanted her ass hole fucked and Gregor said, “You see, she’s so ready for it! Okay guys, since little Susie Cream Pie is my cousin, I get to choose which hole I want.” The camera moved up, right behind her ass, and Gregor said, “I want that ass! Ever since she was 18, that ass has held me spellbound, and I swore that if Susie ever came across with her stuff, I was gonna fuck that ass!”

The camera moved around, getting a close-up of her tits, as Peter and Paul said, “We want her to jerk our cocks at the same time, so we can spray down those nice perky tits!”

Lance grinned and said, “And I want that mouth. Oh yeah, she’s all ready for it! Yeah Susie baby, get those sweet pink lips of yours all slicked up and let me slide my stiff cock between those tight, slick lips of yours, right into your sweet little mouth. Do you like to swallow the cum baby? I’ve got a big, juicy load, all ready for you Susie!”

Gregor was sliding a thick coating of lube up and down his cock, and he took position behind her. The camera built into the floor of the platform was in a perfect position to capture the moment. He nudged against her, and Caroline tried to relax her tightly puckered rosebud, and in the next moment, she found out that she wasn’t relaxed in the slightest.


It was just after 11 AM when Caroline lost her last vestige of virginity, a hard push, her scream of pain as the big knob of Gregor’s cock breeched her ass hole. Gregor bore down as the head drove in, more shrieks and howls filled the scene as Caroline’s ass hole was violated, the cameras recording and immortalizing it, capturing the moment of her anal deflowering.

Caroline was in another world, the pain, the pressure was like nothing she’d ever had to bear. Oh fuck, she’d never felt anything like it, her regular deflowering had been nothing compared to this. She felt like Gregor’s hard cock was going to split her apart, as he buried his cock right to the balls. He was now buried to the max in her ass, and her last virgin territory was just a memory. Her shrieks and cries of pain were definitely going onto the soundtrack, that’s what the fans of Taco Busters porn wanted to hear.

Gregor growled, “Oh yeah, so tight, virgin tight, feels so fucking good!”

Gregor held himself deep, and reaching around her, he lifted her up, and the three cocks that were ready for her. She knew what to do, and she gripped the two hard cocks of Peter and Paul. Lance’s 9-inch cock bobbed before her face, and her cries of pain were cut off as she opened her mouth, and he slid in. She slid her hands up and down the two hard rods, and she timidly sucked at Lance’s cock. Lance was having none of that amateurish cock sucking, he gripped her head, and rammed his cock into her mouth, Caroline felt his cock slide down her throat, she couldn’t breathe, until Lance pulled back.

“Oh yeah Susie, suck my cock, we know it’s your first-time baby, but put some spirit into it!” Lance growled.

She felt Gregor’s cock sincan bayan escort start to pump, in, out, her ass walls trying to push Gregor’s cock out as he pulled back, then being forced apart again as Gregor drove back in. The hard blunt intrusion of Gregor’s cock was starting to dull down a bit, thank god he’d used plenty of lube. She couldn’t imagine the ripping open of her ass dry, no lube, she didn’t want to imagine it. She threw that vision out of her mind, it did not bear any further thought.

Her hands were pumping the stiff hard cocks, she heard Peter and Paul letting out growls and grunts of pleasure, so that was being taken care of. She did her best to concentrate on the cock sucking, unless she wanted Lance to choke her with his cock, she’d better learn to put some enthusiasm into her blowjob, suck his cock the way he wanted it sucked. Whimpering around Lance’s cock, as Gregor plunged balls deep on each thrust, her rosebud split open, again and again, she swallowed his cock, 4 inches, bobbing her head back and forth and using her tongue to swirl around the shaft on each bob, going deeper with each swallow, 5 inches, 6, 7, she felt his cock head right at the back of her throat.

She felt Lance’s hands stroking her head, he was not forcing her head, now that she was getting into the blowjob rhythm, and he said, “Oh yeah Susie, suck it good like that, oh yeah.”

She took a deep breath, held it, and forced her mouth down the entire shaft, Lance’s growl of pleasure as she gave him the deep throat action he desired, she felt his head slide down her throat, and she let the head nestle in the tight constriction of her throat. All 9 inches were deep, and she kept his cock for a few moments before pulling back, breathing out with the outstroke, sucking in another big lungful of air, then immediately plunging down his cock, again swallowing him right down to the balls.

Cameras were circling, catching all the action from plenty of angles, showing each hand full of a throbbing cock, her mouth stretched wide around Lance’s huge mouthful, and the trusty platform camera capturing her ass fucking, showing Gregor’s well-lubed shaft continuing to pound her incredibly tight ass.

Caroline thought that the guys would be blowing their loads in a minute or two. The only comparison she had was her husband, his two-minute hump and dump, then he’d roll off, and 2 or 3 minutes later, she would be treated to his snores. As the fucking continued, she realized that these guys were professionals, and they probably had a whole bag of tricks to delay their cumming. And she was the lucky one to feel that skill, oh joy.

Her jaw was starting to ache, her hands felt cramped up, wrapped around the cocks, and her ass hole was going to be sore as hell. She had no idea how long she was in action, it sure as hell wasn’t a rabbit ride, until she finally felt the throbs of Peter’s cock, being serviced by her right hand.

“Fuck, oh yeah, gonna cum, gonna splatter your tits baby, yeah, fuck yeah!”

Caroline felt a hot splatter all over her breasts, then more hot streams as Paul grunted, growled, and his cock erupted, her tits getting splattered from two directions at once, she felt thick, gooey streams hitting her body, her breasts, and her nipples getting frosted with the brunt of it.

Lance growled, pulling his cock out of her mouth, just as she wondered what for, she got a facial shot, splattering all over her lips. She closed her eyes as Lance’s cock hosed her face down, thick gooey streams from 3 directions using her body for target practice, her tits and her face were getting plastered.

Gregor’s cock started to buck, he rammed it up Caroline’s throbbing ass hole one last time, holding it deep. She felt his cock start pulsing, Gregor’s grunts elvankent escort bayanlar and growls of pleasure, the warmth of hot cum deep inside as her dark cavern was flooded with his thick white cum, she could feel his cock pulsing repeatedly, oh fuck, her ass was gonna be filled to the brim. Just what they want, her mind said, after all, I’m Susie Cream Pie.

When Gregor pulled out, her ass hole puckered up tightly, and Gregor said, “Squat over the camera Susie, grab your cheeks, spread ’em baby, and show your fans your first anal cream pie.”

Her face burning with shame, squatting over the camera as a second camera zoomed in just behind her ass, two cameras to record the moment, while two other cameras quickly moved in, tracking all over the front of her body. They recorded all the thick, gooey trails, her face was dripping her facial cum, joining the cum that had been shot all over her tits. The floor-mounted camera saw her hands reach back, pulling apart her ass cheeks, and the thick white glut of cum lining the tight pucker. Now, for the final scene.

“Now, push down Susie baby, gush all that cum out of your ass, show your fans how much cream your cream pie takes!”

Caroline bore down, wincing at the pain of her stretched open ass hole, and the floor-mounted camera saw the gush, accompanied by wet farting sounds, then the view was nothing more than a field of white, as the thick slimy cum was shot out of her ass hole, gushing in streams, deposited on the plastic covering that sheltered the upturned lens. The other camera, just behind her ass, also was capturing the view of her final humiliation, streams of cum pouring out of her violated ass hole, to join the huge puddle spreading out on the platform.

Caroline finally felt the last little bit squirt out, the cameras having captured every moment of her humiliation, and Gregor yelled, “Cut, That’s a wrap!” and everybody in the room applauded.

Caroline was helped off the platform by Gregor, her legs felt like rubber, her ass hole burned with the pain of her anal deflowering, while her face burned with the shame of being immortalized as an on-camera porn star, a cream pie slut.

He led her down a hallway and led her into a private shower.

“There you go Susie, take as long a shower as you need. Please report back here in 2 days, at 10 AM, and we’ll do part 2 of your trilogy. I trust you will be here?”

Caroline nodded quickly, she had to remember her family, her need to protect them, and her, from the evil crime syndicate myth that Gregor had so convincingly planted in her mind. She stared at herself in the mirror. The thick trails were drying to a crusty covering. She saw all the gushes of cum that covered her face, her body hosed down when 3 hard cocks had exploded on her body.

“Whore,” she whispered at her reflection. “Slut, cream pie slut.”

She stood under the hot stream of water, trying not to think about what has happened to her. She dabbed gently at her ass hole, doing her best to clean it, hissing at the red, throbbing pain from her abused rosebud. Building up a thick lather, she started scrubbing vigorously at the rest of her body, washing away all the thick, crusty streams of cum. Her body was clean, but she was failing to scrub away the memory of what she’d done. Her mind refused to co-operate, and wouldn’t stop thinking about it. What would her next starring role entail? How many horny perverts would be masturbating to her anal deflowering? How many would blow their loads while watching her final humiliation, as she squatted over the camera, pushing out a huge load of hot, gooey sperm out of her ass hole, right on the lens? How many would snap up the DVD or the video feed, eager to see a newcomer get fucked hard? Oh fuck, would anyone she knew see her performance?

She shut off the water, and dried herself off with a stack of big, fluffy towels, refusing to look at herself in the mirror. She felt too sick and disgusted with herself, to even want to see her reflection. And you got two more starring roles, her mind whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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