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Her name was Ruby. She was a BBW with sexy curves and an insatiable desire. She was of average height at 5’4″, with long brown hair. Her green eyes sparkled with hints of gold flecks. She was in her late forties but looked great for her age. She carried her extra weight well and had an hourglass shaped figure but her curves were accentuated.

His name was Victor and he was a college student, working for fun money. He was in his late twenties and got a late start at college because he had joined the military. He got out and took advantage of his GI Bill but liked working to have a little extra cash in his pocket. He was physically fit and kept himself in shape with regular exercise. He was 5’11” and about 220 lbs of solid muscle from years of training.

They met by chance on an adult dating website. He sent her a message explaining his hunger for her based solely on her profile pic. She was naked in a bed, sitting up with a blue beaded necklace that rested between her massive breasts. Her legs were bent at the knee and splayed open. Her pussy was wet, glistening and shaved. Her body looked amazing but what really drew him in was the look on her face. Her green eyes were half closed and she had a wicked smile on her lips. He sent her a message and she replied with her phone number. She wanted to communicate quickly and not be tethered to her laptop. He sent her a text and waited.

She got back to him in a few minutes and they started a conversation. They had many things in common, from a similar taste in music to an appreciation of bad films. Movies that were hilariously bad and best enjoyed while mocking throughout. She told him that she was a kinky slut who was down for anything but safe sex was important to her. Condomless sex was only for people who loved each other in her opinion. She also expressed an interest in specific kinks like bondage, spankings and power dynamics. When she told him that she was sapiosexual, a person who can get off just from mental stimulation, he was inspired. He was on the lookout for a good muse and she was a perfect fit. He began to write her short stories filled with connection, lust and longing. The first one he sent to her caused a major delay in her typical response time. She explained later that the story he had written caused her to drop everything, grab her favorite toy and bring herself to a screaming climax. Afterward, she sent him a picture of her slick pussy and the wet spot on her bed. He was enthralled with rapture for her after seeing that.

They kept each other awake on many nights texting back and forth. Their conversations would always lead to sexual frontiers which they planned to explore together. They would both go into great detail and it would inevitably become climatic. He would send her a long series of texts which would drive her wild. He would tell her to follow his instructions and act as if her hands were his own. She would always send him a picture afterward. Eventually, they began chatting on the phone and he heard sounds that drove his desire for her to heights he had never fathomed.

They had been texting one night and things were getting abnormally hot. She asked to call him and he answered immediately. Her voice was sultry and her giggles were enticing. She told him that he had gotten her so frustrated she needed to play with herself several times a day. When she finally heard his voice her panties got soaked. She needed him to hear her climax and he was excited to listen. It started as soft moans heard through the receiver. He told her what he would do to her body once he got his hands on her and that set her off. She cried out to God and screamed into the phone as the pleasure overloaded her mind. She was panting and breathing hard like she had just ran five miles as he listened to her calm down. When she could finally talk again, they both agreed that they needed to meet. They wanted to see each other in the flesh and do all the naughty things they had talked about.

They looked over their work schedules and they both had the weekend off. He was working the night shift at the time and she agreed to come pick him up from work after his shift was over on Friday. He agreed to drive on the way back to her place because they were two hours apart. Time and space had kept them distant but soon they would be in one another’s orbit.

He didn’t use his phone at work, so before he started his shift he sent her a message to be safe on the drive. She told him she would take a nap and then hit the road. It was the longest shift of his life. He kept himself occupied with his normal routine. Time flew by as he worked through the night and he often worked while listening to music. He was busy mopping the floor when he first noticed her. She was sitting down in a booth and smiling while she watched him work. He smiled back and said, “Hello sexy. Did you have a safe trip?”

Ruby said, “Yes I did. The roads were not busy at this hour. I was never worried sincan escort about the trip, just the fall”.

“Fall? What are you going to fall from?” he replied.

“Not a fall from what, but maybe a fall for whom,” she said with a wink and a smile.

“Don’t worry about that, I will catch you,” he told her. “Let me finish this up, then we just have to wait for my replacement. I usually don’t have many customers this time of night.”

He finished mopping and put everything away. While he was waiting for the floor to dry out he sat down across from her and took hold of her hands. They talked a bit while he got lost in her eyes. Her eyes were so striking and filled with joy. Her whole face was a glow, like the first rays of the golden dawn.

He was enamored with how radiantly beautiful she was. She had on a creamy white blouse, that blue necklace from the picture, a pair of tight blue pants and shiny black flat soled shoes. His replacement showed up and he barely noticed. He quickly briefed him on what his coworker needed to get done and then he grabbed his bag before clocking out. He held the door open for and followed her to where she parked. She had an older red Subaru with a few miles on it but no rust or overall damage. She popped her trunk and he tossed his bag in. The trunk closed with a click then she gave him the keys.

He went over to the passenger side door and ,before he opened it, he pulled her into his arms. Their first kiss started like a spark when their bodies and lips met and spread like a wildfire as their tongues danced. His hands slid down her body and he gripped her ass, pulling her into him. When they finally came up for air, their foreheads were touching and they were just breathing each other in.

“Hi,” he said, truly meeting this sexual goddess for the first time.

“Hi,” she replied while smiling up at him.

His stiff cock was poking her in the belly and she ground her body against him. He wanted to bend her over the hood and take her right then. He wanted the whole world to know she was his but he didn’t want to spend his first day with her in a jail for lewd conduct. So they got in her car and hit the road.

They talked most of the way. When a song came on that they both liked they would sing together. They were naturally harmonious and in sync. He held her soft hands in his while the miles rolled by. She placed her hand on top of his and started dancing with her fingers. A little push from each digit and his fingers would bend and then push back. It was an intimate sharing of energy that flowed between their fingertips and it helped pass the time on the long drive and build up more sexual tension.

They arrived at her place. It was a small one bedroom house with a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath. It was simply furnished with what she needed but she had more furniture in a storage facility she explained. It was more than ample and she gave him a brief tour, ending in the bedroom.

They embraced and their lips locked skillfully, while their hands roamed all over. His hands stopped beneath her ass and he picked her up, pulling her into a mind melting kiss. They each smiled and started pulling off each other’s clothes. She was a bit faster in helping him, so he had her turn around which let him unclasp her bra and take off her necklace.

His hands slid along the sides of her massive breasts and he cupped them from below. She moaned softly and pressed her body against him. His fingers pulled and pinched her stiff nipples eliciting more sighs and moans. He let his left hand glide down her body and slip into her panties. They were soaked through and her pussy was the slickest he had ever felt. She shuddered and gasped as his nimble fingers found her clit. She leaned back against him and he supported her body as her first orgasm built up. He twisted, pinched and pulled her right nipple while his left hand continued to explore her pussy. Her lips felt soft and puffy as his fingers gilded around, ratcheting up her excitement. His fingers slipped inside her easily and he brushed her g spot, making her arch her back against his hard body. She whimpered and moaned loudly as her climax took over.

He held her close and kissed her neck while whispering, “That’s it baby, cum for me.” The words had a profound effect on her. She pushed harder and they fell onto the bed. He held her tight as she rode the waves back to awareness.

He kissed and nibbled her neck as she continued to moan softly. His cock rubbed against her wet panties and her right hand soon found it.

She squeezed it and said, “Mmm, you’re so hard Sir, let me take care of you.” She rolled off him and gave him a deep kiss on his lips. Then she proceeded to kiss and nip her way down his body. She continued to slowly stroke him as she first licked and bit both his nipples. He growled in his throat and involuntarily pumped his hips. She kept moving down and taking her time savoring his body. ankara escort When she finally got to his cock, she kissed the tip and snaked out her tongue. She licked off the bead of precum from his cock and swallowed, moaning deeply.

“Mmm, you taste so good Sir. I want more,” she said before slowly licking his cock from tip to base. She softly sucked and licked his freshly shaved balls as her hand resumed stroking him. As she took him in her mouth, her tongue lashed his perineum causing him to groan and shake. He didn’t last long because he was overwhelmed by her technique. He looked down to see her looking back at him. She was smiling and her eyes opened wider as he exploded in her mouth. She moaned while she sucked him dry.

When she was done she said, “You taste divine Sir,” with a smile while crawling up to meet him face to face. He pulled her into a kiss and they rolled around in the bed a few times just feeling their flesh pressed together.

“I need to taste you,” he said getting on top of her. He viciously ripped her panties off and spread her legs open wide. He kissed her thick thighs and worked his way slowly towards her pussy. It glistened in the light and beckoned him. He continued to tease her and kissed around her pelvis and hips, exhaling a few breaths on her sensitive pussy. Her hips tried to buck up into his face, but he held her down and laughed.

“Please, don’t tease me anymore,” she begged him.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked her playfully.

“Eat my pussy,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you. What was that?” he asked playfully.

“Please eat my pussy and make me cum Sir,” she almost screamed at him.

“Good girl,” he said as he descended on her pussy. He spread her red, swollen pussy lips open wide with his hands. He licked her lips and stuck his tongue deep into her wet hole. He flicked, twirled and slithered his tongue inside of her. He slowly built her up to another climax by rything his tongue inside of her. When she was right near the breaking point he pulled back and just blew his breath on her sensitive pussy lips. Her hips shook in frustration.

He slid his hands up her soft body to her large breasts. He pulled on each of her stiff nipples making her moan deeply.

“While my hands are busy with your pussy, I want you to play with your nipples. Can you do that for me kitten?” he asked her.

In response she took her ample breasts into her hands and kneaded her flesh while pulling on her nipples. She then placed them both in her mouth and sucked on them hard, making herself moan.

“Good girl,” he said and slid back down her body to resume his oral attack. He spread her pussy open again and sunk his tongue deeply into her. She bucked and moaned with her mouthful of nipples as he fucked her pussy with his tongue. He licked his way to her clit and encircled it. He sucked and swirled her clit as she got closer and closer to an orgasam. Once again, he backed off when she got close and she whimpered as she played with her breasts.

“You look so fucking sexy kitten. We are almost there. Are you ready?” he asked.

She just nodded and moaned as her body writhed on the bed. He took her clit into her mouth and slid two fingers inside her wet pussy. He pumped his fingers into her and sucked on her clit while she continued sucking her nipples. Her moans started to escalate into another peak and he found her g spot. He rubbed her sensitive spot while sucking her clit and she peaked, screaming out epithets and squirting all over his face. He brought his cum soaked fingers up to her lips and she sucked them in greedily. His cock brushed her clit and she shook. She mumbled something but he couldn’t make it out.

“What’s that kitten?” he said.

“Condoms. In the nightstand. Cock, please Sir, put your cock inside me,” she said in a begging tone.

“Don’t stop playing with yourself,” he said as he made his way to the nightstand. It had plenty of condoms, some lube, a few sex toys and a flashlight. Her sex junk drawer made him chuckle to himself as he opened up a condom and slipped it on. He got on top of her and slowly slid himself into her pussy. He let her feel every inch of his cock as it stretched and rubbed her inner walls. He stopped when his balls rested on her ass and just held himself at that position. He gave her a chance to get accustomed to his girth before slowly backing out, leaving just his bulbous head inside her entrance. He slowly started pumping in and out of her, settling into a good rhythm. Her hips met his stroke for stroke and they maintained a slow pace.

He watched her suck her nipples into her mouth. She would suck one and then trade it out for the other, while her left hand continued to play with her clit. She twisted and rubbed her clit faster and faster while her moans got louder. Her eyes were closed and she looked blissful. Her eyes shot open and locked on his as she came. Her climax was so powerful etimegut escort that her pussy spasmed and his cock slipped out.

He gave her a moment to catch her breath, then he grabbed her ankles and lifted her thick legs up before guiding his cock back inside of her. She couldn’t get to her clit anymore so she attacked her nipples with both hands, pulling and twisting them roughly. She bit her lip as his cock slammed into her. He went faster and harder this time and kept pace with her moans. He started with shallow and quick thrusts, keeping his cock inside but not going deep. When he went all in, he would rotate his hips and make her squeal with glee. When she climaxed again, he left his cock buried inside and felt her pussy contract around his cock. The feeling was incredible for both of them but he held back from his own climax. He needed more from her so he took it.

He bent his torso and brought his lips to hers for an intimate kiss. She pulled him in and held him in her arms tight against her body. They kissed and danced with their tongues while he started sliding out of her slowly. Her legs wrapped around his waist and prevented him from pulling out further, then she pulled him back inside herself. She had him trapped, but it was right where he wanted to be. He continued pumping his hips as they kissed and their bodies ground against one another. Her hips met his and she used momentum to roll them over, ending with her on top. She pushed her torso up and started riding him slowly, making him groan deeply.

She started slow, with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. He reached up to her breasts and grabbed them roughly, squeezing her soft flesh in his rough hands. She moaned and leaned into his hands, giving him her body to do with as he pleased. She placed her hands on the bed for leverage and continued riding him slowly. She would contract her inner walls every time he was encased in her fully. She would also rotate her hips allowing him to feel her slick walls tighten around his cock. His hands drifted towards hers and he entwined their fingers together in an attempt to give her a bit more leverage. She used his support to go faster and every exhale was in sequence with when she bottomed out on his cock. Eventually, she got lost in the pleasure of another approaching orgasam. Before she could peak again, he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a kiss. Her moans resounded on their lips and were matched by his own. They peaked together in a beautiful synchronized climax. He held her tightly as his cock pumped out his seed and her body trembled vigorously. They were both temporarily spent and satiated. They just laid together for a few moments reveling in the afterglow.

He was feeling tired from working all night in addition to the rigorous fucking and told her they should cuddle and take a nap. She agreed and laid down on her side allowing him to spoon her from behind. Her body fit his perfectly and he thought they would drift off to sleep together but she had other plans

Of fuck, Eve thought to herself as she laid down on her side in the middle of the bed. No man had ever made her feel so desired, beautiful and hungry for more. She felt as if her whole body was tingling and vibrating in response to him. She felt his strong arms encompass her and his warm body ignited her skin. He felt so good and warm. It was the warmth that she needed most. The last few men she had been with had just used her and left. She hoped this man would not be like the others and so far she had not been disappointed.

She closed her eyes and tried to relax but she was still revved up from their true first contact. The way his hands moved all over her body made her feel glorious. She didn’t feel self-conscious with him. His touch showed how much he appreciated her big sexy curves. She noticed his breathing had altered slightly. He was taking in big breaths and exhaling them out slowly.

“Breathe with me,” he said and she obeyed. She loved being controlled and her pussy twitched as his hand brushed it caressingly. His other hand found its way in between her breasts and above her heart. She nestled into him and felt his heartbeat pulsing through her back. His hands didn’t move but she felt a warmth spread from them. It was like a fire was being kindled in her heart and her womanhood. It made her ache for him in a way she had never felt before. The rhythm of their breathing synced up and eventually so did the beating of their hearts. His cock hardened and she felt his stiffness press against her. She pushed back, grinding her body against his. The head of his cock pressed against her asshole and she moaned from the contact, begging him for more.

Their bodies began moving rhythmically and his hands moved. He began playing with her breasts, kneading her soft flesh and pulling on her nipples. His other hand slowly stroked her pussy, making her moan loudly. He kissed her neck up to her ear then sucked her earlobe into his mouth, flicking and nibbling it playfully. She turned her head to meet his lips and kissed him passionately, meeting and dancing with his tongue.

“I need your cock,” she told him in between kisses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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