Relaxed Friday Evening

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They’d had a busy day in the city centre. Shane had reluctantly bought a mirror and a velvety throw to pacify Scarlett’s requests to make his room ‘a bit more cosy and homely’. While Shane combed through the coats and boots in the outdoor clothing shop, Scarlett treated herself to some new lingerie across the mall. Once she’d bought it, she changed into it and felt a boost in confidence, knowing she was wearing it under her casual jeans and t-shirt. They bought groceries to cook dinner together and made their way home in the warm Summer evening.

They prepared and cooked dinner together, drank wine and listened to music. They discussed where the mirror would go: Scarlett said against the wall beside the fireplace to the right side of the bed in Shane’s bedroom, Shane didn’t care. She dragged him upstairs to ‘approve’ of the placement and she spread the throw on the bed. It was so soft and luxurious and Scarlett couldn’t help thinking how good it would feel wrapped around her.

They ate dinner, opened another bottle of wine and settled on the sofa, Scarlett’s legs across Shane’s lap. They started teasing each other about their habits, talking about what they liked and disliked about each other and remembering different times they had sex, things they particularly enjoyed, things they wanted to do again. Scarlett climbed onto Shane’s lap, straddling him on the sofa and they kissed and caressed each other as they talked. The more wine they drunk, the more their conversation became about fantasies. Predictably, Shane had some… anal, choking, pegging, a threesome. Scarlett admitted she wouldn’t rule anything out, except the threesome, but she didn’t really have any fantasies though.

Soon they were full on making out, kissing each other passionately and running their hands over each other’s body. In their drunken haze, they’d both forgotten that that were in the living room until one of Shane’s housemates walked in and nearly jumped out of his skin with embarrassment.

Making their apologies, Scarlett escort sincan and Shane escaped upstairs to Shane’s bedroom. Shane whipped off Scarlett’s t-shirt revealing her new olive green silk and flower patterned balconette bra, it framed her luscious breasts perfectly. He sighed and closed his eyes briefly before cupping his hands around her breasts and squeezing them. “Mmmm my God your boobs look amazing in that. I don’t even want to take it off just yet. I just want to look at you for a moment.” Shane said, caressing her back, shoulders, arms and neck.

Scarlett lay back on the throw on top of the bed, smiling coyly at him. “Ooh I was right, this throw does feel amazing against my bare skin” she said, unbuttoning her jeans and slipping them off to reveal the silky pants to match her bra. Shane let out a low groan and started to approach the bed but Scarlett lifted her foot and pressed it against his chest. “No, not yet, admire this expensive lingerie from afar for a bit longer.” she teased. She ran her foot down to his waist and signalled him to take off his t-shirt, then unbutton his jeans and finally remove his pants. “You haven’t even seen the best part yet” smiled Scarlett, turning over on to all fours and sticking her ass up in the air to reveal a bow on the back of her pants. She wriggled her ass to show off the bow and giggled, watching his face in the mirror opposite her. “What do you think?”

“Mmm you saucy fox” groaned Shane, stroking his cock. “You definitely weren’t wearing that this morning cos then I wouldn’t have let you leave the house all day, babe.”

“Thought it would be a surprise, I’ve been feeling very excited walking around wearing it under my clothes this afternoon. Do you want to take it off and fuck me?” Scarlett asked, talking to Shane in the mirror.

Shane growled “Fuck, I love it when you’re a wee minx. Of course I want to fuck you but what about leaving it on?” he raised his eyebrow and started stroking her ass and kissing her back. Scarlett lay her shoulders ankara escort and chest down on the bed, raising her ass up to him. Shane put his face down in front of her pussy, inhaling her scent and kissing the silky fabric of her pants. He could see the damp patch like a fingerprint of her wetness. “Do you want me to fuck you like this?” he whispered, locking eyes with her in the mirror.

Scarlett pursed her lips and smiled at him “Why else do you think I wanted you to buy that mirror and put it there?!” she teased.

“Oh you are naughty! If you’d told me that in the first place…” he growled through gritted teeth, sliding his hard cock against her pussy over her silky pants.

“It wouldn’t be as fun if I’d told you, you know how much I love to tease” Scarlett giggled.

“Aw you love teasing, babe. You’re a full-time cock tease” growled Shane, sliding Scarlett’s pants to the side and slipping his cock inside her.

“Fucking hell, you’re wet. Do you want all of this?” he nodded down towards his cock and stopped, watching her face in the mirror.

She gave him a lustful look in the mirror “Yes, I want all of it, the whole way in” she moved back, pushing herself against his cock but he stopped her.

“What’s that, babe, you want me balls deep in your pussy? You want me to fuck you balls deep?” teased Shane

“Stop teasing!! I can’t stand it!” Scarlett whined.

Shane laughed “Oh! Teasing’s not so much fun now, is it babe? You have to tell me how you want it, how it feels. I want to watch you saying it cos you know how hot it is when you do that for me.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes, forgetting he could see her in the mirror, and he withdrew slightly. “Don’t pull out, I want you all inside me. I want you to fuck me, Shane” whispered Scarlett.

“Balls deep?” asked Shane, sliding his cock right inside her and stopping when his thighs touched her ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck, that’s so deep in this position!” gasped Scarlett “Don’t move for a minute.” she pushed her torso etimesgut escort bayan up from the bed.

Shane reached forward and unclasped her bra, she let it fall down on the bed and Shane slowly fucked her “I can watch your tits moving as I fuck you” he smirked.

Scarlett gasped as he thrust harder and faster into her, laying the whole of her torso on the throw and stretching her arms behind her. It felt so good and she was overcome by the sensation of wanting to feel him further and further inside her. She moaned “Harder.”

Shane grasped her wrists and braced against her, groaning “You want me to fuck you harder babe? Tell me.”

“Fuck me harder, Shane” she moaned and gasped as he thrust harder, their skin slapping together. “It feels so good, it’s so deep but I want you deeper”

“Fuck yeah, babe” Shane growled.

Scarlett felt the pressure building inside her but knew there wasn’t enough on her clit to orgasm. “I can’t cum like this, let me cross my ankles” she panted. He let go of her wrists, squeezed her knees together and lifted her ankle, crossing it over the other.

“Aw fucking hell, that’s tight Scarlett!” moaned Shane, his eyes rolled back. But Scarlett was already lost in the sensations, moaning and contracting hard against his cock. “Aw yeah, babe. You’re so hot, I love watching you cum.” He thrust really hard into her now, Scarlett winced as it started to hurt and she was so sensitive.

She saw his eyes close and knew from his face he was going to finish, he grunted and thrust hard. “Aw fuck yeah babe, take all this cum, take it all” he groaned, cumming hard inside her.

He opened his eyes to see her smirking back at him in the mirror, she felt his cock still throbbing inside her pussy. He reached forward, pulling her up onto her knees and kissed her back and neck, caressing her breasts and admiring her reflection in the mirror. “Aw babe, I just want to fuck you hard from now on.” he whispered.

Scarlett turned her head towards him “It depends how I feel though. That felt good but also, I think I might bruise. Sorry to ruin your moment”

He sighed and laughed “Not as much as your sexy pants and this throw are going to be ruined when I pull out in a minute.” he said, smacking her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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