Redhead Ch. 03

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So it came to this. After flirting with one another for a time; after an incredible night of fucking; after a two year absence; after a sudden reunion and sudden incredible sex; we were in love.

Actually, we had been in love all along. Now we acknowledged it. I had asked her if I could ask her to marry me. She told me she would seriously consider it if I could incorporate a romantic proposal with fucking. I suppose it was my fault. I broached the subject while we were having sex.

I really did want to marry Carrie. She was just perfect for me. She was so incredibly intelligent. She had a quick wit. She was a talented actress. Carrie was very discerning. She could easily spot dissimilation. She was totally honest, but with tact. She loved movies and loved to read. And she was quirky. She made funny sounds at odd times. If she found something you had said funny, she would have you repeat it – and laugh just as much the second, or third or fourth time. When she snuggled, she made sounds that reminded you of a Furby, that 1990s toy. (Google it.)

And I couldn’t forget about her beautiful face and her amazing body. Carrie was about 5’5′, maybe 110 lbs, strawberry blonde to red hair (real red, not magenta), with a spattering of freckles, a perfect ass, smallish but beautiful breasts. She had hazel eyes that twinkled when she smiled.

To be able to grow old with someone like that; to have that body joined to mine over the years; it was more than I could have hoped for.

But I had to figure out a way to propose in a very romantic way, yet it had to include fucking. Carrie had been very explicit – romantic and fucking.

It took a lot of thinking, conniving and planning, but I came up with it. After a 20 year career as a wedding photographer, I had recommended numerous caterers to brides with bucks. One caterer, Jean-Paul, had moved his catering business into a successful restaurant/catering business, largely on my recommendations. Jean-Paul had become a friend. I approached him with my dilemma.

JP came up with a great idea. His restaurant was closed on Mondays. He suggested that he could come in on a Monday, prepare a special meal for us, and then leave us entirely alone. The rest, he said in his French way, was up to me. sincan escort I took him up on his idea.

I let Carrie know well in advance of our Monday night rendez-vous. The job interview that had brought her back to me had landed her a good job. However, she traveled around the region. I wanted her to be sure to have the time available. And I told her to dress very formally…but not to wear underwear.

I sent a limousine to pick up Carrie at her new apartment. I was standing outside Jean-Paul’s restaurant in a tuxedo when she arrived. I escorted her in. Once seated, the sommelier brought us a bottle of wine without asking our opinion. “You will be delighted,” was all he said. He was right.

The restaurant was completely empty but for us.

The head waiter, who never carried plates, brought us our introductory plate of grilled calamari. “Monsieur, Madame,” the waiter said, “I am at your service through the entire meal. Do not hesitate to call upon me.” JP had gone beyond anything I had imagined. The most distinguished waiter in the entire city served us each course in turn, without being snobby.

Carrie had chosen to wear a white, sequin-studded gown that stopped at the knee line. There was a bit of fluff to the skirt of the dress, but the bodice was of a tight, stretchy material that made it obvious there was no bra involved. The gown was strapless, displaying her delicate shoulders, air brushed with freckles. She didn’t have much cleavage, but the gown showed what she had to its best advantage.

JP himself served the final course of sorbet and champagne. He discretely moved in two buckets of ice with bottles of champagne tucked within.

JP kissed Carrie’s hand and said, “I take my leave of you now, but indulge yourselves in anything I have to offer.” As he left, he must have pushed “play” on the sound system, because the luscious tones of Artie Shaw’s “Stardust” wafted over the quiet restaurant. Carrie was crazy over 40s and big band music.

“Care to dance?” I asked. She took my hand and we danced together as if we were in a Clark Gable movie. When the music changed to Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” my hands were up under her skirt, cupping those wonderful ass cheeks in my hands. I was happy to note that ankara escort she had followed protocols. No underwear was in evidence.

We glided around the room as if we were Fred and Ginger…okay, if Fred was feeling up Ginger’s ass and was pushing his hard cock up against Ginger’s wet pussy, then we were like Fred and Ginger. Oh and we were dancing.

The music stayed with Frank. “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” provoked Carrie to unzip my fly and pull out my very hard cock and begin stroking it. As the tune changed to “A Summer Wind” Carrie pulled me over to a nearby table. She sat on the edge and pulled up her skirt to reveal a wet, dripping pussy. She had manicured her pubic hair to form a narrow strip pointing to her now protruding clit.

After that, I have no idea what the music was. I just dove into Carrie’s wet, wide pussy with my open mouth and flipping tongue. Her pussy seemed to take on a life of its own, matching my tongue thrusts, riding my kisses up and down the length of her slit.

Finally, she pulled my face to hers and licked her wet juices off of my face. Carrie guided my hard shaft, protruding from my tuxedo pants to her wet, welcoming pussy. I thrust inside her as deeply as I could, as fast as I could. I wanted that pussy completely.

We were both at the edge of orgasm. I reached into my pocket and popped the ¾ carat diamond engagement ring I had bought for Carrie into my mouth. Using my tongue, I twirled the ring around her nipple.

“What’s that?” she moaned. I took the ring and scratched a faint heart shape on her chest above her wonderful breasts.

I took the ring finger of her left hand and sucked it hard, then I guided it down to where our coupling was taking place so as to get our juices on her finger, then I slid the ring down on her finger.

I pushed my cock into Carrie a little deeper as I asked, “Carrie, will you marry me?”

She grabbed my face and pulled me into a deeper French kiss than I had ever experienced as she rocked her pelvis forward and sucked my cock into her pussy deeper and deeper. She would not let my face go and her pussy sucked my cock into itself. I grew hard and had to resist cumming into her pulsing pussy, shooting my all. And still she kissed my mouth, my face, etimegut escort my eyes.

As we rocked back and forth, my cock easing into and out of her wet slit, she said, “I really want you to fuck me often, my whole life. Will you promise to fuck me even when I’m flabby and my tits point down?” She asked this as her pussy was sliding up and down my cock.

“Well, I’ll get a pot belly and have man boobs. I’ll need Viagra to keep up with you. Will you promise to fuck me then?”

I pushed my cock up into her a little harder. “Yes, I’ll always fuck you. I can’t wait for man boobs. I’ll suck your nipples like you suck mine.” she said.

Carrie was sitting on a table, her pussy angled up toward me and my cock was diving in and out of that most wondrous slit. We were fucking hard while we were having important discussions. I’m not sure how smart that was.

I pushed up harder into her. “So, will you marry me?”

She responded with an aggressive thrust of her own. “Yes, I will marry you. But you have to understand that much of your free time will be spent fucking me. If you have some crazy thing about not wanting to fuck a lot, we can’t get married. But I have come to love having your cock pounding my pussy. If that’s a problem, let’s not go any further.”

I slowly eased my cock in and out of her very wet pussy. “I’m totally good with fucking you a lot. My cock likes it up inside you. I think we can take our fucking to all kinds of levels. We could fuck in public, like at the zoo or something. We could fuck while we are doing mundane things like making dinner. I really want to fuck on my boat.”

Carrie pushed her pussy up to take my cock totally into her and held it there. “I want to marry you. I think we have similar ideas as to how our lives should be. But you need to know that I will need lots and lots of sex. I think you might need to fuck me up my asshole. I just need you every way I can have you. It’s you I love, and you I want to fuck.”

“So, that’s an ‘I do’ from you?” I asked.

“If you want, I’ll get my nipple pierced and have the ring set in it,” Carrie responded.

“No, I’d prefer a ring on the finger, thanks.”

“Well then fuck me proper and send us on our way,” Carrie said. I did as I was told and we both came at the same time. I was thrilled to fill her with my cum. The ring I had bought was on her finger as she rubbed her clit and I throbbed inside her inner most regions.

It was going to be an interesting life.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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