Rebecca Found Her Daddy Pt. 02

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Kevin’s hands slid down her ass, spreading her big, bouncing cheeks apart and shaking them roughly in his hands before he gave another hard slap. She felt the sound echo and she winced, out of instinct she reached back and rubbed her ass. This time he didn’t stop her, instead he wanted to punish her. About the time Rebecca began to rub the sting away, Kevin jerked her hand away, his grip on her wrist tight and almost painful. She saw his dark eyes flash with both anger and excitement and it made her stomach flip.

“Rebecca, I didn’t give you permission to touch your ass. Now, you must suffer the consequences.”

She swallowed and felt the anxiety grow, her breath quickening as she watched him move over to his dresser. He opened the top drawer and pulled out black rope. She backed away toward the door, “Kevin, I think it’s time we should get going to the game.” He smirked at her and shook his head as he approached her. “You’re not helping your situation, Rebecca. It’s your first time, so I’ll take it easy on you.”

With that he turned her around roughly, still holding the rope in his hand he brushed her long red hair to the side and began kissing and biting at her neck as his other hand began to bunch her dress up and pull it over her ass. He pulled away and tossed the rope on the bed and swiftly pulled her dress over her head. Rebecca stood there, embarrassed and nervous, anxiously awaiting in both excitement and fear. She was only wearing a pair of heels and her bra and she looked back over her shoulder as he stood there silently mesmerized by her every curve, the soft curvature of her wide ass and hips, the smaller rolls of back fat that lead up to her shoulders and back down to her ass and thighs. He sighed, knowing he had made the right choice.

Suddenly he pushed her down on the bed, manipulating her body until she was head down and ass up and he pulled her arms behind her back and tied her wrists together. Rebecca was so nervous and yet so aroused by her nakedness. Her wide ass was spread to reveal her most sacred hole and she felt her fat pussy spread, revealing the glistening folds of her wanton cunt. She ached and she prayed silently that he would sink his manhood into her, she needed to feel them and she instinctively arched her lower back in and her hips out, spreading her ass even more and he chuckled, “Oh baby girl, it’s not time for that, but I’m pleased to see you are so eager to have me.” He adjusted his hard cock in his shorts and admired her beauty. He circled the bed, sliding his hand over her back and down over her ass. She trembled and ached, feeling her clit and hole throb with desire, especially as her eyes settled on the bulging cock in his pants. He went back behind her so she couldn’t see him anymore and she sighed, biting her lip and gently shaking her ass at him, teasing him, trying to make him take her.

He slapped her ass hard and she jerked forward, her large, soft tummy shaking as she squealed. She gasped as his hand gave broad strokes to her ass and pussy, gasping and rocking back into him before another hard slap. Her milky white flesh was a bright pink and her pussy was all but drooling on itself as she rocked her hips forward. He spanked her several more times, causing her to squirm and moan, his blows landing harder as she continued to pull away and fight the restraints. Daddy was nice enough to softly rub and squeeze her ass when he was done, alleviating some of the sting but the warmth was still there from his large hand prints. She looked back at him panting, needing him more than she had ever needed anything. She bit her lip and sunk her hips back against him as he suddenly slipped two fingers in her tight hole, “Rebecca… have you ever been fucked?”

She sincan escort rocked against his fingers, gasping as she felt his thick fingers stretch her, the only time anything had ever been in her pussy other than a tampon. She squirmed and bit her lip, nodding silently, “No, Daddy.”

Kevin couldn’t take it anymore, he’d never been with a virgin and he had been fantasizing about Rebecca since he laid eyes on her. He warned the other guys to stay away from her which is why Rebecca constantly found herself shut down and in the friend zone as she always had been before. She heard him unbuckle his belt and there was a thud moments later as his shorts hit the floor. She was nervous, the bulge she had noticed in his shorts before was far from small but she was excited. His fingers were still in her pussy, stroking against her g-spot. The sensation made her moan loudly and rock her wide, fat ass back toward him but at the same time there was a growing build up she had never felt before. He watched her with delight and she waited for what felt like hours before she felt him press against her naked body. His cock was large and it was very thick. She felt him rubbing it across her fat ass and he slapped it against her. He slid the soft tip over her asshole and she gasped, rocking forward to get away from him. Rebecca had played with her ass quite a few times before but only with very small toys and she knew there needed to be lube and other measures taken before she could take something so large without being in excruciating pain. Daddy’s grip on her hips didn’t let her go too far and she arched her back as she felt the tip slide over her drenched pussy. She quivered and bit her lip as she felt the tip brush against her clit over and over.

She looked back at him, pressing her hips into his as he removed his fingers from her wanton pussy. He smiled at her, reaching down to slide his drenched fingers in her mouth, watching her suck them as he suddenly, without warning plunged his length into her, settling in deep. Her pussy was wrapped around the base and she stopped sucking the taste of her pussy off his fingers as she threw her head back, moaning loudly in both immense pleasure and a little pain. He held her hips and let her adjust to the sudden sensation of being so full, he knew his thick 8 inches was hard for any girl to take. He wasn’t overly long but the thickness was what most females had problems with in the past, he was almost as thick as a soda can.

He slid his strong hand up her back and unhooked her bra, pulling her to her knees as his hand reached around to grasp her throat. He squeezed and she felt nervous but felt her pussy tighten even more around his thick cock which made him moan. She pressed against him, her hands still bound behind her back as he began the slow rhythm of fucking her. He choked her gently, only enough to make the pleasure increase as his lips kissed and sucked at her neck and ear, biting softly at her, “This pussy belongs to Daddy now baby girl, you understand that right?”

She nodded, unable to talk from his choking and the intense pleasure she felt, she could only quietly gasp and moan as he stroked his thick cock in and out of her. The angle caused her pussy to ache, that intense pressure was back and as he continued to rub his cock against her g-spot she suddenly wanted him to stop. The pressure was intense and she felt like she needed to pee, she was embarrassed and she clinched her muscles as tight as she could. She wasn’t ready for this to be over but she didn’t want to ruin it by peeing all over the first lover she’d ever had.

She wanted to cry out but she couldn’t breathe enough to do much more than quietly moan and gasp for air, ankara escort her nails dug into his stomach, it was soft yet muscular and she felt the soft hair. The wet sounds coming from between her thighs were obscene and the pressure in her pussy was too intense. He let go of her throat for a moment and she screamed, arching her hips away from his, “Daddy please, stop, I can’t take it…” She didn’t want to admit the real reason that she was about to pee all over him. He cut her words short by grasping her throat again and fucking her harder. Rebecca screamed as her body began to tense, her pussy squeezing his cock as his breath sent shivers down her spine.

There was nothing she could do. She felt it coming and she was angry that her body would betray her in such a way that it would ruin her first sexual encounter. Her nails dug sharply into his stomach again and he squeezed her throat tighter, she felt light headed and dizzy, his hips slapping against her ass loudly. She was suddenly reminded that many other people were in and around the house. Her face burned with embarrassment, everyone would have heard and they would all know that she let Kevin take her. While the thought was scary, it was also arousing. She belonged to him and she liked it.

She felt as though she might burst. Her bouncing tits and chubby belly shaking with his every thrust and it suddenly happened. She came, she knew it was an orgasm by the way her pussy clamped down the way it always did and she felt as though she would pass out. He let go of her throat and was screaming, “Oh fuck, baby girl!” She barely heard him, he only told her afterward. He let her go back down so that she was face down and ass up, the juices were pouring from her like a flood. He continued to stroke in and out of her, every thrust producing more and more from her. She was so overwhelmed by the pleasure that it took her a moment to become aware, she was peeing all over him, or so she thought.

“Daddy no, please, stop. I need to go to the bathroom.” She moaned loudly, the pressure never seeming to go away as she gushed all over him. She felt it splash across his tummy and her ass, his bed was soaked but he never stopped. He spanked her ass and growled at her as he continued to fill her tight pussy with his throbbing cock. His vigorously rubbed her clit as he watched her pretty pink pussy take his cock. The tightening of his balls only let him know he was close. He had never been with a woman who squirted before and it was too much for him to hold back much longer.

Rebecca thrashed before him, bouncing back on his cock and pulling away at the same time. The pressure was intense and she suddenly jerked away enough to release her pussy of his probing cock. A huge force of liquid came out and it soaked him, she could hear it splash across the hardwood floor as her fingers grasped his sheets. She was sure the entire house heard her, “Ohhh fuck, Daddy!! I’m cumming!!” He watched her, his cock throbbing and anxious to feel her tight folds against but he enjoyed the sight. She looked as though she were having a seizure, her body tensing and thrashing involuntarily as she moaned and screamed. Her pretty red hair being tossed in five different directions as her orgasm coursed through her body. Her belly shook, her wide ass jiggled and he reached out to steady her as he sunk back into her.

She bit her lip, looking back at him as she bounced her fat ass on his hips, she was embarrassed but clearly, he enjoyed whatever just happened. She sighed and felt the pressure again as more juices poured out over his cock and that was all he could take. He sank into her completely and she felt his heavy balls twitch against her pussy. He reached down and gripped etimegut escort her hair at the nape of her neck and pulled her back up to her knees, keeping his cock fully sheathed in her aching cunt. He kissed her neck, squeezing her throat gently this time as his cum flooded her pussy. They rocked together for a few moments, both panting as they tried to recover.

Rebecca spoke first, looking back at him, “Daddy, I’m sorry about that. I told you I needed to go to the bathroom.” She bit her lip, knowing she would probably be punished. Instead, he smiled at her and softly kissed her lips as his strong fingers caressed her cheek, “Mmm, don’t be, you squirted, that’s all.”

He slipped his cock from her and Rebecca felt the cum slowly drip from her hole as she rolled over onto her side. She felt nervous, she wasn’t on birth control. One of her fetishes had always been creampies and breeding for as long as she had been watching porn. She loved the sight of a freshly fucked pussy oozing cum and she got off on the idea that someone like Kevin would someday breed her like the cock hungry whore she was. She was nervous about his reaction, “Daddy…” She watched him as he found a towel and began to wipe his dick off, “I’m not on birth control.” She waited for him to flip out, to start screaming at her but he had no reaction. He walked over to her and untied her wrists and pushed her onto her back, her boobs falling slightly to the side because of their size and her tummy jiggling as she continued to pant. Kevin looked at her beautiful pussy and smiled, seeing his cum slowly ooze out of her fucked hole, “That’s okay baby girl, like I said, you belong to me.” She had to stifle a moan as he cleaned her up then leaned down to give her pretty pussy a slow, loving kiss.

She gasped and leaned up on her elbows so that she could see over her big belly, smiling at him and softly biting her lower lip as she squirmed. He stood and pulled her to her feet, kissing her as his hands caressed every inch and roll over her soft, squishy body. He broke the kiss and gave her a smile, “You are beautiful baby girl.” She felt her knees turn to jello and she smiled, kissing him and snuggling against his chest. She felt relieved that Daddy also had a sweet side, at least for her anyway. He picked up her bra and slipped it on her, turning her around to kiss her soft neck as he hooked it for her. He handed her the dress and she slipped it on- it was tight but also somewhat loose. It hugged all the right places and hit her right at mid-thigh. She watched him as he moped up her cum from all over the floor and smiled, sitting on the bed and watching him dress.

She felt at ease with him, especially now, but he still made her nervous and he still made her pussy ache. She stood and kissed him lovingly and he took her hand. Rebecca suddenly remembered the people in the house again and she felt her face flush, “Maybe you should go first daddy and I’ll stay and freshen up a bit. Maybe no one heard.” She knew it was a lie as soon as it left her lips. He looked at her and suddenly they both laughed. “I’d rather wait for you, so hurry up unless you want to be spanked again. “She turned to look at herself in his mirror and shook her ass at him teasingly. She made herself look presentable, then slid her hand around his strong bicep as he opened the door. She felt her breath catch at what greeted them.

There stood every brother who lived in the house and some who didn’t. She blushed, feeling her face burn with embarrassment but she felt her pussy ache at the same time, turned on by the fact that people just heard her being fucked for the first time. She looked at him and smirked, quietly whispering, “Imagine the audience had they actually been watching.” She giggled and let go of him, making her way through the crowd of guys to the stairs. He watched her, smiling as he thought to himself that he would have to see how far she was willing to go for him tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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