Rainy Days , Mondays

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It started like any other Monday morning. I was running late for work, it was raining, and the coffee maker was on the fritz. I was just grabbing my umbrella and running out the door when I heard the elevator door close. Great, now I had to wait for the damn thing to go all the way to the lobby, then back up again. As soon as the elevator finally came back, I rushed on. While juggling my briefcase and my umbrella, I hit the button for the lobby. I was so preoccupied with trying to think of a good excuse to give my boss for once again being tardy, that I barely noticed the man sharing the elevator with me.

We had gotten to the eighth floor when the elevator screeched to a halt and the lights went out, plunging me into darkness. My first thought was that now I was going to be even later, until I realized that a power outage was just the excuse I needed. I was wondering how long I would be stuck in there, when large hands came from behind me to rest on my hip bones and pull me back against a solid wall of flesh. I gasped and started to protest, but let’s face it, I had nothing better to do and I couldn’t think of a more pleasurable way to pass the time.

So instead of pulling away, I pushed back into him until his large erection brushed against my ass. His hands slid down the tops of my legs to the hem of my skirt, then started back up across the insides of my thighs taking the skirt with it. He had very strong hands and when he got to the sensitive insides of my thighs he started to squeeze, almost to the point of causing pain, but not quite. I could feel the adrenaline flowing through my veins. Part of me was a little scared -this was a total stranger and I had no idea what he might do to me- the other part of me was really turned on.

The darkness gave me complete anonymity, which created a freedom I had never experienced before. His fingers slipped under my panties and he pressed his palm against my mons. His fingers were sifting through my pubic hair before they slipped lower into my slit. My God, I could not believe how wet I was. His finger started teasing my clit; I moaned and moved my hands to his thighs to brace myself. His touch was firm without a trace of gentleness. He was driving me crazy!

He plunged his finger into my pussy and I began to grind my ass against his cock. He felt huge. I reached behind him, grasped his firm butt and pulled him even closer. His finger continued to spear in and out of my pussy while he stroked my clit with his thumb. I was starting to climax; my juices soaked his fingers and my panties. I was still gasping for breath, my legs were trembling when he turned me around and pushed me up against the wall.

I could feel his hands at my waist, then they moved up my ribs to my breasts. He took both my lush globes in his hands and pinched the nipples until they were tight little buds. His hot mouth soon replaced his hands as he began sucking at one distended nipple through my sheer blouse and lacy little bra. His hot breath fanned between my breasts as he moved to give the other nipple equal attention.

His hands brushed the sensitive peaks as he grabbed çankaya escort both sides of my blouse and ripped it apart. The clasp on my bra didn’t slow his progress; he unhooked it with nimble fingers to free my heaving breasts. When he had accomplished his task, his hands once again found my breasts while his lips blazed a trail up the side of my neck.

I reached for his T-shirt and pulled it out of his jeans. I put my hands under the shirt to run my fingers over his tight abs. His chest was smooth and his muscles rippled under my fingers. I wanted to brush my nipples across his chest and was tugging at his shirt to get it off. I finally managed and was rewarded when he pulled me to him so that my breasts were flattened against his chest. He began biting my neck causing my stomach to tighten into a knot.

I reached for his jeans, got them unbuttoned, and worked the zipper down. His erection sprang into my hands. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Impatiently he moved my hands aside, pushed his jeans down the rest of the way, and stepped out of them. Leaving me standing in an elevator with a completely naked man!

When he moved back against me his cock grazed against my stomach. I wrapped my hand around it and began to stroke its hot, silky length. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. He grabbed the back of my hair pulling back hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. As I opened my mouth to protest he slammed his cock into it all the way to the hilt. It took me a minute to relax my throat enough to accommodate his large size and I almost gagged until I did.

He started to move my head so his dick rammed into my mouth, bring my lips all the way to the base of his cock and grinding my face into his pubic hair. I sucked him hard and used my tongue to massage his dick. I brought one hand up and circled the base of his cock and applied pressure until I heard him moan, and ran my tongue up and down his cock. He tasted so good I couldn’t get enough of him. I moved down and sucked his balls into my mouth, one at a time. When I’d had my fill I moved back up and started working on his cock again.

He was so big and I could taste his pre-cum on the tip of his dick. I was so excited my juices were flowing from my pussy and running down my legs. I still had my hand around the base of his cock and I cupped his balls with the other. Now both of his hands were in my hair and he was moving his cock in and out of my mouth rapidly. I could feel his balls tighten up in my hand just as he began to shudder and shot his load of cum into my mouth. I kept sucking him until he didn’t have any more to give.

When I finished I was amazed that his cock was still rock hard. He lifted me off the floor until I could wrap my legs around his waist. He moved forward until I was pinned against the wall, then reached down, moved my panties to one side and slammed his cock into my hot wet pussy with enough force to make me scream.

With my legs still wrapped around his waist, he slammed into me again and again, hot and fast. I had never been so wet in my life. My cunt muscles were contracting ankara rus escort around his enormous erection. His hands were gripping my ass and he slid a finger between my checks, rubbing around the rim of my asshole. Then his finger plunged inside. I climaxed immediately, shaking and screaming my pleasure. He came right after I did, shooting his load deep inside my pussy.

When he set me back on my feet, my legs wouldn’t support me and I slid to the floor of the elevator. He knelt down in front of me and moved me away from the wall, pushing my shoulders back so that I was lying on the floor. Then I felt him move over me, trailing hot kisses down my neck, around my breasts, over my ribs, and along my stomach. His hands gripped my ass to lift it so he could bury his face in my cunt. I let my legs fall wide and tilted my hips up even further.

My panties had fallen back into place somewhere on the way down and he was nipping at them with his teeth. Then he grabbed them from the back and pulled, the thin straps on the sides gave way and he tossed them aside. Only seconds later he was devouring me like a man possessed. He was rubbing his whole face in my cunt and his razor stubble was scratching against my clit, making it throb. His tongue started circled my clit over and over again, before sucking the tiny nubbin into his mouth and nipping at it with his teeth. At the same time he was stroking his finger in and out of my cunt. Oh Lord, that felt good.

I had my hands tangled in his hair trying to draw him even closer. He replaced his one finger with two, while his tongue kept doing those delicious things to my clit. Then three fingers. Then four. He moved his face and hands away from my cunt; I whimpered and tried to draw him back.

The next moment I experienced the most intense pain/pleasure I ever had. He had shoved his fist up inside my pussy and was fist-fucking me until I thought I would split apart. My sheath stretched tightly around his pumping fist, never had I been so completely filled. Waves of pleasure rolled over my body and began to spin out of control, my orgasm shattering me into a thousand tiny pieces.

Before I could recover, he moved up over my body until he was lying on top of me. He ran his hands up my sides then down my arms. He took both my hands in his and raised my arms over my head; he easily grasped both my wrists in one of his large hands. He moved up so his crotch was in my face. With his other hand he held his cock and rubbed it across my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth and took him inside. He tasted like his cum and my cunt.

With my head flat on the floor and his weight pinning my shoulders down it was almost impossible to move. I could only run my tongue over his dick when he brought close to my mouth. He was stroking his cock as he kept rubbing the tip of it across my face and over my tongue. He shot his load on my face then put his cock in my mouth so I could suck him clean.

When I had finished, he flipped me over onto my stomach and lifted my ass into the air so I was on my knees but my head was still on the floor. He ankara yabancı escort moved behind me and I felt his tongue on my pussy again. He moved his tongue up until he was rimming my tight asshole with it. No one had ever licked my ass before and at first I was a little unsure. But the more he did it the better it felt. Then he put his tongue in my ass and I could feel moisture trickling down the inside of my thighs. He moved away and then I felt the head of his dick slide along my clit then sink into my pussy again. He felt so good I was grinding my ass against him begging him to fuck me again. He took his dick out of my cunt and started to tease me with it I was crying I wanted to be fucked so desperately.

Finally he stopped teasing and I thought I was going to get what I wanted so badly -his big, hot cock fucking me hard!- instead he slapped my ass hard enough to sting. I cried out, but he started rubbing my clit with the head of his cock again. I was grinding my ass against him until I was panting I wanted him so much. But he pulled away. I was sure he was going to spank my ass again, so I was surprised to feel him caressing my ass with both his hands. Before I knew what was happening, he spread my ass checks apart and slammed his enormous cock into my virgin ass. Searing, white-hot pain exploded through my body, its intensity causing my muscles to spasm violently.

He had carefully and meticulously aroused me to the verge of euphoric pleasure then sent me plummeting into the depths of abject misery. Somewhere beyond the pain, the arousal still existed, refusing to be denied. The two converse sensations warred within me, my agonized body screaming for release. The pain and pleasure blended to become something entirely different, something sublime, making me want to surrender to the exquisite torment. As if he could sense the moment I gave myself up to it, he began to stroke my clit with his fingers. I came instantly; the force of my climax was mind-blowing. I could feel him coming also, shooting his load of cum up my ass.

I collapsed to the floor, completely spent. I vaguely wondered what he would do to me next. I felt his hands stroking my legs. But, just then, the lights came on and the elevator started to move again. I jumped up and began straightening my clothes; he was putting his on too. By the time we reached the lobby and the doors opened, I had my skirt pushed down and my blouse back on; half the buttons were missing so I had to hold it shut. One of my stockings had fallen down around my ankle and I had no idea where my panties had gone.

He had managed to get his clothes on and as soon as the doors opened he stepped off the elevator as if nothing had happened. He didn’t even look back. I stayed where I was and when the doors shut again I pushed the button for my floor. Thank God no one had gotten on. I made it back up to my apartment without running into anyone.

Once I was safely inside, I looked at the clock on the wall and realized I had been stuck in that elevator for almost two hours having my brains fucked out by a complete stranger. I also realized I had no idea what his name was or even a clear image of what he looked like. I thought about taking a shower and getting ready to go to work again, but I thought to hell with it, I was exhausted and I was going back to bed. Oh well, I didn’t want to go out in the rain anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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