Raine , Sara

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Thank you for all of your comments and encouragement you sent to me for “Love Overcomes All” I really appreciate it. Here is another story for you, it’s a little different than the last and it took me several weeks to write so I could get it right. This IS a work of fiction although I have met some interesting people on busses…You know who you are! Enjoy and I look forward to receiving your feedback!

I met him on a bus four years ago on my way to Chicago to visit family. He was from a small town several states southward and I was from a town outside of Nashville. He was friendly and since we were sitting together we struck up conversation. He was on his way to clean up some business for his company and took the bus so he could stare at the scenery. It turned out we had a lot in common and hit it off right away, we talked for hours until our stop and then went our ways. Several days later, I was sitting in a small shop for lunch when he walked in. At first he didn’t see me but as he turned with his takeout in hand our eyes made contact and he came over to sit with me. Again, the hours flew by as we chatted about our lives and anything in general. I could almost feel the chemistry happening as we talked and occasionally our hands crept across the table to touch and intertwine. As we stood to leave and go our separate ways again he pulled me into a fierce hug and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips, pressed a piece of paper into my hand and was gone. I looked at the paper in my hand on it was his e-mail address and snail mail.

Over the next several years we kept touch almost daily, chatting with IM and sending the occasional letter and card. I wanted nothing more than to see him again…he was my idea of the perfect guy. Sweet, caring, gentle, funny and absolutely drop dead gorgeous. The few short hours we had spent together on the bus and in the café were the best of my life. I missed him horribly in the weeks that he was away from a computer and couldn’t talk. Finally, he told me he had to go to Chicago again for business and would be passing through my town afterwards, would I like to meet up and chat? I jumped on the opportunity and immediately cancelled all my plans for the weekend. The thought of seeing him again made something low in my belly quiver with excitement and…something I couldn’t identify. I knew deep down inside that he and I shared a special bond that was more precious than anything. I loved him, I truly did…even though our lives had touched only briefly and he had only kissed me the once. I would do anything to be his. The day we were to meet, I drove to the bus station with a sense of impatience kızılay escort and anticipation …. and butterflies in my tummy.

His bus was late…I sat on one of the hard blue benches at the station to wait. So wrapped up in my thoughts was I that I didn’t even hear the bus pull in. Suddenly, a pair of warm, strong arms wrapped themselves around my shoulders from behind and a voice whispered in my ear “hello beautiful, did you miss me?” For a fraction of a second frozen in time I went very still as I inhaled his scent and relished the feel of his arms around me and then I pulled out of his embrace and stood. I turned and looked into the deepest bluest eyes I could ever have imagined. My stomach seemed to drop right out of my body and my heart lurched just as I practically jumped into his arms again. For long moments we stood simply holding one another until it occurred to both of us that we were still standing in a public bus station and were being watched. He pulled away first, cleared his throat huskily and suggested we get his bag and go back to my place. I agreed and we made our way to my car.

The initial shock of seeing him again wore off as we drove back to my little house in the country and talked about perfectly normal things. I was just starting to relax and calm down when his hand slid over mine on the gearshift and I almost jumped right out of my seat. I took a deep calming breath and just enjoyed the feeling of his large warm hand over my small one. His thumb caressed my fingers and played over the top of my hand and wrist as I drove and we talked. I could almost see the electricity jumping from our skin and crackling in the air. The last few miles to my house were spent in thoughtful silence with only the sound of the car’s engine and our breathing to fill the car. The sexual tension could be cut with a knife….we had talked about this day for years…and now it was happening. When we pulled into my drive way, I shut off the engine and he got his bag. We walked up the walk to the door and I unlocked it and let him in, taking one last breath of the cool air outside I glanced at the stars in the sky, steadied myself and shut the door and locked it.

I turned and came face to face with him, his body just inches from mine. “God I missed you Sara,” he said quietly and then leaned down and kissed me for the second time since we met. As our lips touched a jolt went through both of us, I knew he felt it too by the way his breathing changed. Our arms went around each other at the same moment and the kiss deepened, our tongues touching and dancing over each other’s lips. Still locked in our embrace I ankara etlik escort moved us until we got into the living room and out of the small entranceway. His hands slowly eased up the back of my blouse to caress my bare back. Still kissing him I tugged his shirt out of his jeans and slid my hands underneath. His skin was soft and warm and everything I thought it would be he moaned against my mouth as I slid both hands up to his shoulders and gently kneaded the muscles there. He was well built and ripped, at 6’1″ with dark brown hair that fell down his back, grey-green eyes and sharp features which made him seem almost beautiful to me. His warm hands felt wonderful on my skin and I had to exercise every little bit of willpower I had to keep from ripping his clothes off and taking him like a wild animal right then and there. He broke the kiss and his deep eyes met mine, “I want you” he said and then his mouth covered mine again. I groaned into his mouth in assent and tried to push his shirt off of him. He pulled away from me long enough to yank his shirt off over his head and then was fumbling with the buttons of my blouse. He growled in frustration and I pushed his hands away and just tugged the offending garment over my head and tossed it somewhere, eager to be back in his arms. Somehow, my bra was already undone so I shucked it to the floor and wrapped my arms around his naked chest.

For long moments we stood, wrapped in our embrace just skin to skin. Then, slowly his mouth worked its way down to my breast, taking the nipple into the warmth of his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue over the rapidly hardening nub. One of his hands cupped the other breast and the other hand was kneading my ass. My hands soon found their way to the sizable bulge in the front of his jeans. I gently cupped his cock with one hand and managed to undo his button and zipper with the other. His mouth switched breasts and his teeth tugged gently at my nipple making me gasp and squeeze his member a little which made him groan and thrust his hips against my hands. Impatiently I shoved his jeans down and he stepped out of the legs and kicked them to the side. His boxers did very little to restrain and conceal the size of his arousal now that the jeans were gone and I licked my lips in anticipation of tasting him. Somehow he managed to work my jeans off my hips having only undone the button and belt and was caressing my hot and already dripping pussy through the thong I was wearing. Just when I was sure my nipple could take no more he dropped to his knees in front of me and hooked his fingers into the sides of my thong demetevler escortlar and tugged downwards causing the tiny piece of material to fall to my ankles. Before I could collect my thoughts he buried his face into my crotch and licked me firmly causing my knees to go weak. I slid down to sit on the thick rug covering the hardwood floor in front of him and he gently pushed me back and nudged my legs apart so he could have better access. His tongue flicked out, caressing up the length of my folds and then barely skimming my clit. The sensation was incredible and caused my hips to move with a mind of their own. His tongue probed a little deeper, parting my puffy lips and delving into my depths and causing something in my brain to explode. I rode the pleasure, and his mouth until he pulled away and his body covered mine. For a moment we stared into each other’s eyes and then his knees were nudging my legs apart and the tip of his throbbing cock was at my entrance.

He took me in one long hard glide that made my whole body spasm and my eyes close and roll back in my head in sheer pleasure. He filled me, body and soul and it just felt so right. His lips found my neck and his tongue and teeth teased as his cock moved in and out of me. I moaned softly and dug my nails into the firm muscle of his back as my cunt muscles clenched as if with a mind of their own and tried to drag him deeper into me. I never wanted this to end, I could feel him stretching me to my limits yet not hurting me and although I could sense the strength in him he was so gentle. As his rhythm increased I slid my hands down to grasp his firm (and very cute) butt and pull him closer to me as we made love. Soon, I could hardly think for the pleasure that was coursing through me and the fire in my veins. My whole being was begging for release, I could sense he was close as his breathing became more frantic and his cock hardened even more inside of me. “Cum with me baby,” he moaned and gave one last powerful thrust into my pussy. He came in powerful spurts and as the first shot of cum hit my womb I came as well and my brain exploded in colour and ecstasy. Our bodies relaxed as one and he stayed locked inside of me, still hard and thick with our cumulative juices running down his cock. He pulled back a little and brushed a lock of hair from my face as he looked deeply into my eyes. “I love you Sara McGuire,” he said softly and kissed my swollen well kissed lips.

“Please don’t ever leave me again Raine,” I all but pleaded.

“I wont, I promise. This time I am staying my love,” he said softly, “I could never leave you now.” I believed him and with a sigh, relaxed and fell asleep, our bodies still snuggled together.

He stayed. Later that week a U-haul moved his belongings from his old place to my house. A month later he proposed and now we are to be married, I cannot wait to be fully his!

More to cum….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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