Rachel Revisited

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Big Cock

Twenty years was a long time not to meet but as I knock on the hotel room door I can almost taste the evening ahead. For a brief second I consider the madness we both contemplate but it’s quickly pushed to the back of my mind by the hunger for you.

The door opens, as if by unseen hands, and I’m ushered into the darkened room by your voice beckoning. I close the door with the room now in total darkness and I edge forward, my way unseen, towards the sound of your breathing. I stop at what must be the edge of the bed and can sense you laying there in anticipation. I sit on the edge and reach forward until my hand touches the warm silky smooth skin of what must be your thigh. I can’t stop my fingers from gently caressing you and moving gently up your thigh. I spread my fingers across your stomach only to feel it contract to the touch as a sharp intake of breath is heard. My hand moves downward, expecting to touch silken hairs that lead before they carry on their journey lower, but nothing impedes their progress as they only encounter smooth shaven skin.

Teasingly avoiding the moist heaven of your lips my fingers trace a pattern down the inside of your thigh until coming to rest upon the tops of the lacy stocking you have chosen to wear as your only item of clothing. My other hand now joins and rolls the stocking gently down your left leg as I lean forward and can feel my own warm breath reflected back between your thighs. With your stocking removed I can now tease the skin on my journey back with the silky smooth surface of the material and I feel you shudder as I again approach the join of your inner thighs.

My çankaya escort bayan fingers, now masked with the stocking, I begin to stroke your shaven vee with movements that are never too slow, never to quick, but always moving lower until at last they rest on your outer lips. I bend forward and gently lick your right nipple. Even though we are in darkness I can sense its erect presence and my lips find it immediately. Flicking gently with my tongue your nipple hardens even more, although at first touch I had thought this impossible, and I gently slide my teeth around its erect form to bite gently where it meets the swell of your breast. My stocking clad fingers move in a rythmn to match my tongue and are rewarded by the warm wetness from between your thighs.

I pull my head back from its attentions to your right breast, gently letting my teeth drag over the sensitive pinnacle of your nipple before finally releasing it to move to give its abandoned

companion an equal level of attention. My hand continues it motion, moving deeper and deeper within you with each movement, gradually feeling the material of your stocking causing an exquisite friction on your moistened lips. Your thighs part further allowing me unhindered access to your deepest places, my fingers at full stretch, the material of your stockings deep within you soaked with the moisture of your passion. Your hips begin to move in a circular pattern as you feel your release moving closer and closer. Despite the urgency of the moment, 20 years was a long time for the experience to be over so quickly. My fingers withdraw, ankara rus escort pulling the drenched lace stocking

from within you, as I hear a gasp of disappointment utter from you.

Your hand moves toward me, releasing my fly and moving down to grip my shaft which has patiently waited all these years for your touch. I stand and quickly undress, sitting back down so

that you can continue your gentle caress. You hold me firmly at my base whilst your finger snakes down between my balls and start to caress the very base of my erection. I move to kneel over your head, facing down the bed and kneel forward, tracing a path of feather light kisses starting between your breast and ending at the moist delta of your thighs. With a slight shift of the body I engage my tongue between your succulent moist lips tasting your sweet arousal for the very first time. I can’t help but gasp as I simultaneously feel your teeth gently slide over my swollen penis and take me into your mouth. With your tongue lapping gently upon me I try and match the rythmn with my

own tongue so that we move in harmonious ecstasy. I know the moment of my release will be here all too soon and I can feel the very first drops being extracted by the motion of your tongue.

I reluctantly withdraw from the sweet haven of your mouth and turn and kiss you, the taste of my fluids on your tongue mingling with the tastes of your warm juices on my own to combine into a wonderful cocktail of sex and passion. Slipping my hand gently under your round buttocks I motion you up onto all fours. Even though I cannot see you ankara etlik escort fully in the dark I know every millimetre of your intimate areas now and can visualise the engorged lips that will receive me.

Moving forward I tantalise you and myself by just touching my hardness on your outer lips, before finding my entire length wrapped in the heat and wetness of your sex. We start a gentle movement, neither wishing to rush the moment, but both urged on by our illicit passion. I reach round and can feel your nipples gently brushing back and forth across my palms as they sway in time with our movements. The urgency increases for both of us as I thrust faster into you and you thrust harder onto me and I can feel the moisture from you spreading where our skin meets. I feel you tense and know the time is upon us. Leaving your nipples swinging freely I move my hand around to touch the swollen button of your clitoris and with one, two, three swift touches I feel you come at the same moment as release deep into you.

Gradually as my swelling subsides I must leave the warm security of your passion but even after withdrawing I cannot resist the urge for one more taste of your sweetness so I lay down on my back between your spread thighs and let my tongue play awhile on your still swollen clit. Again I feel you start to stiffen and have trouble maintaining the contact of my tongue as your body starts to buck and move as you reach your climax.

Afterwards all passion spent we lay in each other arms, nestled like spoons, my lower body still damp from your juices but resting happily between the womanly curves of your buttocks. We both know it is time to go, return to our own lives, but thankful and fulfilled by this moment we have spent together. Not a word has past between us, although volumes were spoken by our passion. We dress, we part and wonder when the next time will be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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