Prove It

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???Please note, all characters in this story are over age 18???

I was a senior in high school when I first saw him. We moved around a lot as a family, and I didn’t make many close friends. I only had one friend my whole senior year, on purpose. My family was very secretive about our lives, and didn’t want me letting anyone know how we made money and what kind of dealings my father was involved in. When I met Kaylie, I recognized in her what my family instilled in me. Keep your family dealings private at all costs. We bonded over the darkness we could see in each other, and over the shared risk of anyone finding out anything about our parents and what they did.

Kaylie didn’t know much about me, just enough to form a friendship. She especially didn’t know that I was held back a year, and that I started senior year as an 18 year old. I told no one, it simply wasn’t their business. I wanted to get done with school and on to a bigger city, where I can leave all of the secrets and lies behind.

After the second school trimester, Kaylie finally started asking me to come swim at her house after school. It was a godsend, because my house was a cramped trailer with my mother, father, and little brother. There was no room to move around, especially when my father had his associates over. The AC never worked, it was sticky and disgusting. Kaylie’s house was a mansion in comparison. Whatever her dad did to make money, it was way more profitable than what I was used to seeing. That or all of the profits didn’t go up someone’s nose or in their arm.

Walking up to Kaylie’s house made me forget my problems. I knew I was free for a few hours, and could focus on normal high school stuff like my tan. Whenever I arrived, Kaylie would lead me straight to her room, where we would fling off our clothes and put on our bikinis. Kaylie was petite and proportionate with square hips and tiny breasts, but I filled out my bikini. My 36 DD tits pulled the stretchy bikini top to its limits, nearly spilling out on all sides. I felt okay dressing this way at Kaylie’s house. The only men around were her father, his one business partner, and the garden crew. Sometimes there would be a pool boy. Anyway, I would never dress like this at home, because the men my father hangs around would make me the center of attention in a way that I didn’t like. Kaylie’s dad and his business partner were much more sophisticated then the men I knew from home, or at least I thought so anyway. Occasionally, I would catch them staring at my tits, but they seemed harmless. Or again, at least I thought so.

One day I came to Kaylie’s after school and Kaylie wasn’t home yet. Her dad answered the door, seemingly pleased to see me. He said his business partner, Mr. Warren, wanted to talk to me. This struck me as odd. I asked Kaylie’s dad why, and he said that Mr. Warren was interested in talking to me since he heard that I wanted to move to New York upon graduation. Mr. Warren knew many firms in New York where he could find me a job right out of school. This is exactly what I wanted to hear, and I knew I was going to owe Mr. Warren quite a debt of gratitude for his generosity. In retrospect, perhaps I should have known something was up, since Mr. Warren had never talked to me before. He certainly looked at me, especially when I wore one particular bikini, but never, ever said a word.

Kaylie’s dad walked me to the study, opened the door, and sent me inside to talk to Mr. Warren. He was browsing at a wall of books as high as the ceiling. He asked me to sit down. I did as I was told. There was something commanding in his voice. In all of the months I had been coming to see Kaylie, I had never heard this man speak. When he spoke, I felt I needed to listen. He exuded worldliness and confidence. He asked me if I felt comfortable talking to him about my future plans. I said “Yes, sir” as he seemed to demand that type of response. He seemed to like my acquiescence to his authority. He smiled and told me to call him Rob.

We talked about my goal of moving to New York City and getting a job downtown in an office, far away from my current life. He said he could help, and I was very pleased. We talked about school, and the subjects I liked, and other small talk. I was beginning to relax. Rob seemed so nice and willing to help me, even though he didn’t know me at all. The idea that my New York dreams could come true had my head swirling. I am sure I was smiling thinking about the future ahead of me.

He broke my happy silence by telling me that I am very beautiful. Then he asked me if I am dating anyone. I told him no, that the boys kızılay escort at school were immature and not worth my time. Then he asked how “far” I had ever gone with a boy. I was a little surprised at this question, but wanted to please this man who held the key to the future I wanted, so I told him.

I told him about Bobby Carter who tried to finger me once, and how it didn’t feel good. It seemed like he was jabbing about not knowing what to do. And Anthony Fellows who felt my breasts while he kissed me but didn’t get me interested with his awkward fumbling. I couldn’t believe I was being so open with this man, who was basically a total stranger to me. He had seen me wearing very little clothes and knew I wanted to get to NYC, and that was literally all he knew.

When Rob started to ask me about boys, I did start to notice his handsome face with dark features, tight body, and thick strong hands. As he turned to look toward the bookcase, I could see he was in quite good shape from behind as well.

Then he asked me if I wanted to know how it felt to feel pleasure with a man. My breath caught in my throat. I was taken aback. I…I…I…stuttered a bit out of nervousness. Then clearly Rob seemed to remember that I am a senior in high school. He mentioned that he forgot a beautiful girl like me could be young, expressing concern for being entangled in something illegal. But he didn’t know the truth.

I told Rob my secret. I told him I am 18. I told him because he asked me about my pleasure, and that excited me. I could feel my white cotton panties getting moist, like they did when I watched a sexy part of a movie. This made me want to tell Rob my secret even more, this breathless excitement I could feel all over, knowing that my secret would make Rob ready to be with me. I told him because I wanted to know what comes next. He said “Prove it” – so I dug out my ID and showed him. I proudly displayed my proof of age to him. I am 18.5 years old. I was held back in school, and our family moved around a lot. Not even Kaylie knew the truth. But now Rob did and it excited me.

Rob smiled at me. He asked me what I knew about dominant and submissive relationships. I said not much, adding that I would like to learn. Secretly, I was hoping he would explain everything to me in great detail. I was already growing even more wet, and he didn’t even touch me yet. I could feel my panties start to cling to my skin, rubbing against the folds when I moved my leg slightly. I am sure the odor of my wetness would permeate the room if this went on much longer.

I let him explain some basics of dominant and submissive relationships, without interrupting. I figured that is what a good submissive would do. Rob had my full attention, mentally and physically. My nipples grew hard. My head was swimming with lust. Could this be the type of relationship I need? Could this be what the boys from school don’t understand? Mr. Warren was getting me drunk on his powerful command of sex and desire, it emanated from him in all ways. And I still had not touched him. He had not touched me. My desire came from his words, the timbre in his voice, the movement of his thick sexy hands. My panties were now completely soaked.

Rob started to finish up his explanation, and said to me, “If you want that job in New York, I am sure you understand what you need to do.”

With my nipples hard, my panties dripping, and my skin hot with desire, I said, “Yes sir, Rob.”

I didn’t even know what kind of activities Rob was going to want me to submit to! I just knew the hot, throbbing feeling between my legs, and how bad I wanted to go to New York, and that was enough for me to submit to my master.

He came over to the couch I was sitting on and picked me up, so I was standing in front of him. I glanced down for one moment as he got me on my feet. Then I could see what had to be the largest cock I had ever laid eyes on, straining against his Italian wool slacks. His bulge in his pants was so sexy, I wanted to drop to my knees immediately and take care of him, the way he will take care of me. I thought to myself about the force behind that cock and how I wanted to pleasure it, and nearly moaned out loud. I barely knew who I was becoming. The thought didn’t last long though, because Rob corrected me.

He grabbed my chin and said “Eyes up here, little girl,” directing me to stare in his eyes. I did as I was told.

He gently grabbed the bottom edge of my shirt and lifted it over my head. He then examined me in my bra, seeing my very large breasts stretching the limits of the cheap white lace undergarment. ankara etlik escort Hmm was all Rob said, as he reached around me with one hand and deftly undid the clasp of my bra, pulling it off forward, letting my tits spill out. Now he could see visual evidence of what this treatment was doing to me. Now he could see that I desired his touch and attention. My rock-hard nipples gave me away. Now Rob knew I wanted to be his toy.

He didn’t waste any time. His large, thick fingers started probing my breasts. Flicking my nipples. Squeezing me hard. He didn’t try to kiss me like the boys at school. He wasn’t awkward at all like they were. He just went for exactly what he wanted. It made me feel dirty, being fondled by this powerful man who only wanted me for pleasure, not for love. It made me even wetter.

While rolling one nipple in his left hand, Rob started flicking the other with his tongue. I gasped. He allowed it. I took that as a sign that we were going to go further and I started to unzip my skirt. Rob promptly removed his hands and mouth from my breasts and suddenly grabbed my throat. He took my whole neck in just one hand. Rob said, “I am in charge, do… you… under…stand?” and I nodded as best I could under his control. “Say it!” he exclaimed. I said “Yes, sir, Rob, sir” with as much certainty as I could muster. He let go of my neck and grabbed my waist in his hands.

His hands were so big, the tips of his fingers nearly met when around me. Then he turned me around, so I was facing away from him. He finished unzipping my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. There I was, in Kaylie’s dad’s study, in just my panties, with Rob taking control of me. I was facing the door to the room, so if anyone walked in, they would see me, mostly naked, with erect nipples and with panties so wet they are nearly dripping down my thigh, and Rob, fully clothed. I was exposed. Rob was in command. He was making me feel his control. I felt it. I felt it and I liked it.

He took his hand and slid it down the back of my panties. I could feel his large fingers on my tight, pert ass. I shuddered. This man loomed so large over me, and now he had his hands so close to the wet spot. The wet spot he had given me. The wet spot I had made for him. He slid one finger over my wet hole, feeling my slickness. I shivered. I wanted him to feel more. The way he moved in my panties was so different than what I was used to. He knew where to touch me. He took his finger to his nose, sniffed it and licked my wetness off himself. “You taste good, kid,” he said, “Let’s see how you feel.”

I moaned. I moaned because I wanted Rob. I wanted this man like I had never wanted anything in my life. From the top of my head to the tip of my toes, I wanted Rob to take me. I wanted him to be inside me, for my body to move with his. I cared nothing that this was a quid pro quo. I cared nothing that he didn’t want to kiss and romance. I had a desperate need for Rob to fill me. A need that ached within me. A need that was now actively dripping down my thighs.

Rob put his thick fingers between my thighs and grabbed the crotch of my panties. I wanted his hands on me, not my underwear. He grunted softly when he felt the wet spot in my underwear. The one he made. He seemed satisfied with himself. I wanted him to satisfy me. I wanted his hardness where all of my wetness was. He seemed to understand how badly I needed him, and finally slid my panties down to my ankles. I stepped out of them gingerly, making sure Rob knew he was in charge, and I am here for his pleasure.

Then I heard his belt buckle. I moaned again. I couldn’t help it. The sound of his pants hitting the floor. He stepped out of his pants, and before he even removed his briefs, he rubbed the head of his cock against my naked ass. He let me feel how strong and powerful he was through the thin fabric between us.

I knew I wanted more and I knew I wanted it now. I wanted Rob. I didn’t care if Kaylie or her dad walked in. Hell, I didn’t care if the whole damn town walked in. I wanted Rob to remove his briefs and make me his. He asked if I was sure I wanted this. “Ro…R…R…Rob?” I stuttered, “Please… please take it.”

Rob growled and ripped off his underwear. He grabbed my waist with one hand, my shoulder with the other, and forced me to bend over in front of him. I was so excited I could barely stand it. He was so strong behind me, positioning me the way he wanted me. I needed him so badly that I spread my legs wide for him. He didn’t like that. He said “No” forcefully and pushed my legs back together. “There is more friction demetevler escortlar this way, you will learn” he told me authoritatively.

Keeping one hand on my waist, he grabbed his swollen cock and placed the head right at my wet slit. He held it there, so I could feel how engorged he was, and his size compared to my small, inexperienced tight, wet cunt. He started to thrust, and I could barely take any of him in. He needed to use force just to get the head inside my tight, dripping pussy. Once his cock head was inside, he held still, letting me get used to his size. His stretching felt so good, so satisfying. He growled again, “You know you are mine now, right?” and I responded immediately, eagerly, “Yes, sir.”

Then he did it. Finally he did it! He thrust his cock all the way inside my desperate hole, filling me up and stretching me out with his massive girth. He held it inside me, not moving. I wasn’t even sure I was breathing. All I could focus on is the way he filled me. The way every part of my sex held him inside of me. I hoped he felt perfect inside me, because I felt so satisfied with his prick so deep in my pussy.

Then he started to thrust slowly. Rhythmically in and out. Slowly, deeply. With force and with meaning. This was no high school boy fumbling around at the movie theatre. This was a real man, with a rigid man-sized prick taking me for his own. This is what I wanted. What I had been needing for so, so long.

I felt like I was born to take these thrusts. Like Rob’s cock was put on this earth to fuck me. When he sped up the tempo of his thrusts, our bodies made a wonderous smacking sound as his thickness collided into me. I could feel his very large balls hitting me, while feeling his enormous prick all the way deep inside. I could not handle it anymore. I let out a low moan, a sound I had never heard from myself before. It was throaty, and wanting, almost guttural.

Rob shushed me, bringing me back to earth and reminding me that it was best we not be discovered. Though with each thrust, I cared less and less who knew that I was being taken by Rob Warren. I wanted to throw open the curtains in the study so the whole world could see how perfect Rob’s fucking is. How wanton it made me. And how close I was to orgasm.

Rob must have known how weak in the knees his fucking made me. He held my waist in his arm, holding me up while he thrusted. His gyrations pushing so deep inside me. He took his thick, manly fingers and licked them. He then put his hand in front of me, flicked one of my tits, and guided his hand down to my clit.

The feeling of his thick fingers on my swollen, hungry clit was too much for me. As soon as he started rotating his fingers on me while pounding inside me, I started to come. And when I say come, my lord, I had never come like this before. Not with any other boy, and not with myself either. He started to arch with his thrusts and keep pressure with his fingers, and all of a sudden liquid was expelled from me. I was squirting all over myself and Rob, right there in the study. On the carpet. On my panties. On Rob’s pants. On everything.

Rob drew back until his cock nearly left my hot, satisfied pussy, and thrust deep a few more times. The force was so hard I almost fell over, and then I felt him twitching inside me. He covered the inside of my tight, hot cunt with his come. He gave me everything he had. His orgasm was for me and me only.

He held himself inside me, panting on the back of my neck. Coming down from the bliss of an incredibly good fuck. After he withdrew from me, leaving me dripping, he reminded me he was in charge with the tone of his voice when he forcefully told me to get dressed immediately.

I grabbed for my panties, the ones that betrayed my lust for him, and he commanded, “No, those are mine.” He shoved my crumpled, wetted panties into the pocket of his dress pants. I tried to wipe myself off with my top and skirt before clumsily putting them on. My knees were still weak from the pleasure I felt.

I mentioned that Kaylie would probably be home soon, mumbling that I should get going. Rob was already fully dressed. I knew this fuck meant more to me than to him. But still, I was amazed at how quickly he seemed ready to move on with his day. I finished getting myself together, then straightened my ponytail. He grabbed at the back of his pants and withdrew his wallet. At first, I thought he was going to give me money. I didn’t need any kind of compensation for what he made me feel; money was meaningless to me after sex like that. I was wrong, though, about the money.

He opened his wallet and quickly threw his business card on the coffee table. Then Rob said confidently, “I am serious about New York. You need to be serious about giving me what I need. Wherever, and whenever I want it.” With that, he strode out of the room, not once looking back.

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