Professor’s Kitten Ch. 02

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It’s been four days since Alix had sex with her professor. For three days, after their fucking in his office, he hadn’t come to college. Now today, when he finally showed up, he hadn’t even spared her a glance.

Alix was ashamed to say, but his dismissal of her had stung a little. She hadn’t expected him to show up at her house with flowers, but still after the tenderness he had showed her that day, she expected something different from him.

Today he wore a black shirt, which was stressed to maximum, and black pants. Alix wanted to tug that tie, and run her fingers through his silky hair.

She barely resisted the urge.

Alix sighed. She tried to concentrate, but at last gave up.

So when the class was over, and Jared Michaels asked her out for the tenth time that month, she finally agreed. She was ready to get over her obsession with her professor, and focus on guys her age.

She and Jared were just about to get out of the class when a voice stopped them.


She turned and saw her professor glaring at Jared. His jaw was clenched, and his eyes were fixed where Jared was holding her hand.

Alix quickly stepped away from Jared, and then mentally slapped herself for doing so.

“Alix, you need to stay after class. Your grades are not improving, and you have a high chance of failing this year.”

“But çankaya escort bayan sir-“

“I don’t have enough time. So make up your mind fast.” He snapped at her, and went to sit on his chair.

She damn well knew that her grades were fine. She wanted to argue with him, but knew she didn’t have the courage to do so.

Jared gave her a sad smile and mouthed ‘later’. Her date went away. And now she was left alone with the man who had ignored her.

She looked at her professor, and folded her arms across her chest.

His eyes dropped to her cleavage and darkened.

Alix unfolded her arms immediately.

He came towards her like a panther who was ready to pounce.

She took two steps backwards, and he followed her.

He followed her until her back hit the wall. He then snagged an arm around her waist, and pulled her body towards him. His mouth crushed hers.

At first she resisted, her hands pushing at his shoulders. She tried to get away, but he was too powerful for her.Soon her resistance melted, and she was eagerly kissing him back.

He sucked her upper lip first, and bit it. His tongue ran over her lip to soothe the sting. He gave the same treatment to her lower lip.

She whimpered.

He took that opportunity, and shoved his tongue inside. His tongue devoured her mouth. His hand pushed ankara rus escort her skirt aside, and cupped her pussy. His fingers went inside her panties, and started rubbing her clit in a circular motion.

Alix moaned and her head fell back.

Her professor nipped at her jaw, and pinched her clit.

“Ah…Ah…” Alix moaned, and clawed his back.

“Come my little kitten,” he growled and started rubbing her faster.

His voice took her to the edge, and she came on his fingers shrieking his name. Her knees almost buckled.

He carried her, sat her down on a desk, and opened his belt. He rolled his cuffs, and took out his tie.

Alix watched him, as she lay down on the desk.

He set his belt aside, and took her hands to tie them. When he was satisfied with his handiwork, he pulled them above her head.

“Don’t touch kitten,” he said and put his head between her thighs.

Alix whimpered in anticipation as he bit her inner thigh first. Her back arched at the first swipe of his tongue against her pussy. He started licking her labia. When he moved her tongue in a figure eight motion, she moaned and pushed her hips into his face.

He held her hips in place, and started moving his tongue faster up and down.

Her nipples became erect, and her toes curled. Alix couldn’t take it any longer, ankara etlik escort her muscles tensed and she bit her lip. She moaned and came in his mouth.

Alix lay there like a ragdoll, thoroughly spent. Her breathing was faster, and there was a flush rising from her chest.

He came up and kissed her. Alix tasted herself on his tongue.

“You shouldn’t have agreed to go out with him kitten.” He growled, “now I have to whip your pretty ass.”

“You didn’t even look at me.” Alix said without thinking. She didn’t want to sound needy, but the words were already out.

He gave her an odd look. “I always look at you kitten,” he said and rubbed her nipple.

He flipped her.

Alix had never allowed any of her boyfriends to whip her with a belt. But, with him she wanted to try. She was scared but excited.

When the belt first landed on her right cheek, she wasn’t very sure. Her eyes watered, and she tried moving away.

“Oh no kitten, you don’t get to escape from your punishment. Will you ever go out with him?”

When she didn’t answer, he whipped her again. “What kitten? I didn’t hear you.”

Alix cried. “I won’t. I-I promise.” Jesus, it hurt so much. When he had spanked her with his hand, it didn’t stung like this.

“Please don’t anymore.” Alix begged him. She couldn’t bear it any longer. Her ass burned. She pleaded with him again.

“It’s okay kitten. I won’t hurt you.” He licked her where he had marked her.

He slowly pulled her upwards and kissed her tears. “I won’t ignore you anymore kitten. I promise.” He kissed her again. This time it was a slow languid kiss.

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