Private Property

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I was strolling through the woods at the back of my property. I thought I might shoot a couple of rabbits or, if the rabbits decided to stay home, drop a line in the pond and see if I could snag a trout or two. As rabbits tended to congregate around the pond in the evening I felt that there was my best chance. I’d just set up and wait quietly.

As I approached the pond I could hear someone humming. Whoever it was seemed happy and could actually carry a tune. Most people who hum sound like a bee – a single note that gets louder or softer instead of higher or lower.

I came around the corner of the trail and there was the pond. Quite a nice sight it was too. The stream rippled along, cutting quietly through the middle of the pond. Low grass surrounded the pond on either side, kept low by grazing rabbits. Standing in the pond, up to her knees in cool water, was a lovely young thing, happily splashing and humming.

The nicest things were on display. A pair of lovely breasts, tipped with a delightful pink. A smooth pale mons, just the way I like them. This delightful creature, I was sure, had yet to see her nineteenth birthday. She would make a delightful pastime to while away an hour or so, especially seeing she’d probably scared off both rabbits and trout.

“Evening,” I said politely.

The humming and the splashing stopped, being replaced by a shocked scream and a frantic hand dance. I will give the young lady credit. She quickly realised that she was far too late to cover her charms and gave up even trying. She came splashing out of the pool, giving me killing looks.

“That’s right, you pervert,” she snapped. “Take a good look.”

“I am,” I assured her, “and may I say that what I see is prime. You are a very well-endowed young lady and I do appreciate it.”

From the look on her face she didn’t seem to appreciate my compliment.

“You’re trespassing,” she told me, getting straight to the point. “I’ll thank you to leave immediately.”

“Trespassing?” I asked.

“These woods are private property. You have no right to be here. Certainly you have no right to be hunting here.”

She had noticed the shotgun I was carrying. Rather a hard thing to miss, I guess.

“Ah, you’re right about these woods being private property,” I conceded, while continuing to enjoy the sight of her. “It just so happens that it’s my private property so we may have a little dispute about who is trespassing.”

“What? It is not. The Bramwells own these woods.”

“Not quite true. The Bramwells own part of these woods. You may have seen some white marker stones alongside the path about fifty yards back. That’s the boundary.”

“You’re lying,” she stated, very sure of herself. “I was given specific directions to this pool and I was assured that I’d have privacy and that it was on their property.”

“Let me guess the last part of your directions. Follow the path until it forks and take the right hand path. It will lead you straight to the pool.”

I could tell from her puzzled look that I got it right.

“Old man Bramwell gave the directions, didn’t he? You should have turned left. Old Bramwell always gives the wrong turn. I think he does it so you don’t scare the fish in his pool. He doesn’t care about the fish in mine.”

Now she was looking embarrassed (more embarrassed) and furious. I’d have to thank old Bramwell for sending me such a charming gift.

“I’m sorry,” she said, although it was choking her to say it. “I’ll get my clothes and leave immediately.”

“No hurry,” I assured her. “I’m enjoying the view. Besides, trespassing? I think a little penalty is called for.”

I was running my eyes suggestively over her body, letting her know just what sort of penalty I had in mind.

“You wouldn’t dare touch çankaya escort me,” she said, suddenly catching on to the fact that she was standing naked in front of a strange man in a lonely spot.

“I wouldn’t?” I asked, moving towards her.

“But, You can’t,” she said in a half wail. “I’ve never. . .”


She nodded, still looking somewhat scared.

“Well, shit. That’s just not fair.”

It’s one thing to seduce a reluctant young lady who knows the score. Something else entirely to seduce a reluctant innocent.

“Um, my sister is older than me. She’s not a virgin.”

Wasn’t that wonderful. She had a sister. A sister who wasn’t here.

“Well, feel free to use my pool for the next six months,” I groused. “After that I’ll assume that you have gained some experience and there will be a penalty, and I’ll have six months of anticipation to work off. What’s your name?”


“Well, I’ll be going, Jennifer,” I said with a sigh. “Dangerous for both of us if I remain here. I don’t suppose you want to pose for a picture?” I added, tapping the pocket that held my phone.

“No, I thought not,” I added, seeing the indignant look on her face.

I turned and went back the way I came. Who needed rabbit or trout? I had a nice steak in the freezer.

I went home and had my steak and composed a letter to my government member complaining about the sexual mores of our times. Decided not to send it and tore it up. I was still feeling restless so I decided to go for a walk.

It was a fine warm night under a bright full moon. For some reason I went strolling towards the scene of my earlier disappointment. As you can imagine I was a little surprised to find Jennifer still there splashing about in the pool.

“Good evening,” I said, figuring that I could at least be polite.

There was a startled scream and the young lady spun around, trying to look through the shadows to see who was there. Not Jennifer, I realised. I distinctly remembered that Jennifer’s mons did not have a neat little runway on it.

“Who’s there,” came the nervous query. “This is private property, you know.”

“I’ll really have to speak to old Bramwell,” I said with a sigh. “He keeps sending people to swim in my pool instead of his. Jennifer should have warned you. I take it you’re her sister. She didn’t tell me your name.”

“Ah, Vivian,” she said. “No, she didn’t tell me that there were two pools. It’s dark. How can you possibly tell that I’m Jennifer’s sister? Why couldn’t I have been Jennifer or someone else entirely?”

She was scrambling out of the pool as she spoke, heading towards where her clothes were. I moved over to be there when she arrived.

“It’s dark here under the trees,” I admitted, “but if you turn around you’ll see the pool is in full moonlight. You look enough like Jennifer that you had to be her sister.”

“It’s not that light. Why couldn’t I have been Jennifer?”

She was standing quite close to me now, still peering around and trying to spot me. I guess I blended into the background. I took a step closer.

“This is what told me you’re not Jennifer,” I said softly, reaching for, and giving a little tug on, her landing strip. “Jennifer doesn’t have one.”

“How would you know that?” she demanded, sounding scandalised. “Oh my god, she was skinny dipping, wasn’t she? The little tart.”

“Excuse me, but aren’t you doing exactly the same thing?”

“That’s different. It’s dark now. She was here in the daytime.”

“Not that different when you’re standing out in the bright moonlight with everything on display. I have to admit that your figure is every bit as good as hers. Possibly even better.”

“Um, I think I’d better get dressed if I’m in the wrong place and go elsewhere. ankara rus escort Where’s the Bramwell’s pool?”

“Turn left at the fork in the trail instead of right,” I told her, “but don’t worry. I have no objection to you using my pool.”

“I just bet you don’t,” she muttered under her breath, but I heard it anyway.

“No, that’s OK. I’ll use the correct pool in future.”

“Pity. Ah, if Jennifer didn’t tell you about the pool then she didn’t tell you about the penalty, right?”

“Um, what penalty are we talking about?”

“The penalty for trespass, of course.”

“Really? And what might that be? Don’t tell me. You want a kiss.”

I laughed.

“You’re standing here naked, at night, with a handsome stranger, and expect me to want a kiss? Time to grow up a little.”

“What? You expect me to. . .”

Her voice broke off, but she sounded quite indignant. Then she got angry.

“Do you mean you made Jennifer pay a penalty? You pervert. She’s just a child. How could you?”

I broke in before she got too worked up.

“I didn’t lay a finger on her. She mentioned she was, let us say, lacking in experience. She also helpfully told me that her sister wasn’t. I assume that’s you.”

Vivian made a growling sound. She didn’t sound too pleased.

“Just because I’m not totally innocent doesn’t mean that I’m going to let you. . .”

That was all she said but the meaning came through clearly. No nookie for me.

“Oh, I think you will,” I said cheerfully.

“What? Why?”

“You’re young and healthy and you’re not a total innocent. Now you find yourself in a romantic situation, alone with a stranger at night, in a picturesque setting. You’re naked and he’s been looking at you and admiring you. Now he wants to take it a step further and seduce you. You’re nervous. You’re not sure what to do. Do you panic and run or do you yield, giving in to his wicked demands?

You’re an adult. You’re not going to panic. You won’t let yourself panic. You’ll face the situation as an adult. If that means yielding to this importunate stranger, then you will yield.”

“Really. What if I just say no and ignore you?”

“Say no?” I exclaimed, trying to sound horrified. “How can you possibly say no? Have you no romance in your soul? But of course you have. Besides, you’ll be able to use what happens to have a shot at Jennifer for not warning you.”

There was enough light under the moon that I could see her face and she was dithering. She didn’t really want to have sex with me but the romance of the situation was appealing to her. Time to get things moving.

I put one hand on her back to stop her backing away, leaned forward, and kissed her. Just a gentle kiss, lips brushing and then becoming firmer. As soon as she tentatively returned my kiss my free hand closed over her breast.

I didn’t grab it and maul it. I just light cupped it, my thumb gently stroking. She gave a little gasp, probably of protest, but that was swallowed in the kiss. By the time I finished the kiss it would have looked a little petty for her to push my hand away. I kissed her again, this time on the breast I was holding, brushing my lips across it until they found her nipple, which I gently suckled.

I lifted my head, gave her time to protest and, when she didn’t, lowered my head to take her other breast. For a short while I moved back and forth between her breasts, stimulating them. Then I kissed her again, properly, putting a little more ardour into it.

“Come,” I said softly, sinking down to my knees, tugging on her arm to coax her to kneel next to me. From there it was a short step to lying down and from that point on she was mine. While kneeling I’d managed to undo and drop my trousers giving me a ankara yabancı escort bit more freedom of action.

I continued kissing her, mouth, neck, breasts, while I also took advantage of easy access to other areas. I bit her lightly on the breast the first time my hand closed over her mound, leaving her confused. Which action should she object to? Dithering slightly she was unable to object to either one. I kissed the little bite gently while my hand made free with her pussy.

Slowly I coaxed her along. I was able to feel her heat and easing an occasional finger between her lips let me know that she was also a trifle damp and getting wetter. She was twisting her hips about a bit, not sure whether to pull away from my probing fingers or whether to push up against them. Pushing up was winning.

I moved slightly so my erection was brushing against her. I wasn’t too surprised when her hand came down to ease it away. Neither was I surprised to find her forgetting to let go once she’d claimed it. She was breathing harder and her fingers were now exploring, testing the equipment to see if it was up to standard.

I guess it must have been. She made no protest when I eased her legs further apart and moved between her thighs. My hand was on her mound, my fingers slowly parting, moving her lips as they went. My cock eased into position, pressing against her heated inner flesh, then driving deeper. She gave a gasp and surged up against me, helping me to take her with that first eager thrust.

Her hot little passage was wrapped tightly around me, letting me feel her flesh holding mine. My hands reciprocated, closing firmly over her breasts, holding them, massaging. Then I started to really take her.

I pulled out, feeling her reluctance to feel me retreat, feeling her eager welcome as I swiftly returned. I started slowly, but Vivian wasn’t having a bar of that. Now that she was committed she wanted it, and she wanted it now. The tempo of our coming together increased quickly, Vivian beating out the time with eager little cries. Her legs came up, wrapping around me, as she clung to me, taking me deep within her.

I just relaxed (as much as you can relax in this sort of situation) and went with the flow, riding her hard and joyfully, with her responding in equal measure. We took each other, both enjoying what we were doing. Typical male, I was dominant, trying to stretch things out for as long as possible.

I could tell when she was ready to climax. There is a trick to it, I admit. Listen to her breathing. When she takes a deep breath and screams, “Finish it, will you,” you can be reasonably sure that things have progressed to the right point.

I finished it, driving in faster, reducing the length of my strokes in favour of greater speed, not that she seemed to mind. Her legs were almost crushing me as we came together, and then they weren’t as she strained against me, gasping and shuddering, before sinking down limply to the ground.

I have to admit that I was sinking and limp as well, totally drained. Not that I was complaining.

“You may,” I said, lying there next to her, “use my pool anytime you like. I’ll have no objections.”

“Yeah, I bet you won’t,” she murmured. “Isn’t it a pity that we go home tomorrow.”

I abruptly sat up.

“You’re leaving tomorrow?”

I sensed more than saw her head nodding.

“Well, damn.”

What else was there to say? I wasn’t going to be in any position for a return bout.

“When are you likely to be back this way?”

“If we’re lucky we’ll be back again next year. If you’re lucky, you may find out about it. Feeling lucky?”

I had been, but I had a sinking suspicion my luck had just run out. It’s always the way. You find an attractive girl and then find out she’s a hopeless innocent. You find another attractive young thing and you seem to click and she tells you she’s leaving the next day.

Ah, well, there’s always next year and they’ll be back and hopefully they’d both be seducible. Now that could be interesting.

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