Premium Massage Ch. 03

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Cum On


Jessica is back by popular demand. This chapter picks up where chapter 2 left off and will lead Jessica on a sexual odyssey she never expected, with new twists and surprises. Thank you to all of the readers who have sent my e-mails encouraging me to continue this series. Please don’t forget to vote. Feedback is also appreciated.

Thanks once again also go out to LT. Her creative and provocative techniques of inspiring my writing are immeasurable (and thoroughly pleasurable).


Premium Massage Ch 3

“Hello?” Jessica answered her cell phone while attempting to towel herself off with her free hand. She had just stepped out of the shower when the phone began to play “Bolero,” her favorite ringtone.

For a brief moment, there was silence from the other end. Then a tentative voice began, “Um…hi…is this Jessica?”

Jessica did not recognize the voice, but answered, “Yes, who is this?”

“Th..this is Jason.” Was the staggered reply.

“Who?” Jessica inquired as she wracked her brain, trying to remember anyone she knew by that name. She sat down on the end of the bed and dabbed a few drops of water that remained on the top of her breasts.

“Jason…I..I was your waiter at Pierre’s last week… gave me your card and told me to call you sometime…if this is a bad time, or you changed your mind, I will understand.” He nervously explained.

“Oh, right! Jason, I remember you!” Jessica smiled, remembering the hot young waiter whom she had fantasized about while sitting at her booth. She felt her nipples tighten while remembering how she daringly masturbated under the table while watching him take and deliver orders to the tables around hers. She stifled a giggle when she recalled his facial reaction after she stood up to leave. She only wished that she could have seen his face when he saw how wet she had left the leather seat and the floor after she had one of the most intense ejaculations she had ever given herself.

“No, this isn’t a bad time…I am glad you called!” Jessica quickly responded. Just hearing his voice and remembering that day was causing her to squirm a little as she sat on her towel.

“Oh…good. I was hoping that you would come back to the restaurant so that I could see you face to face. I…uh…wanted to ask…” Jason trailed off.

Jessica felt a slight heat begin between her legs and she casually ran her index finger in circles around her areola, causing her nipple to become even firmer. “Ask what Jason?”

“Well…uh…I was kind of hoping that we…I mean, if you would be interested in…you know…um…getting together sometime?” Jason abruptly stated.

Jessica lay back on the bed and purred flirtatiously into the phone, “Why Jason, are you asking me out on a date?” Her hand began to softly caress her breasts and stomach. She raised one knee up and ran her fingers down the inside of her thigh.

“Um…well, I guess you could say that…it would not have to be called a date, if that would put too many expectations out there…I…just kind of wanted to get together…get to know each other a little…and, you know…see what happens.” Jason nervously answered her, his voice nearly cracking.

“Welllll…” Jessica began. She could sense he was a little nervous, yet was enjoying hearing him attempt to respond to her flirting. It was actually adding to her arousal. Her fingers began to delve into her moistening folds. “I suppose that we could…ahem…get together for a no-strings attached drink…and see…ohh!” Jessica abruptly gasped as the flat of her middle finger glided over her hardening clitoris. “Sorry, I meant to say that we could just take it from there and see where things may lead…or not.” She finished while struggling to maintain her breathing while at the same time – holding in the moans, which were building inside of her.

“That works for me Jessica!” Jason cheerfully quipped. He sounded relieved and a little more confident. “What would work for you?”

Jessica was about to answer, but realized that if she let any sound to escape her lips, it would be quite obvious that she was beginning to climax. Three of her fingers feverously stroked her clit in circular motions – occasionally her middle finger would dive inside, nearly touching her g-spot.

“Jessica?” Jason asked nervously while wondering about the silence on her end of the phone.

“Uh…yeah…I am here.” Jessica chirped quickly, between short gasps for air. “When and where were you thinking?”

“Well, there is that new place at the corner of Pine and Sixty-Second. It is suppose to have a great drink menu as well as a good entrée selection. As to when; and I apologize that for the short notice, but I was hoping that tonight would be good…I have the night off for a change. Would that work for you?” Jason offered as a suggestion.

“Uh…huh!” She squeaked.

Jessica was having difficulty holding the small phone to her ear as her hips were gyrating on the bed escort eryaman while her fingers triggering wave after wave of rippling pleasures through her body. Her mind was focused on what she was planning to do with Jason once they got back to her apartment.

“Great! How about if we meet there at seven?” Jason asked with excitement.

“OOOOOHHHHUHH!” Jessica blurted while nearly dropping the phone.

“You alright Jessica?” Jason asked with a little concern.

“Uh huh…just stubbed my toe…see you at seven…gotta run…bye.” Jessica quickly babbled before snapping the phone shut and letting it drop onto the bed. Her phone hand grabbed her right breast and squeezed it hard as two fingers plunged deep into her slick pussy. She began to thrust her hips upward as her thumb pressed against and massaged her throbbing clit. The sensations radiated outward from her pussy like electricity. She held her breath as she imagined her fingers were Jason’s cock and that he was deep inside of her about to cum.

“OHHHHHHH!” Jessica gasped loudly as she began to shudder. Her back curled forward as her thighs snapped shut, trapping her hand against her pussy; her fingers clamped tightly by her contracting labia. “UHHHHHHNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!” She nearly screamed as she climaxed. Her body stiffened momentarily, then relaxed following a final little shake.

Jessica smiled as her pussy released her fingers. She brought her fingers to her lips and tasted the tips. “Well now, Jason, I hope that you are ready for the ride of your life!” She declared out loud. Jessica thoughtfully sucked her middle finger into her mouth, savoring her taste on it.


Time seemed to move slowly for Jessica that day. She could barely concentrate while at work…watching the clock, fantasizing about how the evening might play out with her potential new young lover. Finally, it was time to head home and get herself ready.

She freshened up her makeup and hair, and then set about the task of selecting an outfit that would surely guarantee the outcome she was anticipating. Her red dress with the plunging scoop neckline, slit up the left side was perfect. She slipped the dress on and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. ‘Damn,’ she thought, ‘the panty-lines definitely detract!’ Feeling daring and quite horny, Jessica removed her stockings and panties. She then slipped on a pair of red fishnet stockings. The mesh material in the crotch pressing against her swelling lips felt incredibly arousing.

Jessica then returned to the mirror and smiled wickedly. She leaned forward a little, allowing the front of her dress to drop open a little – revealing a nice view of her lace-covered cleavage. Straightening back up, Jessica sighed and said out loud, “What the hell!”

She pulled the dress up, unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor. Once she readjusted her dress, Jessica once again leaned forward in front of the mirror. The dress opened just enough to reveal that she was braless; and if she leaned a little further, the viewer would get just a hint of her nipples (which at this point were standing at full attention).

Jessica slipped on her matching red shoes with just enough of a heel to complete the definition of her finely shaped calves. She nodded to herself in the mirror, knowing that if she failed in seducing Jason, he was either dead or gay.

One final element and she would be ready to go. Jessica pumped a few sprays of Opium, her favorite intoxicating perfume, into the air and walked through the falling mist. She then shot a quick dash of the essence between her breasts, and inhaled its seductive fragrance.

Jessica snatched up her purse and keys, and then glided out the door. Each step reminded her that she was not wearing panties as the mesh crotch of her stockings rubbed against her aroused groin.


Jessica had just parked her car in the restaurant’s lot when her phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hi Jessica, it’s Jason. I have been stuck in traffic on the bypass. My exit is coming up soon, so I hopefully will be there in about fifteen minutes or so.”

“That’s alright Jason. Thanks for letting me know. I will get us a table and tell the host that I am expecting you. I am wearing red, by the way.” Jessica replied.

“Great. Thanks, and I will see you soon.” Jason said before hanging up.

Jessica entered the restaurant and asked for a private booth for two, asking the hostess to direct her friend to it once he arrived. While Jessica was being led to the booth, she spotted three women sitting together at one of the other tables. Jessica immediately recognized two of the women as her sorority sisters. She thanked the hostess and walked toward the three women.

“Rachel and Jenny! How have you two been? It has been months!” Jessica gushed.

“Jessie!” Rachel and Jenny jumped up and both greeted Jessica with warm hugs.

“Damn Jessie!” Jenny remarked. “I know what you are up to right now, if you are wearing THAT ensemble.” ankara escort She leaned closer to Jessica and sniffed. “Opium…pulling out all the stops, huh? Does the guy know what he has in store for him yet?”

Jessica blushed a little and laughed. “Actually, this is a new guy that I met last week. He just called to say that he was running about 15 minutes late.”

Rachel offered, “Why don’t you order a drink and join us until he gets here?”

Jessica graciously answered, “Oh, well I don’t want to intrude on anything.” Her eyes quickly darted toward the other woman who was still sitting at the table.

Rachel countered, “Oh, where are my manners. Sorry, we were just so surprised and happy to see you. This is our friend Holly. Holly, this is Jessica. She is one of our friends from college. Jessica, Jenny and I are sorority sisters.”

Holly got up from the table and shook hands with Jessica. “Pleasure to meet you Jessica, and please do join us while you wait for your friend.”

Jessica smiled, “Thanks Holly, I will.”

The four women took their seats and Jessica ordered a drink. “So, what is new with you two?” Jessica inquired, looking at Jenny and Rachel.

“Well,” Rachel began. “We are here to celebrate the finalization of my divorce. The judge signed the papers today, making me an officially free and single woman!”

“Hey!” Jessica exclaimed while grabbing and squeezing Rachel’s hand. She then raised her glass to toast the occasion. “Congratulations Rach! It must feel so wonderful to have that behind you. You can finally move on with your life, now that Charlie is no longer a factor. Is he still screwing around with that slut you caught him in bed with?”

Jessica noticed that an awkward silence had suddenly enveloped the table. Rachel and Jenny began to clear their throats and Holly was just looking at her glass.

“Um…” Jenny broke the silence. “It is a long story Jessica, but suffice to say, Charlie cheated on that woman too. She actually came to Rachel partly to apologize, but mostly to warn her of some other treachery that Charlie was planning. She then helped us to carry out a plan, which ensured that Rachel’s divorce would go through and that Rachel would get what she deserved in the settlement. It is just one of life’s little ironies.” Jenny smiled at Holly.

Jessica’s eyes widened and she suddenly felt embarrassed at her remark. “Ohhhh…Holly, I am so sorry for saying that!”

Holly smiled at her reassuringly. “Don’t give it a second thought Jessica. I take full responsibility for the hurt that I caused. Thankfully, Rachel has graciously forgiven me and the three of us are actually becoming friends.”

Jessica raised her glass again and nodded in Holly’s direction. “In that case, any friend of these two is certainly a friend of mine.”

Jenny suddenly elbowed Rachel and brought her attention toward the entrance of the dining room. “Hey Rach, check out that hot young stud!”

Holly and Jessica turned around to see what Jenny and Rachel were drooling over.

“Oh…” Jessica cheerfully hoped up from her seat. “My date has arrived.”

“JESSICA!!!!” Jenny and Rachel shouted in a hushed whisper.

Jenny continued, “What is he? Nineteen? You are pushing forty and you have a date with someone young enough to be your son?”

Jessica smiled wickedly and leaned onto the table, looking into Jenny’s wide eyes. “He is a waiter in an establishment that serves alcohol, so he has to be older than twenty-one. Besides, it has always been a fantasy to share my experience with the less experienced.”

Jessica noticed that Jenny’s eyes had dropped a bit and were clearly looking down her open neckline. “I hope that Jason gets as much stimulation from this view as you just did Jenny.” Jessica smiled as she glanced at Jenny’s chest, where her nipples were clearly defined as they strained against her blouse. Jenny’s eyes shot back to Jessica’s and she felt her face begin to flush.

“Nice meeting you Holly…hope to see you again. See you Jenny and Rachel.” Jessica stood back up and walked back toward her booth just in time to meet Jason there.

Jenny shifted a bit in her seat. “Um…Rachel, Holly…are you about finished?” She kept staring with a lustful twinkle in her eye at Jessica and her new young friend.

Rachel giggled. “What? Not interested in dessert tonight Jen?”

“Let’s get out of here…I suddenly feel so horny that I feel like tearing both of your clothes off and having you two for dessert.” Jenny desperately whispered.

Holly gestured toward their waiter. “Check please.”


Meanwhile, Jessica met a slightly nervous looking Jason at their booth. He looked unsure of how to greet her as he clumsily extended his hand. Jessica decided to put him at ease by giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Sorry I am a little late.” He said as she slid into the booth.

“That’s okay Jason…as it turned out, I ran into a couple of college friends and it elvakent escort gave us a few minutes to catch up.” She smiled while tipping her head in the direction of Rachel and Jenny, who she noticed were quickly gathering their coats to leave.

The waitress arrived and took their drink orders. Jessica smiled to herself, knowing that Jason was having difficulty keeping his eyes off her plunging neckline.

Jessica decided to break the ice and jumpstarted the conversation. “So tell me Jason, what inspired you to give me a call? I am certainly grateful that you did.”

Jason looked a little nervous as he began to speak. “Well…uh…you seemed so…nice… when I waited your table. I liked the way you smiled at me and you handed me your number and all…how could I not call you after such an invitation?”

“Hmmmm!” She smiled coyly at him. “I am sure it had NOTHING to do with what you caught me doing, huh?”

Jason immediately began to look a little flushed. His thoughts shot back to seeing Jessica squirming in her seat with her hand hidden from view by the table. At first he wondered if she was having a seizure, but then it became quite apparent that she was masturbating and having what must have been an incredible orgasm. Just thinking of it was beginning to cause a bulge in his pants.

“I take it by your red face, you were aware of what was happening in my booth!” Jessica teased. She leaned forward so that her dress opened at the neckline. Jason’s eyes momentarily feasted on Jessica’s ample cleavage and then quickly looked back into her tempting eyes. She leaned closer to him and whispered, “It’s okay…I am not embarrassed and neither should you be…I was fantasizing about YOU!”

Jason grabbed his water glass and swilled down a few gulps. He took a deep breath and then chuckled. “You were by far my most intriguing and unforgettable customer! Everyone was trying to guess what kind of sauce had spilled all over the leather seat and floor!”

Now it was Jessica who blushed. She had planned to discretely cum and that would be the end of it. Instead she had gotten herself so worked up that when she finally peaked, she felt a gush spray out through her panties.

“Yeah…sorry about that…I really could not help myself.” Jessica quietly apologized.

“No apologies needed…I found it quite amusing…and arousing too.” He teased her.

“So, you figured that I was a nymphomaniac and would be easy to get into bed…is THAT why you called?” She feigned to be insulted.

“No, I swear that wasn’t it…it is just that…” Jason nervously began to back-peddle.

Jessica leaned even closer to him. She was sure that he could see her hardening nipples now. “I don’t screw just anyone…but if you play your cards right…you might be in for a treat later!” She hushed into his ear while tracing a finger up his inner thigh.

Jason’s heart must have skipped a beat as he felt her hand approaching his clearly bulging groin. Jessica kissed his cheek and he inhaled her scent mixed with the Opium perfume. He watched as she seductively traced her finger down her throat toward the top of her chest. His eyes widened as they caught sight of her nipples, poking outward, barely concealed by her dress.

Jessica suddenly sat up straight as the waitress approached with their drinks and to take their dinner order. When she left, Jessica smiled. “I think that this is going to be an interesting evening Jason…if I weren’t famished, I would suggest that we just skip dinner.” She reached over and placed her hand on Jason’s crotch, giving it a little squeeze. “But half the fun is the prolonged anticipation…”

Jason began to place his hand over hers when she removed it and placed it back on the table. “I take it you like to tease a bit.” Jason observed.

Jessica innocently batted her long lashes at him and said in a sexy southern accent, “Why Jason…can’t you take a little flirtatious tease? I won’t let it happen again!”

“Uh huh!” Jason responded. “Just remember, it can go both ways!”

Jessica felt a hand slip under her dress and caress up her calf. “Ohhh!” She gasped in surprise at his sudden boldness. The heat between her legs was beginning to build.

“Point taken! Okay, let’s cool it until after dinner…or we are both apt to find ourselves under the table!” Jessica squeezed her legs together and tried to maintain her composure.

Changing the subject, Jessica asked, “So, have you always lived in this city?”

“My parents told me that I was born here, but they live in the Midwest which is where I grew up after they adopted me.” Jason explained. “I came here to see if I could find my birth mother. I consider my adoptive parents as my true parents, but am curious about where I came from. My adoptive mother had an old photo of my birth mother, but that is the only clue. I have an appointment with the adoption agency to see if they can share anything with me.”

“Do you have the picture with you?” Jessica inquired.

Jason pulled out his wallet and retrieved a photo from one of the pockets. He handed it to Jessica. She studied the photo, noticing how young his mother must have been when she had him. Something was a little familiar about the girl’s eyes.

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