Pool House

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Cody yawned and rolled to look at his travel alarm, then dropped back with a groan. It was too early to get up when he didn’t have to be at work…but the sunlight streaming through the uncovered windows made it nearly impossible to sleep. He couldn’t seriously complain, he thought, staring up at the old ceiling fan that was trying valiantly to counter the already oppressive heat of a South Carolina summer day. His new boss (Gary) had offered the pool house on his estate until Cody could find a place of his own. Rent free.

Lying absolutely still in his boxers in a futile attempt to stay cool, he debated what to do next. That’s when he realized the sound he was hearing was water splashing. Who’d be swimming, he wondered, swinging his legs over the side of the pullout sofa bed. Gary had said the pool wasn’t used since it was so far from the house (and Gary preferred golfing). Cody stumbled over the doorstep as he stepped out into the brilliant sunshine…and his jaw dropped, along with every drop of blood in his head.

A blond woman — a NAKED blond woman — was swimming slow, smooth laps. Her pale skin flashed with each stroke and he drank in the sight of her tight ass rising and falling in the water. Who the hell was this…and how could he get some?

She must have noticed him because she slowed as she passed. At the end closest to him, she dunked underwater, then rose, slicking her hair back from her face, and sauntered towards the ladder at the side. She grinned up at him, bright green eyes sparkling, as he just stared. One step at a time, she climbed closer and his eyes wandered lower.

Full pale breasts with tight pink nipples, a flat stomach, hips to hold as you drove your cock deep between her muscular thighs, a little blond heart just above her shaved pink…His cock swelled and throbbed.

“Good Morning,” she purred, stepping close. She was just a little shorter than he was, her large eyes expressive…she was thinking the same thing he was. Sex. Now.

“I…you…who…,” he stammered and could have smacked himself in the head. He sounded like a moron, unable to make a full sentence. Talk about ‘thinking with his dick’. He tried again. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you…” Another thought occurred and he glanced over his shoulder towards the main house. They couldn’t see through those trees, could they? She had to be a trophy wife…mistress…daughter? Oh, God, he was going to lose his new job before his first day.

“And I thought this was going to be a boring summer,” she murmured, stroking her fingers down his bare chest to the waistband of his boxers. Her touch was light, cool from the water, but it left a trail of fire behind. He could feel his erection swell even more.

“Who are you?” Cody managed. There, a full sentence and, if you ignored the slight change in pitch at the ‘you’, he sounded like he had a brain in his head.

“Angel,” she purred, her fingertips dipping under the elastic waistband, “Gary’s niece. He’s letting me stay for the summer until I go back to Clemson in August.” Niece. Better than daughter, but not by much. Cody glanced towards the main house again. Naked niece, new employee. Not good.

“Don’t worry about Gary,” she whispered, stepping closer, “He doesn’t get up until eleven and his windows face the golf course.” Her hand slid over the bulge in his boxers and her eyes dropped, widening a little. “Ooh, escort eryaman a big boy…”

Cody glanced down and groaned. His head, fat and red, strained above his waistband, fully erect. “I can’t.” He couldn’t believe he was saying this, couldn’t believe he was taking a step back….Angel followed him. He looked towards the main house, then towards the pool house.

“Not out here,” she agreed, “If you’ve got the balls, what I’ve got in mind will last long past eleven…”

Oh God. Her hand was in his boxers, stroking his shaft. He grabbed for her wrist to pull her away. “You’re Gary’s niece,” he growled. His body was throbbing with need for what her eyes were saying. She licked her lips slowly, then scraped her teeth over her bottom lip, her eyes darkening. Cody groaned.

“I’m Gary’s niece,” she said softly, “and I want to slide this big boy down my throat.” Cody swallowed hard, watching her lick her lips again, imagining those lips sliding down around his cock. “Don’t think about it. Just say yes.”

“Gary’s my boss…” Cody managed.

“Think of me as your…supervisor,” she gave him a wicked smile and a wink, “And I need to check out your…stamina. Let’s see how long you can last…” Then she paused. “Unless, of course, you’re not interested. I didn’t figure you for one of…those men.” She looked him up and down, one eyebrow raised.

“I…No…Damn it…Yes.” He took a breath. “Inside.”

Angel gave him a smile that promised he was going to enjoy this and took his hand. She sauntered into the pool house, giving him a spectacular view of her tight ass and long legs. He groaned, catching up and cupping her ass in his hands, giving her cheeks a squeeze. She looked at him over her shoulder before turning and catching both his hands. She drew him towards the sofa bed. “I need you to take off your shorts,” she murmured, looking him up and down.

He pulled his hands away and gripped the waistband of his boxers, but she interrupted. “No…turn around,” she said. He looked at her in surprise and groaned at the look on her face, the way she was worrying her bottom lip with her teeth. She looked…hungry.

Cody turned his back to her and dropped his boxers. He held his breath a moment, then started when he felt her hands brush his hips. She chuckled. “Relax, baby,” she murmured, bending to brush a kiss over the small of his back, “I’m not going to hurt you…well, too much.”

He could feel her body heat against his legs and figured she was kneeling, but he still flinched when her nails raked lightly up the backs of his legs. She bent her head and licked the top of his thigh, where it joined his ass, stroking back and forth on one side, then the other. Cody hadn’t ever had…his cock bobbed as she gave his ass cheek a light bite.

“Mmm, tasty,” she murmured, stroking his ass with her tongue. He squirmed a bit, feeling like he should be doing something. As he started to turn, her hands caught his hips. “Not so fast, baby, I’m tasting…”

“Angel,” he started, uncertainly. One of her hands snaked around his hip and grasped his cock. He groaned. Her teeth nibbled, her hand rhythmically gave his shaft a light squeeze and release, and he felt himself swell even more.

“Spread your legs,” she ordered, her voice throaty, hungry. Cody moved one foot, his legs parting. Angel’s free hand slid between his legs and replaced the hand on his cock, ankara escort pumping lightly. Her other hand grasped his ankle and he felt her hair brush his ass as she bent her head. Her teeth nipped at his inner thigh, the tight skin between his cock and ass, and he groaned, locking his knees as his legs trembled.

“Angel…” His mouth was dry as she touched him intimately with her tongue and then teased his balls with light kisses. Then she stopped. Before he could say anything, she gave his ass cheek a smart slap. He gasped, stunned. Then she slapped the other cheek.

“Such a bad boy,” she teased, pumping his cock with one hand while slapping his ass cheeks with the other. The slaps were a brief sharp pain, heating his skin, making his cock even thicker as blood throbbed in his groin. She was introducing him to new sexual games and he was eager for more.

“You can turn now,” she said, releasing him and shifting back. He bit back another groan as he turned on aching, tight legs, his whole body throbbing with need. The sight of her only increased his desire. Her throat was flushed, her pulse visible and fast, and she looked at him with a lust he’d never seen before. He swallowed hard.

“I want…” he started.

“I’m the boss,” she reminded him, shaking a finger, laughing when his cock bobbed. “I can’t wait any more…” Her hands caught him, one settling at his base, holding him firmly, while the other stroked lightly up and down his shaft. “So velvety, so hot,” she murmured, leaning to drag her tongue up the bottom side of his shaft, “So manly.”

Cody couldn’t do anything but groan as she stroked and licked his cock, making sure she covered every inch again and again, until he was afraid he was going to cum. The hand at his base shifted and her thumb pressed…he groaned, but the urge to cum subsided. Her face tilted up so he could watch her dark eyes as her red lips opened, enveloped, swallowed his thick shaft. He growled deep in his throat as she slid him into her mouth, taking his entire length. Again and again she swallowed him, her throat muscles working his head. Cody gave himself over to her mouth, the pleasure overwhelming him.

Eventually she slowed, then she took him deep and held him, swallowing so that her throat squeezed his head. Cody groaned and looked down at her again, seeing the effort it took her not to gag, amazed that she would do this for him. He started to speak, but she was already easing him back out. She kept just his head in her mouth and began to suck eagerly, her tongue flicking up and down his slit. His hands went to her hair, curling in the golden strands, as he groaned in pleasure.

The hand at his base pressed tighter, his cock deep red and visibly throbbed, and her mouth kept sucking on his head…his hips rocked as lust pulsed inside him. He was caught by her eyes, the emerald green alive with heat and desire. He could feel how much she was enjoying this, enjoying his helpless reaction, his dark pleasure. His body burned with a need to cum, but her sucking just went on and on and on. Cody closed his eyes as sensations swirled through him, his hands unconsciously clenching and unclenching as he fought back the eruption.

He could feel it gathering, his balls tightening, his body tensing, and knew he was losing it. “Angel…” Even before her name left his lips, she popped his cock free and he elvakent escort gasped at the sudden loss of sensation. A desperate groan came from deep in his gut. “Please…”

She looked up at him from her knees. “Stamina, baby,” she said, her voice silky and dangerous.

Cody let his head fall back as he gulped in air. Stamina. He had to make this last. He groaned when he felt her hands on his thighs. “Angel…” Her hand grasped his cock and he flinched, clenching his jaw and closing his eyes to try to hold back the need. She lifted his cock until his head touched his belly and he tensed.

“More,” she murmured. Her tongue began to stroke his balls. He shifted his weight on his feet, restless and needy, the heat in his body pooling in his groin. Then she nipped him lightly and he grunted, his eyes shooting open.

“You’re playing with fire,” Cody growled.

“Stamina,” she repeated, “Show me you’re a real man.” There was a dare in her voice and he growled wordlessly. “Be a good boy and you’ll get a reward.”

“Angel…” The words trailed off to a strangled gasp when she lowered her head and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. One, then the other, was suckled, back and forth, as Cody shook with the effort not to explode. Just when he thought he was going to lose it, she finally lifted her head. Her mouth was wet, her lips swollen, her hair mussed where he’d run his hands through it…a female feasting on her lover. His breath shuddered out.

Angel stood slowly, her eyes on his, then she turned and knelt on hands and knees at the edge of the bed. She looked over her shoulder at him as she bent low, her legs parting, her swollen pussy lips opening to reveal her creamy opening. “You’ve done a good job,” she purred, “Here’s your reward.”

Without a thought in his head, Cody grasped her hips and thrust his cock deep into her body. He groaned as her inner muscles clamped around his throbbing shaft, her slick heat enveloping him.

“Yes,” she hissed, “So hard, so big…you feel so good.”

Cody’s fingers dug into her skin as he pumped, driving his cock into her again and again, panting as he fucked her hard and fast. “I…need…you,” he managed, unable to hold back, burying himself in her soft pussy.

“More, more,” she panted, thrusting her hips back to meet his strokes. The slap of flesh on flesh, the panting, the cries and groans, the scent of sex filled the room. He leaned over her, sliding his hands up to cup her breasts, barely thrusting as he humped her, his cock twisting inside her, his head slamming her core. She whimpered, clutching at his arm with one hand, as her pussy tightened around his penis.

“Cum, Angel, cum on my cock,” he growled in her ear, tugging the lobe with his teeth. He surrounded her, filled her, buried his face in her hair as his breath grew ragged. “Please…”

She was rocking her hips against him, the friction between his cock and her pussy spiraling up as her inner muscles squeezed tighter. “More,” she whimpered, writhing on his cock. Then, suddenly, she gasped and he groaned as his cock pulsed against her quivering pussy. Just as he erupted in a long stream of hot cum, she cried out and came, her body milking his release with its spasms. They clung together, breathless, until they collapsed onto the bedding, sweaty and spent.

Cody released and rolled to one side. “Damn, Angel,” he panted, “Did I pass?”

She laughed, clutching her stomach. “What time is it?” Cody glanced at the clock…Hot damn, eleven thirty. Angel propped herself on one elbow to look herself. “You get an A plus, baby,” she purred, stroking a hand down his sweaty chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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