Playing Hooky

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She was lying on her stomach on the bed when he came back from the shower. Her right cheek lay on the pillow, her hair was mussed up, her eyes were closed, and her mouth was slightly open. The t-shirt that was all she wore had ridden up to her waist, and the blue cotton sheets were tangled around her legs. Because of the way her left leg was bent, he had an almost perfect view of her pussy as he stood at the foot of the bed. He saw the slight glisten of moisture on her smooth lips as the morning sun bathed her in liquid light, and felt the answering stir of arousal beneath the towel slung low over his hips.

But before he could implement any of the possible plans that filled his mind, her alarm clock broke the spell. She groaned, her hand reaching out to smack the snooze button, turning her face into the pillow. Pushing up with both hands, she stretched her back like a cat before pushing herself up further, onto her hands and knees. He loved the way she did that. She knelt there for several seconds, not moving. Finally she reached up and opened the blinds of the window at the head of the bed. Suddenly she collapsed back down into the bed and said, her voice mostly muffled by the pillow, “Let’s stay home from work today.”

Still standing at the foot of the bed, he laughed. “You’ll feel better once you’ve had your shower, baby.”

“I don’t need to feel better; I feel fine. It’s a lovely sunny day, and I want to spend it with you – not cooped up in that damn store.”

“Well, I have a meeting at ten o’clock; I have to go in. I’m sorry, baby.”

She sighed, moving to sit on the side of the bed. She pushed her hair away from her face, then pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Sitting naked, completely oblivious to his growing excitement, she lifted her foot to the edge of the bed and clipped the toenail that had scratched them both last night. This accomplished, she quickly made the bed, tossing the pillowcases and her t-shirt into the laundry basket. He leaned against the closed closet door, watching her. As she moved to go into the bathroom, he reached out and touched her arm. She moved easily into his arms, her naked body molding to his, the towel falling to the floor. Her hand caressed his hardness with the softest and briefest of touches before she slipped away and went into the bathroom, closing the door firmly behind her.

As he began to dress, he listened to the sounds of her in the shower, imagining the water as it cascaded over her escort eryaman body. He pictured the drops of water dripping from her large, full breasts. He nearly groaned out loud as he imagined her soapy hands slipping over her silky skin; between the soft lips of her pussy; down the crack of her ass.

He pictured the scrape of her razor, her soft fingers searching for missed spots; the fall of hair that curled around her shoulders and clung to the back of her neck. The throbbing of his erection grew almost painful as he pressed his ear to the bathroom door, trying to hear each drop as it fell from her body to the shower floor. When he heard the groan of the pipes as she shut off the water, he reluctantly walked away from the door.


As she stepped out of the shower, the fruity pomegranate smell of her shampoo still clung to the steamy air. She dried herself off slowly with a soft and fluffy white towel, taking deep breaths of the scented air. Looking in the mirror, she combed her wet hair and applied lotion to her face, then wrapped the towel around herself and stepped out of the bathroom.

Immediately a grin spread over her face as his hands closed over her arms. He pulled her gently but forcefully into his arms, his hands disposing of her towel and moving to her ass, pulling her hips hard into his. His throbbing cock pressed against her pelvis, her breasts were crushed against his chest, and his lips came to devour hers, his tongue plunging into her mouth.

When his lips left hers to trail wetly down her chin and down her neck, she wiggled her hips against him and murmured, “What about your meeting?”

“Fuck the meeting,” he snarled into her neck, his teeth nipping at her sensitive flesh, sending shivers up and down her spine.

“No,” she purred, grinding against him and throwing her head back to grant him better access to her neck, “fuck ME.”

“Ohhhhhh yes,” he breathed against her skin, “yes, I am going to fuck you. But first,” he growled, grabbing her by the hips and turning her around, guiding her over to the bed, his voice right beside her ear, “first I’m going to make you scream as you cum for me.”

His hands on her shoulders exerted a firm but gentle pressure, and she obediently dropped to her knees by the bed.

She recognised the soft material of their favourite silk scarf as it fell across her face, and she waited, motionless and patient, as he fashioned it into a blindfold and secured it over her ankara escort eyes. He put a cushion on the floor and helped her move over to kneel on it. Gently slipping her hands between the rungs of the footboard, he used another silk scarf to bind her hands through the slats.

Her whole body was quivering with excitement. On her knees like this, her back straight, her ass thrust out behind her, was the position in which she felt the most vulnerable. She was completely at his mercy. The thought thrilled her, but she trusted him totally.. and her attention now was wholly caught up in wondering what he was planning to do to her.

He kept her wondering for a few more moments, and she waited quietly, guessing (correctly) that he was simply standing behind her, looking at her. Finally she felt his hand, smoothing his palm over her ass, making her shiver in anticipation. He began slowly to stroke her, his fingers slipping down to her pussy. With his other hand, he nudged her legs further apart, and she hastened to spread her thighs wider and give him easier access. She was rewarded by the touch of his tongue, near the top of the crack of her ass. She moaned, instinctively, low in her throat, pushing back into him. Again he rewarded her, dragging his tongue down, even as his fingers slipped between her glistening lips and pushed deep into her pussy.

She cried out, no words, just a guttural groan that filled his ears and mind and made his cock throb in response. With his fingers still pressing into her, his mouth moved to her inner thigh, licking the wetness that had escaped from her pussy. His tongue snaked its way between her soft lips, seeking out and finding her clit and flicking it gently. Each of her moans now falling over the heels of the ones before, she wriggled and squirmed helplessly as he slowly brought her closer and closer to ecstasy.

Curling his fingers, he brushed against the front walls of her achingly tight tunnel. She shrieked slightly as he did, pushing back as hard as she could. He slipped closer, sucking hard on her clit, intent now only on making her cum. He felt his fingers coated in a fresh gush of wetness just as he felt her vaginal walls began to spasm. Her thighs clamped together around his head, but still he heard her crying out, and he continued his movements until she pulled away, murmuring hoarsely, “Stop, please.” Immediately he pulled his face away from her pussy, but his fingers continued to stroke elvakent escort her inner walls.

Giving her only a brief moment to rest, he lowered his head once more, this time dragging his tongue up and down the crack of her ass. He felt her body shudder as his tongue slipped wetly over her tightest hole. Focussing on that spot, he flicked his tongue gently at first, but then harder and harder as she began to push back into him. Using his left hand to keep her ass cheeks spread wide, the fingers of his right hand continued their stroking, and his right thumb began to rub her clit. He didn’t need the desperate shriek in her voice to tell him that she was about to cum. Pushing his fingers in harder, he gently pushed his tongue past the first tight muscle of her ass and felt all her muscles spasm as she came, screaming his name.

When at last she stopped spasming, he gently untied her blindfold and then her wrists, pulling her into his arms. She cuddled against him, still shaking, her heart racing. It wasn’t long before the insistent throbbing of his cock against her side drew her attention and rekindled her insatiable desire. She turned to face him, kissing him. She gently sucked his tongue into her mouth, teasing it by sucking it the way she would his cock. He groaned, grabbing her and laying her down, sliding down her body, surprising her by once more burying his face in her pussy, sucking hard on her clit and shoving his fingers inside her, making her cum almost immediately. Before she’d finished screaming his cock was there, pressing into her tight wetness, stretching her around its girth, making her cry out again as her pussy stretched to accommodate him.

He began fucking her, hard, their eyes locked on each others’. “I love you, baby,” he groaned, and she pushed her hips against him, her nails digging into his back. He bent his head, burying his face in her chest, his teeth nipping at her flesh, hard. She moaned, her hips bucking up to his. “God I love you,” she gasped, as he began to thrust harder, both of them nearing release. “Yesssss, baby, cum for me,” she whispered, “I love you so much.. cum for me..”

“Oh fuck!” he shouted as he thrust hard into her, feeling her pussy spasm around him, milking his cock of every drop of cum. He collapsed finally on top of her, holding himself up from her chest, breathing heavily. They both lay quietly, gasping for breath, for several minutes. Finally he raised his head and looked at her. “So what else should we do today while we play hooky?”

“Hmmm well… I need another shower now.. care to join me?”

He winked, feeling his cock harden again inside her. He bent and kissed her softly… “You know I never turn down a shower with you, baby.”

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