Pink Sky

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This story is a work of historical fiction and set in the Viking period of time and is another rewrite of my own story. I have re-edited it and added a few things here and there. Enjoy!

Pink Sky

Jager was sick of the rain that never seemed to stop weeping from the clouds. He was soaked to the bone. The air smelled strongly of salt and nothing else as one day bled into the next. The plaiting of his hair was driving him to the point of madness as it tickled the back of his head and the shaven sides itched as the stubble grew in.

It was dusk after days of travel when finally, at last, a tall dark-haired man had shouted “land!” The 30-man vessel at the front of the group broke out in loud cheers and Rene, Jager’s elder brother, clapped him roughly on the back.

* * * *

The worn wooden planks of the door broke almost effortlessly under Jager’s boot as he kicked in the door of a very small, shabby home near the outside edge of the village they were presently raiding. He doubted very much that there was anything of value inside beyond a small amount of food he may be able to collect for himself, but he reasoned that he may as well scope it out. The more experienced men had gathered the items of real worth already. The mid-day light filtered into the single room and Jager stood still as his eyes adjusted to the lower light. He observed a recently extinguished fire in the center of the dwelling, along with an area that was clearly designated for preparing food, as well as a space for sleeping. Moving toward the hearth, he grasped a partial loaf of bread that sat there, on a small wooden serving dish. He nearly jumped out of his skin as he was shoved from behind, grunting and nearly losing his balance. The bread hit his boot and bounced onto the floor.

From behind him, a young woman rushed forward, grabbing the dust-covered loaf and tucking it under her arm. She turned and faced Jager, head down, staring at him as she backed away. Her hair was dark and wild and she was young, maybe his own age. Smudges of grime, contrasting starkly against her pale skin, made her blue-green eyes pop, despite the grainy light. They reminded him instantly of the color of the water of the warm springs that formed in pools on the mountain side near his home. Her dress was a faded green and looked quite worn-out. It was obvious that she was of very low status.

The tension was so thick it almost made Jager feel vulnerable. The young woman glared at him, but Jager was simply curious now, no longer interested in any food she might possess. She was delicate-looking and her feet were naked and grimy. Approaching footsteps jerked him roughly from his distracted state.

“Brother,” a familiar voice spoke, close behind. Rene entered through the broken door, kicking a loose plank to the side. Jager saw the girl cringe. “Ah,” the elder man gripped Jager’s shoulder tightly. “I see you found a treasure in this shithole.” He could hear the smile in his voice. “Take her, then.”

The blonde turned to face Rene, and a thick piece of rope was placed in his hands.

“Tie her up, and bring her. We’re going soon, before dusk.” With that, the dark-haired man was gone, dust following in a thin trail behind him as he walked briskly away. Thinking it was best to comply, the young Northman moved towards his find and she pressed herself as flat as possible to the wall. She looked very frightened, and Jager supposed he couldn’t blame her. He tied up her hands snugly and without a word. The bread dropped to the floor and silent tears began slipping down her smooth cheeks. Tugging her from the poor little house, he led her towards the shore. She didn’t struggle, but he could hear her footsteps, hesitant and heavy behind him against the bare, dry dirt of the ground, and an occasional sniffle.

* * * *

The journey home was more of the same soul-saturating rains. Jager scowled at the sky.

“Thor’s might, why does it rain so?” he cursed under his breath. “If I must be confined with this lousy lot for days, at least let me be dry. Fuck.” He grumbled, his back aching as he rowed the crimson-sailed vessel in time with his brothers. The only thing that kept him sane, as his plaited hair dripped down the back of his neck in a way that made him want to tear the offending thing from his own scalp, was the woman he had taken for his own, along with the chatter of the other men, talking of their children or of teenaged trysts their wives knew nothing of. Jager did not offer input, and instead kept silent. The girl stayed huddled with a few others that had been collected at the village for the entirety of the trip, but he couldn’t help but wonder about her. Why was she alone in that house? Why did she not fight him? Why did he find her so attractive? She did not look again at him until he tugged her by the rope around her wrists to his home he shared with Rene.

It was raining in the village too when they finally, blessedly arrived in eryamanda yeni escortlar afternoon, and Jager wanted to scream. The air was chilly for springtime and it made him cranky. He felt mildly guilty though, as the woman he led seemed to have trouble keeping up with his brisk pace.

Rene was nowhere to be found when Jager and the young woman entered the modest home. He had probably gone to the hall to drink and eat and fulfill his lust with the rest of the men as they celebrated a successful raid. Jager had no interest in festivities at the moment and after collecting a bit of meat for himself and his captive, exited the crowded and noisy party. They ate as they walked, the young woman tearing into the dried and seasoned meat ferociously. Immediately, he gently pushed the girl to a rear corner, out of the way and sparked a large fire in the center pit. Without hesitation, he stripped himself nude and stood before the flames, letting the warmth chase away the bite of dampness from his bones. His lower back throbbed from constant rowing and his damned hair was itchy and wet against his skin. Unashamed of his nakedness, he turned to the girl then, and approached slowly.

She cowered only slightly and held her bound hands out in front of her, as if it would keep him away. Jager didn’t bother to speak to her. He knew she wouldn’t understand his language. Instead, he untied her hands, working the knot out with his fingers. She let her arms drop to her sides when she became unbound, but didn’t move beyond that. With minimal effort, he tugged her dress from her body, and it pooled around her ankles. He didn’t refrain from letting his eyes drift down over her exposed skin. She was perfectly soft and pale and smooth, round, full breasts with hardened nipples and soft-looking hips. Her waist narrowed in a way that Jager found very appealing. Arousal tingled in his belly as he grasped her shoulders and steered her towards the fire. Releasing her when she was a comfortable distance away, he returned to gather her dress from the floor. Jager shook out the garment and moved to drape it over a chair near the fire.

Jager quickly stepped over to a storage trunk along the wall and pulled out a soft bear pelt, approaching her slowly. He could see the fear in her eyes only for a brief moment, before it dissolved into a small smile as he held the fur out. She took it from him gently, holding eye contact for just a moment.

He dumped himself onto the pile of furs where he slept, resting on his back adjacent to where she stood. His head turned his head, watching. The girl’s eyes slipped shut and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the warmth of the flames, still holding the folded fur in her hands. Reaching up with a single hand, she pushed her long, damp locks behind her shoulders and smiled a little. When she turned, Jager was treated to a clear view of her moon-pale backside and creamy thighs and he nearly growled in the back of his throat. It came out as more of a purr. She cast her eyes his way, and simply gazed at him.

After a few moments, the blonde man let his eyes slip shut, and he spread his legs a little, making his aching body more comfortable amongst the furs. His arousal abated as he felt his body begin to relax and the tension in his lower back begin to unwind. Only when he heard a light shuffling near his place of rest did he reopen his sleepy eyes. The young woman was standing near him, fur draped over her shoulders. Quietly, she pointed at her upper chest and spoke in a small but firm voice.


“Cecily?” Jager repeated, propping his body up on his elbows. The young woman nodded.

“Cecily,” She repeated. She reached out and touched her index finger to Jager’s chest. The touch was soft and it made him tingle.

“Jager,” he stated bluntly. She looked at him inquisitively. “Jager,” he repeated.

“Jager.” He smiled, flashing his neat, white teeth. Returning the grin, she twisted slightly on her feet, blowing out a small puff of air and nuzzling her face against the fluffy fur wrapped around her. Jager felt his stomach flutter again. He took a deep breath, as if gathering his courage, and picked his body up, moving further from the edge of the bed. He placed his palm on the space beside him and looked at her intensely. The young woman looked from his face, to his hand, and back again. The smile faded from her face.

“I will not make advances,” he spoke. Her expression was blank. Jager groaned, frustrated with their language barrier. He forced a smile so she wouldn’t think he was angry, but her expression was unchanged. Patting the furs next to him, he hoped she would accept his offer. Hesitantly, and at a snail’s pace, she came to rest on her backside on the soft bedding. A smile instantly brightened her entire face. She skimmed her palm along the soft fur and looked at Jager with a look of pure appreciation.

The dark-haired girl, Cecily, said something gently, looking sincan escort bayan at him. A little smile played at her lips. She touched her fingers to her chest. All Jager could do was return the smile. He broke their shared gaze after a few seconds to lean back into the softness that surrounded him. He relaxed and let his eyes close. The only sound in the small home was the crackle of the fire in the center of the room, and Cecily’s soft breathing. It was calming, and he was exhausted, and sleep began to drag him down almost immediately. He welcomed it with open arms.

* * * *

Sometime in the night, Jager awoke. The fire had died down and only a few orange embers glowed in the shallow pit. There was a stream of moonlight coming from the cracks around the door and with the small amount of light it provided, he could see Cecily, curled up on the furs with her back to him, sleeping peacefully. Jager was always quite warm when he slept, and until the ground was white he did not usually sleep with a cover, but when he reached over and brushed his rough fingertips against the sleeping figure’s arm, it was cool. It seemed as though she had fallen asleep with the pelt still around her shoulders, as it was now underneath her pale body. He sat up, the movement making her stir lightly, but not wake, as he grasped another pelt folded by his feet and placed it over her small form. Carefully, he pushed a hank of russet waves from Cecily’s face and nearly yelped when a hand emerged from under the cover and grasped his own.

“Jager,” Cecily breathed. Her eyes remained closed. She pressed a soft kiss to his fingertips, and he supposed it was in thanks. Releasing him, she tucked her hand back under the warmth of the fur and nuzzled the bundle that supported her head. Jager smiled, stroking her hair again and lay back down. Cecily hummed as the blonde scooted his body closer to hers, not quite touching, and continued to brush his fingers through her hair. She spoke softly words Jager didn’t understand, but she talked anyway. Her voice was liquid, smooth and effortless, like the clear, ice-cold water slipping over the rocks in the small stream nearby. For a few minutes, she continued, before her voice broke and she sounded as if tears were slipping from her eyes. Jager grasped her shoulder and turned her over, to face him. He dragged a thumb across her cheek, but it was dry. Cecily released a small rush of air. It hit him on the throat.

The young woman resumed her soft words, and they surrounded Jager like a balmy, sun-rich day. Her voice had picked up, sounding stronger, and when her hands reached out to cup his face, he was surprised, and completely captivated by her. Still at a loss about what she spoke, her tone and the way she was looking at him despite the low light had his total attention. He did hear his name amongst her words, and as she said it, one hand slid down the side of his neck. Without hesitation, he cut her voice off with his own lips, pressed to hers. Jager kissed her fiercely, seizing her body and pulling her flush to his own. His mind buzzed pleasantly as he felt Cecily’s lips move against his, and her leg slipped over and rested across his muscular thigh. He reached down, gripping the soft flesh.

Cecily’s lithe fingers worked at the plaiting on his scalp as they kissed languidly. Her fingers pushed through his hair once it was loose, drawing a soft groan from Jager. He gasped when those fingers suddenly tugged sharply. Cecily caught his bottom lip between her teeth and sunk in almost enough to draw blood. The pain made him moan loudly and he shoved her thigh from his body and wrestled the young woman to her back, pinning her to the furs underneath her with his hips and his hands covering hers, above her head. She released a soft grunt, followed by a whimper that sent a jolt of lightening straight to his cock. Attaching his mouth to her neck, he suckled there, hard enough to create an angry mark, and tomorrow, most likely a bruise. The soft noises were flowing from Cecily’s lips now as Jager ground his hips into hers, his throbbing cock damp and solid against the soft skin of her hip. She wrapped her legs around his firm waist and pressed against him.

“Cecily…” Jager spoke, voice low and heavy with lust. He slid down her body and nuzzled his face between her soft breasts, letting his warm breath, coming in soft pants, hit her skin. Her pink nipples hardened under his touch, and he pulled one into his mouth, sucking it softly and rubbing the flat of his tongue over it again and again. Cecily gripped the sides of his head firmly and filled his ears with the sounds of her pleasure, unceasing now. She squirmed against him, digging her heels into his firm backside. He grunted, sounding almost winded, and reached down, sliding his fingers between the young woman’s thighs. She sighed as his fingers touched her soft folds, finding them heated and slick. Murmuring soft words Jager ankara escort did not understand, she tugged gently on his rough beard and pulled him up to press and open-mouthed kiss to his lips. Her tongue brushed along his, and he responded in kind. Jager used his hand to guide himself to Cecily’s entrance and rubbed his cock along her wet opening. She whimpered, but it died in her throat as Jager’s loose hair fell to the side, tickling her face and getting caught in her mouth as she laughed. Resting his weight on her body, he used his free hand to apply light pressure to the front of Cecily’s neck, squeezing gently. At the same moment, he pushed inside her body.

Cecily’s eyes flew open wide and she managed a sharp gasp, hands fisting in the furs around her head as Jager buried himself completely inside her, grunting at the tightness and propping himself up over her body. He remained still for just a moment until Cecily focused her gaze on his face, lips parted and breathing quick. Jager left his other hand at the woman’s throat as he began a slow pace, sliding almost completely away from her before plunging back in. She released a soft, breathy noise with each one of his thrusts, and they spurred him on. Jager focused on her pink cheeks and her pert breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing. Sweat began to slide in droplets between his shoulder blades and broke out over his forehead. A single drop fell from the tip of his nose and splashed onto her soft belly and she gasped. She said something, and it sounded urgent to Jager. He ceased his movements, resting whilst fully hidden within her. Cecily reached, grasping his thighs and scraping her nails over the flexed muscles there and Jager understood completely. He removed his hand from her throat and wrapped his thick arms around her shoulders, hiding his face in her neck. She whined softly at the angle change, and when she spoke in his ear, he slid from her, only to slam back in with all his might. Cecily very nearly screamed, dragging her fingers up his sweat-slicked back.

Jager groaned as he felt her squeeze around him. Withdrawing, he moved back into her with full force again, and again. He sunk his teeth into the red mark he had made earlier where her neck met her shoulder and moved his body roughly against hers. It took him a moment to realize that she was now speaking in his ear again, and though he could not understand the stream of words, he knew they were impassioned and it magnified the desire that pooled hotly in his belly. One petite hand gripped his thigh, fingernails like slivers of hot metal in his skin, the other knotted into his hair, the firm hold offering a sweet pain to add to the intense pleasure of Cecily’s velvet flesh that surrounded him. The sounds of his hips against the backs of Cecily’s pale thighs, his grunts and groans, and the whimpers and words that flowed from her mouth were the only sounds that filled the tiny home and it was making Jager buzz from head to toe.

Cecily’s arousal was so great that it now coated the inside of her thighs and the front of his body and made soft, wet noises as he slid from and pushed roughly back into her. Jager captured her soft lips with his own mouth and kissed her hard, nipping at her tongue and corners of her mouth. Another sharp yank on his blonde strands pulled his mouth from hers and Cecily looked into his icy blue eyes. Her soft walls gripped him like a vice and he issued forth a strangled moan, eyes slipping shut momentarily. He reopened when Cecily’s back arched, pressing her breasts firmly to his chest. Her head was tossed back and the grip she held on his hair had slackened. Cecily’s breath stuck, before she whimpered, biting her lip. Jager moaned, long and low, his brow furrowed as she fluttered around his hard cock, coating it in an obvious rush of wetness. It made him tingle and he felt himself nearing the edge of his own release.

“Jager,” she breathed, touching his cheek softly. He sighed, leaning into her hand as he continued to move, though a bit slower now. “Jager,” she said more firmly, and gripped his throat tightly enough to make his breath rasp in his throat. His release hit him hard, drawing the whine of a wounded animal from him as he pressed into her as deep as possible and throbbed his essence into her soft body. Cecily’s hand dropped to press against his chest and he rode out the waves of pleasure, head falling forward and losing track of all thought.

Cecily’s hurried breathing brought him back to earth as focus returned to his mind. Gently, he laid his form over hers and kissed the side of her face wetly, still hidden inside her folds. Cecily let her legs fall to the bed and she stroked her fingers against the skin of Jager’s muscular back. When their breathing had returned to normal and the sweat that covered Jager’s body was mostly dry, he rolled from her and onto his side. Cecily reached up and pushed a few stray pieces of mussed hair that had gotten caught in the man’s beard behind his head and immediately tucked into his arms. Jager cradled the beautiful woman in his arms and sighed, sleep pulling at the corners of his consciousness once again. He pressed a tender kiss to the top of Cecily’s head and let sleep claim him.

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