Pink Pat

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Patricia Pinckney is a sweet and very pretty woman in her early twenties, and she likes to get together with me from time to time, because of the way I make love with her. Her friends always call her Pat, of course, and some of them go beyond that. She is a strawberry blonde, with a great wealth of freckles that cover her face and, I am well aware, are all over her body too. Her skin, what is visible between the freckles, has a pinkish cast, and these characteristics and her last name have earned her the nickname Pink Pat. There are other places on her body that are also a lovely shade of pink, but most of her friends have no first-hand knowledge of them.

I definitely do, and have had this knowledge ever since our first meeting about a year ago. On that occasion, and on many since then, I have done things to those places that were extremely pleasurable to both of us. The most recent time was last week, when she called me at home and suggested getting together so I could do those same things to those same places.

“Hi, George. This is Pink Pat,” she began the conversation.

“Hi, Pat. How are all your pinknesses?”

“Well, that’s what I called you about. Some of them really need your attentions. How about you coming over here this afternoon?”

“Well, that sounds like a great idea. I’m supposed to be working but, being the knight in shining armor I am, I’d much rather be attending to your needs.”

We chatted for a few more minutes, and set two o’clock as the time. I reminded her to be sure to shower just before I arrived, and she promised she would. Pat knew why I wanted her to shower, and where to concentrate her washing, and that’s one of the reasons we so much enjoy getting together for good times. I finished the paragraph in the article I had been writing — the deadline was not for another week — and took a shower to prepare for our meeting. I was careful when I shaved too, because I knew my face would soon be pressing against the soft, freckled skin of the insides of her thighs.

Just before two o’clock, I was at the front door of Pat’s apartment building and I called her on my cell phone as she requested. When I told her I had arrived, she opened the door for me and I walked up a flight of stairs to her apartment and rang that doorbell. Not wanting to take any chances on letting in somebody she didn’t want, she looked through the peephole before unlocking and opening the door. After I entered, she locked it behind me and spread her arms in an invitation for me to embrace, and her fluffy bathrobe opened in front, showing off her pretty freckled form. I thrust my hands inside the billowing garment and hugged her bare body, my hands seeking out her luscious ass.

“I’m really glad to see you,” she said after taking her tongue out of my mouth. “I’ve been needing what I know you can do for me.”

“Well, you know me, always ready to help a damsel in distress.”

That earned another long kiss with our tongues twining again and, this time, when she broke it off, Pat put her hand inside the waistband of my pants to lead me to her bedroom. Knowing what would be happening there, I followed eagerly until we stood beside her bed. She shucked out of her bathrobe and tossed it on a handy chair, leaving herself completely naked, even barefoot. I was still fully dressed, but Pat began rectifying that situation, unzipping and removing my jacket and starting on my shirt buttons. Seconds later, I was bare above the waist, and wearing only my socks and pants, because I had taken my shoes off at the door.

That was all I would be removing for a while, and Pink Pat was anxious for me to start doing what I had come to her apartment for, so she lay on the bed with a pillow under her head and raised her arms to me in an invitation. After pulling off my socks and tossing them aside, I responded, lying beside her, where we could resume kissing. Besides Pat’s mouth, I kissed her green eyes, her snub nose, her cute little ears and the pulse spots in her throat. All those places are sensitive to contact with my mouth, but I didn’t take long to get to her much more erogenous pink areas.

The first of these was her nearest of her breasts, which are rather small but perfectly formed. I cupped the luscious globe in one hand and started licking her light pink nipple, which was already hard. As my tongue caressed her, I could feel the cute little nubbin becoming fully erect, so much so that I could feel the individual ridges and the pebbly texture of her areola. I spent about a minute on the first of her lovely breasts before switching my lingual attentions to its equally adorable twin, and that nipple quickly became just as rigid under my tongue.

Neither of us was in a hurry, and we were both truly enjoying what we were doing, so I continued, while Pat writhed in bliss under me. Over and over, I switched back and forth between her precious nubbins, sometimes using the flat of my tongue and sometimes dabbing with just the tip. She was moaning in pleasure, and I would have been doing the same, it felt so good, erotik film izle but my mouth was otherwise occupied.

As wonderful as it was for both of us, I knew of another pink place on her body that would be even more fun, so I started licking my way toward it. Her pussy was already heavily lubricating, and the delectable aroma of her fresh juices and pulled me toward them, while Pat pushed on my shoulders to speed my journey to the same destination. Anticipation is pleasurable too, and twirling my tongue in her navel was also fun, so I took longer to reach her fluffy pubic hair that I might have done.

I could have gotten into a 69 position, but I preferred to get off the bed and get back on at the foot. Pat saw me approaching and raised her legs so I could duck under them and let them rest on my shoulders while I wrapped my arms around her thighs. That brought my face to where we both wanted it, inches away from her dripping wet pussy. The first thing I did was lick all the juices from the insides of her thighs and her crotch. Their flavor was just as heavenly as I knew it would be, but I knew they would be even more delicious when licked directly from the pink hole that was their source.

Before starting that, however, I raised my head to gaze on the gorgeous pussy I would soon be feasting on. It is truly a thing of beauty, with sparse light pink hair on creamy white skin which is covered with freckles like most of the rest of her body. Pat was already highly aroused, and the inner lips of her pussy were swollen with lust and a dark pink shade, and had pushed their way through her slit. I gently used my fingers to spread the edges to peer into its lovely pink interior and was met with a cloud of fragrance from the juices which were still being produced, and I couldn’t wait any longer. Greedily, I pressed my face in close and sluiced all her freshest nectar into my mouth.

Pat was sighing and moaning in bliss, and her pussy was squirming under me when my tongue started caressing one of her outer lips. I love licking those that are clean-shaven, but the downy pink hair of Pat felt almost as good as her bare skin. Very slowly, wanting our mutual pleasure to last, I licked up to her Mount of Venus and kissed her there. Her movements were more pronounced, and I knew her pleasure was mounting toward an orgasm, but I wanted to delay that glorious moment. I am aware a woman will derive more fun from cumming through oral stimulation if the person doing it takes a long time to bring her to that delightful state, and I wanted her to be at the epitome of arousal before sucking her clit and bringing her to her orgasm.

It’s also a lot more fun for me to spend a long time eating her pussy, especially one as delectable as the one under my face. Eagerly, my tongue wiped off all the nectar she had just produced and started licking between an inner and outer lip, starting with the small, ultra-smooth patch below her pink hole. I caressed this very sensitive place with my tongue, and continued up into the seam between the labia. When I reached the point where they are close together, I tipped my head slightly so I could slip the flat of my tongue in and lick both lips at once. The outer one was slick with her delicious juices and its inner mate was spongy and swollen with lust, and I reveled in both sensations as my tongue continued upward.

Still in no hurry, my mouth was traveling slowly, while Pat’s body moved under and in front of me. When I reached the spot where the two inner lips merge and form her clit hood, I raised my head slightly to see her responses. Pink Pat’s body was rocking from side to side on her lovely ass, besides writhing in bliss. Her eyes were closed; her mouth was partially open in a grimace of pleasure, and her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow, while her moans of bliss were starting to end in whimpers,

When I looked at where her clit hood should have been protecting that precious morsel, I saw it had pushed its way almost completely clear, and was another delightful, gleaming shade of pink. With the utmost delicacy, I drew my tongue across the remnants of the hood, and was rewarded by an additional spurt of her fresh juices gushing onto my chin. I smiled at her extreme arousal and brought my mouth back to the place where I had started and feasted on all the freshest nectar, before starting to lick between the other pair of labia.

I treated these the same way, licking slowly and thoroughly, until I reached her clit hood again. Her movements were even wilder; with her pussy ramming up against me so strongly it felt as if she were trying to wrap it around my face. Her hips were swiveling under me, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders like a pair of pistons, and her thighs had turned slightly outward, presenting herself even more fully to my mouth. I could see she was at the peak of her sexual excitement, and as ready to start cumming as she would ever be.

Pink Pat agreed with me. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” she was whimpering in time with the thrusts of her pussy against film izle my face. “Suck my clit!” she begged me. “Suck my clit and make me cum!”

That was exactly what I wanted to do. Opening my mouth, I drew the precious pink pearl inside and, with my lips forming a seal, I started to suck. My tongue stayed busy too, caressing the swollen sides and top of Pat’s adorable clit, while her body pitched and tossed under me.

“Yes! Yes! Like that!” she cried out joyfully. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

There was no real need to tell me that, because I already knew, from the way Pat’s thighs clamped onto my temples and the way her hands grabbed the back of my head and jammed my face against her wildly gyrating pussy. Carrying me a very willing prisoner, her legs swung from side to side, while she continued to bounce up and down on the bed. I clung to her thighs and kept my mouth securely around her clit, and enjoyed the wild ride for some of the most exciting minutes of my life.

Abruptly, it ended, when Pink Pat cried out ecstatically but incoherently, and all her muscles clenched as she rammed her pussy against my face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, all her muscles completely relaxed and she sagged down onto the bed like a pink puddle. Her legs were still draped loosely over my shoulders, and I left them there while I devoured the delicious juices she had just produced. I licked off what had spattered on her thighs, her crotch and all over her pussy, including sucking them from the pink hole that had produced them. When I had eaten every drop, I backed away, letting her legs fall to the mattress, and knelt between her legs to wait for her to catch her breath and recover from her orgasm.

When she did, Pat opened her eyes and smiled at me. “That was great, George. I hope we’re not through, though.”

“I hope we’re not through too. But, what else do you want to do?” I knew, and she knew I knew, but I wanted to tease a little.

“Well…You know.” She couldn’t quite bring herself to say what she wanted, but she told me by rolling over, slipping some pillows under her waist and reaching back to spread her ass cheeks. “I washed myself extra carefully just before you came over, because I know what you like. I really like it too.”

She was right about what I like, and Pink Pat was putting on display one of my favorite pink things, and I knew exactly what she wanted me to do about it. I wanted to do it just as much, so I knelt close behind her and leaned forward, to breathe deeply of the aroma. There was none, except for her pussy, which is what I wanted, and my tongue started to caress the second of the two womanly pink places it most likes to lick. I began with the cute dimple at the base of her spine, and my tongue traveled from there down the inside of one cheek.

Her skin was soft and smooth and mostly creamy white there. Although the outsides of her cheeks are as covered with freckles as the rest of her body, the charming little patches dwindle and almost halt at the insides of those luscious hemispheres, leaving them a pure, creamy white. Not just her complexion, but the shape of Pink Pat’s ass is alluring. The cheeks and her hips flare out from her torso, and her hips curve smoothly back and merge with her legs, but the cheeks of her ass are more adventurous. They jut from her back and form two perfect half moons before curving back up and in to join her thighs. The flesh is firm but soft there, and a joy to fondle and cup in my hands, but that is not my favorite thing to do with Pat’s ass.

Just then, I wanted to caress her with my tongue and, after licking all the way down and around her charming rosebud — also a soft, lovely pink — my mouth meandered back up the inside of the other cheek until I reached my starting point. I didn’t stay there long, but began licking downward again, closer to my ultimate target, as if homing in on that sweet pink spot. Wanting to save the best for last, I still avoided her lovely rosebud, which was the most sensitive part of her ass, as well as being my favorite part.

Pink Pat was cooing in delight as my tongue slowly caressed the puckered part surrounding the delightful pink bud. She is more sensitive there than where I started, and her body was squirming in front of me as I licked all the way down and around and back up. I paused with my mouth once more positioned over the ultimate target of my tongue and, a little later, of my cock. Her movements were more pronounced and, when I did not resume licking for a few seconds, her ass started impatiently fucking back against my face.

The preliminaries were over; my target was bracketed, and my tongue began slowly licking downward, and Pat gave a soft cry of joy when the tip laved her directly across her delightful pink rosebud. I continued the stroke down her crotch, but stopped well short of her pussy. I am aware of the hazards to a woman of something going from her ass to her pussy, even when the former is as clean as I knew hers was. The nectar already trickling from that other pink place had seks filmi izle a truly delightful fragrance, and I knew it would taste even better when I licked it from my fingers after the orgasm she would soon be reaching.

The next stroke of my tongue was back up from near her pussy to her rosebud again but, this time, after making contact, I started wiggling the tip against her puckered pink area. She had been cooing and murmuring in joy for quite a while already but, as my tongue continued caressing that very sensitive spot, as responsive as some women’s pussies, those sounds turned to moans of bliss and she started jamming her ass back against my face even harder. I smiled inwardly and kept my tongue busy on the place where it was giving us both so much fun. Besides pressing that delightful pink and creamy white place as tightly as she could against my face, Pat’s hips had started swiveling again, thrusting her knees into her mattress. It was almost time for me to start fondling her clit to bring her to another orgasm.

But I was having too much fun licking her ass to be any hurry to do that. My face was buried between her cheeks which my hands were spreading apart as far as I could. As Pat shoved back against me, I pressed in as tightly as I could, and my tongue stroked up and down and back and forth. I tried my best to squeeze that agile little organ inside her, but she was too tight there and my tongue was too blunt, but I came as close to it as I could.

“Lick my clit, George. Make me cum! Pink Pat was exhorting me, and I knew it was time, although I would have to use my fingers, because my mouth was too pleasurably busy.

I reached around with my right arm, not able to see where my hand was going, but knowing the general direction. Pat guided my fingers, until I felt the cute pearl which had pushed itself clear of its hood again. Not wanting to be too rough on such a sensitive part of her, I gently squeezed her clit between two folds of her inner lips and started to stroke in time with the caresses of my tongue on her pink rosebud. Her movements became even wilder, her body wobbling in front of me and her legs driving up and down into the mattress.

“Yes!” she cried out. “Oh, god, I’m cumming.”

I had to let go of her cheek and use my left arm to help her stay upright and keep fondling her clit with my right hand. Pink Pat was actually sobbing with bliss while her body jerked from side to side and back against my face. For all the time she was in the throes of cumming, I kept my tongue stroking her pink rosebud and my fingers caressing her clit until she climaxed, ecstatically crying out to tell me when that happy event occurred. After that climax, all of Pat’s muscles relaxed again, and she started sagging forward until she ended up lying with the pillow under her waist and her ass sticking up toward me.

Not wanting to waste any of the delicious treat, I used my fingers to scrape the nectar from her pussy and lift it to my mouth so I could lick it off. I did this three times, enjoying the flavor as much as I had after her first orgasm but, by that time, my cock was clamoring for its turn. Leaving Pink Pat lying face down with her ass already in position for what we would we doing next. I got off the bed to start making preparations, first going to the bathroom to get a wet cloth, then to the dresser to select a condom, remove it from its packet and roll it in place. I picked up the bottle of Aqualube that had been left on the dresser and returned to the bed, where I set the cloth on the edge of the mattress.

Pat was still lying face down but, when she felt me get back onto the bed, she turned her head in my direction, and smiled when she saw my hard cock with its latex covering. She adjusted the pillow under her waist and reached back to spread her ass cheeks again. I knelt between her widely spread legs and, when she felt the neck of the bottle press against the place where my cock would be momentarily, she quivered in delight and spread her cheeks farther.

“Oil me up really good,” she directed me quite unnecessarily.

I squirted in a big dollop, and she cooed happily. Pink Pat repeated that happy sound when I slid my middle finger into her ass, and she started squirming in joy as I carefully spread the lubricant as far in as my finger would reach. When she had been well lubricated, I covered my cock with more of the Aqualube. We were both prepared so, using the thumb and fingers of that same hand, I pried open her pink rosebud and, with my other hand guiding my cock, I pressed the tip against the tiny opening we were creating. I rubbed it up and down until a small penetration had been made, and thrust forward.

Pat uttered her happiest sound yet when my cock wedged between the soft, pink edges of her ass, and I also expressed my own sound of pleasure. A few seconds later, another thrust eased another inch of my cock into the tight hole that wanted it, and she moaned in bliss. With the fingers that I had been using to hold her ass open, I checked for any loose skin or other possible problem. Finding none, I drove in a little deeper. I was through the tight sphincter at the entrance, and I could feel the muscles squeezing my shaft, while those farther in had started massaging the rest of my cock.

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