Picnic Pt. 01-02

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Picnic (Part One)


On Sunday morning, we have heard that the weather is going to be awesome, and you decide that we are going to go for an afternoon drive in the country, taking our time to see the sights, but giving me no specific details other than that.

We pack some wine, sandwiches, and a blanket in the trunk of the convertible and put the top down before we begin our trip.

As I get into the car, you compliment me on my new sundress, not knowing that I am wearing nothing but the dress and my summer sandals. The sandals show off my pedicure, and the red nail polish I picked this time makes your cock tingle just the tiniest bit as the memory of my toes curling as I came on your hand in front of the sink yesterday flashes vividly across your mind.

You start the car and back out of the driveway, heading for the rural highway that leads to the boondocks some distance from the house. You turn on the radio and we sing along from time to time, being silly and having a good time. The wind blows my hair around and plays with the hem of my dress, making it rise and fall at different places, sometimes almost high enough for you to notice that I am naked beneath it.

I see that you are looking at me as you drive and can see that the mystery of my dress is turning you on, so I move closer to you on the bench seat and you put your warm hand on my thigh. I take my hand and begin to touch your arm, lightly stroking down your arm to your hand, resting on your thigh, and running the fingers of my other hand through your hair.

Your hand moves up my thigh far enough so that you can finally feel that my pussy is bare beneath my dress, and I can see that you are a little surprised and very much turned on. The growing bulge in your shorts is a dead giveaway.

Wanting to make you squirm some more, I lean back in the seat a bit and pull my dress up so you can see my pussy now, and I use my fingers to spread my lips and rub my clit lightly as you watch.

Slowing down, you take a right turn, and slowly drive down a single wide grass covered lane as I continue to rub myself for your enjoyment.

I insert a finger into my slick vagina and bring it to my lips, tasting myself and you close your eyes and take a deep breath, frustrated that you are not the one with my finger in your mouth. Again, my finger returns to my pussy, gathering the wetness there.. this time, I put it to your lips and you suck it eagerly, MMMMing as you do.

As we reach the destination you have picked, we are parked on a high point , at the edge of a large grassy field. The view is incredible. We can see for miles in all directions, and there is a cool breeze at this elevation, making it a perfect temperature to be outside for a picnic today.

After you kill the engine, you turn to me and slide a finger inside me, tasting me again, and then wetting your finger again with my juices, letting me taste them again now. I can see that you are nearly completely turned on now, and it takes great effort for you to resist taking me right there in the front seat. Breaking away, you open the door and get out of the car.

You go to the trunk and retrieve only the blanket. I can clearly see that the picnic part of this day will be somewhat delayed as our priority at this point is satisfying our lust. You come to the passenger side of the

car and open the door, holding out your hand to me. I take your hand and step out of the car, barefooted, letting you lead me into the grassy field.

Picking a flat spot, we spread the blanket out on the grass, flattening it down as best we can for now in our hurry to resume our activities. Satisfied that the blanket is as good as it’s going to get, we meet in the middle of

it, embracing as our hands explore each other’s bodies.

You slide the thin straps of my sundress down off my shoulders, kissing my skin along the way as I take my arms out of the straps for you. I remove your Tshirt as you pull the sundress down to my waist so you can see my breasts in the sunlight shining down on us.

I kiss your chest and tease your nipples gently as I undo your shorts, freeing your cock and stroking it slowly.

You suck my nipples as I stroke you, and I shudder and sigh as you bite them lightly.

I ask you if you would like me to suck your cock for you, and you smile, knowing how much I like to perform oral on you. You reach down to pull my sundress over my head as I kneel in front of you.

You are so sexy, standing there naked in the sun, your hard cock pulsing as I slide it in and out of my eager lips, my hands squeezing your ass firmly, pulling your body toward me as I work to drive you out of your mind with my tongue.

I squeeze and massage your fully loaded balls with my hands, knowing how badly you want me to suck them too. When I finally do, escort eryaman you spread your legs further apart so I can get all of them into my mouth. You moan and I see your knees shake a bit as I roll them around, swirling my tongue over them, making you crazy.

Now, you reach down and gently pull my head away from you, telling me to get on my hands and knees.

Oh yes, I think to myself.. he’s going to fuck me now…. I am SO ready to feel him inside me. I get into position, feeling the sun on my shoulders, back, and ass now, as if for the first time today. You are standing behind me now, taking in the look of my skin in the sun and enjoying the sight of my quivering body awaiting your attentions.

Much to my surprise and delight, I feel your tongue on my pussy, licking slowly and deeply. You use one finger to rub my clit as you work on my twat with your mouth, slowly moving up to include my asshole in your repertoire. I moan loudly and melt closer to the blanket as you do this to me, loving the feeling of your tongue teasing my ass opening.

You continue to pleasure me there, your saliva moistening my anus and making it twitch and spasm for more attention. I can’t stand it anymore and beg you to fuck me now, I need to feel you inside me NOW. Instead of entering me, you insert a moistened finger inside my ass, gently making circles and fucking me with it. You continue this until I am nearly blind with desire, asking you PLEASE to fuck me hard now.

No longer able to delay your own enjoyment, you press the head of your raging cock against my pussy opening. Feeling this, I push back against you, impaling myself lustfully onto you, making you gasp in surprise and pleasure. You tell me that you can clearly see that I need to be shown that you are in charge of what is happening, and withdraw yourself from my dripping, greedy cunt.

My body protests wildly at the denial, shaking and beginning to shine more brightly with the perspiration gathering on my skin. During all this, you do not stop stroking my ass with your fingers, as you have two of them inside me now. I reassure you that I can behave, and you again press the head of your cock to my vagina. I am dead still, breathing shallowly and quickly as you slowly insert yourself inside me completely and withdraw yet again. You do this several times, making me cry out in ecstasy each time. Finally, you withdraw slowly one last time and as I begin to think you are going to deny me further, you slam yourself into me with one hard surge, reaching up to put your hands on my shoulders, pinning me to the blanket with the weight of your tense body.

I feel your knees pushing mine further apart as you strain to fuck me as deeply as you can, pounding my pussy soundly with your rock hard meat now. You tell me that you want me to cum for you.. you want to see your little cum slut give into the desire ravaging her body. I can’t take it anymore and tell you that I am going to cum, and you feel my strong pussy muscles contracting on your cock as you stroke me as hard as you can now, causing me to nearly pass out with the intensity of my orgasm.

Ready to finish now too, you pull out and release your hot, steaming load onto my ass. It feels so warm and slick, and you gather some of it on your finger and feed it to me. I lick your cum from your fingers as you move to lie beside me on the blanket. I move close to you, nestling myself into your arm and resting my head on your chest. We lie there, recovering in the late afternoon sun, having no doubts as to the reason for our hunger for the picnic we brought.


Picnic (Part Two)


After our picnic, we engage in another slow, sensual session as the sun fades to twilight, and fall asleep there as the sky falls dark.

Some time after, I wake suddenly to a quiet rustling in the grass near where we slumber. We have folded the large blanket in half as we lay on it to cover us, and I pull it up over me as much as I can, trying to nudge you awake quietly in case we need to make a discreet, hasty exit. The noise seems to be getting closer to us.

Fear leaps in my chest as I realize that we are out here alone, far from anywhere, and the sound I am hearing is the sound of heavy, deliberate footsteps approaching us. And I still can’t get you to wake up.

What I don’t know, is that you are expecting this visitor, and that you are only pretending to be deeply asleep.

There is almost no moonlight, but my eyes are used to the dark at this point, and I barely make out a large, dark figure slowly approaching our position. Wanting to run, but also not feeling it safe to leave your company, I remain still, clinging as closely to you and the ground as I can, hoping that whoever it is will simply pass us by and never know we are there.

My fears are realized as ankara escort the figure, which appears to be male, continues directly toward us. Suddenly, he stops just a couple of yards from us and appears to be staring right at me, even in the near complete darkness. My paralyzing fear overtakes my reason at that point and I intend to shout at him to go away, but it comes out as only a weak whisper.

Then, he lunges forward in an all out sprint toward me, and I cannot resist the urge to run any longer. I struggle frantically to disentangle myself from the blanket and stand and turn to run from him.

I do not make it very far.

I can feel his breath on my back as he catches up to me and grabs the back of my head, taking a handful of hair and holding on tightly. I shout out in helpless fear as he pulls me back toward him as we stop moving forward. He holds me there, one arm around my waist, the other now around my throat.

Pressed against him like this, I can feel a large, leather belt around his middle and the bullet proof vest beneath his shirt. He whispers close to my ear that “Nothing says, ‘I’m guilty’ like running from the cops”.

Even though I do not know why he is here, I stop struggling so violently when he says this because he has told me he is an officer of the law. He tells me that he saw us come up here this afternoon and watched us with his telescope from his house one hill over, across one of the valleys we could see when we arrived. Next, he tells me that he is going to take me back to his police cruiser, parked next to our car, and that if I try to wake you as we pass, he will have no choice but to take us in for public nudity and whatever other charges he can think up.

He leads me back to his car, taking care to avoid your location. When we get there, instructs me to place my hands on the hood of the car. The night is chilly and the engine is still quite warm. I can feel the heat rising from it on my naked body, and the contrast between the two temperatures makes my goose bumps rise and my nipples hard.

He opens the driver door of the patrol car and turns the high beam headlights and the light bar on. I am blinded by the sudden brightness and the red and blue lights flashing in my eyes.

He returns to me, standing bent over with my hands on the hood. He tells me to turn around to face him now.

I turn away from the lights, finally able to see a bit as my eyes adjust. I ask him if I am under arrest. He tells me no, but that I am in custody and cannot leave until he tells me I can.

A few yards away from us, in the darkness, you pull the blanket more tightly around your shoulders and smile as you watch the look of confusion and something that appears to be hesitant excitement on my face.

You have a perfect view of both of us from your vantage point, and you are hard inside your shorts already with your knowledge of what is in store for me tonight.

He steps close to me, invading my personal space. He is so close that his crisp uniform shirt brushes my nipples lightly and I can smell his cologne, mixed with the scent of his sweat and the mink oil on his gun belt. I do not want to admit to myself that I am getting excited.. don’t want to admit to myself that fucking him crossed

my mind as soon as I realized I could not escape. I am not shocked when he tells me to unbutton his shirt, but I do nothing as the true realization of what is happening slams into my consciousness. He puts his hand on my throat, pulling me up to my stand on my tip-toes and repeats the command.

With my hands shaking so badly I can barely control them, he releases his grip and I reach up and begin to unfasten his shirt. He is a beefy, solid black man and as I finish and he pulls the shirt from his shoulders, I realize that he is not wearing a bulletproof vest. The hard, solid form I felt when he first seized me was all him.

As he stands pressed up against me, I am 5′ 7″ and by my estimate, he stands at least 6′ 3″. I look up at his face, saying nothing, but pleading with my eyes for him to be gentle with me, because I can tell by the look in his eyes, there is no talking him out of what he is planning. He has not yet discovered how wet my pussy is, and I am afraid it will be much worse if he realizes that I do not really want to stop him.

Looking down at me, he smiles, mocking my attempt at innocence. He tells me that he knows full well the kind of slut I am, that he’s seen my type before, fucking outdoors like any other bitch in heat. He steps back a little and tells me to get on my knees. My legs are locked, and I cannot move until he puts his very large hands on my shoulders and forces me to the ground in front of him.

Rock hard now, you have been unable to resist removing your shorts so that you can rub your cock as you watch us. You stroke slowly, elvakent escort not wanting to finish before we do, and pleased that this little plan of yours is turning out to be so much hotter than you could ever imagine.

Feeling very alone now, tears begin to stream down my face now as he removes his belt and places it on the hood of the car. He yells at me now to stop acting like I am not soaking wet at the idea of sucking his cock and to take it out of his pants and get busy. I reach up and unfasten his pants and pull them down to his boots. I can see the incredible bulge waiting for me in his boxers and the terror returns to my body anew, wondering how the hell I am going to even get it in my mouth. Finally, I pull his boxers down and his engorged cock springs free, bobbing solidly in front of my face. I have never seen a dick this big before.

I take it my hands and he slaps them away. No hands, he tells me, and instructs me to put them behind my back. Struggling to remain calm, I clasp my hands behind my back and he guides his cock to my lips, taking no time to be delicate as he shoves it past my reluctant lips and as far in as he can on the first thrust. I feel nearly suffocated as he holds it there, enjoying the feel of my hot mouth on his member. Trying to keep myself conscious, I gasp for breath between strokes. He face fucks me for several minutes, taking pleasure in seeing the light, pink flesh of my lips moving over his thick, dark manhood.

He pulls out of my mouth and tells me to suck his balls now, and pushes my face deep in his crotch.

As he does this, I quickly look up at him once again, and see him looking into the darkness, smiling, as if he knows someone is watching us.

Suddenly, unbelieving, I realize that it’s YOU. YOU planned this for me. My lust and gratitude for your secret plan makes me wetter than ever now, and I can feel my juices dripping on the ground beneath me.

He stiffens suddenly and quickly pulls his balls from my mouth, standing back from me a bit, breathing heavily. I can tell that he was about to cum, and wants to continue his fun a while longer.

Moving his gun belt to the ground now, he tells me to get on the hood of the car on my back. Taking the billy club from his belt, he hands it to me and tells me to fuck myself with it while he watches. I lie back on the hood and part my legs, showing him finally how moist I really am. I take some of the wetness from my cunt and smear it on the club. The red and blue flashing lights mix on my skin, making an exotic animal of me as I decide to put on a good show for you. I impale myself on the billy club, inserting it as far as I can and stroking it quickly in and out of my twat and rubbing my clit in hard little circles.

You cannot believe your eyes as you watch my demeanor change from terrified to insanely sexually excited. You do not yet know that I have realized you are watching us, watching me as this stranger to me forces me to pleasure myself as he watches. It turns you on so much more to think that I am willingly and enthusiastically pleasing him while you are God knows where.

Before he can stop me, I scream out in extreme ecstasy, cumming so hard and long that I nearly fall off the car. Almost before I am finished with my orgasm, he takes the club from me and guides me to stand again with my hands on the hood of the car, further up this time, so I have to bend farther over as he positions himself behind me. He kicks my feet further apart and quickly pushes his long, thick, rock hard dick inside me, filling me completely. I immediately cum again as he starts stroking me heartily, taking my hips in his hands and pulling me roughly toward him with each thrust. My tits slap the hood of the car as he fucks me and I make sure I am putting on as good a show for you as I can.

You are pulling your cock furiously now, barely able to hold back as you watch his cock pound me over and over. You see my eyes roll back in my head and my body tense as I cum again. He tells me what an incredible little whore I am, that he can’t believe he can get his entire cock inside me. So that you can hear me clearly, I beg him loudly to fuck me harder still, to give me the punishment I need for being such a nasty slut.

I feel him tighten his grip on my hips and he hisses through his teeth that he is cumming.

I feel his steaming cum fill me and drip down my legs. At the same time, from the darkness, I finally hear your labored breathing and quiet moaning as you try not to reveal your presence to me as you shoot your huge load all over the ground in front of you.

He pulls out of me and I turn around to face him, reaching out to touch his still heaving chest. Taking a deep breath myself, I thank him for fucking me so good and tell him that I have always wanted to have sex with a black man. He leans in close and whispers, “Thank your man.”, motioning with his head in the direction of the passenger side of the cruiser.

I turn around to see you standing there with my sundress and the blanket in your hands and a huge, satisfied smile on your face.

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