Phone Lust

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Big Tits

I text you and ask what you’re doing. Your reply, thirty minutes later states you’re still in bed. I am already up and out so I ask you to imagine my lips all over your body. Mmmm, you reply, I always do, let me call you. Obviously I agree. I love to talk dirty on the phone.

The phone rings in less than a minute’s time. Your voice is husky and sleepy. “Hi baby. You’ve got me all excited.”

“Have I now?” I whisper back. I am walking through a pretty crowded area and I’m hurrying to find some seclusion so that I can continue unconsciously.

“Yes. I’m naked and my fingers are running over my body. I can feel your tongue through them.”

My pace quickens as I start to get aroused. I can feel my face flush with excitement at the thought of you stretched out and playing with yourself. “Oh angel, you have me excited and I am helpless. There are so many people around but you are getting me hard.”

“Good. Are you as hard as my nipples?”


“As hard as my clit?”

“Oh yessss. My cock is straining against my jeans.” I practically pant down the phone.

“Well, that would be a shame to waste wouldn’t it?” eryamandaki escortlar I can hear a slight giggle as you continue, “Why don’t you find somewhere quieter and come for me?”

“I can’t do that!” I blush at the thought but I also look around at my surroundings. I am at the edge of town now. I know the area well. There’s a park just a couple of minutes away.

“Are you going to come for me gorgeous?” You are now blatantly teasing me. “I’m going to come for you. My fingers are tugging on my hard nipples. They are sooo hard and sensitive. I wish your mouth was covering them.”

My hand moves involuntarily down to my crotch and I stroke my cock through the denim. “I’m holding my cock through my jeans.” I say, “I can feel the head. It’s so sensitive. I wish your mouth was covering it.”

“Oh yes. I would love to take you’re hard cock and suck it long and hard for hours. I want you to take it out of your jeans and play with it for me”

“I c-c-can’t do THAT!” I stammer. “It’s too open”

“Oh, I think you can lover. You can for me can’t you?”

“Well, maybe. Give me a minute. ” I practically run through the park etimesgut bayan escort gates.

“Hurry. My fingers are so wet with my juices. They’re slipping in and out of me.” You’re gasping now. “Oh Hurr ee ee EEE!”

My cock is literally jumping out of my pants. I move behind a tree that has some bushes around its base. This will do, I think to myself. I look around and no-one is about. I can hear you moaning and calling my name as I unbutton my jeans and pull my zip down. “Ok my beautiful temptress. I am all yours. My cock is hard and throbbing out in the open and I’m pulling on it just for you.”

“Oh, that’s it. I can imagine you now. Like some naughty school boy round the back of the bike sheds. Thinking about some female teacher you fantasized about. Listen.”

I hear some muffling and then the unmistakable noise of your pussy being rubbed right next to the phone. The rhythm increases and I can hear the squelching of your juices and the distant sound of your voice as you groan aloud. I start to speed up my rubbing. There’s something quite liberating about wanking in public. ankara escort I can now understand what flashers get out of it. Although I would die if someone happened to catch me at it.

The sound on your end of the phone and I hear your voice again. This time it is trembling. “Oh, I am so ready to come. I have 3 fingers deep inside myself. It feels sooo good. My thumb is rubbing my clit.”

“That’s it angel. Fuck yourself with your hand. I’m ready too. My cock is so hard thinking of you fucking yourself. Tell me when you’re ready to come.”

“Now, ohhhh, now. ” You practically squeal down the phone. I can hear your breath jagged and hard as you come for me.

That was enough for me too. “Oh darling, I’m coming too.” I feel my balls harden and the familiar feeling of the spunk flowing through my cock. I look down and watch as it shoots out of the end and splashes all over the leaves in front of me. I can still hear you moaning. “My cum has spurted all over the leaves in the park angel. It’s everywhere, just for you.”

“Oh that’s nice. I want you to show me next time I’m with you. I’m still feeling my cunt throb. It was wonderful. Thank you lover.”

“Thank YOU angel. It was good wasn’t it? I’d best go before I get caught with my pants round my ankles. See you in five minutes?”

“Yes, hurry, the bed’s too big without you.”

“Ok, I’ll run.” With that I disconnect the call and start to jog to your house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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