Office Discovery

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It felt like another long day at work and it wasn’t even close to quitting time. Alexis sighed, and straightened up in her office chair. If she had to look at one more spreadsheet, she was going to scream. She continued doing her work and started tuning everything out around here.

Suddenly, Jim startled her out of her reverie.

“Jim! I didn’t even hear you come up behind me.”

“Sorry Alexis, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just wondering if you had those spreadsheets ready for me.”

Alexis replied, “I’m almost done. Maybe another half hour? Once I finish them, I’ll drop them off at your office. Is that okay?”

“I was hoping they would be finished by now. Please drop them off when you’re finished. I may be on a conference call so just drop them on the desk.”

Jim walked away and Alexis rolled her eyes. Jim was always so demanding and expecting everything to be done an hour ago. Alexis quickly finished up the spreadsheets and printed them out. Once she had them in order, she quickly strode to Jim’s office.

Alexis knocked on the ajar door, and Jim waved her in while on the phone. She walked over to his desk and was about to put them down, when Jim suddenly held out his hand like he was going to take them from her, and they ended up dropping all over the floor.

Alexis let out an inaudible sigh, and walked to the other side of the desk to pick up the fallen spreadsheets. She leaned over and started to pick them up. Suddenly, Alexis felt something brush the inside of her leg. She stood up quickly and turned around, but Jim was looking out the window, still on the phone.

She bent over again to get the rest beşiktaş escort of the spreadsheets, and instead of a slight brush, she felt Jim cup her luscious ass in his hand. Alexis dropped the spreadsheets and turned around angrily. Jim was staring at her, still on the conference call, with a sheepish grin on his face.

Alexis thought of slapping him and walking out, but quickly her mind turned to other, naughtier thoughts. It had been so long since she had been with someone, and even though Jim could be an asshole, he was so good looking with his blue eyes, dark hair, and the muscles that she could see bulging underneath his suit jacket. Alexis looked down and could see Jim’s hardened cock through his suit pants. She quickly walked over to the office door and shut it.

As she walked back to the desk, she pulled her long hair out of its pony tail and shook it out, while slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Alexis rounded the desk, came towards Jim and stopped in front of him. She proceeded to take her blouse completely off, and then unhooked the front clasp on her bra, letting her tits bounce out of their concealing clothing. She then bent down in front of Jim and started to slowly pull his zipper down.

His cock looked like it was going to pop out of its confining clothing so she pulled his suit pants and underwear down. His hardened cock sprang up towards her, and she lowered her head to meet his awaiting cock. She slowly took the head into her mouth, licking around the tip. She could hear Jim let out a low moan, and his hand moved to touch her hair. She allowed him to run his fingers through her hair as she let beylikdüzü escort her mouth move from the tip and down to the shaft.

She tried to take his entire member into her mouth, knowing that it was an impossible task with how big it was. She started to move up and down his cock with her mouth, and wrapped a hand around the shaft to add extra pressure as her mouth moved up. She continuously jerked him off and sucked him at the same time. He kept pushing his hips towards her, trying to get her to take him all in. Alexis sped up the tempo and worked on his cock until she could feel that he was starting to get close.

She slowly let her mouth move up to the tip, and then pulled her mouth completely from his cock. She stood up and pulled her skirt up a bit to reveal her panties. She then stepped out of her panties and dropped them on the floor in front of Jim. With her skirt still hiked up, Alexis moved on top of Jim, fitting his rock hard cock deep within her pussy.

Jim hung up the conference call and with both hands cupped her large breasts, pulling one of the hard nipples towards his mouth. He started to nibble on her breast, while massaging the other, and Alexis balanced herself on him so she could move his cock in and out of her pussy.

They started to move together faster and faster, Alexis feeling like she was going to cum at any moment. Jim continued squeezing and nibbling on her nipple, while moving the other hand around to cup her ass.

As they continued moving up and down, Jim started to play at Alexis’ secret hole. He began slowly sticking the tip of his finger into her ass and beyoğlu escort Alexis gasped, pushing deeper down onto his cock. As she pushed down, he was able to slide a little bit more of his finger into her ass and then started pushing in and out as she rocked on his cock. Never feeling such an invasion before, Alexis quickly came with Jim’s finger in her ass. Once he felt her pussy and ass start to contract, Jim could no longer hold back his own orgasm. He shot load after load of cum into her tight pussy. Feeling their juices mix together, he pushed his cock in and out of her, trying to shoot every last drop inside of her. He gently bent his head down and nibbled on her nipple, while lifting her off of his cock.

He set her gently on top of the desk and kneeled in front of her. “I think you need to be cleaned up before going back to work.” Jim pushed her skirt up around her hips and pushed her legs apart. He slipped his head in between her legs and started to lick the juices spilling from her pussy. He let his tongue lick her pussy lips and then pushed in between her lips, tasting their juices. He moved his tongue up her slit and then took her clit inside his mouth, gently sucking on the swollen bulb. Alexis leaned back, feeling herself coming close to orgasm again. Jim continued to lick her clean, and even let his tongue move down her slit, towards her ass. He buried his face inside her pussy, pushing deep within her alcove, moving his tongue inside her. As he pushed deep inside her, she could feel his lips brushing against her clit and let out a moan as she felt herself climax again. She road the wave of her climax while rocking her hips against his tongue and mouth.

When she was finished cumming, Jim looked up at her and smiled, with glistening lips. “Thank you for the spreadsheets, Alexis.” Alexis stood up and straightened her skirt, then grabbed her bra and blouse. She quickly put them on and turned to Jim, “No, thank you, Jim.” She turned and walked out the door.

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