Off Campus

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Off Campus.


This is an excerpt from a much larger work that may or may not be completed in my lifetime. Steve and Cyan, the main characters, are a mature couple married for many years and are still very deeply in love. They have grown into a polyamourous pairing with Phil and Jen, who are about 15 years younger. They originally met at a swinger club and bonded immediately, setting the tone for an unabashedly sexual, freewheeling two-plus-two relationship. This story is about one of their date nights while their club is closed for the winter, therefore “off campus.”

The residual memories and emotions of the grand orgy last year in the final week of the club’s summer season kept Cyan and I super-energized through the too-long fall and winter. It wasn’t allowed to wane, anyway, as thankfully we had opportunities to rendezvous with Phil and Jen on a few occasions, finding nice hotels where we could meet in the middle and enjoy each other’s company in comfort if not luxury.

On a couple of occasions we’d book a jacuzzi suite, where Phil and I were treated to a show by Jen and Cyan “bathing” together. How they managed 69 in a hot tub without drowning was beyond our comprehension. It was really difficult to contain ourselves, to stay hard and ready for the girls given their deliberate attempts to overstimulate our senses to a release too soon.

Bad, bad girls!

We love it. It was fantastic to watch Cyan take Phil’s uncut cock each and every time. Jen was no slouch with me, either.

For one such date we reserved rooms at a classic, old-world downtown hotel about an hour away from the club. It was great in that it featured an attached coffee shop and cocktail lounge, the lounge decor straight out of the 1950s: dim lighting, dark booths and all. It was the kind of place you’d take a paramour for a discreet assignation.

So the four of us took advantage of the lounge ambiance by asking Cyan and Jen to dress super-sexy if not outright provocative, Cyan in one of her trademark very short skirts with no underwear, and Jen in an elegant plunge-neck ankle-length dress slit all the way up to her waistline, also with nothing underneath. Full-blown “Fuck me!” couture.

We sent them down to the lounge together with instructions to order drinks at the bar, and we would join them in twenty minutes or so. It was implied that they were to “accidentally” flash pussy and tits to anybody they found interesting. Not too much risk to us, from a previous mid-week date there with Cyan I knew it was going to be a quiet evening in the bar; we didn’t expect them to entertain any interceding offers while they waited for us.


Phil and I casually saunter into the bar expecting to find our loving wives bored out of their minds and excited to see us. Instead we find three empty barstools in a row, all the others taken. We sit on two of the empty barstools, order drinks, and chat up the cute and personable bartender.

“You didn’t by chance notice a couple of attractive ladies come in here a few minutes ago? Dressed to kill?” I query.

“Well, yes, I did,” was the response. “They were sitting where you are. The blonde was stunning, her friend adorably cute.”

“Did the blonde order a virgin tonic and lime, the other a Dewars on the rocks?” Phil asks.

“Why, yes! How did you know?” blurts the surprised hostess.

“They’re our wives,” I inform in my best deadpan. “And thanks.”

“Uh… I don’t know what to say. This guy paid for their drinks and they left with him, one on each arm,” she sort of mumbles.

Phil and I have huge grins and are chuckling to ourselves.

“Good! Poor dude probably has no idea what he’s in for!” I boast.

“Huh? You guys set this up?” she puzzles. “He was great looking. Tall, a silver fox type. Nice cowboy boots. Your wives were all over him, ‘specially the blonde.”

“Well, shit,” I complain. “No wonder. Yeah, Cyan’s a real sucker for that.”

“Yes and no, and no, we don’t know the guy,” Phil confirms. “We were more or less banking on nobody hitting on ’em. This was mostly role-play. Our plans were to do a fake pickup.”

“Yeah. I was going to leave with his wife, he was going to pickup mine. We swap,” I reveal.

“Didn’t think somebody else would get to ’em first!” Phil admits.

At that point my phone buzzes. “422” is the entire text message from Cyan.

Not two seconds later, Phil’s phone beeps with a text from Jen. “Get your asses up here.” There’s a photo of a nude Cyan riding the stranger’s cock cowgirl style. Appropriate.

Phil shows me the text and picture.

“Figures,” I mumble.

I throw a twenty down on the bar. “Gotta go. Keep it.”

“Yeah,” Phil confirms. “He needs to watch him cum in her.”

Phil shows the bartender the picture.

Her eyes get real big. “Whoa! You guys are kinky! I like that. I’ll be here until 1:00. I want a full report. Nice pic!”

I retort, “Damn. ankarada yeni escortlar You’re pretty kinky yourself! And cute! Maybe?”

“We’ll see,” she grins.

We already know the elevator in this old building is very slow, so we run up the four flights of stairs.

An exhausted Phil complains, “We’re going to have nothing left for them!”

“That’s okay,” I offer, panting. “This time we just watch.”

“422. There it is,” Phil confirms.

I softly knock. A naked Jen answers the door.

“(Just in time),” she whispers. “(She just flipped him over and he’s going for it. Big uncircumcised cock. She’s in heaven.)”

“(Get the fuck out of the way, Jen!)” I chide. “(I gotta see!)”

“(Of course you do, asshole!)” she pushes right back.

“MY TURN!” Jen interrupts Cyan’s fuck. “You with the boots! Not yet! I get you!”

The cowboy pulls out of Cyan’s pussy. Jen’s right, he’s big. His foreskin snaps back as he pulls away.

“Gentlemen!” greets the stranger. “You have a couple of great ladies here! Now give me a chance to show you how it’s done.”

Cocksucker. He has no idea. This is for the girls, anyway, so let ‘im be an ass about it.

“That’s fine. It’s your show!” I smirk as Phil and I take our seats. Cyan is in my lap now, and plants a wonderful kiss on me.

“(Oh, I get you later! I so love you!)” she coos as I caress her naked body.

Jen kneels on the bed, in position for doggy style.

“How’s this?” she asks cowboy, spreading her legs. That pussy of hers looks absolutely delicious.

Apparently he thinks so, too, as he buries his face in it. Jen’s gasps are clipped as this apparently talented tongue is hitting all the right places, in the right way. The overconfident braggadocio apparently has a grain of truth in it.

“Ready?” cowboy asks as he rises from the cunnilingus.

“For what?” Jen retorts.

“This!” as he shoves his penis into her pussy, really, really hard, almost pushing her head into the wall. He pulls back and keeps on doing her this way. It is not a gentle, caring copulation. Not at all. It is a very hard fuck, emphasis on fuck.

Some women get off on this violent style. Not ours.

“HEY! Not so hard!” Jen complains. “Easy!”

“Sorry. A lot of my lady friends like it that way, bucking bronco style.”

“Not us. Be gentle. Be a gentle man,” as Jen lays down prone, pulling herself off his cock.

She’s wearing a somewhat pained expression as she looks over at Cyan, “Here. I’ve had enough of that. Make him cum.”

“Okay,” Cyan reaching over to help Jen up. “Here, Tex. Fuck me and let my husbands know when you’re about to cum. One request. Okay, two.”

“What’s that?” cowboy responds.

“You have to cum inside me. And be gentle about it.”

Cyan lays on the bed face-up and readies herself to take his cock.

“I can do that. What’s with ‘husbands’?” as he enters her.

“We share. Four in the bed.”

“Oh? That’s weird!” he judges, while starting to stroke into Cyan in earnest.

“What? Like you taking the two of us up to your room isn’t weird? And fuck us while our husbands watch?” Jen interjects.

“It’s what most guys only dream of!” he protests.

“You have no idea, do you?” Cyan grins.

“What do you mean by that!” our stranger poses.

“Just a couple of months ago we had a little party,” Cyan taunts. “Our two guys over there were fucking six women. And we had six guys. It was great. I was covered in cum. Oh… one of the guys had fourteen inches.”

“Well, shee-it, ma’am!”

“So finish fucking me, will ya’. Can you manage that?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Suitably chastised, the cowboy — gently this time — enjoyed a satisfying intercourse with my wife in a missionary position, obeyed her request and let us know he was about to ejaculate.

“Oh. Ooooooh. Mmmmmm… aaaaaaaah,” as he cums into Cyan.

“Thank you. That was nice,” Cyan compliments. “Thank you for a great time. I hope you don’t mind if the two of us take our guys back down to the bar for a nightcap.”

She waits for the cowboy to soften before pulling away from his cock.

“Yeah,” confirms Jen. “We owe them.”

“Fine with me. See you again?” he asks.

“Doubt it ’cause we don’t come here often, but we won’t turn you down if we do,” Cyan promises. “You’re fun when you’re not a hard-ass.”

“Point taken,” he admits.

Cyan ducks into the bathroom for a quick cleanup while Jen pulls herself together to leave.

“G’night Tex. See ya’ at the next rodeo,” teases Cyan.

“G’night cowboy. We had a nice time. Ease up in that saddle a little,” adds Jen.

“Good night,” as Phil and I see our wives to the door.

The bar crowd is sparse as we return a little after midnight. The bartender has this absolutely shit-eating grin as the four of us find seats at the bar.

“So how was it? Or he?” She can barely control her laughter.

“He was okay,” Jen volunteers. “Not the best we’ve had,” as she makes goo-goo bayan escort elvankent eyes at me. “Nice fuck, when he wasn’t being an ass.”

“Big cock. Uncircumcised, too!” Cyan blurts.

I sigh and roll my eyes, “She has a thing about uncircumcised.”

“What about you guys?” Ally — the bartender — asks of Phil and I.

“Oh, we had our fun watching the girls take him,” Phil admits.

“He was awfully cocksure,” I add. “Our gals put him in his place, tho’.”

We get loving hugs from our wonderful ladies.

“But any ‘results’, guys? Or do you both have blue balls?” she grins.

“We get ours later! Don’t you worry! You have other ideas?” as I leer.

About this time Cyan is in my lap, unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out. Jen’s doing the same with Phil. The two of them exchange glances and push their skirts aside, simultaneously lowering themselves on us for a fuck right there at the bar.

“You ladies are a major hoot! You guys are nuts!” Ally laughs. “I’m in. What room?”

“Five… uh… TWELVE!,” I try to answer as Cyan bounces up and down on my lap.

“514,” is Jen’s response as she grinds into Phil.

“Of course. Adjoining rooms with a pass-through,” Ally notes. “Stay here until I close the bar and I will join you.”

To bide the time we chatter about polyamory and talk a little about the club and our sexy lifestyle, recounting the recent orgy for Ally.

“Really? Six couples all doing each other? What a rush!”

“It’s not that way all the time. The orgy was a rare event,” I caution. “But are you interested in coming to the club? It’s not too far away.”

“Why not?”

“Got a paper and pen?”

“Here you go.”

She pockets the info as she announces “last call” for the few remaining patrons.

A few minutes after one, Ally closes the bar, ducks in the back to change into street attire, and the five of us make our way to the elevator. In the spirit of the moment, as the elevator doors close Cyan and Jen remove the little they’re wearing for the entire slow ride up, throwing it at us men to hold for them as they dance and gyrate nude to tease us.

To my and Phil’s surprise, Ally does the same, removing her simple sheath dress to reveal nothing underneath ‘cept adorable pert breasts, a four-pack tummy and an especially smooth and pouting pussy. Sensing that our attention has been diverted momentarily by this firm young body, our wives go for our zippers again, pulling all of “us” out for Ally to fondle during the trip to the fifth floor. We’re sort of helpless at the moment seeing that the girls loaded our arms with their discarded clothes and purses.

“Squeeze his nuts!” Cyan prompts with a particularly evil grin.

“OOOF! Not mine! His!” Phil is quick to point out.

Gales of laughter ensue.

The doors open on our floor, and three naked beauties emerge into the hallway all a-giggle, followed by a couple of hapless-appearing guys with their junk hanging out, chafing on their zippers. Somebody down the hall hears the commotion and a door opens as an older gentleman sticks his head out, sees the ladies, grins, and gives us a thumbs-up. A chagrined Phil and I gingerly respond with the same, hands barely visible under our piles of feminine laundry.

Phil fumbles with the room key, dropping it a couple of times. Cyan bends over to pick it up for him each time.

“That second time was intentional!” she protests.

“Of course it was!” Phil grins. “Great view! You know that.”

Jen rolls her eyes, Ally giggles.

He is absolutely right. Cyan’s ass is eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and breathtaking, pick whatever metaphor suits you at the moment.

I reach for our key, dumping my entire load of clothes and purses onto the hallway floor. We’re starting to hear doorknobs jiggle as other guests grow curious about the party noises in the hall at nearly 2:00 a.m.

“Quick!” loud-whispers Ally. “I can’t get caught!”

I hasten to open our door and Ally jumps into the room, quickly followed by Cyan, Jen and Phil. I’m sort of stuck gathering the pile of clothes, fortunately working fast enough for the balled-up garments to cover my exposed hard cock. Oh, the grief our ladies put me through.

Door secured, everybody falls on a bed, the girls giggling at the absurdity of the scene while us guys catch our breath.

With a big, heavy sigh, I ask, “What next?”

Jen and Cyan both look at Ally. “Your turn,” one of ’em insists. The wives move awfully fast in stripping us bare for her.

Before either Phil or I could say otherwise, Ally grabs my hand and firmly leads me over to the bed Phil collapsed onto. She pushes me down face-up, jumps in the middle, and grabs our cocks like they’re a pair of handlebars.

“Some lube would be nice,” she inquires of our wives.

Cyan rifles through her playtime supplies, “Coconut oil. It works great. Watch for drips as it warms up in your hands.”

Ally reaches into the jar escort bayan etimesgut for a glob, rubs her hands together and goes back to town on our hard joysticks. She “slips” and gives my nuts a hard squeeze, now knowing I’m the one who likes it.

“Two at once! You’ve done this before!” I accuse. With a smile.

“Hey. You old farts don’t have a monopoly on great group sex! Scoot over!”


I’m mystified as she pushes me towards the edge of the bed. She adjusts per position to span the gap between Phil and me.

“Oh? Ooooooooh!” I gasp as she lowers her athletic torso and pussy to meet my penis. She’s super tight but I go in really slick! Ah, the pleasures of being young. A couple of strokes up and down my shaft, then she bends over to take Phil’s cock in her mouth.

“You go, girl!” our wives cheer her on as they get into their own little lovefest on the other bed. Hands… well… hands everywhere, fingers in pussies, deep kissing between our two favorite ladies.

Ally pauses long enough to exclaim, “Never had an uncut cock! That’s neat! I wanna feel it in me!” as she flips around to take Phil in her and suck on my dick. “Oh oh oh OH! That feels so different! I want more!”

She separates from both of us, kneels on the bed, commanding, “Spit roast! You with the funny cock goes back in my pussy! YOU!” referring to me, “Fuck my face!”

She deep throats me while rocking on Phil’s cock with gusto. Amazing.

Gawd, this girl is a spitfire. What have we gotten ourselves into?

Just kidding.

We hear moans and gasps from the other bed; they’re now in 69. Cyan and Jen are really getting into each other. Clearly this adorable girl showing their men a very special time inspires them.

“SWITCH!” announces Ally. “Ladies, pick a guy.”

The ladies break. Jen lunges for me and sits on my cock hard. She rolls us over prompting me into a surprisingly energetic coitus in a modified missionary, my kneeling between her legs to thrust harder.

“(Uh,)” I whisper, “(didn’t you have enough of that with Tex?”)

“(He wasn’t you,”) she smiles.

“(Thank you, sweetie.)”

I love Jen. I love Cyan. Is that too much for a guy to ask?

What about Phil? Oh, no. Ally reneged on the swap and is not done with him. Cyan’s left out in the cold.

“Hey! That foreskin belongs to me!” Cyan complains.

“Sorry! Possession is nine-tenths of the law!” Ally smirks. She is absolutely going to town on Phil. “I’m going to cum on that cock if it’s the last thing I ever do!”

Cyan laughs, then lowers herself to whisper to Ally, “(I know exactly what you mean. I’m sure he doesn’t mind, either.)”

All Phil can say is, “Mmmmmmmmmm.” Bastard.

In a complete role reversal, it’s Cyan “in the bleachers” watching me with Jen while taking in Phil truly enjoying this lovely young lady.

“Howz it feel, dear?” I pose to Cyan.

“What’s that?”

“Simply sitting there and watching those you love make love to somebody else.”

“It’s fun. Stimulating. Erotic, naturally. Certainly not like a personal porn flick. Lovely to watch, the fluidity, the intertwining of bodies. The vicarious rush is amazing.”

“Told ya’!” I grin. I’m usually the one watching her take strange guys. We have a stag/vixen relationship, and regularly cruise bars to find bucks for her to fuck.

“Hey, Jen…,” redirecting my attention to my immediate partner.


“I’m running out of steam here. Take a break?”

“Thought you’d never ask. I’m getting a little raw.”

“Thank you!” as I pull out and stretch on the mattress to cuddle-hug Jen. Cyan joins us on my flip side. We do this sandwich thing a lot.

The serenity of our cuddle is interrupted by lots of squeaky bed noises from the other side of the room.

“What in the heck is going on over there?”

I’m surprised. Phil is now on top of Ally, drilling the hell out of her.

“Where’d he find the energy?” Jen wonders.

“Osmosis through his cock, evidently!” Cyan laughs.

“SHUT UP!” Ally complains. “Phil, keep going! Just a little… oh!… more! Almost… there!”

Suddenly… total silence. Honestly, we were expecting a screamer.

“Did you kill ‘er, Phil?” Jen chides.

Ally breaks out in laughter underneath Phil, still trying to catch her breath after her “big O”, “You guys are completely and totally insane!” she gasps. “When are you coming back?”

“We’ll see,” Cyan notes, her usual noncommittal retort.

Pouty lip from Ally. “Hey, Phil? Did you cum?”

“Uh… ten minutes ago. You didn’t feel it? Damn!”

“Maybe I did. How could you stay hard for me?”


More giggles.

“Hey, Steve,” Ally seeking my attention. “You have yours yet?”

“No,” I respond. “Jen sorta wore me out. She and Cyan do that to me sometimes.”

“Well, come here then. I promise I’ll be gentle. I call it ‘zombie sex’ — reviving the dead.”

Our wives are howling in laughter at this, Phil’s all but rolling on the floor.

“Oh, we’re gonna be coming back, Ally!” Jen promises. “And you have our numbers, too! You. Are. A. Trip!”

“Goodie. You guys relax and let me take care of Steve here.”

“Gawd you’re fun. And sweet, too. Hold me, and do what you must,” I grin to Ally.

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