Noisy Neighbour Ch. 02

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I was out with my girlfriends at a nightclub. We were drinking, singing and dancing, having a good time together just like any other night out. I went to the bar by myself to buy another round of cocktails for the four of us and waited for the bartender to notice me. A lot of people were there and a lot of them were taller and louder than me, so I knew it wasn’t even worth trying to stand out from everyone else until some of them had left. I pulled out my phone from my handbag and opened a snapchat from my boyfriend, Will. He was out with his friends, but in the background of the photo was undoubtedly his ex-girlfriend, Jessica. What was he doing out with her? And why didn’t he let me know she was going beforehand? Trying to stay calm, I went to respond. But before I could, one of the guys at the bar came and sat on the stool next to mine and started talking to me.

He looked like a typical uni student. He was tall and kinda jacked, with a confident vibe about him. I knew why he was approaching me, and I was ready to shoot him down, but he was actually really kind and sweet to me. I thought he was gonna compliment my tits and say how much he’d like to take me back to his and all that, but instead, he just wanted to learn more about me. We talked about family, my dream of owning a café, how I wanna have kids when I’m older, wholesome things like that. My boyfriend messaged me again at some point, probably because he’d seen that I had opened his message and not replied, but I was so interested in the conversation that I chose to just ignore him for a while.

Eventually, some of the people surrounding the bar had left, and the bartender asked me what I wanted. After I ordered the drinks, I turned back to the guy I was speaking to.

“So, do you have a girlfriend?” I surprised myself at the words that came out of my mouth. Why was I interested? I mean, I knew why, he was hot and seemed nice, but I was taken. The photo of Will with his ex in the background flashed in my mind for a second.

Before I could think about it more, he said “No no, I’m single. But I am looking for someone. That’s why I started talking to you.”

I laughed, nervously “Heh. I- I have a boyfriend, so…” I trailed off, blushing at the thought that he found me attractive. His admitting eryaman escortlar that he was interested in me the way he did showed courage. I wanted to reward his behaviour, not shut it down and make him think he wasn’t good enough.

“Oh, don’t worry, love.” He goes on to say. “I’m not interested in him, I’m interested in you.”

I just stared at him in silence. I didn’t know what to say to that. I didn’t expect someone who seemed so compassionate and polite could come out with something so forward. His eyes never left mine. Something happened in those few seconds. Some switch in my brain flicked, and I already made my mind up.

The bartender placed the tray on drinks down, snapping my eyes away from the guy I was speaking to. I picked up the tray and balanced it on one hand as I placed my other hand on his knee.

“Wait here for me.” I said in a low voice. As began to strut back to my table with the girls, I looked back to see him staring at me with a smirk on his face.

Not long later, I found myself bracing against the door of a stall in the men’s room as the bar guy pounded me from behind. My black dress was hiked up around my waist and I was standing on uneven feet since one of my heels had fallen off at some point. This guy was full of surprises. I still didn’t even know his name, and yet here he was rearranging my insides with his big dick while squeezing my boobs hanging out the top of my dress. I had been with guys before, and Will was the best boyfriend yet when it came to sex, but this guy made sex a whole different experience. He thrust with such urgency, and I felt so desired. We hadn’t spoken a word to each other since I collected the drinks at the bar. Nothing but ragged breathing and the occasional moan and groan escaped our lips.

Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opened and the sound of a group of men laughing followed soon after. I shut up, stood up straight, and pushed back against the bar guy to get him to stop. This meant that he was bottomed out inside of me for the first time that night, and since I was already approaching an orgasm, this didn’t help at all. I tried to hold it back as the sound of the men moved from left to right, but all I was doing was slowing the build-up, making the inevitable orgasm even stronger. ankara escort bayan I came. I came harder than I think I ever have. As the first moans escaped my lips, Bar Guy covered my mouth with his hand, muffling the sounds that followed. But by then it was too late. The sudden silence from the group meant only one thing, they had heard me.

The door to the stall next to us opened, and after a few bangs and bumps, a head peered over through the gap between the stall wall and the ceiling. “Oh, for fucks sake, lads. It’s Darren with another bird!” Cheering and laughter came from where the rest of the group was standing as the shame I felt went to battle with the pleasures I was still experiencing from my orgasm.

Figuring we’ve been caught now, ‘Darren’ began slowly pumping into me again. With his hand no longer covering my mouth and his dick moving again, my moaning resumed. “Come on, lads. Give us some privacy would ya?” He said, putting on more of a Yorkshire accent to match that of the men. Seemingly limitless waves of shame flowed through me, yet Darren’s slow thrusts helped my pleasure overpower my shame, and I slowly started pushing back to meet his thrusts.

In a second, louder bout of laughter, the head disappeared behind the stall wall, and the group made their way out of the bathroom. “Sorry about that, babe. They were some friends I hang out with, sometimes” He said, his accent from before gone. “You alright?”

My legs were shaking, struggling to support my weight while also working to meet Darren’s slow thrusts. I tried to speak, but no words came out of my mouth, only the strangest noises that sounded like they belonged to a wounded animal. Darren must have senses that I was losing it. He turned me around, picked me up, and fucked me standing, relieving my overworked legs of any more work and allowing me to focus only on the pleasure he was giving me. It wasn’t long before he pulled out, put me down, and had me jack him off to completion. Ropes of cum were slung onto my face and breast, with some hanging off my chin. When I slumped down again the door of the stall, he gently cleaned me up with some tissue and let me lean on him while we went outside to grab a taxi.

When we made it to his apartment, I remember elvankent escort bayan him carrying me as if we were on our honeymoon. He laid me in his bed, slipped my heels off of me and pulled the covers up around me.

We fucked through the day after I woke up. It was my idea, I woke him up with a blowjob and told him I wanted him to ravish me as hard as he could. We only stopped to make brunch, and then we kept going again. I was loving it, and I had forgotten all about Will and the girls. But we must have been too loud, or I guess I must have been too loud, because we got a knock on the door. Darren stopped pumping into me.

“Ah, shit. That’ll be Mrs Brown again.” He said, reluctantly pulling his cock out of me. “I need to apologies to her for the noise.”

Darren said he would handle it and told me to hide in the bathroom. I plucked my phone from in-between my scrunched-up dress and discarded panties and hid as he told me to.

In the bathroom, I had an argument over text with Will. He was mad I didn’t answer my phone and I was mad he had been out with his ex, although even then I knew that I was probably more in the wrong than him, given what I had spent all morning doing. I huffed and dropped my phone in anger. After a few seconds, I became aware of the sounds coming from outside. Sounded like moaning. I peeked out of the door and saw Darren ploughing a busty middle-aged woman with one hand behind his back and another on her ass. Was she the person who knocked on the door!? After watching the scene for a few minutes, I realised my hand had gone to my pussy and decided this was more hot than it was shocking. I masturbated for a good while, watching this woman get dominated and hearing her squeal and squeak each time he bottomed her out. When he erupted inside of her, I came silently too, my knees buckling and body convulsing. Just as I had recovered from my orgasm, Darren swung open the door and I jumped back farther into the room.

“Problem solved. I wouldn’t worry about her anymore.” He walked over to me and pulled me into a deep kiss. Despite everything that was going on, I melted into him.

We stayed embrace for a while before he pulled away and led me by my hand to the bedroom. The woman was laid with her legs open and Darren’s cum leaking out of her. Darren pushed me onto the bed, and I looked at the woman next to me. She stared back with dead eyes, her head clearly empty and her mind not fully functioning. Darren entered me as I locked eyes with the woman, and our day of non-stop fucking continued.

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