No treble continued…

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No treble continued…[All blog entries and stories are based on true events. Only names, locations, dates and times have been changed for privacy]”I didn’t want to be too rough and leave a mark”. I told Eve before gently pushing her back to the work surface. “I hadn’t thought of that”. She replied as I kissed her neck and reached down to her bottom. I lifted her up so she was sat on the worktop, legs open, standing between he thighs I slid my hands to her knees and lifted her legs. Eve leaned back and put her hands behind her for balance. I kissed and sucked her nipples again making her groan a little. I held her right leg up and began to stroke her vagina with my free hand. Her clit was warm, erect and sensitive from her reactions. Without warning I cupped her thighs and crouched down before her. First teasing her clit with my tongue, flicking it slowly and rolling it around. Eve rested her left foot on the work top freeing my right hand. As I sucked hard on her clit for the first time I probed her vagina with my pointing finger. Making the “come here” motion up and down as I sucked, kissed, licked, rolled and flicked it was easy to get two fingers in there. Moving them together and then kicking them apart like they were legs swimming, but every time I sucked Eves clit I pushed my fingers inside her. “Oooooooooh, ahhhhhh! Ummmmm, can you stop please?” She requested. “Why what’s wrong?” I asked.”I’m really enjoying this but look at the time”. It was twenty minutes past eleven and she had to be at work for one. I stood back up, kissed her again and guided myself back into her very warm and incredibly wet vagina. I lifted her other foot on to the work top so she was almost squatting but instead of bouncing her up and down I hitched her bum forward to the edge. Eves head fell back and I caressed her breasts as I picked up rhythm. Eve groaned more and more and it wasn’t long before I was thrusting again. As hard as I was while I was playing afyon escort rough. I leaned down and sucked her left nipple as hard as I could, nipping my lips with my teeth to pinch as hard as possible without biting. Eve groaned again louder than ever. I was getting a bit carried away looking at the clock as much as her. 11:43 Eve was dripping down my scrotum over my legs so I grabbed her hair from behind, pulled her head back and bit her nipple. We were both close to cumming when her foot slipped off the edge of the work top. I caught her leg and pushed it up so she was all but laying on the bench. I rested her foot on my shoulder and ran my hand down her leg. Cupping her bum that was now over the edge. I pulled her head back again and put my finger on her arse hole. “Ooooohhh!” Her body shook, I let go of her hair, lifted her other foot to my other shoulder and touched her arse again. “Ooooohhh!” Again and she didn’t shake as much so I pushed my finger in her. She winced a little. I twisted my hand around to my thigh so as I pushed my cock in her pussy my finger went up her arse. “Ahhh! Ooooh! My. Fuck!”. I could feel her vagina clamping up again as she was about to cum. I thought about taking my cock out and replace my finger with it but I didn’t get chance. Eve squeezed my finger and cock out as she squirted her orgasm over the door of the cupboard she was sat on. Breathlessly she rested her calves on my shoulders, as she panted her eyes stared out of the window behind her. I could have reached down and fondled her breasts, played with her nipples or tried to touch her vagina again but she was done. I looked over at the clock. “It’s 12:08 Eve. Enough time for a shower before work”. Eve was back in the room. I felt bad for interrupting her post orgasmic chill. “Haven’t you cum?” She asked. “Not yet. Mind if I join you in the shower?” I asked teasingly. I brushed Eves legs from my shoulders and carried her up stairs to the bathroom. escort afyon “My husband has never made me cum like that”. I smiled and was about to say thank you.”Never fucked me like that”. “In the kitchen?” I asked jokingly. “Well. That to”. Eve said as she turned the taps on the shower. “In the bum you idiot. I used to love anal but haven’t had it in years”. We stepped into the shower. The water was a bit cold for my tastes but it reminded me of the air hitting my head the night before. Eve reached over for her shower gel. I took it from her hands, squirted some in mine and began to rub her shoulders and back. Almost using the shower gel as massage oil. I reached around to her breasts and bust. As the soapy suds ran down I weaved around her stomach with my hands. Eve turned around and kissed me. I began to clean around her bum and she started to wank me off. I squirted some of her shower gel on to the head of my penis and as she stroked it she slowed down so instead of foaming it was lubed up. Eve kissed me again, turned around and presented me with her bottom. Holding her cheeks apart so I could see her arse hole puckering in anticipation. I touched her bum hole with my finger, she sighed and leaned into it, inviting me in. I dripped a little shower gel on the top of her bum and let it run down to my fingers. Rolling my pointing finger around her hole I gently pushed my finger inside her up to the middle and pulled back to the tip.”Hhhhhmmmmm”. I pushed back in to the middle and back a few times before pushing up to the knuckle. “Are you going to fuck my arse or what?” Eve asked directly. I had completely forgotten the time and how she liked me to be rough. I withdrew my finger and pushed my cock against her hole. Her rocked forward to get away but I grabbed her hips and pulled her back. My head was inside her and I could feel the ridge of my foreskin getting caught on her. I pushed a little harder to get past this and before I afyon escort bayan knew it my cock was half way up there. I pulled back to the head and pushed harder again, and again, and again until my balls were slapping her vagina with every penetration. Eve was a lot more vocal this time. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh FUCK! Fuck my arse! Fuuuuuck!” I reached around and put my hand over her mouth. She protested this so I used my other hand to grab her hair and pull her head back. “Hmmmmmmmm-mumph! Hmmmm! Hmmmm! Hmmmm!”. Eve tightened her arse. “Do you want me to cum in or over you?” I asked. “Hmmm-mumph, mumph, mumph”. I have no idea what the answer was. I should taken my hand away before asking. Eve tried to bite my fingers so I pulled her hair harder. This really tightened her arse. Half a dozen or so more pushes and I stopped as deep as I could go so I could cum. Not as much as the night before but a good few squirts. I released Eves hair and gag from my grasp. “Over, me. Fuuuuck! Fuckin’ Hell”. Whoops. As I withdrew Eves arse was still pulsating. I quickly washed any evidence of her from me with her shower gel. “Nice and clean is he?” Eve asked before getting on her knees and sucking my dick for every last drop of cum. “Eve?” “Ummm-hmmm-mmm”. “Eve!””Hmmmm-mmmm”. She looked up. “It’s ten to one”. Eve spat my cock out like a wine taster that had seen a bucket. “Oh shit!”. She turned the shower off, jumped out, bent over to pick up a towel showing her arse hole was red raw and still gaping, threw one over to me and ran out of the room. I dried myself in the shower so there would not be any different size wet footprints on the floor, wore the towel back to the kitchen where I gathered my clothes, hurriedly put them on and use the towel to wipe the work top, door and floor where Eve had left her mark. Eve came down a moment later with her hair tied to one side, skirt, blouse nylons and heels. It’s the fastest I have ever known a woman get dressed in my life. “It’s time we weren’t here”. She announced. I looked at the way her high heels made her bum look even rounder, kissed her and thought to myself…”Next fucking time”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram:
00237 8000 92 32

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