Night Out

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It was a kind of upmarket bar, I suppose: lots of metal and glass overlooking the river, big serving bar in the centre of the room, comfortable chairs and lounges scattered around low tables and soft lighting. There are dozens of places like this around here.

I was in town again on business, staying overnight and thought I’d hit a bar. I didn’t know the place, though; I had simply chosen it at random. When I came in it was kind of quiet, there weren’t a lot people around. I was alone, so I sat at the bar and made small talk with the girl serving the drinks.

She was very young and cute. I was studying her, but only thing she was studying was marketing at university. Just like everyone else these days, I thought. Bobbed brown hair framed her face, her nice breasts were on view, thanks to the tight, low-cut staff singlet she wore. Small tight denim shorts showed off her very firm, young ass. Too young for me to stand a chance, I thought.

I glanced around the room. There were a few more people coming in now. I noticed a slim, elegant, dark haired lady sitting discreetly in a corner. She seemed to be studying, too, intently studying the room and its occupants, that is. It was like she was looking for someone. I ordered a refill of my drink and chatted idly for a while when I noticed that the dark haired lady now had a companion, a petite, attractive lady, possibly Japanese, wearing a neat, short dress that just covered her bottom.

I returned to my drink and thought no more about them. An assortment of people came up to buy drinks and occasionally made small talk with me while they waited. I was thinking about leaving to check out a different bar when a lady came up next to me and ordered a drink. It was the Japanese lady I had noticed earlier. She was very pretty, beautiful even, with a fragile build, petite features and lovely delicate fingers.

“Hello,” she said, maybe a little nervously, “you are alone like me tonight?”

I didn’t mention seeing her earlier with the dark haired lady. Maybe they didn’t know each other after all. I told her I was in town on business and we chatted for a few minutes. When I told her that I was thinking of moving on, she looked worried and gulped a little, then said to me, “Oh no, please don’t, I was hoping you could help me out. I am staying in an apartment nearby, you see… and I…, well…, I really have to have my ass fucked tonight. I was hoping you might be someone who could help a… damsel in distress…”

Time stopped. This petite, polite woman had just invited me to fuck her. Not only that, but she wanted me to fucked her up what I was sure would be a very cute ass! Of course, I had every intention to assist her in this most desperate situation but, to be honest, I’d not had much ‘hands-on’ experience with women’s asses. Most of the women I had dated seemed to not like any ass play at all, although I had always been keen on it and very keen to try it.

I explained my lack of experience in that department and Miya, that was her name, replied, almost shyly, that it was OK and that it was her first time, too, she said her ass was virgin, very tight and had never been fucked before. Tonight, evidently, would be the first time for both of us.

Miya went to the Ladies while I finished my drink. I wondered why she was taking so long. Maybe she wouldn’t return. Was this just going to turn into a mean joke? Had she chickened out? The dark haired lady returned to her place in the corner, and recommenced carefully observing the clientele. I thought she looked at me for a bit longer than usual. She must be the owner, I thought.

To my relief, Miya did reappear. She pressed something into my hands. I looked down, it was a pair of lace panties, still warm from her body. I made like I held a tissue so that I could discreetly smell her sexy, musky scent. There was a damp, fragrant patch in the gusset. Miya was nervous, but definitely getting turned on by this. I put the panties in my pocket as a souvenir.

We made to leave the bar for the short walk to Miya’s apartment. As she walked to the door, I watched her ass move under her dress.

“Mmmm, I am really going to enjoy fucking that,” I kurtköy escort thought.

I knew she was not wearing any panties, so when we turned into a quiet side street I put my arm around her shoulder. I let my arm slip until my hand rested on her small ass. It felt toned and sexy as she walked. Miya made no effort to remove my hand.

Emboldened, I slipped my hand under her short dress and found her smooth, round, naked ass. I stroked and squeezed it as we walked and Miya’s breathing became a little heavier. My hand raised Miya’s dress: her white ass was clearly exposed under the streetlight, sadly there was noone else to see its perfection. Exposing her like this excited me and I think, Miya as well. The front of her dress rode high and I saw a trimmed, triangular patch of straight, black pubic hair. Miya was indeed delectable.

As we walked further, I began to stroke her ass crack with my fingers. To my surprise I felt something nestled between Miya’s slim cheeks. We stopped walking. I leaned Miya over, against the closest building and pushed her dress up above her slim ass, so I could see better. It was a diamante-topped butt plug.

She told me that it was put in just before we left the bar to prepare her virgin ass for my cock. She asked hesitantly how big my cock was. I was now hard from the surprise of her butt plug, so I thought that she could better judge my cock size for herself. I placed her hand between my legs. She seemed a little surprised but then smiled nervously as she felt the large, stiff cock in my pants. I thought I heard footsteps in the distance, so I reluctantly smoothed her dress down after kissing both of her ass cheeks and we continued walking.

We arrived at the apartment on the top floor of a converted warehouse. I noticed that she closed, but did not lock, the door after we entered. It was tastefully furnished in a modern style with views towards the river.

Once she had put her handbag away, she removed her shoes and while bending down, she also removed mine. We moved further into the apartment. She then stood silently in front of me. I moved to her and kissed her, letting my tongue enter her willing mouth while I undid the clip and zipper at the back of her dress. I watched as the smooth, elegant dress fell into a crumpled, elegant pile at her feet.

I undid the clip of her lacy bra, noting that the pattern on the shallow cups matched the panties she had given me earlier. I tossed it aside. I told her to stand still with her arms by her sides.

Silent, she stood naked before me.

It was my first opportunity to properly appraise Miya’s body. Her face was pretty, no, beautiful, she was definitely young, but not too much so. Her skin was so white, set off by her long black hair and large, dark eyes. Her breasts were small, in fact she was almost flat-chested, except for the puffy nipples that almost completely covered her tiny tits. Her nipples were deliciously dark against her pale skin. Her waist was slim, curving out nicely to meet her hips, at the centre of which was a neatly trimmed triangle of straight, black pubic hair. It was not too thick: the slit made by the top of her pouting labia was clearly and invitingly visible.

I asked Miya to turn around. As she did so, I thought I heard a faint click of a door, a neighbour no doubt. Miya’s black, straight hair reached down to between her shoulders. Her smooth back was without blemish as it narrowed into her waist and curved out again to reach her hips and her slim ass. The deliciously, delicate, perfect ass which my cock would soon be in, up to my balls, fucking as hard as I could. At the centre of her ass sparkled a star: the diamante butt plug. It completed a picture of delicate innocence and potent desire.

I stood up and went to her. I kissed her firmly, tonguing her mouth, while, with my hand, I gently played with the butt plug. We broke the kiss and Miya smiled. She stepped out from her pile of clothes, bowed graciously, excused herself and left the room.

She returned carrying a small tray with a glass of fine whiskey and some small hors d’oeuvres. She placed the tray on the table and I sat down on the lounge. Miya knelt on the malatya escort floor, sitting back on her heels like a naked geisha, between me and the table. She then offered me the morsels of food with lacquered chopsticks. As she raised herself to feed me the items, my hands were free to touch her smooth, perfect skin, pinch her soft swollen nipples and cradle her ass and inner thigh. I asked her to sit facing away from me. Watching her as she obediently sat on her heels, quietly facing away, I sipped my whiskey and drank in the sight of her black straight hair, her perfect back, the curve of her ass and its suggestive crack – at the centre of which sparkled the butt plug.

I took Miya’s hand and indicated that she should stand. I led her to the bedroom where I began to kiss her, this time with more passion then before, my tongue fucking her mouth deeply and more urgently. My hands felt her delightfully flat chest and found the soft mounds of her puffy nipples. I twisted her nipples more insistently now and squeezed her delectably small breasts, all of which aroused me so much.

I took one of her teats in my mouth while my hand sought out the patch of pubic hair. My finger found the slit of her cunt and traced along its curve between her legs. There was some juice already there. Without further ado, I roughly inserted my middle finger fully into her cunt in one motion. Miya gasped and tensed. As I finger fucked this delicate girl, I could feel the butt plug through her cunt walls. It must be quite large, I thought.

I roughly finger fucked the fragile Japanese beauty a few more times before withdrawing my finger, which I duly smelled and tasted. Miya was delicious. I put my finger, still wet with her own cunt juice, into Miya’s mouth: she willingly sucked it and licked it with her soft pink tongue.

I stood up. Miya knelt down and unzipped the fly of my pants. She slowly unbuckled the belt and they fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and removed my underpants. My large erect, cut cock pointed directly at Miya’s open mouth. Instinctively, she moved forward. She paused to delicately kiss the head and shaft of my cock a few times before taking the shaft in her hand and guiding the head into her wet, open mouth.

Her tongue licked over and around the bulb of my cock’s head and playfully teased its slit. As I removed my shirt, I leaned forward and watched as my cock slid slowly, further into my little Japanese doll’s mouth, until it was in all the way and she had taken its full length. Rhythmically, we synchronised our movements in fucking her loving, hungry mouth, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes deeper, right to the back of her throat, my ball sac on her chin, sometimes with just the head nestled in her soft lips.

I felt my balls tingling to the point of no return; I abruptly pushed Miya’s face hard into my crotch, forcing my cock deep into her mouth and sending a load of hot cum down her swallowing throat. I heard a faint noise from the direction of the wardrobe…no doubt a neighbour on the other side of a party wall. I leaned down and kissed my tiny little girl on the mouth tasting my salty cum mixed with her saliva.

With my cock flaccid now, I helped Miya onto the bed. I placed her, knees apart on the edge of the mattress and leaned her forward towards its centre so that her ass was raised and facing towards me. The diamante butt plug was like a sparkling asterisk above her slit which ran down the centre of her pouting, wet cunt. I took my time to fully take in this erotic, sluttish view of this demure young lady.

I leaned down and licked her ass and slit, forcing her cunt lips open with my tongue. A beautiful shade of pink was now visible: the inside of Miya’s vagina was now open before me. I put two fingers into her wet cunt hole and started to roughly finger fuck this fragile doll. She pushed back hard in rhythm, grunting her pleasure. Soon a third finger was inserted into her little cunt. It was accepted easily by Miya’s elastic hole. Her cunt felt great and it looked fantastic with my three sticky fingers deep inside it.

At the same time, I pulled and pushed on the butt plug, adding to the sensation of my fingers kayseri escort inside Miya’s cunt. It seemed to turn Miya on more as well. She reached her hands back and pulled her slim ass cheeks wide open to expose herself for me. My cock revived and lowering Miya’s hips, it now smoothly replaced my fingers and slipped easily into Miya’s wet and dilated cunt hole.

I loved seeing my cock being swallowed by Miya’s hungry wet hole, loved how her sticky cunt lips clung to its shaft as it pounded into her. I pulled my cock out, slapped her ass cheeks with it, rubbed her labia and clit with its soft, wet head, then forcefully pushed it all the way back into the gaping cunt hole of the tiny lady.

I leaned forward reaching underneath her small body to squeeze her puffy nipples and play with her clit to make her cunt cum. Her vagina gripped and pulsed around my cock with her orgasm. I could feel the butt plug with my cock. I teased it from side to side as my cock continued to fuck her cunt. I slowly eased the plug out. It was large and left Miya’s asshole gaping open, just begging for a cock to fill it. Still fucking her cunt, I showed Miya the butt plug; she surprised me by licking and sucking it hungrily.

The gaping tunnel of Miya’s cute ass was now too hard to resist. I withdrew my cock from her tiny cunt. Miya made us quickly change scene to another side of the bed closer to the wardrobe and begged quite loudly, “Yes, now, please! Put your cock in it. Fuck my asshole. Now!”

I did not need another invitation. I guided my cock’s head, still lubricated with her cunt juice, to the open hole. I placed the head inside. Just as Miya had promised, I felt its tightness grip my cock. I gently moved my cock forward and backward, slowly edging deeper as her muscles relaxed.

Eventually, the shaft was fully in my geisha’s slim, tight hole. Gradually, with my hands on her hips, the movements became longer and deeper. Soon we were synchronised in ass fucking bliss. Miya handed me her phone, open to the camera and I filmed several minutes of my cock as it slid in and out of her back hole. Several times I pulled my cock out to admire her ass gape only to reinsert it firmly and fully in her ass in one motion.

I asked Miya where she wanted my cum. She told me to cum in her ass hole. It was my pleasure to comply. It was the most intense climax I have ever had. I shot a huge load of cum deep into my baby girl’s ass. After that, we both rested for a few minutes, my cock still plunged deep in Miya’s pulsing ass.

After a while, Miya broke the silence, “Now you must let me clean your nice big cock.” Reluctantly, I withdrew my cock from her still gripping ass. A trail of cum dribbled from Miya’s ass hole down her crack towards her cunt. I was very happy.

Miya took my semi hard cock in her hand and placed it directly into her mouth, straight from her ass. She sucked it and licked it and rubbed it over her face, smearing her lipstick and makeup. The sight of such a delicate, fragile girl behaving like such a slut and the working over she was now giving to my dick miraculously brought it back to full erection for a third time.

Her sucking was making me want to explode! This time I pulled my newly cleaned ass-fucking cock from Miya’s mouth and shot my load all over her beautiful face. I rubbed my cock’s head into the cum that had sprayed all over Miya’s features, repeatedly dipping its cum drenched head into her mouth like a lollipop. She eagerly licked it all off. After she had eaten it all up, like a good girl, I kissed her on the mouth.

“Thank you,” she said as I was leaving.

“Can I see you again? I can visit more regularly,” I replied.

“That will be up to my Mistress,” Miya replied. “It was she who instructed me to have my ass fucked tonight and she who chose you for me. When we knew that you had agreed, she inserted the butt plug into my ass hole and fingered my clit to climax in the Ladies room at the bar. She watched us here as we fucked, too. Later tonight, when I am in bed pleasuring her, she will advise me if I have been good and what my next task will be. Thank you once again. In fact, I have found that I love having my ass fucked. I hope that you enjoyed fucking it. I hope that I will have many more such experiences for my Mistress. But for now, good night.”

And with a brief kiss and a closing door, my adventure was over and my night out complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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