Neighbor kids, part 5

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After a very blissful two hour nap, I awoke from my slumber with my usual raging hard on. I’d slept deeply and was happy to see I’d be ready for more action with my dinner invitation. I stroked myself for a few minutes thinking about the events earlier in the day and tried to anticipate what might be in store for the evening. It didn’t take long before I had pre-cum leaking from the tip. I knew I wanted to save myself for later though, so took a quick shower, shaved, brushed my teeth and dressed in only a t shirt and shorts. I was off to see what the evening had in store. It didn’t seem possible that I’d slipped into such depravity in the past few days and here I was going into this even deeper and loving the thrill of it every step of the way!

I padded barefoot to my car and drove the 20 minutes to Mary’s house. I always enjoy the feel of the pedals on my feet and I was hoping for some nice foot action this evening too. I figured there is a reason our feet are so sensitive so might as well enjoy it some more! I was pleased to see Mary’s house was very nice and at the end of a secluded driveway. I drove to the top and parked. Apparently, the girls saw me driving up and already had the front door open with big beautiful smiles on their young faces. That’s when I realized I had never even heard their names earlier that day! Even better, I was very pleased to see them with very little on – short white shorts and tight little t shirts on their darling young bodies. I drank in the sight of their long slender legs and pretty bare feet. They both had a colorful piece of string wrapped around their left ankles. I always think that is such a hot sight.

I grinned happily at them and said – you know girls, in all the excitement today, I never even got to hear your names! You know I am Victor – what are your names? The older girl answered that she was Tammy and the younger girl said she was Lisa. I said those are very pretty names to which they beamed even more. With that, I walked into the house to the smell of wonderful food. That’s when I realized that I was famished! One thing about constant arousal – it seems to suppress my appetite and I hadn’t eaten anything since the morning. The girls ran barefoot into the kitchen shouting to Mary, their mother, that Victor was here. Mary came out and I was pleased to see she was dressed in the same basic outfit as her sexy daughters – short white shorts and a tight t-shirt. Her small breasts were clearly outlined and I told her that I really liked the way she and the girls were dressed! Her hair was done up in a simple pony tail which I also love.

Mary welcomed me with a nice hug and a kiss on the lips. I felt the heat of her body radiating through her thin clothing right through to my skin. What a thrill – I could already feel my cock starting to stir again! I also felt the very pleasurable squeeze of girl hands on my ass at the same time. I squeezed Mary’s ass and drew her pelvis in tight against mine. Aah, what an evening this was going to be! I said, but girls, isn’t this dessert? They all laughed and Mary said that was just an appetizer. She invited us into her dining room where she had set a very nice table. She had cooked succulent steaks with potatoes and green beans. It was all incredibly delicious. I sat directly across from Mary while her darling daughters sat on either side of me. They were close enough to me that they used their lovely bare feet to tease me under the table. They both ran their toes up and down my legs while they giggled at each other. I returned the favor and used my own big toe to reach up to their nice little cunts and tickle them through their shorts. I could see they were really enjoying this as I watched their nipples harden through their t shirts. I told Lisa to give me her foot. She immediately put her bare left foot up on the table in front of me. I began to lick the soles of her very sexy foot and run my tongue through each of beautiful little toes. Oh what a wonderful taste! Lisa giggled and said it tickled. I asked for her other foot and she switched illegal bahis them out. I enjoyed the taste of this foot as well. Eventually I thanked her and she sat back in her chair normally.

Mary got up and cleared our plates off the table and brought fresh baked apple pie out. My favorite dessert! She served us up and while she leaned over me to serve my pie, she took her left hand and started rubbing her hand all up and down my chest. The girls again used their bare feet to stroke my legs and then Mary reached down and let her hand slip into my shorts where she grabbed my quickly hardening cock and squeezed. Aaaahhhh – I let out a long moan. She said naughty boy isn’t wearing any underwear! I chuckled and said somehow I didn’t think any of us were! We all laughed. Then Mary withdrew and we all enjoyed our apple pie together. When we were done, Mary said she and the girls had a very special evening planned for me and that we were going to go into the basement where they had prepared things. My heart quickened at this while I wondered what lay in store.

Mary told the girls – ok, you know what to do. All three of them then stood up and quickly removed their clothing. As I suspected, none of them had anything on under their shorts and t shirts. Wow – what a beautiful sight they were. Tammy and Lisa’s nipples were hard as pencil erasers and Mary’s pussy was glistening with her sexual arousal. I looked from one girl to the other and to Mary licking my lips in appreciation. I was getting so hard! Then Mary asked me to stand up. I immediately did. Then Lisa and Tammy stood on either side of me and quickly pulled down my shorts which released my very hard cock. Tammy and Lisa then gave my cock a nice kiss and then stood on their chairs and pulled off my t shirt. Now the disrobing was complete and it was so wonderful!

Mary then said – ok Victor, now the girls will lead you down into our parlor of pleasure in the basement. Follow me girls! With that, Lisa grabbed my cocked and used it like a leash while Tammy playfully squeezed my ass cheeks to urge me on. I was liking this! I caught sight of us in a hallway mirror and wished it was being recorded! Down the stairs we went and into the room Mary was walking into. The room was fairly well lit and there was a padded table in the middle of the room with a pretty good size hole in it toward one end. I had a pretty good idea what was happening next and sure enough, Mary told me (she didn’t ask) to get on that table stomach down. My hard cock went into the center of the large hole on the table and I got comfortable. I felt very vulnerable but at the same time, it gave me a thrill.

They had obviously rehearsed this or maybe they had done it before – I wasn’t sure although I suspected I wasn’t the first male to use this table. I would find out later that indeed I was not the first male on this table! Mary then told me she was recording everything so we could all it enjoy it later and she promised me my own personal copy of the tape at the end of the evening. Now Lisa laid down on the padded shelf under the table and my cock met up with her young lips just perfectly. She put a pillow under her head to raise it up so she could easily take the entire length of my cock into her young mouth. And she wasted no time starting to work on me. Oh my gosh – what a feeling! Something about not being able to see her suck me made it all the more thrilling. But this was only the beginning.

Next, Tammy crawled up on the table with me. It was extra long and there was plenty of room for her to lay on her back with her pussy right in my face with her long sexy bare legs along my sides with her pretty bare feet placed directly on my back. I got the hint and immediately started licking her pussy. She became very wet very quickly and the sweetness of her juices was intoxicating! She began to moan insistently as I licked her ever-expanding clit. Meantime, little Lisa was doing one hell of a good job on my hard cock under the table! Wow, what fun this was! Now, Mary told Tamara to hop off the illegal bahis siteleri table and to get on my back. I felt this beautiful girl stand up on my back and her bare feet were warm and felt so nice on my back. She then proceeded to walk all around my back and ass and she scrunched her toes in a massaging motion every few steps. Oh, it was heavenly! Meanwhile, Mary had taken Tamara’s place on the table and I got to enjoy the stronger scent of a woman’s pussy. Mary was sopping wet before I even got started on her. She was tweaking her own nipples as I ate her out hungrily.

Tamara then announced she had to go to the bathroom and would be back shortly. Mary said don’t take too long! I heard her bare feet padding away. She was gone for a few minutes and then I heard her walking back. I was looking forward to feeling her bare feet on my back again, but apparently the girls had other plans. Instead, I felt her warm wet tongue on the bottom of my feet! All right! I loved the feeling of it. She took her time and licked my soles thoroughly. I then felt her spread my legs apart and I felt her fingers caressing my anus. She had put some lube on her fingers and easily worked one in and began to finger fuck me in the ass. What an intense feeling this all was – the taste of Mary’s pussy in my mouth, the feel of Lisa’s hot mouth working on my rock hard cock and now Tamara’s finger reaming me out! I didn’t think I was going to be able to take this much longer! Next, Tamara pulled out her finger from my ass and then began to insert something warm and a little larger into my rectum. Oh that felt so good! I figured she must have gotten a dildo or something. I thought it was awfully nice of her to warm it up before she stuck it in me!

Aaah – that ass reaming was feeling really good! Soon the rhythm of that dildo up my ass started increasing and Lisa started sucking harder and faster and my tongue pressed even harder onto Mary’s clit and probed deeper into her wet cunt. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Tamara walk around. She smiled at me and was rubbing her pussy furiously as she pinched her nipples. That’s when I realized something terrible – if she wasn’t reaming me out with a dildo who was? But Tamara said no no, don’t look around! Then I felt it at the same time I realized this had to be a male, and probably a boy judging by the small size of his cock. Suddenly, this person behind me starting moaning loudly and I felt his cock start spasming in my ass. That sent me over the edge and I had the most powerful orgasm of my life yet! I filled poor Lisa’s mouth very quickly and she did her best to swallow, so I’m told. Mary and Tamara came almost at the same instant and that room was one mass of loud moans and slurping noises and grunts. My senses were almost overloaded. I also thought I recognized the voice of that person in my ass too.

For a while, I decided just to enjoy the sensations – I couldn’t deny it – that felt damn good! But I wasn’t gay my mind protested! I knew I didn’t want a man’s cock up my ass, but something about a boy cock up there seemed different somehow. Maybe it was the young innocence thing again. I didn’t know. I finally decided to turn around and sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed. It was Bobby! He had a huge grin on his face and I was just stunned. I’d just been fucked up the ass by a 9 year old boy! Oh man, my head hurt!

Mary asked me if I liked what just happened. I had to admit to her that yes I did. But how in the heck did Bobby happen to be here? She explained Bobby was in the same English class at school as Lisa. So, I talked to Bobby’s mom earlier this afternoon and invited Bobby to have dinner at our house. Laura readily agreed to let Bobby come. She even brought him over before you got here. I asked if Bobby had had a chance to eat yet? Mary said she fed him right before I got here then sent him downstairs to await our arrival later. He had been waiting in the exercise room. I gave him my laptop with some good porn on it so he could get himself nice and hard and get him canlı bahis siteleri ready for his mission. I was amazed at the planning that had gone into this evening! So, when Tamara excused herself to go to the restroom, well, she didn’t actually need to go to the restroom. Instead she sent Bobby in here and well, you know the rest from there!

I then looked at Bobby and I asked him if he had enjoyed fucking me. He nodded his head enthusiastically and thanked me for teaching him all about sex this week. He said he liked fucking any hole, girl or boy, ass or pussy or mouth! Wow – and here I thought Susie was the sex crazed one. Holy crap! Mary then told Bobby to come to her. I noticed Bobby still had a nice hard on – the energy of youth – I was jealous! Mary then said to Bobby – take that nice hard little cock of yours sweetie and fuck me up the ass with it – I love having a boy cock up my ass! Bobby didn’t need any more of an invitation than that and he was on her like a dog again – just like he had done to her in the woods earlier in the day. Wow he was energetic. He fucked her like there was no tomorrow! I had to admit, it was pretty hot and I was starting to get hard again!

Tamara noticed I was getting hard too and smiled at me. Without a word, she climbed back up on the table on her back and spread her legs wide. Oh my gosh – how could I resist an invitation like that? I couldn’t. She was very well lubricated already and I slid my cock into her young tight pussy and went balls deep in one hard thrust. She moaned as I bottomed out in her young hot cunt. I then began to pound her as hard and fast as I could. Lisa was quite turned on by all this action and began to rub her own pussy in earnest as she watched my cock thrusting in and out of her sister’s pussy. I realized that I wanted to feel Lisa’s tight young pussy around my cock too before I came, so I pulled out of Tamara who pouted a pit, but I told her I needed to be fair to her sister. After all – what’s better than fucking an 11 year old I asked myself? Why a 10 year old of course! I hadn’t tasted Lisa’s pussy yet this evening, so I enjoyed licking her cunt for a few minutes first. She squealed in delight as I lapped at her sweet young pussy. Then she surprised me by asking for an ass fuck instead of a pussy fuck.

I said are your sure Lisa? She said oh yes, she was sure. She liked it better up her ass than her pussy. Mmm, I thought – I know what you mean! So, I grabbed the lubricant that Bobby must have used, and smeared up my cock thoroughly and then fingered her anus with the lubricant to get her nice and ready. Then, I pressed my cock head against her ass ring and slowly pressed forward. Just relax sweetheart I cooed. Suddenly my cock slipped in past her ring and I was in. Oh my gosh – it was SO tight! It felt SO good! I couldn’t believe it. I watched in fascination as my hard cock slid in and out of this beautiful 9 year old’s tight little ass. It was amazing! Lisa was busy frigging her own clit as I worked my cock in and out of her young ass. I inserted a finger into her pussy hole and finger fucked her that way while I cock fucked her ass. It didn’t take long before she was screaming out in orgasmic pleasure. I felt her body shudder beneath me and then I shot my own load of hot sticky cum inside of her ass. Oh what a feeling!

We all continued fucking, licking, and sucking each other for the next 30 minutes or so and then we all collapsed on the floor breathing heavily. After that, Mary got up and turned off the video camera which she had hidden behind some books on the nearby shelf. She smiled and winked at me. Oh man, it was gonna be hot to watch all that action! We all went back upstairs to relax in the living room. Mary remembered that she had to have Bobby home soon so told him to go get cleaned up and dressed. He asked if he could take a shower to which Mary replied of course he could. She asked me if I would mind keeping an eye on the girls while she took Bobby back home. I asked her with a grin on my face if she trusted me to be alone with her girls? She smiled wickedly back and said I certainly do and I hope you have fucked them both at least once before I get back! Wow! My head was spinning!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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