Needling the Partner

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Editor’s Note: this submission contains blood and bloodplay content.


Lenora dropped the wilted rose, open card, her purse and keys on the kitchen table as she passed. Her mind set on a momentary singular purpose; the wine bottle next to the kitchen sink. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Yeah, he was going to be a little riled, but she purposely put herself in this position. She needed to prove a point to him, or was it herself? Now there’s a thought. No, she didn’t want to look too closely into those dark corners. She pulled a wine glass out of a cabinet and poured herself a generous serving of cabernet. The evening sun cast elongated shadows throughout the room as it shone through the window. She held the glass up in the light and regarded the dark red liquid, it could almost be blood.

Her heels clicked on the wooden floor of the den as she went from the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs where she stopped. Taking a sip of wine, she looked up to see light spilling from the partially open bedroom door. Yep, he’s waiting and she’s purposely dawdling, needling him. The rose and card were sitting on her desk when she returned from lunch earlier today. The card simply stated that he was going home early, and the tacit implication was that he had expected her home as soon as she was done at work. But she had had earlier plans, and had gone ahead with them disregarding his innuendo. Needling him. She swallowed another sip of wine and then eyed the contents of the glass again and laughed silently, this will needle the teetotaler even more.

She mounted the stairs and climbed, stopping just outside the bedroom door. Why did she do this to him? To her? To them? Why? She took another deep breath. Because to her immortal shame, it made her pussy wet. She stared down for a moment to the triangle of light spilling out of the of the partially open door, not comprehending the fission of fear that snaked down her spine coupled with the intense state of arousal that she experienced by merely thinking of her husband. With resolve, she squared her shoulders, pushed the door open, and strode into the room.

Heels clicking as she crossed the wooden floor, she passed the bed and stopped at the window that faced west. Her intention was to look out at the setting sun rather than his face, but lost that advantage when he spoke.

“You’re late.”

The head of the bed was pushed up against the same wall as the door, which required her to turn her head and look over her shoulder to see him. Oh God, the sight of him took her breath away; he was so beautiful. He had changed into blue jeans and a burgundy tee shirt, out of the business suit that was his usual work attire. His long, straight black hair had been taken out of the cue that he normally wore; it fanned out, falling to just past his shoulders. The five o’clock shadow served to enhance the dangerous air that he normally projected. There was a half inch scar that barely missed the corner of his left eye, acquired during a childhood scuffle with one of his brothers. It shone, this evening, in stark white contrast to the normal olive tone of his skin – a definite indication of his miffed mood. If that wasn’t enough evidence, the flare of his nostrils and tic in the jawline truly revealed that he was indeed irritated with her tardiness. “I worked late and then went out for a drink with Lexie and Susan.” Her next thought was that she had perhaps pushed this a little too far and should have dialed down the rebellion a bit by, oh maybe, not having gone out for a drink with friends after work. She winced inside and then mentally shrugged, too late now.

He had been reclining on pillows, but had sat up when she entered the room. He narrowed his gray eyes and rested his gaze on her shoes. Snapping the book on his lap shut and setting it aside, he asked incredulously, in a low tone, “you wore ‘fuck me’ shoes to a bar?”

She curled her wine glass up to her chest and then looked down, regarding the four-inch black heels, turning an ankle one way and then another. She shrugged and toed a shoe off flinging it toward the closet with her foot, repeating the motion for the opposite side. Ah, relief. Those things hurt like hell.

“So, what kept you at work.”

“A freshman asking for assistance with reference material for his term paper.” She took a sip of wine. “Psychology. He came back a couple of times.”

He emitted a sound from deep in his throat that resembled a growl. “Since when do librarians dress like that?”

“Like what?” she queried.

“I don’t recall librarians dressing like that when I was in college.”

She turned to face maltepe escort him, beetling her brows. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” she said, indicating her simple skirt and button-down blouse. She took another sip of wine. “The skirt is a modest length. Sheesh, the hem falls mid-knee.”

“Turn around,” he commanded. As she complied, he indicated the liberal slit up the back of the pencil skirt that hugged her curves. “From here I have an ample view of the pillars to the goddess’s temple.”

She spun around. “Evren, that is so cheesy!”

He recoiled in mock indignation. “What? Are you disparaging my religion?” Her response was an exaggerated eye roll, which caused him to narrow his eyes. “Alright it’s cheesy,” he relented, “but that doesn’t change the fact that as we speak, there is an eighteen-year-old freshman alone in his dorm room playing five-on-one while fanaticizing about my wife’s ass. I consider that worshipping at my private temple.”

She rolled her eyes again and slowly approached the bed, setting her wine glass on the bedside table, pushing her way to stand between his knees as he swung his legs over the edge and sitting up. He grasped her around the waist and pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bending her head down to place a light kiss on his forehead. “You need to understand something.” He quirked an eyebrow upward, waiting for her to continue. “Just because we’re married, doesn’t mean you own me.” This was said as much for her benefit as it was for his.

“No, you’re right I do not own you.” He looked up into her face. “But I do want your willing submission.” He nodded to a chair in the corner of the room and indicated a leather strap subtly draped over the back. She stiffened and widened her eyes when she saw it, then attempted to back away from him, while he tightened his grasp on her waist, pulling her closer to his body.

Shaking her head, she rasped, “No Evren, that is a boundary that I do not want to cross.”

He moved a hand up to firmly grasp her chin and forced her to look him directly in the eye. “You were late tonight. I should have the right to exact retribution.”

Her heart rate sped up as that familiar thrill of fear rode up her spine. “I’m serious,” she said trying to keep her voice level. She didn’t want him knowing exactly how much that particular proposal unsettled her.

He put his hands lightly on her round bottom, which felt like a caress. “Mmm,” he breathed. “I want to warm up this particular part of your anatomy with yon strap and then bury my cock in your ass.”

She went rigid in his arms. “No. And that is final. That strap will not touch my flesh.”

He let out a long sigh and rested his forehead in between her breasts. Then he looked up again. “You’re off the hook this time, but one day…”

She let out a pent-up breath in relief. She could handle a lot, but being spanked, in her mind, was the ultimate submission and she wasn’t going to allow him to go there. She couldn’t allow herself to go there. She bent down and captured his mouth in a deep kiss.

He pulled back in distaste and twisted his face into a grimace. “You taste like wine.”

“Well yeah.” She flicked her gaze to the wine glass sitting on the table.

He ran his hands up her legs, and then up under her skirt. “The alcohol will dull your senses,” he said peevishly. He pushed the skirt’s hem all the way to her waist and hooked his thumbs in the waist band of her panties pulling them down in one fluid motion, letting them drop to her ankles. She stepped out kicking them to the side.

He pulled her onto the bed with him as he rolled to his previous position and rested his back against the pillows propped along the headboard. He pulled her between his legs and leaned her back against his front. Reaching to the front of her body, he started slowly unbuttoning her blouse from the top. He breathed in her ear, “you know Lenora, one day, you will totally submit to me.”

“I am rather submissive to you on most things, most days. What is it that you want?” She glanced up from his hands to see that he had pulled her full-length mirror to the foot of the bed and saw his answer in the reflection as his gaze shifted back to that retched strap draped innoxiously over the back of the chair. But even as she tightened in dread at the sight of it, liquid heat pooled between her thighs and the shame of it caused her cheeks to flame. Her gaze returned to the mirror to lock onto her husband’s. He regarded her as if he had just read every thought that had crossed through her mind, which deepened her maslak escort shame. How can an intelligent woman find sexual satisfaction through submission and pain?

Pulling the unbuttoned blouse from the waist band of her skirt, he opened it wide to display a sheer, white bra. Through the lacey cups, she could see a hint of her dusky nipples at the tip of her breasts in the reflection. He pulled her breasts out of the top of her bra and rubbed his hands over them. “Mmm, a happy handful.” He set them down atop the bunched-up bra and gave her nipples a hard pinch to make them stand out. Then he reached over to the bedside table and picked up a red, silk scarf. Putting her wrists together, he tied them securely, then raised her hands up over her head, continuing to push them up and over his head, as well, to rest at the nape of his neck. The odd stretching caused her breasts to prominently protrude. He reached back to the bedside table picked up a nipple clamp with his right hand. With his left, he pinched her left nipple, hard. When she saw the clamp, she made a noncommittal gurgle in her throat and then gasped when he pinched and pulled the nipple, stretching it as far away from her body as he could. He placed the jaws of the clamp, not on the nipple itself, but farther back on the areola causing the nipple to form a tiny rosy bud. As he repeated the motions with the right nipple, he caught her gaze in the mirror. “There is no shame in submitting to your husband.”

She made another noncommittal gurgle deep in her throat. All of her thoughts were on the relatively small surface area of her nipples, which were looming large in her mind. She took a deep breath as he swiped an alcohol pad over each nipple. The evaporative cooling caused them to tighten and stand out even more. Reaching to the bedside table, he brought over a pair of needles, which were between his thumbs and index fingers. She stiffened, backing against his body, attempting to pull her tied wrists back over their heads as she saw them. He threw his head back to keep her wrists pinned at his nape.

“Oh no, Evren, you’re going to stick needles in me.”

He raised his gaze, which had turned to a dark slate as his own arousal peaked, to meet her green one in the mirror. “Would you rather have the strap?”

She stopped struggling for a moment as she thought about it. The pain of her, now almost purple, throbbing nipples pulsed through her body making her pussy dripping wet. She squeezed her thighs together striving for some relief that couldn’t be had at the moment. “No strap,” she croaked.

He nodded at her reflection and brought the needles close to the throbbing buds and she closed her eyes. He stopped with the point of each needle a hair’s breadth from her skin. “Open your eyes, Lenora. Watch what I am going to do to you.”

She swallowed a lump in her throat and opened her eyes. In her own reflection, she saw green eyes that were shiny with unshed tears. Her fear was almost palpable. The arousal was intense. Her body tensed as he started pricking her engorged nipples. The pain was almost unbearable as blood began to bead on her pricked skin. He pulled his hands away and she looked up, catching his gaze in the mirror. Heart hammering, she unsuccessfully tried to fight back tears that overflowed, spilling down her cheeks as the blood from her nipples ran down and under her breasts where it was caught and absorbed by her pristine, white, lacey bra. The heat between her legs threatened to explode as she watched the tears and blood run.

Evren wiped another couple of alcohol pads over her bloody nipples. When the alcohol touched the open skin, she shrieked trying to get her hands over their heads and free, but he threw his head back and applied pressure to keep them locked in place. As the stinging abated, she stared at him in the mirror, breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing. He reached up and unfastened the clamps; she moaned in agony and bit her bottom lip as normal blood flow was restored. He squeezed and pinched her sore nipples as they continued to bleed and stain her bra. Then he replaced the clamps, but this time placing them on the tips of her nipples. She moaned again as hot tears of pain coursed down her cheeks.

He brought her hands back over their heads to the front of their bodies and untied them. “Don’t touch your nipples,” he said, taking her left hand and sliding it under his leg to immobilize it. Then led her right one to her clitoris and started massaging it by pushing her fingers. “Let me see you pleasure yourself,” he said, then moved his own fingers to spread her labia mecidiyeköy escort as wide as possible. Her first reaction to the exposure was to snap her legs closed, but he stopped her by hooking his ankles around her knees and pulling them apart. Her breath caught as she studied their reflection. With her legs spread wide and skirt hiked up around her waist, her glistening, wet pussy was on full display. Her eyes traveled up to her bleeding nipples, then farther up to catch her husband’s gaze as he watched her reaction. His head rested against hers. His long, straight black hair contrasted with her long, chestnut waves. She started massaging her clitoris and rocking her hips in a rhythm that brought her close to a climax. The motion of her hips caused the clamps to sway and the pain to intensify. And as it did, she grew closer to her orgasm. Rocking and massaging, rocking and massaging, the pressure grew stronger and then she exploded into an orgasm that pulsed through her lower body, centering on her throbbing pussy.

As soon as she attained orgasm, Evren pulled the clamps off of her nipples. He was always good about that, knowing that the pain was a way to keep her focused, and bring her to a quick and intense arousal. Once the orgasm was done, the pain needed to end, otherwise it became irritating noise to her.

Now she could focus her attention on Evren’s needs. She turned to face him, unfastened his jeans and pulled them down to where she had access to his cock. She gathered his balls into her hand and pulled them tight. Licking her lips, she leaned down giving him an unobstructed view of her prominently displayed bare backside in the mirror. She sucked one and then the other ball into her mouth, then began to massage them by working the muscles of her cheeks and tongue. She started slowly stroking his cock while continuing to lavish oral attention on his balls.

Evren leaned back to enjoy the rhythm of her stroking. As Lenora was lulled into the steady beat, she began to think about the student she had assisted earlier. She had thought of a couple of different references that she could add to the list that she had already given him. As Evren drew nearer to an orgasm, he pushed her away from him. “I want to fuck you.” He turned her around to face the mirror and pushed her head down to the bedspread and pulled the lower half of her body up onto her knees. He slid his cock into her pussy from behind, and she stretched languidly, like a cat, drawing him into her hot, slick slot. She raised her eyes to watch his reflection. Then, as he closed his eyes to savor the moment, she raised herself onto her elbows and looked down.

“Crap! There’s blood on the bedspread. How the hell am I ever going to get that out?” she blurted. The pain was gone and she had lost her focus.

He stopped moving. “What?” he asked incredulously. He reached down and wound her long hair around his hand and pulled her up from the bed, bringing her ear up to his mouth and hissed, “What the hell, Lenora? Can’t I have your undivided attention for just a few minutes more?” He pushed her head back down onto the bed and brought his hand around to smack her on the ass, not hard, but enough to make it sting and get her attention.

This time she reared up on her own. Shocked, she said, “you hit me.”

He pushed her back down. “Damn right I did. I needed to get your attention again.” He slipped his cock back into her pussy and brought them both to a highly satisfying orgasm.

As they both collapsed in an exhausted pile on the bed, she said, “I’m still not sure how I’m going to get those blood stains out of the bedspread.

Evren smacked the palm of his hand to his forehead and groaned.

A Romantic Interlude: Lenora sat on the floor between Evren’s knees flipping through streaming service selections with the remote. Her back was against the sofa, where he sat. They were both comfortably dressed in sweats. There was a large bowl of popcorn sitting on the floor next to her. He was leisurely combing her hair; alternating between using the comb and running his fingers through it.

“What are you in the mood for?” she asked.

He stopped for a moment and contemplated, then said, “Sci-fi.”

She continued flipping through selections while enjoying the sensations of Evren gently combing her hair. She stopped for a moment on the animated family selections. She wanted a baby. The thought quickly passed and she continued to flip through what was available.

He stopped combing for a moment and reached for the popcorn bowl. She rapped him across the knuckles with the remote control before he could grab a handful. “Not while you’re combing my hair. I don’t want hair in the popcorn or popcorn in my hair.”

He snatched his hand back as though he had been burned. “Yes ma’am.”

She returned her attention to the television and stopped her search on a dark, thrilling series.”I’ve heard about this one. Let’s binge.”

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