My Wife Hands Me Over to My Dom Ch. 03

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It has been almost three months since my wife Susan found out about my gay affair. Since she found out she has been handing me over to my Dom, in person, every week for our sessions. She has gotten to know Carl, my Dom quite well. They love talking about me as if I am not even there.

Susan really enjoys taking me to Carl and picking me up after our session. She has even been dreaming up new ways to humiliate and shame me before and after these sessions. At first, she tied a leash around my nuts. The leash came out of my pants and she would lead me into Carl’s house and out of it after the session. She enjoyed handing the end of the leash over to Carl and then taking it back from him after the session.

Next she bought a cock cage that she clipped the leash onto. She would give Carl both the leash and the key to my cage and get both of them back after the session.

“Since he cheated on me with you, I want to make sure that he never gets the chance to cheat on either of us ever again.” She told Carl the first time that she gave him the key to my cock cage. “I now keep him locked up all the time when he is not having sex with me.”

I can attest that this was true. At first Susan just thought that it would be fun to hand me over to Carl in a cock cage but she liked it so much that she decided to keep me in it all the time. This arrangement also has the added benefit of my ejaculations being much larger, since I am not cumming as frequently because I can’t masturbate anymore. I have actually grown to love eating my cum out of Susan’s pussy and it is so much better when the loads are bigger!

Carl did not mind either since he never used my cock. He did not even take the cage off during these sessions. He could care less if I did not cum.

The last two sessions with Carl Susan has handed me over anally hooked! That’s right! She ordered a hook that is shaped like the letter “J.” On the short end there is a ball about 1 inch in diameter. On the longer end there is a hole where she now attaches the leash. Susan loves sticking the ball of the “J” into my ass and pulling up on the leash as she leads me to and from Carl.

Carl also loved this new anal hook leash. He loves pulling on it firmly while I am on the floor sucking his cock. It makes me feel like a puppet. I can’t forget that Susan and Carl now own me when I feel the tug of that hook in my asshole! It is so humiliating but I love it!

Today when Susan handed me over to Carl she asked him if aksaray escort she could stay and watch. I was nervous as hell when I heard her ask. These sessions had always been a private affair with Carl. I did not know if I wanted my wife seeing me actually servicing my Dom.

“It would be my pleasure having you watch Susan.” Carl replied, “I just hope that what you see does not ruin your marriage.”

“I can handle it.” Susan firmly stated, “I want him to experience the added humiliation of me seeing him getting used by you.”

“Well in that case have a seat!” Carl said as he led me into the bedroom by my anal leash. He motioned for Susan to sit on the lazy-boy across from the bed.

Carl got undressed, jumped up on the bed and arranged a few pillow by the headboard. He leaned back on them, instructing me to get undressed too. With the remote he flicked on a porn of a twink getting abused by two bears. He let me know to get onto the bed with a yank on my anal leash. I laid on my stomach and started nuzzling his cock.

We settled into a nice rhythm of me sucking and licking Carls cock while he watched the porn. I would suck on him until he got close to cumming and he would make me stop for a few minutes. He would also gently tug on the anal leash in sync to my sucking. These little tugs pulled on the hook in my ass and reminded me that I was controlled.

Every once in a while, Susan would shout insults over at me. “Deep throat it you pussy! Slurp on it good you faggot! I can’t believe that my sissy husband is better at sucking cock than I am.”

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Susan had unbuttoned her jeans and was gently fingering herself. Carl didn’t seem to mind and would just grab my hair or ears very once in a while to guide my pace.

After almost an hour of me sucking, Carl stated, “I feel like fucking your pussy ass today. Just to show your wife what kid of a bitch you are. Would you like to see this Susan?”

“I would love to!” Susan replied excitedly and jumped over to sit next to my head on the bed.

With that he got up and laid a towel over the top of the bed. He dragged me around onto my back with my ass close to the edge of bed with the towel under it. Carl then wiggled the hook some and removed it from my ass.

Carl did not seem to mind that Susan was now on the bed holding my hand and stroking my hair some. He just lubed up his cock and my ass before starting anadolu yakası escort to push in. Carl rarely fucks me. I wish that he would fuck me more often but he likes his blowjobs and loves seeing me swallow his load.

It always hurts some when Carl puts his big cock into my ass but he was gentle at first easing just the head in and letting me get used to it. Susan held my hand and kept telling me what a brave sissy I was. Her seeing me getting impaled caused me to burn with shame, but it was delicious! That first pain went away and Carl started slowly pushing in deeper. He used my legs, which were draped over his shoulders as leverage. Soon he was all the way in and I felt that delicious feel of his pubic bone grinding into my tush. I now dropped my legs and wrapped them around Carl’s torso. I needed to hold onto him tight. I never wanted to let go of him!

Susan was in awe of my ass fucking and kept on saying wat a slut I was to let myself get used like that. She had also stopped stroking my hair and had resumed fingering herself. Carl was slowly pulling almost all the way out and then pushing all the way in grinding his pelvis into my cheeks. Susan couldn’t get enough of it!

I was disappointed when Susan got off the bed. I was shocked when she undressed! She then jumped back onto the bed straddling my head and plopping her swampy twat down on my mouth. My whole world now centered on the awesome feeling of fullness and pleasure in my ass and Susan’s crotch and inner thighs which encased my head. I grabbed Susan’s ass cheeks with my hands and just luxuriated in my debasement. I was being used by both my Gay Dom Carl and my wife Susan. Life couldn’t get any better!

I felt Susan’s plump thighs tighten around my head and I knew she was cumming. I slurped down her juices but she did not get off my face. I guess she had a great view of Carl slamming in and out of me because she just stayed there and watched.

Not long after Carl made Susan get off of my face. “Watch real close.” He told her as he took his cock out of my ass and pulled me off the bed.

I got on the floor on my knees, tilted my head back, opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuck my tongue out. Carl started jerking off right above my face. He loves to do this to me. When he jerks himself off he proves to me that he does not need my worthless body, that he can pleasure himself. What he loves almost as much is the satisfaction that I will take ataköy escort his load all over my face and in my mouth and swallow it down. I reveled in this humiliation and the fact that Susan was now watching me getting used, added to it.

Carl came quickly. A couple of spurts landed on my cheek and forehead. Another three or four spurts landed directly on my tongue. When he was done and drained the last dropout onto my tongue Carl told me to swallow. I closed my mouth and enjoyed his load swishing it around for half a minute before swallowing it down and showing both Carl and Susan my now empty mouth.

“Make yourself useful!” Carl, commanded my wife, “Scoop the rest of that load into his mouth!”

Susan jumped and scooped up the splat of jizz off of my cheek with her index finger. I opened up my mouth and she inserted her finger inside. I sucked everything off loving Carl’s manly taste. Susan repeated the process with the even bigger splat of Jizz on my forehead before it ran down into my eye. She giggled as she watched me swallow it down, stating what a cumslut faggot I was.

Carl laughed and said that he was going to wash the ass off of his cock. Susan took this opportunity to pull me back onto the bed laying me on my back. She quickly unlocked the cage and straddling my cock which immediately sprang to life.

“That was the sexiest thing that I have seen in my life! She exclaimed as she started rocking back and forth on my cock. “I can’t believe what a sissy slut you are! You handled his cock much better than I could have or any woman for that matter.” She kept berating me as she rode me until she came hard clutching my cock. This triggered off my orgasm and I spurted deep inside of her.

Carl had come out of the shower and was drying himself off watching us as Susan turned around putting her snatch back on my face. I knew what to do and I got right down to licking her and wiggling my tongue up into her folds searching for my reward.

I heard Carl remark, “Now that is making good use of the sissy.” As the first of my load started flowing out and over my tongue.

I could sense him watching closely so I put on a show and would let the cum gather at the entrance to Susan’s cunt in globs before sucking them into my mouth and swallowing them down. Even after Susan was whistle clean I continued to lick her folds and then concentrate on her nub until she once again came hard all over my mouth.

When she got off of my face the first thing she did was to lock my now soft cock back up in the cage.

“Could I join again next week?” Susan asked Carl as we were getting dressed.

“Sure, but I also want to bring a friend.” Carl replied.

I knew that next week was going to be interesting as my wife lead me out to the truck by my hooked ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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