My Summer Cougar Pt. 02

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The following afternoon as arranged, I let myself into Annie’s garden via the side gate, and set to work. There was no sign of Annie apart from the open back door, so I assumed she was busy indoors. I continuing with the job I had started the previous day, which was mainly weeding the flower bed at the bottom of the garden. The events of yesterday were foremost in my thoughts. Should I expect the same today? No, I decided, trying not to get any false hopes up, it would only lead to disappointment, it was just a one-off.

Being so far from the house, it was a long garden, I didn’t hear Annie’s call but a movement caught my eye. Looking up I saw her waving furiously from the back door. Standing up and rubbing the soil and muck from my knees, taking my gloves off and tucking them in the waist band of my shorts as I walked towards her.

Reaching the door as she moved inside she said, “Couldn’t hear me could you dear, thought you’d need this,” as she passed me a large glass of lemonade. “Sit yourself down John, looks like you need a break.”

As I sat down I noticed two full cups of tea on the table and then footsteps behind me. Looking round I was greeted by a smiling lady as she walked into the kitchen. “Oh there you are Meg,” said Annie, “thought you’d got stuck in the bathroom, oh yes, now this is John, John, this is Meg.”

“Hello John,” said Meg, “I’m Annie’s neighbour from across the road.”

Meg was a larger lady than Annie, a couple of inches taller and carried a little more weight. I would estimate her age as early fifties, short black hair with a very attractive face, she wore a knee length karşıyaka escort bayan summer dress. I have to admit my heart sank a little as I was sure now that yesterdays adventure was not to be repeated.

We all sat at the small square kitchen table and chatted for a while, well they chatted mainly and I had a smoke and sipped my drink.

Taking me totally by surprise, Annie suddenly turned to me and with an authoritative tone said, “OK then John, as you’ve finished your drink I think You need to stand up and pull those shorts down for me!”

“But…” I tried speaking but Annie cut me off.

“Oh now don’t you worry about Meg being here, I’ve told her all about you…That’s why she’s here,” Annie said as I sat there with my mouth wide open.

“Come on, stand in front of me,” Annie ordered.

As I stood up and turned towards Annie I looked across at Meg and could feel my face flush. Meg had a big smile on her face as she started moving her chair around to get a better view.

I could see that Annie had planned this out as she reached out and pulled a towel down from the worktop which she placed under her knees, cushioning them on the hard kitchen floor. She then started tugging my shots down until they laid round my ankles Unlike yesterday, my cock hadn’t roused and I thought perhaps this was game over. I imagined being dismissed, not being up to expectations and started to get a feeling of dread.

To my surprise and relief Annie said,”Looks like I’ve got some work to do Meg, but I’m sure we can sort this out,” she started rubbing her hand over escort karşıyaka my pants and planted a kiss on my cock through the fabric.” My cock started to respond as she continued to kiss and fondle.

Once started my erection grew quickly to the delight of Annie who then said, “Yes yes there we are, Meg can you see how big he’s getting, shall I pull it out now?”

Looking over at Meg I saw her parting her legs slightly, pulling her dress half way up her plump thighs, “Oh please do Annie, let me see,” Megan replied.

Pulling my pants down, my now rigid cock was now once again on display to the obvious delight of Annie and now of course her to her friend Meg who was staring at it with lustful eyes. Meg had now raised her dress a little further and I could just see her white panties between her legs.

As Annie started running her tongue up my length I gave a little groan, she reached the knob and licked across the eye, “Mmmmmm,” she muttered, “Ohh Meg, it’s such a lovely cock, and so tasty,”

I looked over at Meg who now had a hand down between her thighs, gently stroking herself over her panties, “That looks so hard,” said Meg, It’s making my panties quite wet.”

Annie started wanking me slowly and with her other hand cupped my balls, her tongue licking up the pre-cum oozing from my knob.

Meg now had her hand inside her panties and was fingering her pussy and as she saw me looking pulled it away raising it to her lips, seductively sucking her fingers. I kept watching her as she pulled her knickers down her thighs, down her legs and discarding her karşıyaka escort shoes, off over her feet and placed them on the table. Leaning back in her chair she opened her legs wider now and I could see the dark patch of hair and the large protruding lips of her labia. She proceeded to finger her pussy, pushing two fingers in her obviously wet hole while she rubbed her clit with a finger from her other hand.

Annie now had my helmet between her lips, gently sucking while her hand still wanking the shaft squeezed harder. Between the sight of Meg, sitting with her chunky legs now wide open, fingers fucking her wet pussy while she rubbed her clit and the incredible sensations of Annie, now wanking my cock faster and her mouth sucking ever harder on my throbbing cock, I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

Annie knew I was ready to explode. Lifting her mouth from my Knob she said, “Here it comes Meg, he’s gonna shoot his lovely spunk all over my face,” and Annie wasn’t wrong.

Almost before she’d finished her warning I shot a huge stream of cum over her head followed quickly by another which splatted on her nose, shot after shot till I had no more. When she was certain I had finished she released my cock and leaning forward kissed it tenderly. Her face covered in spunk she, just as she’d done last time, licked what she could reach with her tongue into her mouth with an expression of great satisfaction.

With the same matter of fact tone as before, Annie instructed, “Well thank you John, I think that’s enough for today. If you’d like to sort yourself out and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Pulling up my pants and shorts I realised Meg was now sitting up with her dress pulled down, no panties visible on the table where I’d last seen them, and smiling up at me as though nothing had happened.

Despite the weird behaviour, I left with a smile on my face, be honest, who wouldn’t?

What would tomorrow bring…

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