My Punishment

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As I walked through the bedroom door I felt a chill go up my spine. It was anal day. Walking to my bed, I ran through my mind, trying to remember how I got into all this. I had promised my boyfriend that he would be able to try my ass. I guess that was the main reason, and after a month or two of avoiding it, it was finally time.

He was greedy with my body. Last year, when we started dating, he would take his time, caressing every part of me; running his hands through my short brown hair, dragging his nails down my soft pale skin… But then something changed. I always could tell he was going to be different, but when it came to sex, it was something else. He made sure to take everything he wanted. He’d have weeks where he would fuck only my mouth. He’d make me practice my deepthroating, and threaten to punish me for when I failed. Sadly, I always did, and as he’d finish fucking my throat, and feeding me with his cum, I would bend over and await my punishment, my pussy glistening in anticipation. But the punishment never came. Instead, he would kneel down on all fours, gently spread my apart, and eat me from behind. His tongue was magic, and as he licked my pussy, and whispered in my ear, I realized that he could take me places that I’ve never gone before… and make my pussy wetter than I’ve ever imagined it could be.

Then, there were the weeks of penetration. It was always a different position, a different roughness. He would normally start easy, he would lay me on my back, and take his time with my body. Swirling his lips around my tiny pink nipples, while massaging my boobs with his hands. Bending down, he would use his tongue on my pussy, caressing my body as he licked. He made me feel wanted. And in return, I was his. As I began to increase my wetness, he would slowly get back up, removing his tongue from my pussy, assuring me that there was more to come. Then he would carefully drip lube over his cock, letting me watch as he prepared himself, and ever so gently he would enter inside me. He knew it hurt sometimes, and he was careful to make sure I was happy. As I began to become accustomed to his length, he would insert more and more of his cock inside me, until he was finally filling me up, his entire cock, filling my pussy. He always smiled once he got all the way in, and it made me happy knowing I pleased him, no matter how it felt for me.

As the weeks of penetration continued, he would make it clear to me, that I was to be his slut. I knew he loved me, it was just something he enjoyed. So I was glad to submit. We had rules. I was his slut, and he was my master. I referred to him as daddy while in the bedroom, and before doing anything, I must ask him for permission. There was my least favorite rule too, no cumming before daddy.

There was one time, months ago, that I had disobeyed a rule. There had been consequences. One night, as I was bent over, while he was slowly tying my hands behind my back, I began to fantasize about him taking my ass. I imagined how tight my ass would feel after so long without anal. And as he slipped his cock into my tight little pussy, all I could think about was his cock deep in my other hole, pounding me without stopping. Just the thought of it drove me wild, and I couldn’t help wiggling myself, in hopes that he would have been just a little too kurtköy escort tempted. Anyway, I came in about 30 seconds (much longer before daddy. After that he didn’t fuck me for a week. And forced me to refuse to touch myself. It was the longest week of my life.

Now, as I waited for him to enter the room, I felt nervous about how long I would last. I wondered if it would hurt. I had to take him all the way, if not, I knew he would be disappointed. And as I pondered the consequences of my failure, he walked in the room. He was tall, dark, and clean, just exiting from the shower. He smelled like cinnamon.

“Hi, baby,” he purred, “are you ready for me to play with you?”

“Yes daddy,” I answered, my pussy wetting in anticipation, “May I take off my clothes, I want to show you my holes.”

“Yes princess,” he replied, watching over me, laid out on the bed.

I began taking off my top, revealing my C-cup breasts, and my tight, narrow frame. Then, as I finished undressing, I left only my panties on, waiting for daddy to remove them himself. I then knelt down on the bed, facing him, getting ready for his inspection. I opened my mouth and put my hands palm down on my knees, like he taught me. I was ready to be examined.

As he walked over, I stuck my tongue out, awaiting his searching fingers. As he began to shove his hand down my throat, he placed his other hand around the back of my head. Then, he began to reach his hand further, scraping my teeth, and spreading my tiny mouth. As he finally reached the back of my throat, I let out a gag, my eyes started to water, He then gently removed his hand and repeated the process two more times, until my mouth was filled with saliva and I had noticeable tears of black mascara running down my face.

“That’s a good girl,” he encouraged, “now turn around and let me see your other two holes.”

I then turned my body around and stuffed my face in the pillow. I felt his hands gently pull down my panties until they were stretched between my lower thighs. He then ran his hand over my vagina, listening to the sounds of my juices as he massaged me.

“I want you to keep your mouth closed while I inspect your pussy now, okay baby?”

“Okay daddy, please be gentle, especially on my ass,” I said, as I bit down on the pillow to make sure I stayed silent.

He then reached four of his fingers into my vagina and began to spread them apart, I instantly filled full. He then proceeded to flex, searching around inside of me, feeling every part of my body. It was not for my pleasure, but for his, and I understood. And as he stretched me, I sat there, pussy dripping, absolutely silent.

“Now it’s time for your ass baby, because we haven’t done this before, I want to make sure you’re relaxed before I enter you, you are also allowed to moan now, but remember, no cumming.”

He then began to finger my ass, and I instantly felt my pussy began to drip down my thigh. Fuck I was so wet. Then as he added more and more of his fingers into my ass, I couldn’t help but imagine him taking me right there. Fuck. I just wanted his to get on top of me and shove his cock into my tight little ass. I wanted him to make me beg to cum. To make me crazy for his cock. I wanted him to fill my ass with his cum, and watch it drip out of me like a good malatya escort little slut. I wanted to be his.

“Daddy, please, give me your cock. You can do whatever you want with me, just please stretch my ass. I want it to make your cock feel so good. I know I can. I promise I’ll be tight for you. Just fuck me please.”

“Alright baby,” he answered back, and I knew that was my cue to get into position.

I reached my hands back and spread my little ass as far apart as it could go. I felt his hands start to poke and pull at the edges of my asshole, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. Then, I felt as his warm cock neared the edge of my hole, and as the tip finally entered my ass, I let out a quivering moan, “Ughh, fuck… “

I loved the feeling of his wet, naked cock inside my ass, and it was a privilege that only he was given.

“Ok daddy, will you please fuck me deeper now, I want to take all of it okay?” I pleaded.

And as I begged, I felt his cock fill my entire asshole. “Fuck,” I moaned, rubbing my clit.

And suddenly, I felt the orgasm begin to hit me. “Daddy, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m sorry daddy, fuck. Please stay in my ass. Oh fuck.” I moaned, as I tried to shove my ass even further back onto his cock as the orgasm shook my body. As I finished cumming, I began to melt, my ass pulsing, with his cock still halfway in me, and as he pulled out, I could see his rock-hard cock, glistening with a combination of me and the lube.

“You’ve been a very bad girl baby,” my boyfriend purred as I lay collapsed on the bed.

“I’m sorry! Really…,” I pleaded, afraid of what was to come. And I watched as he reached across from bed and grabbed my phone from our nightstand. He opened it up and began to scroll through the contents, avoiding eye contact with me. I wondered what he could be doing. Then, he suddenly leaned back over me, and propped me back up into my previous position.

“Spread,” he commanded.

As I reached back, and showed him my now much widened asshole, I heard the noise of a text message being sent from behind me. Next thing I knew, my boyfriend pulled me back, and I fell into his arms, cuddling beside him like I do after every hard day. As I looked at him, I could see his cock start to twitch, as he typed away on my phone.

“I’m just telling Alice about what an impatient girl you are baby, how about you finish what we started while I type,” he calmly said.

No fucking way. Alice was cute, but not for him. I was better than her. How was this fair? Wait, did he just send her a picture of my ass? My mind raced with confusion, consequences, and jealousy; and as leaned up to confront him, he just pushed my body down to his waste, gently, but firmly.

“I said to finish what you started,” he repeated, as I stared at his hard cock in my face, “I’ll keep you updated on Alice, you just start sucking my cock, we’ll see if I can last longer than you,” he finished, as he turned on his side, so I could comfortably take his cock into my mouth.

I put one hand to my side, and one hand on his hip as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. He didn’t like when I used my hands instead of my mouth, after months of training, I had figured that out.

It was hard to focus on his dick in my mouth with the sounds of his kayseri escort typing ringing against my ears.

“Alright baby, you are not doing a very good job. I’ll go through our text messages while you suck okay, I want you to focus on your job though alright? Remember, you are here to make me orgasm. You know what I like, don’t you? Your hands on my hips, the feeling of your mouth and spit warming my cock, the feeling of warmth in the back of your throat, the sound of you gagging, as you try to stuff yourself full of my cock…”

“Yes daddy,” I try to answer with his cock a quarter of the way in my mouth.

“Okay baby, I started by sending her a picture of your gaping little ass. I told her that this was your punishment for losing truth or dare. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she wanted to play with you too. So, I asked her. ‘Alice, have you ever had a cock up your ass before?'” he shoved his cock deeper into my mouth as my pussy started to get wet, thinking of him bending Alice over, just like me.

“She hadn’t. She did say she always wanted to try it though,” he said with a smile. “Then it was her turn. Send me another picture of you, she asked, but I want to see your whole body this time. So, I had to search through your phone and found a few of your cuter pictures you’ve sent me, some of the ones before your nipple piercings, and sent it to her. Her next response was a picture of her soaking wet pussy. Who would have guessed Alice wanted to taste that little cunt of yours?”

My pussy was now drenched, as I had three quarters of his cock down my throat, too engaged in the story to notice the discomfort. I could tell he was beginning to breathe heavier now, but he was holding on from filling my throat with his cum, just to humiliate me through his impersonation.

“After that, I told her how possessive that I am, and how you thought that I would never share you…”

And after that sentence, he suddenly flipped me over and pushed me against the wall, so my hands were up on the bed frame. He slapped my ass and I felt his cock enter my ass once more. He had to be so close to finishing, he was going to fill my ass too…

“I let her know that your boyfriend might share you, but he would undoubtedly need to try her out first.”

He fucked me like a slut, while he finished his conversation.

“She said that he’ll suck his cock, but would never go further than that, her other holes were just for you.”

Images of my boyfriend’s cock deep in my friends slutty mouth raced through my head. I imagined how deep she could take him, if she would be better than me. I thought if she would look better. If she had bigger boobs, if her ass was nicer. And as my boyfriend dropped the phone, I felt his hands gripping my ass as he pounded me.

“Do you like hearing about your little slut of a friend baby? You would like to watch her suck daddy’s dick wouldn’t you?

I started rubbing my clit as he taunted me.

“You would want me to take her virgin little asshole too wouldn’t you? You want to watch her squirm?”

I started to moan as I could feel my orgasm begin to build.

“Now be a good girl and be my little whore,” he whispered as he shot bolt after bolt of his semen into my now stretched ass.

“Yes daddy,” I moaned while wave after wave of orgasm hit me.

“That’s a good girl, that’ll teach you not to come first now won’t it?”

“Yes daddy,” I whimpered back, as I scrolled through his texts, eager to see the picture of Alice’s wet little pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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