my new submissive family – Part 2 home sweet home

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Part 2

I woke up early with a raging hard-on. Mary had finally fallen asleep. She had tried to move as far away from me as possible during the night, but I had curled up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. My now hard cock was nestled right between the cheeks of her ass. Her ass was still wet from last night.
As I reached down to direct my cock, Mary’s eyes opened up. She tried to move her ass out of the way, but I had already set my sights on a little morning butt fucking. I slammed my cock up knowing I would hit one of the two holes available. Mary gasped as my cock slid deep into her sore ass. I quickly pumped back and forth until I unloaded another load of sperm. Now this is the way to wake up in the morning.
I got up, showered, dressed and grabbed myself some breakfast. Every so often I would reach over and push a finger or two into Mary’s pussy or ass and then have her suck on them, or I would suck on her breasts, neck or have her give me a good kiss. Just to reinforce the fact that I was in complete control of her. I untied her, gave her some shorts and t-shirt to wear and moved her into her box.

I proceeded to quickly strip everything I could out of the RV and packing it into the van.

I quickly drove northeast to my home. It was early evening when we arrived to my home. I moved their stuff into the basement storage. I then grabbed each person out of their boxed and moved them into their cells.

Each cell has cameras and microphones mounted in them to allow me to monitor their every word and movement, and on the doors I have posted a set of slave rules. The holding cells have a bed and portable toilet, water and wash bucket. There are larger living cells that have a small refrigerator and a computer terminal and a better bed. The girls each get their own holding cell and are not restrained in them. Tom and Mary are in a larger cell. I place handcuffs and locked ball gags on both Tom and Mary and then lock them to chains hanging from the ceiling. I pulled the chains tight enough so that their toes just barely touched the floor.

I head to Lisa’s cell first. Lisa was still crying and asking for mommy and daddy.
“Your mom and dad can’t come to see you now. You will be staying with me and if you’re good, you might see your mom and dad in a couple days. Right now you are going to take off those dirty clothes and shower.”
“I’m hungry” she says.
“After you clean up I will get you some food. Now hurry up and remove those dirty clothes and shower up”
I grab her and bring her to the shower room for her to get cleaned up. I grabbed her a couple sandwiches from my nearby study. I have a monitor there and I turn it to watch her shower. She has such a cute little booty. She is so young, so tender, and so inviting. I focused the camera onto her face. It was a face of pure innocence. Her vagina was nothing but a little mound with hardly even a crack. It looked so smooth and soft. After she is finished I brought her back to her cell where the sandwiches and some milk are waiting. Since she is young, her training will be the slowest, but it will be the most rewarding.
Next I went to Anna’s cell. I look at the monitor and see she was curled on her bed in the corner shaking and crying. I undress and place my clothes in the study. I opened her cell and walked over to her.
“You will do what I tell you to do or I will punish you. Over the next few days you will read the slave rules. These are rules that you will live by. Do you understand?”
“Yes” she meekly answered.
“Now stand up, and undress. Get out of those nightclothes. I am going to give you a shower.”
She very slowly starts to crawl out of the bed.
I back hand her across the face. She screamed out and looked back at me with shock.
“Hurry up! When I tell you to do something, I don’t mean tomorrow. Now Move It! Put your dirty clothes in this bag.” As I hand illegal bahis her a small trash bag.
She quickly climbs out of the bed and starts to take her nightgown off and places it in the bag. She stands there for a bit looking at me wondering what to do next.
“Everything damn it” as I raise my hand again.
She cowers back and quickly removes her panties. She then stands up with one arm across her tits and the other covering her pussy.
“Put you hands at your side and slowly turn around. I want to take a good look at you.”
Her body looked better than I expected. Her long black hair highlighted her flawless face. It came down each side of her head and hung just over her nipples. Her tits were small and puffy. The nipples were light brown. Her pussy had just a light wisp of hair around the mound. Her pussy was a beautiful camel toe: two little mounds with a small crack between.
I grabbed her and led her to the shower room. I pushed her into the shower and turned on the water. I moved her under the water and got her wet. I grabbed the shampoo and poured some in my hand and started to wash her hair. She started to move away and I jerked her by the arm.
“Do you like me hitting you? You do not move unless I tell you to. I said I was going to give you a shower. Unless I tell you differently, I will be giving you your showers from now on.”
Anna’s head shot towards me with a look of fear and shock. Those words ‘From now on’ sent a chill down her spine.
I continued to wash her hair and then stuck her head under the water to rinse. I grabbed a thin washcloth and soaped it up. I turned her towards me and I started to wash her face. I washed her face and neck. I stepped to her side and started to wash down her front. As I massaged and washed her breasts she tensed up. They were so soft and yet firm. I washed her stomach and could feel her trembling in fear. I came back up to her left tit and down her arm, turning her around I started to wash her back moving from her neck to her ass and back up then back down her other arm.
“Spread your legs” I said
As she moved her legs apart, her leg brushed my now hard cock. She looked down at my cock and gasped.
“Don’t worry, that is not for you yet. You will know when it is your time”
Her body tightened up when I reached down to wash her pussy. When my finger slipped between the folds of her pussy, she jumped. With her pussy covered with soap I reached down with my bare hand and caressed her pussy lips. I occasionally slid my fingertip in and out of her tight slit. I was thinking of the pleasure I will be getting when I fuck that tight little cunt and ass.
I finished washing her legs and then rinsed her off. I shut the water off and pulled Anna out from the shower. I grabbed a towel, dried us off and led her back to her cell.
“I will return with food” I said
“What about clothes?”
“I will tell you if, when and what you will wear. What ever you get, will be earned. Right now you haven’t earned or need any”
After I gave Anna her food, I returned to my study. It was Stacey’s turn.

I looked at the monitor into Stacey’s cell. She was pacing back and forth. There was a lot of energy pent up waiting to pounce on someone. I placed a box in the shower room with my needed supplies. There was sure that there was going to be some punishment to be handed out soon.
I opened up Stacey’s door and waited a couple seconds. As I stepped in, Stacey tried to swing at me from just inside the door. I easily blocked the punch as well as the following kick directed towards my groin.
I grabbed her by the neck and threw her on the bed. “You are now my property. You will do what you are told. You will go where I say and wear what I tell you. You are my slave. You are my sex toy.”
Stacey shouted “Like hell if I am going to let you touch me!” as she bolted past me and through the open cell door. She didn’t know which direction illegal bahis siteleri to go, so she just hoped she was right. She headed down the corridor towards my study checking every door she came to. She was getting frustrated when every door she came to was securely locked. When she got to the end, she feared that she had picked the wrong direction, because this was a dead end.
She spun around and noticed that I hadn’t come out of the cell yet. She looked down the hall and noticed an open door and made a break for it. I was just coming out of her cell when she passed me heading for the open door. Stacey entered the open door only to realize that this was not an exit either. She was now in the shower room. Stacey turned around and I was standing at the doorway.
Stacey starts yelling for help so I start yelling for help with her. Soon she stopped and looked at me, realizing that no one is going to hear her.
“It really won’t do any good. No one can hear you and you can’t leave without my permission. It is good to see you found your way down here since it is time for you to shower and then receive your punishment.”
“Listen you old fuck, When my dad gets a hold of you, you will be sorry.”
“Your father is in the next room along with your mother, but neither is in any position to help you. No one knows where you are and from now on, you will do what I tell you to do!”
Stacey lunges towards me, swinging her arms at me trying to hurt me. I grow tiresome of this game so I reared back and punched her in the chest, knocking the wind out of her. She drops to the ground trying to catch her breath. I cuff her hands together and drag her into the shower and sat her on the bench. I grab a rope from my box and attach it to the cuffs, run it thru a pulley in the ceiling. I then use a couple straps to tie her feet to a couple rings on the floor that are about 5 ft apart. I grab a couple more items from my box.
As I re-entered the shower, Stacey had recovered enough, I grabbed the rope attached to her hands, pulling her to her feet. She is now standing straight up with her arms pointing up and her feet spread apart.
“Ouch” she cried from the sudden stress placed on her shoulders.
“Well hello my pet. Glad you could join me. Now since you don’t want to be cooperative, I had to control you a bit more. Now I would have told you to undress, but I really don’t think you would have complied. Clothes, as with many things around here, are earned, and so is punishment. But we will get to that topic soon. First I need to remove these sweats.”
I stepped up to her and start to cut her sweat top off starting from the sleeve. Stacey tried to shake her self loose and try to stop me from removing the top.
I move the knife to her neck. “If you keep moving around I might cut something. Now we both don’t want that to happen.”
Stacey froze. I cut down each sleeve to her waist and then on one side from her armpit to her neck. When I make the last cut, her sweat top falls to the ground, exposing her succulent breasts.
I step in front of her. I reach up and begin to massage her breasts.
“Nice. Just as I remembered, after your shower yesterday! A little bit larger than your mothers, but I bet they taste just as good” as I lean over and lightly suck on each nipple.
She spins away to stop me from sucking on her tits. “Leave me alone you sick bastard!”
“In time we will work on that attitude” as I leaned over and bit down on one of her tits. Not hard, but enough to bring some pain.
I then kneel down and start cutting her sweat pants off starting at her feet. I cut up one side and then the other leaving a thin waistband for last. As I cut the waistband I snatch the pants off her leaving her naked.
I turn on the shower, and begin to wet her down. I wash her hair and face and rinse her off. Then I begin to soap up her body. As I am soaping her up, my cock begins to harden canlı bahis siteleri again. I slid my hands all over her body, exploring every inch. After she is soaped up, I step behind her. My hands reach around her and I start groping her tits. My chest against her back and I start to nibble her neck and ear. I place my hard cock under her legs and up against her pussy lips.
Stacey looks down and gasps as she sees my hard cock poking out between her legs.
As I slide the length along her pussy lips I whisper in her ear. “I could just fuck you right here and there wouldn’t be a damn thing you could do.”
“Please no” she whimpered.
Then I move my cock to press along the crack of her ass. “Or I could shove it up your ass and again all we would hear are you screaming.”
Stacey is shaking in terror of the thoughts of someone violating her and she is helpless to stop it.
“But tonight is not your night, but remember, I own your body and I decide when and how to use it.”
I step back and rinse the soap off me. I then shut off the hot water and start to rinse Stacey off with cold water. Stacey’s nipples harden from the cold and little bumps form all over her body. Every nerve is shivering and awake.
“Now it is time for you to receive your punishments! The first is for trying to escape and the second is for trying to inflict harm to your master.”
I first grab the large paddle. Its face is about a foot long with a 6 inch handle. The face has holes drilled in it to create small welts. I step behind Stacey and a little bit to one side.
“And since you wanted to be a pain in the ass, your ass will be in pain!” as I swing it at her ass with force. As it strikes her butt cheeks you can hear a loud SMACK.
“OUCH” Stacey screams as tears quickly form in her eyes.
Stacey’s ass is red with little white holes.
“Didn’t your daddy ever spank you?” as I rear back and land another one on her tender bottom. SMACK.
“OUCH! No he never spanked us. Please stop, I promise not to run again” she screams with tears running down her face.
“He never spanked you? Damn, discipline out the window. Well no time like the present” SMACK
“OUCH, please stop, I will do what ever you say.”
“But I don’t think you fully appreciate your punishment” SMACK
“OUCH, please stop!”
“Understand, you can ask, all you want, but I stop when I decide.” SMACK
I step behind her and start massaging her tender ass. She tries to pull away because of the pain.
“See, you haven’t learned a thing. You never pull away from me. Do you understand? NEVER!”
“But it hurt!” she cried
“I don’t care. Now for your other punishment”
“Other punishment?” she whimpered
I put the large paddle back in the box and grabbed the small one. This one was a metal yardstick that also had holes in it.
I walked up along side Stacey. Stacey looked at me in terror wondering where I was going to do with that.
I leaned back and swiped it across her tits with another SMACK.
Since Stacey could see it coming, she tried to pull back to lesson the blow, but she still screamed from the pain. Now there was a red stripe across her tits. I reared back and landed another blow across her tits. SMACK.
She screamed out in pain again. I walked up to her and started to lick and suck on each tit. This time she didn’t pull away. Each nipple was hard and sticking out straight.
The next couple blows came on her stomach and then a few on each on each thigh before returning a couple more on her tits. By this time, she had stopped pulling away from the blows or screaming out. She would just wince and bear the pain.
“I think your beginning to understand. When you return to your cell, you will find on your door a set of rules. You will learn these rules as they now govern your life.”
I grabbed the towel and dried us off. I released her from the ropes and walked her back to her cell. After I brought her some dinner, I locked her into her cell.

Now it is Tom and Mary’s first lesson. My cock is raging and I got me some ass to fuck.

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