My Mistress’s Work Desk

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My mistress had just walked through the door from a long days work. She had texted me ahead of her coming home and told me she’d be preoccupied with some work she was bringing home and that I was free to do whatever I wanted for the evening. After she had set her stuff down she went into her office and started setting up her laptop at her desk and started preparing for a long night of sitting in front of the computer.

I followed her into her office and asked if she needed me to do anything for her or if I could give her a hand with anything. A smirk came across her face. “You know,” she said coyly, “There is something you can do for me to help me relax while I do my work. Wait here.” And she walked out of the room. A few minutes later she returned. She had taken off her work clothes and came back in wearing her lacy red bra and her crotchless panties. And hanging out of the slit was her gorgeous cock. She was 10.5″ long and 5″ around she was smooth and cut. The absolute perfect mouth watering cock. And I loved every inch of it. I was so distracted by her cock hanging out of her panties, that I didn’t realize she was holding a pair of handcuffs and chains in her hands.

“Undress.” She demanded. “Yes Ma’am” I replied and I quickly took off my clothes. The last time I took my time undressing I was punished by being forced to swallow her cock whole and hold it in my mouth choking and gagging on it. illegal bahis Normally, I love her punishments but today, I was in the mood to serve. After I undressed she led me to her desk. “Now get underneath, I want you to cuff your hands to either side of the desk, on your knees and unable to use your arms for anything.” She demanded as she wrapped her hand around my throat to let me know the games were over and she was in full on mistress mode. After I had placed my self under her desk and locked myself in she sat down in her chair and rolled over to her desk.

I sat there hunched over and chained to her desk waiting for her next command. I listed to her organizing and setting things up above me. I looked forward, her cock was limp, but even then it was still long and hanging over the edge of her chair. She cleared her throat and said “You have until I’m done doing my work to fill your mouth with my cum. If I don’t blow my huge hot load into your little eager mouth by the time I’m done, you’re going to be punished all night. Begin.”

I looked forward and her cock twitched a little bit at the thought of what was to come. I leaned forward and opened my mouth. I placed her cock head into my mouth and kept going. All the way up until my lips were all the down to the base of her shaft, taking her limp 6 inches into my mouth. And I held her there. One of her favorite things was to go from soft to hard with her illegal bahis siteleri all the way down into my mouth. It drives her wild growing deeper into my throat. She let out a soft moan as she reached her full size. I gagged a little as she filled my throat, and then went to work. I backed off to her head and started licking it up and down and taking into my mouth and sucking on it. Working my way back down her shaft about half way, I started to slowly suck up and down slowly working her cock. She started to moan and rock back in her chair a little before regaining her composure.

“Suck my balls and rub my cock all over your face.” she ordered. I pulled back and let her cock pop out of my mouth. The motion popped it up and it came back down and landed on my forehead. I started rubbing my face all over her cock. Getting her precum and my own saliva all over my face as I made my way to her balls. I started off by slowly licking them before taking one into my mouth and then the other. I slid my tongue all over them and slowly started to suck. She started to moan more and squirm in her chair. I continued to slide my tongue all around them while alternating sucking on one and pulling back and letting it pop out of my mouth and then moving onto the other. I could feel her precum start to leak out onto my forhead and I knew she was getting closer.

I took the tip of her cock into my mouth and then canlı bahis siteleri bobbed down real fast. Taking her all the way in, sliding my lips over her silky smooth cock all the way to base. At that, she jerked a little and let out a sharp moan. I started to bob on her cock all the way down, slowing down with each full stroke of my mouth. Holding her in my throat a little longer each time. The precum was practically pouring out of her, so I picked up my pace. I wanted her to cum in my mouth. I needed her to fill my mouth. I picked up my pace, and in my enthusiasm to make her cum, I lost my balance and fell forward on her cock. It forced me to take her all the way into my mouth where I got stuck. Without my arms I couldn’t pull myself back up. I started to gag and she started to moan. She was going to cum deep into my throat and there was nothing I could do. She tensed, and then I felt the first shot come, and then the second and third. She came so much I couldn’t hold in and started to cough and gag. Only after she filled my entire throat and mouth did she realize I was literally stuck face first on her cock. As she slid her chair back I coughed and a mouthful of her cum ran down my chin.

She leaned down to uncuff me and release me from her desk, when her face met mine, she saw the mess she had made. And decided to help me clean some of it up. She bent in and licked the rest of her cum off of my face. After I was free, she had another set of instructions “Go get cleaned up, my dirty cock sucker. I’m not done with you yet. After I finish my work. I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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