My Masseuse Sister and Her Husband

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

The situation we were in was not ideal, but we are family and I will do anything for my family. What I’m talking about is how my sister and her husband had to move in with my wife and I. Covid really put a toll on them, and their finances. They are both massage therapists and used to operate an at home massage and spa. They were actually doing really well for themselves and had quite the clientele. That is, until Covid hit.

Things have been actually pretty nice with them in the house. I get an extra hand with all the outdoor chores, and heavy lifting, and my wife has someone she can constantly talk to and gossip with. My wife Alice stays at home as we are lucky enough to be successful on a one income house. My sister Emily and her husband Tyler were able to set up their massage room in a spare bedroom that we were currently not using. We did not mind letting them do this so they could maintain an income and keep their head above water.

Alice and I are very sexual people and we maintain a very active sex life. We are used to having the freedom to explore each other at all times of the day and night. We hardly ever confine our encounters to the bedroom. Having family in the house constantly has somewhat frustrated us, my wife especially. Alice is just not comfortable with sneaking off in the middle of the afternoon. We have lost any spontaneity in our sex life. Lets just say that has left us pretty unsatisfied and extremely horny all the time.

I can’t say the same for Emily and Tyler. Those two are always grabbing and flirting with each other out in the open. I think it is nice that they feel as comfortable as they do in our home. I wouldn’t want them to think they are putting us out too much.

One day I arrived home from work. Alice was out taking care of some errands. I walked into the kitchen to find Emily and Tyler in a very intimate situation. The two did not notice me at first, and I remained quiet because I did not want to startle them. Emily was sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs wrapped around her husband. I could tell his jeans were unbuttoned and pulled down slightly. Emily was wearing a loose fitting skirt that had slid almost entirely up her body leaving most of her ass cheek exposed. Her back was arched with her head tilted back. I took in the site completely unsure of what I should do next. I couldn’t remember the last time Alice and I were able to enjoy each other so freely. I felt pretty envious of the two.

I noticed Tyler thrusting into my sister, and her readjusting her legs to clamp down on his body even tighter. I was immediately overwhelmed with arousal. In the moment, I took out the fact that I was watching my sister have sex, and just enjoyed the view. I could feel my cock begin to grow. I adjusted myself as the bulge in my pants was growing uncomfortable. This is when Emily noticed me. We locked eyes, but she had no apparent reaction. Emily pulled Tyler closer, and positioned her head over his shoulder. We maintained our eye contact as Tyler thrust deeper and harder. I felt like a statue. I could not move. Emily seemed to find enjoyment with me watching. She gave me a slight smile and then closed her eyes. They both began to moan with pleasure, and I realized that they were beginning to orgasm. I needed to get out of there before Tyler realized I was watching. I took one last look at the situation trying to take in every detail. The look of pure pleasure on my sisters face almost made me explode in my pants. I slowly backed out of the kitchen and retreated to my bedroom.

I have never thought of my sister sexually before. She is a beautiful girl, standing 5’6 with long blonde hair. After seeing her have sex, it was hard to not think of how sexy she actually is. She grew up in gymnastics and has maintained that figure into her 20’s. She has flawless pale skin, and legs that stretch up to the most perfect perky ass. I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

I stayed in my bedroom until Alice got home. I wanted to jerk off so bad but I refrained not wanting to sexualize my sister further. Alice walked into the bedroom to find me scrolling through my phone. I sat her down and decided to tell her what I saw. We tell each other everything, and I didn’t want to chance this event coming out any other way. Alice was shocked! She kept digging at the details of what I saw, wanting me to describe everything. As I sat there explaining to my wife how I witnessed Tyler thrusting into my sister, I noticed my wife beginning to squirm and bite her lip. She reached over to me and placed her hand on my crotch. I was rock hard. “Oh my god, did this turn you on?” She asked.

I gave her an awkward smile, feeling slightly embarrassed and ashamed for being aroused. “It’s ok honey, I understand completely. You are sexually frustrated.”

Alice climbed over on top of me and pulled off her top. She often goes braless, complaining that they are erotik film izle uncomfortable and she doesn’t really need them. Well she is right. My wife has arguably the most perfect pair of breasts. Her body’s proportions are almost unreal with a paper thin waist that rises up to these large perky mounds. She grabbed my head and pressed my face in-between her chest. She began to grind her body into my crotch. I could feel her pussy press up against my cock. The thin fabric of her leggings slid against me. I pulled her over onto the bed grabbing her waistband at the same time. With one motion I pulled her leggings off her body leaving her completely naked. Alice giggled at me and squeezed her legs shut crossing them slightly. She playfully pretended to feel shy that she is so exposed. I watched her struggle to cover up her huge breasts as I undressed completely. I stood over her on the side of the bed slowly stroking my cock. She watched as I squeezed out large drop of precum. I crawled over to Alice and spread my precum across her lips. She gave me the most beautiful big smile of approval. Before she could stick out her tongue, I pressed my lips into hers, and we both mixed our saliva and my precum in a passionate kiss. Alice spread her legs for me and I entered her completely. I lifted my head back and looked my wife in the eyes. She giggled a little and said, I want you to pretend I’m Emily.”

My only reaction to her telling me this was to thrust into her with all my strength. I reached down to her ass lifting her slightly off the bed. My head rested on the bed beside hers, with my face pressed into the mattress. I began fucking her aggressively grinding my pelvis into hers making sure to contact her swollen clit.

“Fuck your sister” she whispered to me in my ear, as she lifted her legs up in the air giving me an even better angle to penetrate her. I wrapped my arm around her head digging my elbow into her shoulder. This allowed me to increase my leverage into her body making my thrusts way more powerful. I began to increase my speed. “Yes brother, fuck me” she cried. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and pulsating around my cock. It felt as if her pussy was grabbing my dick making it somewhat difficult to pull out. “Cum for me. Cum in your sister” my wife muttered, struggling to talk. I took several final thrusts into my wife before I felt my cum building. I dove my cock as deep as I could inside her and exploded. My wife cried out in pleasure and continued to grind her clit against my crotch. She was shaking with ecstasy. I felt her pussy contract around my cock. “Thanks bro” Alice said with a huge smile on her face.

I laid back down on the bed and looked over at my wife. “What got into you?” I said wondering why she initiated that role play. “I thought it would be fun! Plus hearing you describe your sister getting fucked turned me on so much.”

My wife and I continued to role play as brother and sister quite often over the next week. She really seemed to be enjoying the taboo of the subject.

One day I returned from a short run around the neighborhood. I walked into the house and immediately took off my shirt. Everyone was sitting in the living room watching TV. My wife looked over at me and shouted out “Daaamnnn! Look at how hot you are”. I looked down and noticed that the sweat dripping down my chest perfectly coated my abs. I had on a pair of short running shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination. I glanced over the room and all eyes were on me. I let out a sort of nervous laugh and Tyler broke the silence by saying “yeah, I would fuck him” in sort of a joking way. My sister playfully hit Tyler on the leg and gave me a huge smile. I looked over at Tyler and realized he was still checking me out. This didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I am pretty confident in my body, and I’m not shy when it comes to nudity. Its just the way he was looking at me was different than usual. He looked like he appreciated the site.

“Hey, I got an idea” my sister said. “Why don’t we treat you two to a couples massage! Its the least we can do for you after letting us move in.”

“Oh my god, that sounds amazing” My wife said.

“Great. Why don’t you both wash up and meet us in the massage room.”

My wife and I entered the room. There were two massage tables set up with towels and sheets draped over them. I looked at my wife and asked her “are you going naked?” “Of course” she said with confidence and swiftly took off her robe. She climbed up onto the massage table and drastically arched her back seeming to try and stretch every muscle in her body. I took in the sight. I was standing behind her and had an amazing view of her ass and pussy. Alice laid down on her stomach throwing the towel over her body. I followed suit and undressed completely. I laid down on the table placing the towel over my bare ass. Shortly after, my sister quietly walked into the room. She asked us what type of massage we prefer, and who we would like to film izle massage who. Before I could even think about it my wife just said to surprise us.

I laid there completely still, trying to relax my body as much as possible. I couldn’t help but get aroused at the possibility of my sister having her hands all over my naked body. Especially after watching her have sex. We haven’t even had the opportunity to talk about it. I could feel my erection growing. My cock was pointed down in between my thighs. Just then the door opened and they both walked in. I felt a cool breeze flow over me from the movement of the door. Most of that breeze traveled right between my legs. It made me feel like I was completely exposed. I buried my face deeper in the head rest and really concentrated on relaxing.

I felt warm hands run up my body, starting at my foot traveling up my leg and over my ass. Both of the hands began to slightly brush against my back and up into my hair. It was a very calming feeling. Massage oil was then applied to my back and rubbed in very gently. Eventually the pressure of their hands built up and started digging deep into my muscles. It truly felt amazing. Their hands felt strong and experienced in massaging. I honestly could not tell if it was Emily or Tyler massaging me. I didn’t care, this felt incredible.

Their hands massaged the entirety of my back and shoulders. Eventually they worked their way down to my lower back and ass, sliding their hands underneath the towel, a little further than I had anticipated them reaching. As they massaged my ass cheeks my arousal grew. The pure taboo of the situation was taking control of my mind. Was this Emily or Tyler touching my body? Honestly I couldn’t have cared less. I was growing increasingly more horny by the second. The way they were massaging me felt very sexual in nature, running their hands underneath my towel pressing into my ass cheeks and spreading them slightly while applying pressure. At one point, I swear a finger brushed up against my ass hole. This sent shivers through my body, and my erection reached full capacity pressing strongly into the massage table.

The massage continued down to my legs and feet. They were standing at the foot of the table concentrating on one leg at a time. They spent time on each foot then slowly worked their way up my leg. The room was very dimly lit with only a small nightlight in the corner. I wondered if from their point of view they could see my throbbing erection. The thought of me being exposed only added to my arousal. They worked their hands up my thighs, one hand on each leg, and then back down again. They repeated this motion increasing the height up my leg with each pass.

Eventually their hands reached the bottom of my ass and would pass down the inside of my thighs. As they applied pressure, I could feel my legs beginning to spread. It was almost as if they were trying to spread them. I decided to help them out a bit and adjusted my body, spreading my legs several inches. Their hands went up my legs again, this time reached completely under my towel. I could feel the towel raise up to allow their hands underneath, and then felt their warm breath travel across my exposed cock. They spread my ass cheeks pressing their thumbs into my ass, then sliding deeper in-between my thighs. Truthfully I couldn’t explain how they were touching me in these spots without coming in contact with my penis. This pattern continued for several minutes. I wondered how Alice was enjoying her massage. Was she getting equal treatment? Was she as aroused as I was?

“Ok, It is time for you two to slowly turn over” I hear Emily say in the most sensual voice.

I lifted my head trying to adjust my eye sight to the slightly lit room. I looked over at my wife and she was adjusting her body toward me. We looked at each other and she gave me a warm smile. Her breasts were exposed as she rested her body back down on the table. She seemed very comfortable in her skin and made no attempt at covering her body. I looked over to see Tyler on her side of the room preparing more massage oil. He was shirtless and from my viewpoint, I could not see if he was wearing any bottoms. His body looked strong and muscular. He definitely was not difficult to look at. I continued to turn over onto my back adjusting the towel to keep myself covered. Emily was standing at the foot of the table facing toward Tyler. What I saw next, completely shocked me! Emily was nude. Her slim figure was barely visible only as a silhouette in the mood lit room.

I could only make out her profile, but her exposed breasts came out to the defined points of her hard nipples. I saw her look over at me. I saw she had a very similar look one her face as she did when I saw her and Tyler in the kitchen. It was almost lustful. My hard cock was barely hidden over the thin towel provided. I was confused and dizzy with arousal. What was happening? Why were they naked? I looked over at my wife. She didn’t seem seks filmi izle uncomfortable at all. She was relaxed with her eyes closed. Her hands by her side. I noticed her towel had disappeared onto the floor. Tyler was studying her body with intent. If Alice was comfortable with the situation, I felt like I should try my best to be as well. I reached down and grabbed my towel dropping it to the floor. My cock sprang to life from underneath its covering, bouncing up and down, not completely coming to a rest onto my stomach.

I watched as Emily walked over to my wife’s massage table. My cock jolted to life as I watched her naked body travel across the room. I could see her better now as the light was shining almost directly on her body. Her pale skin reflected the light rather nicely. She looked so smooth. Her ass was impossibly perfect and had a gentle wiggle as she walked. Emily came to a stop near my wife’s head facing away from me. I had the most incredible view. Emily bent over my wife and began to massage her body. I watch as she bent over the table to apply pressure to Alice. As she bent her body, she would stick her ass out almost completely exposing her holes to me. Her pussy was perfectly put together with everything tucked up into one smooth slit. I noticed a shimmer of light reflecting off of her pussy lips indicating that she was wet. This nearly sent me over the edge. My sister had gotten aroused by massaging my body. I felt like I was in some completely fucked up dream that I never wanted to wake up from.

Tyler worked my wife’s body from the other side of the table. I watched as the two massaged her simultaneously working their hands all over her body. Emily was now stretched over my wife’s head, her breasts were hovering over Alice’s face. My sisters hands explored my wife’s chest and seemed to concentrated directly on her nipples. Tyler was focusing on my wife’s legs and thighs. I watched as he spread her legs and bent her knees forcing the soles of her feet to touch one another. Alice was now completely exposed to him as he ran his fingers across her inner thighs and up her stomach. My wife let out a pleasure fueled moan as I watched Tylers fingers press against my wife’s pussy for the first time. “Oh my, fuuuckkk” she said as Tyler entered her with his fingers, and repeatedly teased her clit with his other hand. Emily encouraged her to relax by continuing to massage her breasts.

I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. My wife was in pure pleasure as my sister and her husband poured their sexual energy into her body. “I want you to release your frustrations” Emily whispered to my wife. “Concentrate on your orgasm building.” My sister was coaching my wife into climax. She began to count down from 10, adding encouraging words during the count down. “8, feel your body letting go”. I could see my wife’s legs begin to shake as her arousal grew stronger. Tyler was concentrating and focusing on pleasuring my wife. “5, focus on the pleasure” My wife moaned and whimpered. She looked over at me and bit her lip. “4..3..2..1.Cum Alice, cum for me.” My wife began to shake violently. Her knees rose up toward her chest and she let out a loud scream. Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like forever. Eventually she was able to calm down, but still let out small moans of residual smaller orgasms. “I can’t feel my legs”, she said as she giggle a bit. Eventually Alice drifted off into a light sleep feeling exhausted from her intense orgasm.

I now felt butterflies in my stomach as I realized it was my turn. Both Emily and Tyler began to walk over to my table. I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life. I looked down at my cock and there was a large pool of precum that had formed on my stomach. Emily ran her hands up my legs and brushed against my cock. She continued to massage inside my thighs periodically wrapping her hands around my testicles. Tyler positioned himself behind my sister and wrapped his arms around her. This interrupted her concentration on me and she took a moment to enjoy his embrace. I watched as he reached between her legs teasing her pussy. Emily arched her back and pressed her ass into him. I watched as Tyler positioned himself to enter her. He slowly eased forward pressing his body into hers. I could tell the exact moment Tyler was completely inside my sister, because both her eyes and mouth opened wide.

He began to pump her slowly, holding both sides of her waist. As they began to form a rhythm, my sister returned to concentrate on me. She grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it. Her hands felt hot against my skin. Tyler began to increase the strength of his thrusts causing Emily to lower her head closer to my cock. I could feel her hot breath on me and I matched the rhythm of their thrusts by flexing my cock in her hand. Emily placed the tip of my penis in her mouth and began to suck on me. The feeling of having my cock in my sisters mouth was simply incredible. I could have cum right then and there, but I allowed my body to relax enough to let this last longer. Emily took my whole cock into her mouth and I felt myself hit the back of her throat. She held her face down on me and almost choked on my cock as Tyler thrust into her.

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