My Hunky Doctor Appointment

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“Mr. Peters, Dr. Williams is ready for you now,” the secretary shouted from her desk.

“Thank you!” Robert replied shyly.

It was the first visit for Robert at Dr. Williams’ clinic. Lately, he was suffering from stomach pain, and a friend recommended the young and excellent Dr. Williams.

Robert entered the room, too afraid to think about what might the diagnosis be. Hoping it would be just an allergy or strong constipation. Constipation? Maybe not, Robert thought, as the last time he had a date, his stomach was okay and sex went exceptionally great!

“Hello Dr. Williams,” Robert greeted the doctor, his jaw dropping and mouth watering. He had never seen a man in a white coat as sexy as the man standing in front of him. Wide shoulders, blonde hair, stubble beard, and a cute smile. The man was so appealing that Robert forgot why he was there in the first place. He raised his eyebrows and looked directly into his eyes.

“Hello, Mr. Peters! I hope you did not have to wait a lot, my secretary told me you have some kind of emergency?” Dr. Williams uttered after he saw the blood draining from Robert’s face. For a second, he thought something bad happened. However, after working in the clinic for several years, he got accustomed to patients being instantly drawn to his sex appeal. They would hit on him directly or look with their hungry eyes as if he was some prize. Both turned him off a big time.

Robert was different, even with his ghostly face and open mouth, he had an interesting vibe. A mix of innocence and wildness in his eyes. Dr. Williams knew that his patient is like no one else.

“It is okay Dr. I waited few minutes only. Thank you for illegal bahis seeing me without an appointment,” Robert replied slowly, trying to see if what he said makes sense.

“No worries, I’m sure I will not regret it,” Dr. Williams replied. He gave Robert a wink, that made the poor boy stress out for a second.

“Now tell me what’s wrong,” Dr. Williams demanded.

“I have this weird stomach pain that I cannot explain”, Robert replied, placing his hands on his stomach.

“Hmm, let me check it then,” Dr. Williams said while looking Robert in the eye. He guided him to the exam table. “And take your shirt off, please,” Dr. Williams said sharply.

Robert found his way, took his shirt off, his back towards Dr. Williams. It was a sexy back, the doctor wondered. After Robert turned around, Dr. Williams could see a fine hairless chest, some muscles, and hard nipples. It seems the young man is feeling a bit cold or shy. If he could just eat them out. Robert laid down on the table, while the doctor stood next to him.

Dr. Williams placed his hands on Robert’s stomach, touching his soft skin for the first time. Robert quivered because of the cold hands but managed to stay still. The doctor pressed different areas of Robert’s stomach, looking for something unusual. However, everything felt normal.

With all the touching, the doctor was feeling aroused. There was something about Robert that attracted him, but he could not figure out what it was. He kept touching and pressing, all while a boner was growing in his pants. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock. He looked up to inform Robert that everything was okay, but he caught Robert staring at illegal bahis siteleri his bulge.

Robert stopped and looked into the ceiling suddenly, secretly hoping the doctor did not see him staring at his crotch. Damn that bulge was huge. He wondered whether the doctor was uncut. Robert always loved uncut dicks. Sucking on the foreskin was hot, running your tongue in between the foreskin and the head was orgasmic. When the top starts moaning from the pleasure, Robert would suck harder.

Dr. Williams knew he could not miss such a chance. Gently, he took Robert’s arm and placed it on his bulge. Robert gaped and looked at the smiling doctor strangely. In that moment, he realized they were on the same page.

Quickly, the touching became unzipping, and Robert was eating the doctor’s cock from above the underwear, while still laying on the table. He could feel it growing hard, with some precum staining the briefs. The doctor took Robert’s face in one hand and lowered his underwear with the other hand. Immediately, Robert took the cock into his mouth. It was long, thick, and UNCUT. He could not believe how crazy and lucky he was. He sucked the foreskin, while his tongue was teasing the head. The doctor moaned quietly and pressed hard on Robert’s head. After enough foreskin play, the doctor shoved his cock deep into Robert’s mouth. He gagged and almost choked, but he liked it. This cock was definitely worth it.

After some deep throat, Robert went down off the table on his knees, so he can continue the blowjob properly. What was meant to be a traditional doctor appointment, became a blowjob date, and in the clinic!

Dr. Williams was too horny to canlı bahis siteleri show mercy on Robert. He fixed Robert’s head and kept shoving his cock deeper and deeper. Robert could not breathe, but he could not stop, as the doctor was physically stronger. He put one arm around the doctor’s ass, while the other went up across his chest. He could feel the doctor’s hairy chest and nice muscles. He touched the nipples, and the doctor moaned. It was in that moment that Dr. Williams released Robert’s head, but not for so long. He held his head firmly, went down for a cute kiss, and then forced his face into his balls. Robert knew he could not but please his doctor.

After sucking on the balls and licking the inner thighs, Robert went again to the doctor’s hard cock. He could feel the soft foreskin. He played with his tongue around it, before taking it deep. Slowly the doctor started face fucking him, with each thrust, going deeper and deeper. Robert closed his eyes, feeling the saliva dripping from his mouth. He did not care. He just wanted more.

The doctor kept fucking his face for some time, going faster by the second. When he felt he was close, he took his cock out, smacked Robert’s face on both sides, and eventually unloaded on his face. The doctor groaned, while his cum covered Robert’s face and beard. Robert licked the white cum from his lips. He never tasted a better cum. Sticky and thick, it tasted like “fresh oysters”.

“This load should be good for your stomach. Give it some time, and you will feel better,” the doctor joked, all while Robert was devouring the last drops.

“I will definitely keep you updated Dr.! Maybe I need another load soon. I’m just worried the pain will come again,” Robert answered while looking up at the doctor.

Dr. Williams laughed and urged Robert to get dressed.

As he left the clinic, Robert knew that it won’t be the last time he meets Dr. Williams.

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