My Girl Wanted to See Me with a Man Ch. 02

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Char was going crazy with lust after I told her I’d be willing to make love to a man for her.

Only, my long term secret was that I would be doing it for me. For over 30 years I lived in a straight marriage, until my wife passed away, where no one suspected that I really thought of myself as bisexual. I loved sex with my wife, she was slender, had very short hair when we met, and I could easily go back and forth in my fantasies that I was also with a very pretty man when we had sex. It worked for me, most of the time.

I would sometimes, usually once a year or so, find an excuse to get away and live out a fantasy. I’d visit a bathhouse, answer a Craigslist ad, or I’d go to an adult book store and scratch my itch. I’d known I was attracted to men and women since the seventies when I read a Penthouse Forum letter called, “Soldier Blue” about a straight boy who was seduced by a soldier with beautiful blue eyes… My wife had beautiful blue eyes.

Did we ever talk about my lustful fantasies? Of course not, like I said, our sex life was a solid B. She was a beautiful and loving woman and I was happy to bury some of my more base instincts for the benefits of the bigger picture. Most of the time…

I am a big strong, athletic guy, and I am passionate, caring and kind in bed until I am ready to really let go and cum and then I fuck like a jackhammer, I’m a real bull. I am all man when I am in that mode, I like to leave a woman tired and satisfied.

So, when I get to be with a man, I want to be more passive, I like to please and I like to please more than one cock a night. I like gloryholes in a bath house, and since I only get to indulge my bi-side infrequently, I like to get on my knees and service bahis firmaları several men until one takes me back to my room and fucks my ass. I love to lay back and let a man between my legs, kissing me passionately while he buries his cock in my ass.

Char asked me if I’d ever been with a man, but I lied, aside from telling you in this story, I have never admitted to my bisexuality, and I was going to take my time telling her about my history, AND: I was also going to take my time taking action on her fantasy, I was going to wait until I knew that this wouldn’t blow up in my face. I was afraid of losing everything.

But Char was enthusiastic, sucking my cock until I came in her mouth and then kissing me to swap my load or asking me to lick her pussy after I filled her with cum. She knew I was turned on, and, knowing the kind of person I am, I’m sure she figured out that I would have explored my fantasy at some point, I’m pretty adventurous.

Last night I came home from work and she came over later, surprising me by being dressed in a man’s suit, including a fedora, a fake mustache, and a little something extra between her legs. I was shocked, but she came prepared, with a nice bottle of wine, and roses.

I was to be seduced.

“Why don’t you go put on something more comfortable,” she said, handing me a wrapped package, “I’ll open the wine.”

Inside the package were some lacy panties and and silky camisole top, both pink, and a short robe. I put them on and after cleaning up I nervously came out to the living room where she was smoking a cigar.

“You look gorgeous baby, give us a spin,” and so I did, 6 ft of broad shouldered, muscular guy did a pirouette. I only felt slightly ridiculous. kaçak iddaa

Char had another surprise, some pot brownies, and we drank a very nice Cabernet and ate the brownies. I got fucked up pretty quickly.

“Baby, how do you like being the girl tonight?”

“It’s weird, but I think I am just about stoned enough… no wait, I am definitely stoned enough,” I giggled and she kissed me… hard, her fake mustache against my upper lip, her tongue down my throat. I laid back against the couch and spread my leg, letting her press her leg against my crotch like I had done so many times to women. I let go, this was going to happen, my girl friend was going to fuck me tonight and I liked it.

“Baby, two things: 1. I am doing the fucking tonight and 2. Don’t even try to lie to me that you haven’t done this before. I know better.”

She untied my robe and squeezed my nipples while kissing my neck. Then she bit my neck, sending chills down my spine. I was so turned on, the silk panties felt so nice against my hard cock and tight cyclist’s ass.

Instinctively I unbuckled her pants and pulled down her zipper. She knelled up, her legs on either side of me, and I found a very realistic strap on in my face, which I kissed and licked.

“Don’t worry baby, this one rubs against my clit, so I’m going to enjoy this as much as you are. Now suck my cock you little slut!” So I did. I sucked, I licked, I grabbed her tight little ass until Char was fucking my face and her cum was running out of her pussy down her legs. I slipped a finger up her ass, like I would a man, and she thrust into my like a stallion.

“Lay down baby,” and suddenly my ass was exposed and she licked it and tongue fucked me until my own cock was kaçak bahis soo hard and then I felt her lubed strap on against my ass. It was time,

“Wait baby, I like to be on my back!” I confessed and she laughed like a witch in heat,

“I knew it!”

I spread my legs, like I imagined women have throughout time, I spread my legs and let it happen, I let my lover fuck me. I gave myself to her, I let her take me. I wasn’t doing the taking this time, I was being taken, the feeling is almost indescribably wonderful.

And fuck me she did, pounding deep against my prostate while her boobs brushing against the fabric of her dress shirt rubbed against my chest. I may have whimpered like a girl and cried out, “Fuck me baby!” as I got pegged.

“Cum for me baby!” she screamed as she pumped into my ass, my hard cock spurting all over her dress clothes and my camisole, I came buckets of cum and Char wiped it all up with her fingers and put it in my hungry mouth, I licked it like a prom queen and swallowed it all…

My secret was out. Char knew, this bull stud kind of guy also liked to get fucked by men and there was no need in denying it, my secret was out.

A secret I’d kept a lifetime, from a wife of over 30 years, from my children, my co-workers, and even from my anonymous male lovers. Someone knew, someone knew what I’d been carrying around all of my life and I cried like a baby, partly out of relief, partly out of fulfillment, and partly out of fear that I had given someone the power to ruin my life.

Char held me, like a man holds his woman, but she wasn’t in character now, she was just Char. “Baby, your secret is safe with me, I will never tell anyone, but don’t you feel relieved that you can share this with another person?

And, yes, I did. I was overwhelmed, I was unsure of myself and, oh yea, my dick was still hard… I was definitely ready for Round 2.

To be continued…

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