Movie Mix Up

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This is a work of pure fiction. I wrote it as a fun way to explore the gay fantasies that pop up in the back of my mind every once in a while. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


It was a Wednesday night, which was two for one rental night at the local adult video store. I picked out a couple of European titles from my favorite director. His films usually featured exotic locales, stunning eastern European babes, and lots of anal. I brought the empty cases up to the till, and the clerk moved over to the drawer where the actual DVDs were stored and retrieved them. I completed the transaction in the usual fashion; minimal words, averted gaze, the slightest tinge of embarrassment for being in the shop in the first place.

“Enjoy your movies”, said the clerk.

“Uh, sure thing”, and I left for home.

I had recently been dumped by my girlfriend of eight months, and wasn’t ready to get back in the saddle just yet. I was looking forward to a quiet night at home, watching flicks and jacking off. I dropped the movies on my coffee table, changed out of my jeans into a pair of gym shorts and a t shirt, grabbed a beer, and popped the first DVD into the player.

I played the movie with the English dubbing, which was always hysterical. I stretched out on the couch and let my hand slip beneath my waistband as I watched. The first scene involved a couple who just checked into their hotel room in some tropical resort. As they were getting into it, the maid walked in, and as per usual in porn land, she was soon on her knees, helping the newly wed wife suck on her husband’s eight inch cock. Eventually, the guy’s wife was an all fours, and the maid was helping guide his dick up his wife’s ass. I stroked my own cock in approval.

A few scenes later, the doorbell rang. I shut off the DVD player, pulled up my shorts, and pulled my t shirt down, hoping that it covered my hard on sufficiently. I answered the door, and it was my best friend Danny.

“Hey Justin, what’s up?”, said Danny as he walked in.

“Not much Danny, just hangin’ out” I replied. “What brings you by?”

“Oh, I was just heading home from the park. I was supposed to meet Joe for some hoops, but he no showed”

Danny was wearing a Pen State t shirt and basket ball shorts.

“You want a beer or something?”


“Have a seat in the living room, I’ll grab you a brew”

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer for Danny. We met in college in economics 101. We studied and struggled through that class, and became close friends over the next two years. We talked about everything, including sexual experiences, intimate details about our girlfriends, and so on.

“I see you’re into the classics”, said Danny as I came into the living room, handing him his beer. He was sitting in the recliner, holding the DVD rental cases, reading the titles.

“Uh, yeah, nothing but the best.” I said, feeling my face blush a little.

I thought I saw Danny’s gaze flick quickly to my crotch, where my hard on still hadn’t fully subsided. “Was I interrupting when I came over?” he asked.

“Well I …” I blushed a little more.

“Sorry dude! Maybe I should just leave.”

“No worries Dan, stick around”, I said. “I was just watching a little smut, now that I don’t have to pretend to be a goody goody for Tina”. Tina had been a good girlfriend in most ways, but was a bit uptight about sex. We did it often enough, but it was mostly of the vanilla variety. She certainly wouldn’t be interested in performing many of the acts featured on the DVDs I rented. Danny and I drank some beers, sat and chatted for a while about the summer that was winding down, and the upcoming school year.

“So… are the movies any good?” Danny asked.

“The first one isn’t too bad, I’ve watched most of it. You wanna watch the rest of it?” I usually watched porn alone, or would occasionally see a movie in the context of a bachelor party. But hey, what the hell I thought, since I was busted with my porn anyway.

“Sure, why not?”

I fired up the DVD player, went to scene selection and picked up where I had left off. Danny stretched out on the recliner, while I sat on the couch. We sipped our beers and watched. In the movie, a hot little brunette was out on the beach with two guys. She had one cock in each hand, and alternated sucking them, while pumping the other with her hand. She tried to stuff both pricks in her mouth at the same time, and the two cock heads rubbed against each other as she tried to work her lips around them both. I sipped my beer with one hand, while my other hand drifted towards my own cock. I glanced over to Danny who was staring intently at the screen, while his own hand rested on the bulge in his shorts. I was surprised to see him gently fondle himself as the movie played, thinking it rather bold of him to do so in front of his buddy. I glanced down at my own antalya escort hand, which seemed to have reached my bulge of its own volition. I smiled to myself and continued watching the movie. As the scene progressed, the brunette crouched down over one guy who was laying on his back, and slid his dick up her pussy. All the while, she sucked on the other guy’s cock as he stood to the side within range of her mouth. Soon, she had the guy on the bottom’s dick up her ass, and soon thereafter had the other guy crouch down and stick his meat into her pussy. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Danny was gently massaging the bulge in his shorts, which had grown substantially. I continued to watch the scene, and did the same.

We watched the next scene in relatively the same fashion, which turned out to be the last scene on the DVD. Danny got up, and excused himself to go to the bathroom. As he hurried by, I couldn’t help but notice his rather sizable erection through his shorts. He came back a few minutes later, and made a joke about how hard it is to take a piss when you have a hard on. We laughed about that for a bit, and grabbed a few more beers.

“Why don’t you throw the other movie in?” Danny suggested. It seemed like a pretty good idea, so I switched out the first DVD for the second, and sunk into the couch as the title screen loaded.

“What the hell?…” I could feel my eyes pop wide open as the title screen came up. It was definitely not the title I rented. The title screen featured a picture of two men from the waist up, shirtless, with one behind the other, holding him close.

“Well well, what have we here? I had no idea you were into guy on guy action!” teased Danny.

“I’m not!” I blurted feeling my face go crimson. “They must have mixed up the discs at the video store!”

“Sure they did.”

“They did. Look at the case!”

Danny scrutinized the case with mock seriousness and said “OK, if you say so”, with what I thought might have been a hint of skepticism.

“Fuck you” I retorted, and chucked a throw pillow at him. Danny laughed.

“I guess you should probably go get it exchanged for the right movie”

“Yeah, I suppose so. I’ve had a few too many, and shouldn’t drive though.”

“True enough.” There was a long pause. “Have you ever seen one?”

“Seen one what?”

“A gay movie.”

“No….Have you?”

“No.” The title screen remained on the TV. At the bottom right corner, the words Play Movie waited. There was a longer pause.

“It wouldn’t make us gay if we were to sneak a peek, would it?” asked Danny.

After thinking about it, I said “I don’t think so.”

“Do you think we should take a quick peek? Just to see what its like?”

“Uh, probably no harm in that I guess.”

With a few button pushes on the remote, I highlighted Play Movie, and hit enter. Danny sunk back into the recliner, and I sunk further back into the couch. We watched the screen in silence. The movie opened up with a nightclub scene, where some young blond guy picked up another twenty something with tanned skin and dark hair. A few quick cuts later, and they were at what must have been the blond’s apartment. They started making out, which was fascinating to watch. I had never seen two guys make out before. The blond slowly worked his way down the tan skinned guys body, and started to massage his cock through his pants. With a few deft moves, he undid the belt and fly, reached inside and pulled out the guys cock, which was still soft, and immediately sucked the whole thing into his mouth. He began to bob his head rapidly, as the tan skinned cock grew in his mouth. I was amazed to find that my own cock began to grow as the scene unfolded.

“Jesus, look at him go to town!” I said, as the blond furiously worked the other guys dick with his tongue and lips.

“No kidding man.” Said Danny, as he stared intently at the action on the screen. After a while, the blond stood up, and the tanned dude returned the favor, also sucking cock with gusto. After that they went into sixty nine position and worked each others rods. Eventually, the blond got on all fours facing the back of the couch, and the tanned guy slowly worked his big dick up the blond’s asshole. I remembered Danny’s actions during the first movie, and glanced over to see what he was up to. He was hard. His hand was on his cock, moving ever so slightly. We kept watching. The tanned guy eventually pulled out, and the blond turned back towards him, as the tanned guy pumped his own cock in his fist. The blond took over, holding his mouth open as he pumped the dick in front of him. Soon, with a grunt, the tanned guy shot streams of hot cum in the blonds mouth, and all over his face. The blond collapsed on the couch, and the tanned guy worked his cock with his hand, and was rewarded with a few spurts of cum, which he was able to catch with his mouth. He rose up and started to make alanya escort out with the blond, as their cum mingled in their mouths. We watched in silence.

During the next few scenes, we watched as various young men ravaged each other. I glanced over to Danny every once in a while to see that he was fondling himself a bit more enthusiastically as the movie progressed. I must confess that I was doing the same. I didn’t think I would while watching gay porn, but damn, it was hot!

“Want another brew?” asked Danny as he got up. He seemed to be surprised by the large tent his shorts made as he stood. He turned away. I pretended not to notice. I told him sure, and he went of to the kitchen. I think he may have glanced towards the tent in my shorts as he left. When he returned, he muttered something about the recliner not being that comfortable anymore, and sat on the floor, with his back against the front of the couch, just off to my left.

“What are you doing down there? You can sit on the couch”

“Alright, why not?” Danny got up and sat at the far end of the couch, leaving plenty of space between us. We kept watching. Soon, I found my hand back in my lap, and glanced over to see Danny’s hand in his own. He glanced over, caught me with my hand on my cock, and gave me a wry little grin.

“Strange watching this, but kinda hot huh?” he asked.

“True enough.”

“Mind if I slip my shorts down a bit?” I paused at the question. My heart was pounding.

“I don’t mind, as long as you don’t mind if I do the same” I replied. With a grin Danny lifted his butt off the couch and slid his hands beneath his waistband, and slid his shorts down. I pretended not to notice his rather large erection which seemed to be over seven inches long, and and a bit thicker than my own cock. He was uncut, just like me. I slipped my own shorts down a bit, thought about it, then decided what the hell, and simply slid them off and kicked them to the sided. Danny smiled, and did the same. We continued to watch the movie.

“Man, that guy has a big cock” said Danny of one of the young studs on the screen. I imagined what it would be like to suck on it, as the other dude on the screen was now doing.

“Yeah, he sure does. But its not that much bigger than yours.” I replied. I looked over at Danny’s cock, as he held it in his hand. He watched me, but I didn’t look away from his rod.

“You really think so?” He said, with some obvious delight in his voice.

“Yeah, I do. It’s probably hard for the girls to get it all in their mouth.”

“I guess it is sometimes.”

I returned my gaze to the movie, where the one guy continued his oral worship of the other guys dick. I found myself wondering what it would be like to worship Danny’s cock in the same way.

“I guess they would really know how to suck cock pretty well” I mused.

“Of course they would, they do it all the time!”

“Its not just that…they would know exactly what would feel good. All guys would know that” Danny thought about it for a few seconds before answering.

“I guess so, but just because you know what feels good, doesn’t mean you can do what feels good.” I looked at Danny, held his gaze, and smiled ever so slightly. “What?”

“I think I could” I said.

“Could what?”

“I think I could give a damn good blow job based on how I like my own cock sucked”

Danny blinked. My heart raced as I waited to see what Danny would say next. “How would you know?”

“I could prove it to you.” I went for broke. Danny stared back at me for what seemed to be an eternity before he answered. He smiled.

“OK. Prove it.”

“Come on over here.” I beckoned, as I sat up at the edge of the couch. Danny stood up, and walked over and stood in front of me. His magnificent cock now bobbed a few inches away from my face. He had a small patch of dark pubic hair, but his cock and balls were perfectly hairless. I reached out with my left hand and gently cupped his balls. Danny sighed. I wrapped my right hand around his shaft, and contemplated licking the precum that had gathered at the tip of his cock. Instead, I simply sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. Danny gasped as I started to work up and down his dick with my mouth while I pumped the shaft of his cock with my hand. All the while, I massaged his balls. I never imagined that I would have ever blown another man, but there I was sucking off my best friend, and I loved it. His cock was hard and hot, and I loved the feel of it sliding in and out of my mouth, stretching my lips wide. Danny moaned as I kept working on his meat. With every stroke, I tried to get it further into my mouth, and could feel his cock head against the back of my throat. I was worried that I would gag, but was thrilled to discover that I could handle his rod, and was able to instinctively suppress my gag reflex. Danny began to gently thrust alanya rus escort his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth. I inhaled the musky scent in Danny’s pubic hair patch, which turned me on even more. Danny was now pumping his dick in and out of my mouth with some force, and it thrilled me to have him use my mouth like that. I started to think about the first scene in the movie we were watching, and another desire suddenly filled me. I reluctantly pulled Danny’s dick out of my mouth and looked up at him. I noticed that he had slipped off his t shirt. He had a look on his face that read pure lust.

“Hey Danny?”


“I need you to do something for me”

“What do you want?”

“I want to feel your cock up my ass” He looked down at my upturned face and smiled.


“Wait here” I got up and scurried off to my bedroom and looked for the bottle of lube in my side table drawer. I found the bottle, and saw the condoms in the drawer. I thought about grabbing one, but then thought about what it would feel like to have Danny’s raw hot cock fill my ass. I grabbed the lube, left the condoms and shut the drawer. I slipped off my t shirt and hurried back to the living room. I handed Danny the lube, climbed onto the couch on all fours with my hands on the back of couch, and my ass pointing back towards Danny. My knees were wide apart, and my hard cock swung below me. I suddenly felt Danny’s hand reach between my legs and encircle my cock. He began to stroke it, and I felt his other hand rest on my right ass cheek. I was suddenly surprised to feel Danny’s hot tongue lick my ass.

“Oh!” I gasped as Danny assaulted my asshole with his tongue, all the while stroking my shaft and squeezing my ass cheek. I felt the tip of his tongue go hard and felt him try to tongue fuck my asshole. I relaxed a bit, and felt his tongue slither up my ass.

“Oh fuck!” was all I could say breathlessly. He worshiped my ass and cock with his hand and tongue, occasionally licking my scrotum for a few seconds, before licking his way back up to my ass.

After a few minutes of this I felt his thumb press against my ass. I tried to relax, and felt it slide in. It felt amazing, but I was craving more. I looked over my shoulder at Danny. Behind him, the TV kept showing the movie, but we stopped paying attention to it long ago.

“Danny, I need you to fuck my ass right now” I pleaded. Danny responded by reaching down to grab the lube and standing up. He squeezed some out and spread it out on his cock, making it glisten. He gently used his thumb to lubricate my ass, which was still wet from its recent tongue lashing. I felt the electric thrill of anticipation of feeling a cock in my ass for the first time. I felt Danny’s hand on my ass cheek again, and felt him pull it aside to exposed my ass. I suddenly felt the head of his cock touch my ass cheeks and press up against my asshole.

“Are you ready?” Danny asked as he paused there. I responded by pressing my ass against the tip of his dick. I could feel and increase of pressure against my ass as Danny slowly inched forward. I tried to relax, and pretended that I had to make a bowel movement. Suddenly, Danny’s cock head was inside me. We held still for a few seconds, as I got used to the amazing sensation of having my anus stretched out by Danny’s manhood. I then slowly pushed back and felt him slide deep into my ass. I was initially expecting pain, but felt nothing but intense breathtaking pleasure deep inside. I must have really been craving this. Before I knew it, I felt Danny’s hips on my buttocks, and I knew that I had taken on the full length of his cock. He pulled out slowly, until I could feel the head of his cock almost pop out. He then slid it back in, right up to the base of his shaft.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” was all I could blurt out as Danny slowly built up the speed and the force of his thrusting. I responded by backing into him with every thrust. I was getting my ass fucked, and I loved it. I loved the sensation of his raw skin sliding in and out of me. As we fucked, Danny’s breathing became more audible, and soon he was grunting as he shoved his rod inside me.

” Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” he gasped.

“Cum in my fucking ass!” I demanded. Danny suddenly increased the urgency in his thrusting, and I thought I could feel his cock swell.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming!” He blurted out, and I could feel jets of hot cum pump deep inside my ass as he spasmodically pumped his cock in and out of me. He collapsed over me, and I could feel the slick sheen of sweat from his chest and stomach mingle with the sweat on my back. I felt his cock go soft in my ass and eventually pop out. He slid off of me, and sat on the couch. I sat down beside him. He looked over and realized that I still had a raging hard on. He just smiled, leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. I just lay back and enjoyed it, but really just thought about how good and nasty it felt to act like a cock craving slut. I smiled at this and felt my own orgasm come on and I shot my spunk in Danny’s mouth, who eagerly swallowed it all. We stayed sprawled out on the cough for a while and watched the rest of the movie.

Danny stayed the night.

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