Mom , The Treadmill Voyeurs

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Disclaimer: This story, and all characters, are fiction. All characters are over 18.

Dan Lewis leaned against his car in the driveway, watching his mom in her bathing suit, as she pulled weeds in the front flowerbed. His friends, Jack and Carl, had just arrived, and were talking to Dan’s mom as she pulled the last of the weeds. He noticed that they were leaning way over, and realized that they were both trying to look down the top of her bathing suit! “Forget it,” Dan thought, “I’ve tried it. That Damn suit is too tight to see her nipples in.”

Dan felt himself stiffen a little, watching his friends checking out his mom in her blue one-piece bathing suit. He was proud of the way she looked. Despite being in her mid forties, she still had a trim figure. She had a pretty face, and her shoulder-length dishwater blonde hair had lighter highlights in it. She was average in height, but her tanned legs looked great. Mom had no idea what she did to her son when she slept in nothing but a t-shirt and tight white panties. It drove him nuts watching her ass cheeks rise and fall as she walked through the upstairs hallway like that, her nipples poking through her shirt, her smallish but still-firm breasts jiggling. God, he wanted to see her naked!

Early in puberty, Dan started having fantasies about having sex with his own mom. Then, when he noticed other men looking at her, he began having fantasies about other men fucking her. This included his friends, whom he caught many times staring at her mature body.

Ed and Andy arrived, and they, too, engaged in conversation with Kathy, Dan’s mom. Kathy was always talkative, and the boys seemed to enjoy being around her when they visited. Kathy stood up and began talking to his friends. Her bathing suit bottom had ridden up from squatting, and Dan could see a little of her white butt cheeks sticking out. Ed and Andy also stepped back to check out her ass. She pulled the suit down, but Dan and the others still admired her nice butt.

“Where are you going?” Kathy asked.

“We’re going to meet some other guys at the school to play softball.”

“It’s really hot, drink lots of water,” Kathy said.


In the car, Dan said to Jack and Carl, “You horndogs! I saw you trying to look down my mom’s top.”

Busted, Jack and Carl could only laugh.

Dan had to find out what they saw. “So, did you get a good look?”

Jack said, “Uh, just some cleavage.”

Carl answered, “I saw below her tan line, but didn’t see her nipple.”

“Hey, Dan,” said Jack. “Ever seen your mom naked?”

“I’m afraid not,” replied Dan.

“Would you fuck her if you had the chance?” Jack boldly asked.

“Would you fuck your mom?” asked Dan, avoiding the question.

“If she looked like your mom I would.” Jack said. All of the boys laughed knowingly.


Kathy was sorry to see the boys leave. She liked talking to her son’s friends. She had known some of them since they were toddlers, but with her husband out of town so much, she had become so horny that she had sex fantasies about all of Dan’s close teen-aged buddies.

Kathy put away her gardening gloves and tools, and went upstairs to her bedroom. At the last minute, she decided to exercise on the treadmill in the basement before she showered. She impulsively decided that it didn’t make sense to get her exercise clothes dirty. Dan was gone for a few hours, her husband was out of town, and her daughter was at a friend’s until after dinner. Knowing she would be alone in the house for quite a while, Kathy simply stripped off her bathing suit, and walked down to the basement, naked except for her white gym shoes.

Kathy turned on the radio in the finished basement, and started the motorized treadmill. While power walking nude, Kathy thought of Dan’s young, attractive friends. She tried to picture each one naked, and made a mental list of the order in which she would fuck them.

Kathy looked down at her naked body. Her nipples were hard, not only from the cool basement, and from her bouncing as she walked, but also from her naughty thoughts of her son’s young teen friends.

She watched her breasts jiggle up and down as she walked. She raised her hands up in front of her chest, and let her open palms just graze her nipples as they bounced.

At this time, Dan and his friends arrived back home. All of the baseball diamonds were being used, so they decided to go back to Dan’s house and play ping-pong in his basement. When Dan opened the basement door, he could hear the stereo blaring. He reached the bottom of the steps, peered around the corner, and spotted his mom. Walking on the treadmill, her back was turned mostly away from Dan. Dan froze when it registered that he was looking at his mom naked. The other teens were right behind him, peeking around the corner, and they illegal bahis also froze, looking at Mrs. Lewis’ naked body.

Dan’s Mom’s palms were still tickling her erect, bouncing nipples. Her tanned legs and back contrasted sharply with her bright white ass. It was like they had two spotlights on them. The two cheeks alternately rose and fell as she walked, jiggling like Jello as they did. Dan felt his face get flush as he realized that his friends were also seeing his mom nude. Part of him thought he should shoo his friends upstairs immediately, but Dan himself wanted to see this sight so badly that he simply gawked. All of the other boys did the same, their heads peering around the corner, drinking in every inch of her naked body that they could see. Besides her white ass, they could see the sides of her white tits. They weren’t big, but her nipples stuck out real far.

Kathy did not hear the boys come down the carpeted stairway over the sounds of the radio and the treadmill. She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them. Lost in her sordid fantasies, she began massaging her breasts, and pulling on her nipples. As soon as she was done on the treadmill, she thought, she would go upstairs and masturbate in her bed. She lowered her right hand to her pubic mound, and slid her index finger over her slit. Feeling her wetness, she rotated the finger around her lips.

The five horny teens continued to enjoy the sight of Mrs. Lewis quickly walking, butt naked except for her white shoes, her butt cheeks heaving and shaking, her thighs jiggling, fondling her own tits and pussy.

Kathy ran her finger up to her swollen clit. It felt so good, she didn’t know if she would be able to wait until she got upstairs.

Dan glanced back at his four friends, all of them staring intently at his naked mother. He realized that he enjoyed having them there with him to share this great moment.

Kathy caught a movement out of the corner of her eye, and looked back. Seeing the five teens on the steps, she squealed. She quickly turned off the treadmill, and jumped off. Having nothing at all to cover herself with, and with the boys blocking any retreat up the stairs, she simply stood dumbfounded facing the boys.

The teens stared at the full-frontal nudity that Kathy was exposing. Her small white breasts were cone-shaped and capped with her hard, pinkish-brown nipples. Her crotch was covered in a thick, wide, triangle-shaped forest of dishwater-blonde pubic hair. Crimson-faced, Kathy reached over and turned off the radio. She belatedly attempted to cover her breasts with her right forearm, and her crotch with her left hand. As she did, several of the boys erupted in applause and whistles. Dan, not sure if his mother would be mad at him for not turning away, simply stared.

“I’m SOOO SORRY, boys,” Kathy said, taking all of the blame for her indiscretion.

“Oh, that’s ok, Mrs. Lewis,” said Jack.

Kathy looked at herself hunched over with her hands covering her private parts. She gave up, and put her hands to her sides. “Well, you’ve seen me now, you might as well take a good look.” She looked at the teen lads staring at her naked body. A wave of eroticism shot through her. Even Dan was staring at her nudity, and she realized that that excited her, too.

With still no exit in sight, Kathy didn’t know what to do or say next. “I don’t look too bad for an old lady, do I?”

Ed said, “You look good for any age!” Kathy was flattered and aroused when the other teens agreed with him. She had never before just stood naked as one, let alone five, men admired her and complimented her.

Making small talk with the five males while standing nude, Kathy started feeling horny again. Why not make the best of the situation and flirt a little? “Well, normally, I do some stretching exercises after I walk. Want to watch that, too?”

All of the boys, even Dan eagerly said, “Yea, go ahead!”

Kathy spread her legs, thrust her chest out, and started twisting her torso back and forth. She smiled while the teens gawked at her. Several even moaned audibly.

Kathy put her hands on her hips and did a few squats. As she squatted down with her legs spread, they could see some of her pink pussy lips peek out from her pubic hair. She was so thrilled with the attention the teens were giving her that she had a permanent smile on her face.

Kathy stood with her back to the teens. She bent over, keeping her knees locked, and touched her toes. All of the teens groaned as they stared at Mrs. Lewis’ bent-over ass. Dan glanced at his mom’s puckered butthole, but mostly got off seeing her pussy hair between her legs.

Kathy sat on the carpet, spread her legs, and did more leg- stretching exercises. She was so horny that she could see some of her juices start to leak out of her onto the carpet.

Finally she stood up and approached illegal bahis siteleri the boys. She stood next to Ed, who was shirtless, and put her arm around him. “Did you enjoy the show, guys?”

Of course they all said yes, and crowded around the naked blonde. Dan had his hands to his sides, and his mom accidentally backed into him. He could feel her bare ass flesh press into the back of his hand. He didn’t move it.

Kathy’s arms were on both Ed and Jack’s shoulders, and they took the opportunity to put their arms around her waist. Dan looked down just as Jack slid his hand down over Kathy’s bare ass. When Kathy offered no objection, Jack cupped it firmly and squeezed it.

Kathy had seen the bulges in the boys’ loose shorts, and wanted to see what was in there. She reached down and gently rubbed Jack’s hard dick in his loose shorts. She did the same to Ed, feeling him just as hard. She moaned and asked, “Are all of you guys this aroused?” and grabbed Carl and Andy’s cocks, and squeezed them, too.

Kathy looked right into Dan’s eyes. “How about you, Dan?” She reached down and cupped his crotch, and found that her son was also hard as a rock.

Looking into his naked, smiling mom’s eyes as she felt his dick was enough to make Dan slightly dizzy.

Kathy turned back to the others. She tugged down on Jack’s loose shorts, and pulled them low enough to sling his hard cock out. She unsnapped and unzipped Ed’s shorts, and whipped his dick out. She grabbed both cocks and slowly stroked them. Lust had seized control of all of her actions. The realization that she was with her son, and these were his friends, that she was married, and these teens were way younger than her, were obliterated from Kathy’s conscience. All she was aware of is what an incredible thrill it was to be naked with five young, hard, attentive men.

Kathy said, “If I’m naked, you guys have to be, too. C’mon, guys, take your clothes off.” All four of Dan’s friends pulled off their shorts and underwear, and the ones wearing shirts took them off, too.

Kathy looked at Dan again. “C’mon, Dan, you too. You’ve seen me naked, let me see what kind of a man you’ve turned into.” Dan pulled off his shirt, unzipped his shorts, and pulled them off. Kathy smiled when his cock sprang out, perpendicular to his body. She was proud of her son’s long, thick cock and hairy scrotum.

Jack reached up and began fondling Kathy’s left tit. She smiled, moved closer to him, and kissed him full on the lips. Jack thrust his tongue into her mouth. As they French-kissed, the other teens ran their hands all over her naked body. Kathy could feel hands groping her breasts, squeezing her butt, even rubbing her pussy mound. She didn’t even know whose finger was entering her wet pussy, but it sure felt good.

Dan was reluctant to touch his mom, but he couldn’t resist. He placed his hand over her ass cheek, and massaged it. He jiggled it, and squeezed it harder. When her right tit was free, he cupped it, feeling her hard nipple in his palm. He jiggled her whole tit, and pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Jack was a good French kisser, thought Kathy. “Mmmm, Jack, you sure know how to use your tongue!”

Jack thought about it for a second, and then retorted, “I’m good with my tongue all over.”

Kathy thought about that for a minute, and countered with, “Oh? Well, let’s see.” She took Jack’s hand, broke away from the group, and led him to a couch around the corner. Kathy sat on the couch, spread her legs wide, looked at Jack, and patted her crotch. “Show me what you can do with that tongue.” Jack kneeled between her legs, and eagerly buried his face in her muff.

Ed and Carl sat down on either side of Kathy. They each fondled one of her tits, and took turns Frenching the older woman. Kathy grabbed their cocks and stroked them. When they both pressed their faces against her breasts and suckled her nipples, Kathy laid back with her eyes closed and enjoyed three teen tongues for some moments.

Andy and Dan stood behind the couch, and tried to get a few quick feels in when they could. Kathy looked up at them, and allowed them their turns to kiss her, too. Dan pressed his lips onto his mom’s and buried his tongue in her mouth. She kissed really good!

Ed and Carl were both sucking on Kathy’s tits and hard nipples. Kathy’s chest was heaving from her heavy breathing, and slowly thrusting her hips up to meet Jack’s tongue. She looked up at Dan’s cock. She took it in her hand and stroked it a few times, and then guided it towards her mouth. Dan watched his mother stretch her mouth open wide and wrap her lips around his cock. She swallowed his head, and took in a few more inches. She slowly sucked her son. Dan watched his red, engorged cock get covered with his mom’s saliva. “Oh, Mom, that feels great!”

Jack was slithering his tongue around canlı bahis siteleri Kathy’s pussy. She was enjoying his oral stimulation, but he wasn’t all that experienced. She suggested that the boys take turns eating her pussy, and when Jack’s tongue got tired, he allowed Carl to take his place. The boys continually changed positions, each getting the opportunity to suck on Mrs. Lewis’ hard nipples, eat her pussy, and get a blowjob from their friend’s mother.

When it was Dan’s turn to eat his mom, Kathy was close to orgasm. Dan knelt between his mom’s smooth thighs, and buried his face into her hairy puss. He wiggled his tongue around her bush until he found her slit. He licked into the salty pussy, quickly from side-to-side at first, and then rapidly up and down. Kathy was moaning and writhing, and clamped her thighs hard around Dan’s head.

Kathy was ready to cum from her son’s tongue, but as she played with five hard teenaged-cocks, she had a burning desire to fuck them. Kathy stopped sucking Ed, pushed her son’s head away from her pussy, and pleaded, “Dan, put your penis in me, please! Oh, hurry!”

Dan sat up and spread his mom’s thighs wider. He pressed his hard cock against her pussy hair, and thrust in. He felt the warm, slippery twat glide up and down around his cock. The position was not the most comfortable, but he stood on his feet, and leaned into her. Once he got used to the feeling of his mom’s cunt muscles pulling him in, he thrust hard. Kathy’s body was slammed repeatedly into the couch. Her trembling lips emitted an “Uwawawawa.” It wasn’t the best position for her, either, but she was so close to orgasm that she cheered her son on. “Oh, that’s it, hard, baby! Ohh!

Kathy had let go of the cock that was in her mouth, but held on tight to the two that she was jerking. She squealed and groaned as Dan pounded her pussy. “Oh, Son, I’m cummming! Ohh! Uhh!”

Dan himself could hold out no longer, and shot a load of jism into his mom’s hot twat. As his last squirts entered her, Kathy’s orgasm subsided, and she collapsed on the couch. Dan pulled out of his mom and stood up, cum dripping from his cock onto the carpet.

Jack said, “I want to go next, Mrs. Lewis.” Kathy gave herself a moment to recover, then smiled, nodded, and turned over. She knelt on the carpet, resting her elbows on the couch. Jack got the picture, and knelt behind her, aiming his throbbing cock at her from behind. He worked it into her pussy, and started slamming hard into Mrs. Lewis’ jiggling white ass.

“Huhhgg! Uhh!” grunted Mrs. Lewis with each thrust.

Ed sidled over and got between Kathy’s elbows. He aimed his red, engorged manhood up at her face. Kathy took the hint and wrapped her lips around his cock. She sucked rapidly on his unit as she got fucked doggie style by Jack. The other boys reached under her and felt her hanging tits.

Jack slammed it home like a jackhammer, watching her ass jiggle each time he pounded into her. He soon came inside her. Carl took his place when he pulled out. Kathy was close to another orgasm. Her moaning was muffled by the cock in her mouth. “Mummmumphh!” Just as she climaxed, Carl came in her pussy, and Ed surprised her with a load of jism into her mouth. She instinctively pulled up, and the next squirt hit her on her right cheek. She immediately put her mouth over the cock again like she was stopping leaky plumbing. The goo got all over her lips and chin, but she kept on sucking and slurping until he was done.

It was Andy’s turn to fuck her. “Mrs. Lewis, can I go next?” he politely asked. Kathy had known Andy since he was in diapers. Kathy led him to the floor. Andy laid on his back, and Kathy straddled him. She lowered herself onto his cock and thrust her hips rapidly.

“Oh, Mrs. Lewis,” Andy grunted, “I’ve wanted you my whole life!”

Jack stood over Andy and pushed his member into Kathy’s face. She eagerly gobbled it while grabbing Dan and Ed’s dicks and stroking them. Kathy writhed and grunted while working four cocks with her mouth, pussy and hands. Dan and Ed felt Mrs. Lewis’ tits as she jerked them off.

“Mmmphhh! Hummmphh!” Kathy snorted through her nose and the cock in her mouth. Within mere seconds of each other, all four cocks erupted and covered her face, tits, hands, and thighs with teen male jism.

The teens continued fucking Mrs. Lewis in various positions throughout the afternoon. When each had fucked her at least twice, and most came in her mouth once, she laid sprawled on the couch, looking like a used whore, covered from head to toe with jism. Kathy told her teen lovers that they had to leave so she could clean up before her daughter came home. The boys dressed and left, each saying “Thank you, Mrs. Lewis,” and giving her a hug.

Kathy gave her naked son a long hug. “Oh, Dan, I Love you! Did you enjoy this?”

“Oh, yea, Mom, I loved it!”

“Would you like to do it again sometime with me alone?”

“Oh sure, Mom, whenever we can!”

“But we can do this with your friends sometimes, too?”

“Yea, Mom, any combination you want. I’m sure the guys will be willing.”

The End.

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