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It had been a long stressful day. My mother, my Grandma and I had put my father to rest. Dad had been sick a long time but it was still very stressful for Mom. So it was understandable when I heard her crying at one AM in the morning. I stood out side her bedroom door listening to Mom sob. I was returning from the bathroom when I heard her crying. I felt bad and really did not know if there was anything I could do but I went into her bedroom any way.

The street light lighted the room enough for me to see Mom was asleep and crying in her sleep. Without thinking I slipped into bed next to Mom and took her in my arms. She rolled over into my chest and fell quiet almost immediately. At nineteen I had some exposure holding a near nude female next to me. I had on my jockey short and Mom was wearing a silky gown down to around mid thigh. I thought about how she felt in my arms but put the thoughts out of my mind and was soon asleep myself.

I woke feeling uneasy and realized I had a hard-on that was actually throbbing. The red numbers on the clock told me it was after three in the morning and I had been asleep for nearly two hours. Mom was still pressed into my side with an arm over my chest. I had never thought of my Mom as sexy or had I ever thought of wanting sex with her. I have had sex with one or two, well three older ladies in the neighborhood.

I mow grass for several widows around town and one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was fucking three older ladies and very happy to do so. They all are older than my mother and I have come to get a feel for older ladies and there needs. Each of the three has shown me different ways of doing the same thing. I have found it very satisfying for the ladies and of course myself.

I took Moms arm and moved it down till her hand was resting on my cock. It had slipped out of my jockeys and it really tingled when her warm hand touched my throbbing cock. Almost at once her tiny thin fingers curled around my hard-on and that surprised me. But it also fired me to a point where I was ready to explode. Moms breathing changed yet I knew she was still asleep. I turned toward her and slipped my hand down to find her gown had pulled up above her crotch.

She had only the thinnest of hair covering her soft mound. She monad at my touch. I felt her wet down there as I softly rubbed her soft little clitoris.

Mrs. Charles had showed me how some ladies love to be rubbed ever so gently so that is what I did. Mom seemed to move her hips slowly as I felt her clitoris grow harder. Then to my surprise Mom spoke in her sleep. She said “Darling; fuck me.”

I knew by the way she said it she was talking to Dad as she always called him Darling. I pulled her tiny body over on top of me and took my cock in hand. She wiggled as I pushed her down, my cock went into her wet pussy and I fucked my mother for the first time. But not the last.

We moved so little I was not sure she even knew we were fucking. Just the littlest of movement let my cock head rub up inside her touching some thing that made it wonderful for me. I could not hold back and so I tried my best to not jerk as much as I would have other wise. But I come just the same thinking I would never stop. Mom all of a sudden stiffened and let out a low moan and I knew she also had climaxed. I was very wet down there around my cock and belly.

Very carefully I moved out from under Mom and made my way back to the hall bathroom. I washed from knees to belly and even down between the cheeks of my ass. As I washed, my cock came back to life and it was even harder than before. But I was not about illegal bahis to go back into Moms room. I dropped my jockeys in the clothes hamper and stepped out into the hall to find my Grandmother standing in the doorway of the guest room looked at me. Now I must admit that Gram is a very good looking lady for her age of sixty one. Maybe it was the fact that I had been fucking older ladies maybe it was just that I was still horny as hell.

But I walked right up to Gram and took her in my arms. She was shocked but did not try to get away. I cupped a very large tit in one hand and reached between her legs with the other. Gram is a tall lady almost as tall as my six foot one frame. Gram was my fathers mother and much different than my smaller thinner mother.

As I pushed my weight into her she stepped back and kept going till her legs were to the bed. I pushed her shoulders and she sat down on the bed. Her face was level with my cock. Again she did not resist as I pulled her by the hair till her face was touching my cock. She looked up and I think she smiled. In the dim light I was not sure. But either way she opened her mouth and took most of my cock in side. I did not have to move my hips as she was very willing to do all the work. She was circling my cock head with her tongue as she moved her mouth back and forth on my cock.

I said in a low voice “God damn-it Gram you’re a great cocksucker.”

Gram was now holding my balls with one hand and the other was around my ass with a finger probing my tiny ass hole. Mrs. Fellman was one to finger my ass hole so I was not surprised when Gram wiggled a finger into my ass.

This I could not stand and so I let go of a second load in the last twenty minutes. Gram sucked and swallowed as fast as my cock could pump the cum out for her. My cock grew soft but not entirely limp.

Gram looked up and said “Enough for tonight Bentley go to bed and don’t tell your mother.”

A few minutes later I was laying in my bed thinking that I had just fucked my mother and was sucked off by my Grand mother all I one night. I fell asleep very happy.

Morning came slowly as I was in a deep dream state where I was fucking my mother while Gram watched us. I did not want to awaken but something pushed me up and out into the light of day.

The reality of what I had done last night grabbed me like a vise. I was so scared and worried about what mother would say or do. But then I thought maybe Gram would help me if Mom was upset. I slipped on a pair of jockeys and a pair of cut off jeans, no shirt and went down stairs.

Mom was sitting at the beach seat by the kitchen window holding a cup of coffee. Gram was standing at the kitchen sink facing the hall way as I stepped in. Gram smiled from ear to ear and offered me a cup of coffee. I went and sat down next to Mom. Gram sat a cup of coffee down in front of me and sat down across from us. Mom looked sad her brown eyes reflected the fact that she had cried most of the night.

I put an arm around Moms shoulders “Mom we will get through this and one day soon our life will be back to normal.”

Mom looked out the window and said she knew live must go on but she also knew it would take a while. Gram agreed and told her time heals all things.

Not a word about last night. Was I off the hook? I wondered if Mom thought it was all a dream. I looked at Gram and I thought I saw a little smile both in her eyes and at the corner of her mouth.

I must have been looking at her mouth to long because Gram opened her mouth just enough to slip the tip of her tongue across her lips. Well illegal bahis siteleri that told me Gram knew what we did was not a dream. So to show my approval of her delightful talents I smiled back and licked my lips. Gram must have thought this funny because she started to laugh but choked on a mouth full of coffee.

I stood and moved around so I could pat her on the back. As I did her rob fell open and one of her generous tits fell out. I watched as the large tit bounced with each jerk of her body.

My mouth opened and words came out but as they say my brain was not in gear. “Nice fucking tit Gram.”

As the words came forth I looked at Mom but she either did not hear or did not care. Her gaze was fixed out in the back yard somewhere. I held Grams tit in my hand letting my finger squeeze the nipple. I was still watching Mom and I wondered if maybe she was reliving a dream she had last night. Maybe she was letting her imaginations run back over the years to when she and Dad had a happy sex life.

Gram pushed my hand away and fixed her robe. I bent down and kissed her on the neck whispering in her ear. “You give great head Gram. Next time I’ll lick your cunt and give you a climax.”

She reached up and slapped me on the face. Not hard but playfully enough to let me know talking in front of Mom was something she did not want to do. I was getting horny as hell and my cock was pressing hard to get out of my cut-offs.

I caught Grams hand in mid-air and pulled it to my jeans. Gram took a second to feel my hard-on. Gram looked over at Mom as I had done. Seeing no reaction she took a hold of my cock and gave it a hard squeeze.

For some reason at that moment I thought of the sweet little Mrs. Anderson my third little old lady and how she taught me how to fuck her in the ass. So there you have it. Each of my three ladies had come to mind as I enjoyed a sexual relation with both my mother and Grandmother. Mrs. Charles, Mrs. Fellman and Mrs. Anderson were each unique and each was special in their own way. My cock started to throb as it had last night when I woke with mom in my arms.

I bent down close to Grams ear “Gram my fucking cock is so hard I bet it would feel pretty damn good up your ass.”

Gram stiffened and her grip on my cock got tighter. She turned and looked up at me. She mouthed the word in silent “It has been a long time.”

Then for some strange reason yet unknown to me I mouthed the words “I want to fuck Mom too.” Gram just looked at me then she smiled.

Later I was watching TV in the Den when Mom yelled down the hall she was going to the store and did I want anything. I told her no and she left. The second her car was out the drive I was up the stairs to find Gram. Gram was in the shower and I stripped naked and joined her. I told her Mom was going to the store and we both knew we had a good hour any way.

My hands found her tits and her hands found my cock hard. I kissed her and finger fucked her. Gram was giving my cock hell when I thought of our silent words this morning. I turned her around and soaped up her ass working a finger inside her tight little tunnel. She leaned forward and with both hands she reached back and spread her cheeks wide for me.

I saw the dark spot and the thought of me fucking my own Grandmother in the ass damn near sent me over the edge. “Easy Bentley, not too fast go slow and I am sure it will be just like old times.”

My cock head was swollen to a size like never before but I pushed it to her tiny ass hole. At the first touch she let out a breath and pushed back. I pushed forward. The canlı bahis siteleri cock head disappeared out of sight. A few gentle back and forth motions each going deeper than the one before. Soon my cock was buried to the hair on my belly. I stopped and let her feel it buried up her ass where I let my cock jerk of its own free will.

Gram started to wiggle her ass as I started an in and out motion. Now I don’t want to brag but I am not ashamed of my cock. So I let my eyes watch as it withdraw and again ran slowly into her tight little asshole.

She said “Fuck me faster, fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. Then she screamed FUCK MY ASS.” Gram screamed she was coming as I shot a load of boiling hot sperm up her delightful ass.

I screamed back at her “I am coming too.”

Then I head another voice “Oh God Dorothy, Not my son. Wasn’t it bad enough you fucked your son?”

I jerked my head around to see Mom standing in the bathroom door way. Gram turned and jerked forward ripping my cock from her ass.

The shower door flew open so we were exposed to my mother excited gaze. I did not say a word. I was gong to let the girls fight it out. Evidently there was history here something I did not know about.

Mother said “Dorothy, I let it go all those years because Henry promised he would never fuck another woman if I let him fuck you. So I put up with it but I am not going to put up with you fucking your own grandson.”

Gram pushed by me and confronted mother. “Well it’s a bit too late for that Dear Miss goody two shoes. I saw Bentley fuck you last night too so who the hell do you think your fooling.”

Mom got a strange look on her face and her knees buckled she slumped to the floor. She did not pass out just her legs gave out. She looked up at me with a look in her eyes that was sad; there was a question in her eyes looking for the truth. Yet she knew the truth, it had not been a dream after all she had been fucked last night.

I kneeled down beside her taking her in my arms. I cried and Mom cried and we hugged. I told her I was so sorry. I explained I had heard her crying in her sleep so I got into bed just to hold her. Then later when I woke I was aroused and she fondled me and it just happened.

Again I said I was so sorry, but my cock started to get hard all over again. It pushed up between us and pointed at her tiny breast. She saw it and she wept even harder. I hugged her and before I knew what was going on Mom took my cock in her hand. She tilted her face up to me and I kissed her. Dorothy came and sat down by us letting her wet arms surround us both.

Dorothy said “See Gale when people love one another sometimes it just happens. I know you love your son as I loved my son. So let it happen, make love to your son. Let him express his love for you in away that you both will enjoy and never forget.”

A few minutes later Gram, Mom and I were all on the bed kissing and touching. Mom had found a new way of expressing her love for me. At that moment Mom was bent over me with my cock in her mouth.

Dorothy was straddling my face. I had promised Dorothy I would lick her cunt so that is what I was doing. I reached down and pulled mother off my cock but let her know I wanted her to sit on me. Mom sat up and guided my cock into her tight pussy. Gram and Mom were now facing each other. Gram took Moms tiny pointed tits in her hands.

Mom leaned forward and the two ladies kissed and hugged I shot off in Moms pussy and Gram filed my mouth with the sweetest juice in had ever tasted.

At diner later Mom asked me how long I had been actively involved in sex. I told her about the three Mrs.’s and she laughed till she cried. Dorothy said “I guess we will have to have a party some day soon.”

I said “I’ll need some help if all five of you join forces.”

part II soon.

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