Mom Gets Frisky Ch. 01

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It’s about 4:30 PM on a random summer day. I am home alone; dad is at work and mom is out visiting with friends in our neighborhood. Before she left, she told me she would be back around 5:00 to start dinner.

I’m sitting at my desk in my room, door closed, browsing the internet. That powerful feeling of being alone suddenly takes over me. I feel naughty and feel I have to take advantage of this alone time. What else is a 19 year old guy supposed to do with his free time?

Anxiously, I begin removing my pants. I realize my sneakers are still on so I kick those off. My pants follow – I throw those aside and immediately push down my boxers and step out of them.

My cock is rock hard now – based on nothing but the feeling of doing something I shouldn’t be doing right now. I sit back down at my desk and continue browsing the internet. Only, now it’s for pornographic content.

After only a few minutes of this I feel it would be so much more exciting if there were more risk involved in this naughty activity. I love the feeling of knowing I could possibly be caught when masturbating. I get up and open my bedroom door, glancing at the clock I see it’s 4:40, more than enough time I think to myself.

Sitting back down at my desk I subconsciously grab my hard cock with my left hand as I scroll through a page full of lesbian images. I gently pet the length of my cock moving my fingers up and down in rhythm.

I find one picture that I particularly like. It’s of two women having sex – one of them is wearing a strap-on cock and laying on her back while the other rides her. The image is frozen in time so that you see the back of the girl riding the strap-on cock. She is on her way down the length of it. Just about all you see of the other girl is a few inches of her “cock” sticking out above her glistening pussy and spread legs.

Settled on this picture I click on it to maximize it and lean back in my chair. I replace my left with my right and continue stroking my cock. My left hand moves down to fondle my balls – lightly scratching them with the fingernails I barely have. I scratch and fondle my balls to the place between my balls and ass and then back. I’ve picked up a nice pace now, pumping my dick, playing with my balls, as I stare intently, with most probably the most bizarre look on my face, at the image on screen.

I start fantasizing that I am in the room with them. My eyes are now closed, the image nice and fresh in my mind, the image now includes me. I am being sucked off by the girl riding the strap-on cock. My hands are on my hips as I slowly fuck her mouth.

There it is – the feeling- the point of no return. I feel my cum rising from my balls. My eyes pop open realizing I forgot to prepare tissues. The first spurt of cum lands on my keyboard and desk, the second spurt is on its way out…

Mom: [Calling out from the hallway.] John?

The second spurt of cum followed by the next and last few end up everywhere. His desk, shirt, legs and floor are splattered with his cum.

John: [His voice shaky high pitched.] Yeauhhhh, what?

I am frantically rushing to get up and close my door but it’s too late. The front door is barely 15 feet from my bedroom. My mom is standing not 5 feet from my bedroom door with her mouth wide open in shock. I am standing in the middle of my room, halfway to the door, with my now softening cock and cum stains on my shirt. Cum is still dripping down my legs. We are both lost for words. After a few seconds I dart out of sight and grab my blanket, the first thing I think of to cover up with.

Mom: [Walking away.] Sorry John. Close your door next time.

Never mind next time, I close my door right now. I feel so ashamed. I clean everything up and get dressed. Then, I just lay down on my bed.

Staring up at the ceiling, I keep replaying the scene over and over in my head. How can this happen? What is wrong with me? How can I even look at her again? I fall asleep feeling like an absolute zero. I feel my life is over.

I wake up not knowing what day it is. I remember what took place and then glance at my clock. It’s 7:00 PM. I smell dinner and decide I will go out. I have to see her eventually – might as well get over it or at least try.

I open my door and mom is standing right there. She looked like she was contemplating knocking.

John: [Avoiding eye contact.] Oh, uh, hey mom.

I start to walk right past her, not knowing if I could deal with the confrontation…

Mom: [Authoritatively.] John. Stop. We need to talk.

I reluctantly turn around and head back into my room. I sit on the edge of my bed followed by mom. She sits down next to me and I still can’t look bahis firmaları at her. I stare at the floor wishing I could be anywhere else.

Story continued from mom’s perspective.

Realizing how embarrassed John is and how bad he must feel, I place my hand on his back and remain silent for a couple minutes. I’m hoping he takes this as a sign that I’m not upset with him. On the contrary, I understand what it’s like to be his age and especially a guy, it’s just his bad luck that he got caught in the act. It can be so traumatizing if not handled correctly.

I see he starts to relax. He lifts his head. I take that as a sign that he is ready to talk.

Mom: [Rubbing his back a few times.] John, please don’t feel embarrassed or upset, I’m not upset with you regarding what happened.

John: [Picking at his nails with his fingers, still slightly nervous.] I am embarrassed. How could you expect me to not feel embarrassed? I was so stupid.

Mom: [Stops rubbing his back.] It’s ok, really, it’s very normal and happens all the time. It wasn’t a shock to me that you did this. All boys your age do this. [Shifts her position on the bed so she is sitting facing John. One foot folded inward while the other hangs off the side of the bed.] Look at me, John, I need for you to understand that you did nothing wrong.

John: [Reluctantly changes positions to reflect mom’s position.] Ok. Fine. [Pauses.] Thanks for being so cool about it. I really thought we wouldn’t be able to talk again.

Mom: Oh, of course John. I have no intention of making you feel guilty about sex. [With a smirk on her face.] You did clean everything up, right? [Looks around the room.]

John: [Chuckles.] Yes, mom. I did.

Mom: [Lightly laughs.] I was just teasing sweetie. [Leans forward and playfully slaps his arm.] .

John: Very funny mom.

Mom: [Looking at the ceiling contemplating her next question] How often do you masturbate?

I can’t believe I just asked him that. Is he going to freak out?

John: [His face turns bright red at the unexpected question.] MOM!

Mom: [Takes his hand in hers and leans slightly forward.] John, sorry, didn’t mean to be so blatant. I really want you to feel comfortable with sex though and I doubt your father spoke to you about this.

John: [Takes a deep breath.] I know mom. I know you’re just trying to help. You’re right, dad never did speak to me about sex. [Long pause as he thinks through his response.] To answer your question, I do it about once a day. [That last part sort of trails off so it’s barely audible.]

Mom: [Smiles.] That’s good, sweetie. No need to be ashamed. It’s healthy. [John cracks a smile.] Do you have a girlfriend?

John: [Shifts uncomfortably.] No, I haven’t really umm had much luck in that department, mom.

Mom: Aw, sorry to hear that sweetie, I don’t see why not though. You’re handsome and all. [Takes hold of his chin, lifting it up so that she can look directly into his eyes.]

John: Yeah, I get so uncomfortable around girls. [Pauses. Then blurts out.] I’m still a virgin.

I can’t believe I got my son to open up this much for me. I really want him to be open to sex and comfortable with it. Being a virgin at 19 isn’t at all bad but I can tell he is really shy around girls and needs help getting over that shyness. The last thing I want is for John to be depressed and jerking off alone at home every night.

Mom: It’s ok. There is no rush. Are there any girls you have a crush on?

John: Yes. [Talking uninhibitedly now.] There is the girl down the block, Jessica.

Mom: Oh, you mean Brenda’s daughter?

John: Yes. [Smiles.]

Mom: [Smiles back.] I can see why, she is very pretty. I don’t see why she wouldn’t want to go out with you. It’s just the matter of you getting the courage to initiate a conversation with her.

John: Yes, she is very pretty. [Thinks about her. His cock starts to involuntarily get hard.]

I notice John shifting uneasily. At first, I don’t know why, but then I see it. His cock is growing in his pants. Right in front of me! I can’t believe it. All I did was bring up a crush and he just can’t help it.

Mom: [Unabashedly looks directly at his crotch.] I see you really like her.

John: [Realizing his mom notices his hard cock.] Umm yeah, sorry mom, didn’t mean to…[Grabs a pillow and places it over his crotch.]

Mom: [Laughs.] Oh, please! I already told you it’s no big deal. Now, take that pillow off, you need to be comfortable with sex. I know I’m your mother, and mothers typically stay out of this, but you need some training. There is no reason you should be having an issue confronting Jessica.

John: kaçak iddaa [Taken aback, throws the pillow aside, the tent in his pants back in plain view of his mom.] Yes, mom. Sorry again.

Mom: Don’t be sorry, just listen to me, everything will be fine. I promise. Now, tell me why you’re so shy around girls.

John: Well, since I’ve never really had any experience, you know, with girls, sexually, I’m afraid of not knowing what to do or doing the wrong thing. I don’t want to be embarrassed with a girl, especially Jessica.

Mom: I see. So you’ve never even been naked in front of a girl?

John: No.

Mom: Actually, you just were, earlier today. [Smirks.]

John: [Thinks for a second and then realizes what she means.] Yeah, but that was different, I didn’t know you would see and plus, you’re my mom, that doesn’t really count.

Mom: Get up! Stand in front of me!

John: But mom!! [Glances down at his obvious state of arousal.]

Mom: I said get up.

John reluctantly obeys me. He stands up and stands in front of me, facing me. It is almost comical. His cock is pointing right at me and I’m hoping I’m doing the right thing here. I hope he won’t get further scarred for life.

John: [Hands hanging awkwardly at his side.] Ok. Now what?

Mom: [Without hesitation.] Drop your pants.

John: What?

Mom: You heard me. Drop your pants John, it’s not like I haven’t seen this before.

He drops his pants. His boxers are pulled away from his waist by his hard cock. I wonder if I should stop where this is going. Am I enjoying this? Is it the feeling of power I’m enjoying? What’s wrong with me?

Mom: Boxers too. As a matter of fact, get completely naked. I am a girl, technically, and I do count. You will be naked in front of me and get used to it. I will not let you get comfortable with being so shy, sexually, around women. [Stands up and steps directly in front of him.] Here, I’ll do the rest sweetie.

I am barely a few inches from his cock. It looks to be around 6 or 7 inches.

Mom: Lift your arms. [Removes his shirt upon his comply.] There we go. How do you feel?

John: Ok, I guess. A bit awkward though, mom.

Mom: That’s ok sweetie, it will take some getting used to. Now, continue to stand there. [Sits back on the bed and leans back – casually looking around the room as if nothing is out of the ordinary.]

John is just standing there and looking so uncomfortable. His hands are now on his hips, shifting his weight uncomfortably, his dick standing at attention.

Mom: Ok. Now, sit back down next to me. [Pats the space next to her on the bed.]

John sits down. Feet on the floor, slightly spread apart. His cock is sticking straight up against his stomach. He leans back, his hands behind him, face down on the bed, supporting his current position. He is breathing heavily.

I don’t know what came over me, as if so far it’s been ok, I sit up and in the position I was sitting in earlier so that I am facing him. He is looking straight ahead. I place my hand on his stomach and rub up and down, avoiding contact with his cock.

Mom: John, relax, it’s ok baby. [She looks at John’s face and he looks back. They are both looking at each other intently. A light moan escapes his lips.] Lay down completely, John. [He swings his feet up on the bed and lays down so that his head is furthest from me, looking at me. I’m still sitting in the same position on the edge of the bed along side him. My hands find their way to his thigh closest to me. I rub the inside of it gently.]

John: Mom, is this normal? Should we be doing this?

Mom: Stop worrying. It’s ok. I’m just trying to help you.

John: Ok, ok, mom. I will stop.

Mom: By the way, you have a nice cock, you have nothing to worry about in that department. [Looks at it as John props his head up on a couple of pillows.]

John: [Shocked by his moms use of the word “cock”] Oh, well, thank you. That’s something I was so worried about.

Mom: You’re welcome sweetie. Are you still thinking about Jessica?

John: Yes, well sort of. I’m a bit confused though; your contact is turning me on as well.

Mom: Oh, don’t be confused sweetie. [Rubs her hand higher towards his waist. Then, she gets up off the bed and stands next to it facing him and hovering over his naked body.] You’re only turned on by my touch since it’s human contact. It’s what’s supposed to happen.

The notion that this is for his good is kind of becoming ridiculous. I am simply turned on by how vulnerable John is. This is exciting me beyond anything I could have imagined. I am now standing over him, looking hungrily at his cock, which is oozing kaçak bahis some pre-cum. John is still breathing heavily and I am somehow containing my excitement. I am still portraying the concerned mother, which I still am, but my excitement outweighs my concern at this point.

I resume rubbing his thigh. Each time making my way up closer to his cock. I get as close as I can to his cock and then suddenly remove my hand. John comes out of the trance he was in and has a look of confusion and lust on his face.

Mom: [Pulling John’s desk chair over to the bed and taking a seat.] John, show mommy how you jerk off.

John is feeling so horny at this point that without hesitation or response he grabs a hold of his cock and starts pumping it at full speed.

Mom: That’s it honey. Are you going to cum?

John: [With a shaky and hoarse voice.] Almost, mom, almost. [Closes his eyes – feeling the cum rising.]

Suddenly, I have an idea. I grab his hand, pulling it off his cock. He opens his eyes in surprise giving me a look of confusion.

Mom: Don’t touch your cock now, John. You need to learn self control. I don’t want you to cum so fast when you’re with a girl. Place your hands behind your head and leave them there. [The last part is a command and John knows he has to obey her.]

So, here is my poor son, all turned on by his mom and at the brink of an orgasm. His cock is involuntarily twitching and begging for release. His hands are interlocked behind his head.

Continued from John’s perspective.

I want to grab my cock and finish myself off so badly. I am so turned on. My mom, typically conservative but attractive, has turned suddenly into a sex expert. I’ve never thought of her in a sexual way but this is just too much. Nobody could ignore the feelings she is causing me to have right now.

Mom: [Pointing a finger at me.] Sit Still!

She then proceeds to climb up on the bed and straddle me, facing away from me and at the same time blocking my access to my cock. She, for the first time, takes my cock in her hand and holds it for a minute without doing anything. Without warning she pumps it really fast several times but then stops.

John: [Moans out loud.] Oh, god, mom! Please, I have to cum already.

Mom: [Not looking back behind her.] You will have to wait sweetie.

She resumes touching my cock but with only one finger. Moving it up and down the shaft at a painfully slow pace. Occasionally stimulating the part right beneath the head, where it’s most sensitive.

Suddenly, without any warning since she only had a finger on my cock, she slides a finger from her free hand down to my balls. But then, she keeps going until she reaches the crack of my ass. She starts going back to my balls but quickly turns back and slides her finger partly into my ass.

John: [Sounding upset.] Mom, what the hell are you doing?

Mom: [Sliding her finger further up his ass.] Sweetie, calm down, this is for your own good. You will like it, trust me. [Reaching his prostate, she rubs it and pushes against it causing John to involuntarily release some semen from his cock and moan out loud.] See? Does it feel good baby?

John: [Sounding somewhat surprised.] Oh, yes, mom. This is so weird mom.

Mom: I know baby, it’s good to explore your body though baby.

I couldn’t believe this. Was this gay? It’s a woman doing it so it’s not, right? I felt so confused. My mom is straddling me and by now finger fucking my ass at a slow pace and it felt good. Really good. I can’t take this anymore – I have to cum.

John: [Trying to move his ass to meet her finger.] Please mom, I can’t take it anymore, I have to cum.

Mom: [Laughs lightly.] Ok sweetie, you deserve it.

She repositioned herself so that she is now facing but straddling my legs so my cock is in front of her.

Mom: Look at me.

I look at her and she looks back. Smiling a motherly smile, she takes my cock in both hands and very slowly pumps it.

Mom: John, you’ve been so good. I have no doubt you are going to feel more confident around girls after this.

As soon as she uttered the word “this” she took two fingers and shoved them up my ass. She proceeded to assault my ass, hooking her fingers and making sure to massage my prostate. At the same time, she picked up speed with her other hand on my cock, and was jerking me off very fast. There was no way I could last another second.

John: Ohhh ahh I’m cumming mommy.

With that, I came so hard I almost passed out. My cum shot all across my chest and some of it spilled over onto moms hand. She slowed down her pumping until all the come was out of me. She removed her fingers from my ass and got up off the bed. Leaning over, she kissed my cheek.

Mom: That was a good first lesson. I’m glad you let me help you, John. Clean yourself up and come down for dinner.

Did she say first lesson?

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