Modern Jane Meets Tarzan Ch. 04

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Jane and her wild man continue their explorations with each other.

Chapter Four

The morning sun was glorious, sending sparkling diamonds reflecting over the river current. Small monkeys darted on the far side of the bank, splashing one another in a game of chase. Beans again, Jane thought, stirring the small tin over an ever smaller fire just enough to bring a little heat to the familiar meal. No shadows had emerged in the night to greet her and Tarzan hadn’t provided another fish, she smiled. She was still nude, feeling more confident in the jungle clearing, and besides her only visitor thus far had likewise shown up either barely dressed or not dressed at all. She was getting used to “going native” as she liked to think of it now.

She thought back to yesterday’s interlude with Tarzan. Had she been too forward with him? Had she scared him off with her bold approach and willing sharing of her body? He’d seemed perplexed, for sure but had enjoyed it she thought. “What man wouldn’t?” she said aloud.

The thoughts of yesterday sent tingles into her stomach and a familiar quickening in her pussy. She reacted like a teenage virgin, her breath speeding up and shivers starting on her body, despite the warmth of the sun peeking through the jungle canopy. She could feel moisture growing at her opening and touched her swelling lips.

“My God, girl you have to slow down,” she murmured, but still explored the dewy lips and slid her other hand up over her taut abs and to her breasts. She imagined the feeling of Tarzan’s cum splashing on her chest, dribbling down her body, and became more lost in the sensual dance playing out in her head.

She spread her legs wider, slipping another finger inside herself and continued the exploration, taking her time and building her fantasy layer by layer; imaging Tarzan standing over her, kissing her, his strong arms holding her, and his penis growing against her leg. Her fingers pumped in a rhythmic dance into her wet channel and she flicked her button every third or fourth trip in and out, slowing her release but building her pleasure.

Sweat pooled around her neck and beads scurried down her bare chest, tiny rivers between her breasts. The feeling brought back more memories of the warm cum on her, Tarzan’s firm but gentle touch on her body and her hand sped up, pounding into her sex with a sloppy squishing sound reminding her of fast unbridled sex. Then she came, a bursting, powerful, wet explosion forcing her back onto the moist leaves of the jungle floor as her breath caught in her throat. Jane sucked in air, groaned and then let out a blood curdling scream in complete ecstasy.

Jane had dozed there, it could have been minutes, it could have been an hour; she had no idea. She opened her eyes, seeing Tarzan pawing around the fire, sniffing the leftover can of beans and discarding it. He was wet, his hair still dripping down his muscled back, and from behind she saw he wore the thin leather strip around eryaman anal yapan escort his waist. He must have just arrived and found her sleeping. She sat up, wiped some of the leaves off of her shoulders and called to him, “Tarzan, you’re back… hello”

He turned quickly at the sound of her voice, and came to sit by her, looking her over, searching her arms and legs for wounds.

“I’m ok, I’m fine, what’s the matter?” Jane asked as he looked concerned.

He motioned toward the jungle, then pointed to her, “Jane, aaahaah, aaahg, Tarzan…” he said in a broken voice and made swimming type of motions.

She was confused, then it dawned on her, he’d heard her scream, well not really scream but cry out in a body-wrenching orgasm and had come to see if she was ok. She smiled, felt a warmth for this wild man and patted his arm.

“Jane is ok, all is fine, Tarzan, thank you” she said, smiling somewhat embarrassed but still happy to see him again.

“Ok” Tarzan repeated, easily saying the word and then repeating her name.

She smiled, “Yes, Tarzan, yes, Jane is ok.”

Tarzan seemed happy at her reaction and helped her stand. He brushed more leaves off her and again she stroked his arm, touched at his concern. She noticed the damp loincloth had shifted sideways on him, and his penis was exposed to her. He seemed not to care in the least. She hardly had thought of doing it before her hands reached down, hooking the corners of the leather band and sliding it down his narrow waist. The nearly useless covering dropped to his ankles, and he stepped out of it as if it was the most natural thing to discard.

Tarzan now stood completely naked before her, and while it seemed totally natural to him, she felt a rush through her stomach as she regarded him nude in front of her. He took a step away, but Jane reached for him, pulling him back closer to her. She leaned in and once again kissed him. He reacted more naturally this time and kissed her back, water still dripping from his long hair and beard.

“You keep disappearing on me,” Jane said to him, his brow furrowing in half understanding as she gazed into his green eyes.

Her arm snaked around his waist, pulling him closer, breasts touching his chest. His gaze softened, and he moved to her. Jane knew he was still unsure of the situation, but his base instincts were taking over. He reached an arm around her, mimicking what she had done to him, exploring and holding her close.

“Yes, that’s it, we can get closer you know,” Jane cooed and brushed his hair back from his face, tracing her fingers over his jawline obscured by the beard.

Tarzan touched her face as well. His strong hands brushed her brow, then her lips, down her neck pausing then tracing over her shoulders. Jane’s heart raced, but she felt safe and relaxed in his arms. Jane took his hand and pulled him toward the tent. He followed, unsure of what they were doing. Turning with a smile, she reached into ankara escort the tent folds to retrieve the lone blanket she had and crumpled it into a ball. leading him to a clearing where the leaves were softer and dots of sunlight danced on the ground. Spreading out the blanket, she reclined on it and motioned for Tarzan to join her.

He crouched, touching the fabric with his hands and looking at her. It felt odd to him, a strange texture, and he brushed over it several times before finally sitting cross-legged in front of her. She turned to sit in the same manner, facing him and feeling gloriously exposed before him.

Again, he looked over her body, slowing as his eyes reached her pussy, glancing unashamedly at her and then looking up to her face.

She traced her body, then hovered near her privates, gently saying, “Woman, Jane is a woman…” before sliding her hand down his chest, pointing to his penis and adding, “Tarzan is a man… does that make sense to you?”

He watched the display, then slowly repeated, “Woman, Jane, woman.”

Her eyes lit up, “Yes, yes, that’s it Tarzan, we are different but very much the same.”

She could tell by the way he formed and repeated the words he had spoken – probably English, before. Maybe the language skills of his youth still held some memories? A child of four or five should recall some language, she thought.

They sat together, easily communicating with simple gestures, smiles and touches. She repeated several more words for him, giving him time to mouth the words: jungle, fire, water, river, bed, blanket… He spoke them easily and seemed to recall a few when she would point to an object.

Overall, Jane was convinced Tarzan was capable of speech and just needed time to learn and practice, if he’d just stop disappearing at the worst times, she thought. However, she had been looking at a gorgeous naked man for some time and felt the familiar longing she had with him earlier. Once more, her hand traced his chest, touching a couple old scars near his muscled bicep.

She glanced at his penis again, not erect, but somewhat swollen during their time together, and she now longed for it. Her hand slid down his abs and touched his penis again, lifting it in her fingers gently and stroking him. He grew quickly in her touch, his hard penis with a shiny purple tip standing out straight, pointing to her with a dollop of precum trickling out in a glistening clear drop.

To her surprise, Tarzan reached for her, placing his hand on her shoulder and pulling her slightly toward him for a kiss. She smiled, the moisture from his kiss still on her lips, “Yes Tarzan, yes, Jane likes that…”

Jane pressed his hand against her breast, the nipple jutting out between his fingers as she showed him how to knead her flesh, squeezing gently then releasing. She concentrated his fingers on her nipple and soon he had the hang of it, raising his other hand to circle her breast in likewise etimesgut escort intensity. His strong hands felt incredible, she’d never felt such intensity with a man before. It wasn’t like he was in a hurry to move to other parts of her body, he simply enjoyed what she had shown him.

She continued gentle strokes on his penis and his balls, feeling the thud of his heartbeat in his hard flesh, each beat making her wetter as she enjoyed his touch and touching him.

Tarzan’s touch drew tiny little mild orgasms to her, something she had never experienced from breast play alone; she writhed under his gentle massage. He watched intently as her breath caught, then slowly she released him and rolled to her side, stretching out on the blanket. Tarzan watched her, and she reached for his hand, drawing it over her body and toward her bare mons. He followed her lead and watched as she touched herself with his hand. She was wet, very wet, and he looked confused at first but let her show him how to touch her. Her legs opened wider, exposing her wet lips to his touch and she pressed his finger just inside her.

She felt moisture trickling down her lips, and she lay back on the blanket again reaching for his hard penis. Pulling him gently, he again followed her urgings and got between her legs. Instincts had surely taken over by now as he seemed to understand what she wanted. He leaned over her, his damp hair falling on her chest as she guided his warm tip to her opening. She felt precum draining from him and smeared his tip over her already wet lips, joining their lubricants before reaching up to press him deeper into her.

Tarzan slipped easily into her wetness and his eyes fluttered, closing slightly then bursting open again to look at her. Jane writhed below him, moving her hips to press into him and pulling against his lower back to help him find a motion with her. She was on fire, her clit swelling with every slow thrust he made into her. His hard shaft stroked her clit directly, and she knew she was going to cum any second. She sped up, humping her hips up to press harder against him, chasing, toying with an explosive orgasm. Seconds passed, her walls constricted on him and she spasmed in orgasm, her vision went dark, and fire erupted through her pussy and once more Jane shrieked into the jungle.

Tarzan didn’t stop as she bucked and ground against him. She felt him swell even thicker and burst forth within her pussy, great long spurts of his warm seed she could feel deep in her. Together they rode this wave of sensual exploration until they both lay spent in the glistening light. Tarzan’s weight pressed down on her and he rested. She felt wonderful.

When Tarzan sat up, sliding out of her, she held his arm, fearful he would once again dash into the trees and disappear. But he only rolled over and lay down beside her. One leg still draped over her, and she stroked his chest. He looked at her, trying to form words, she thought. She kissed his nose.

He looked up into the leafy curtain above them, and spoke, a slight smile forming again “Jane, Tarzan… ok.”

Her eyes glistened, danced… and he relaxed, “Yes, Jane, Tarzan ok. Very ok.” She nuzzled against his arm and drifted off, satisfied and happy.

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