Missy Ch. 01

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Until this day I had always tolerated my stepmother, Missy. But now, watching, I realized how much I hated her. In the shadows, I couldn’t make out her face but there was no mistaking that irresistible body. OK, maybe I was a bit jealous but what girl wouldn’t be? I wanted breasts like those, large and firm, and conical, sloping slightly away, punctuated by taut, red nipples. They swayed with her movements as she stood, showing off her flat belly and the S-curve from her tiny waist to her athletic hips and never-ending legs. In between them, a tiny patch of black glistened with sweat and juice. And as she moved forward, she never released her hand from the base of her partner’s enormous cock.

I’d never seen an erect penis before but I knew instinctively that this was a monster. Missy had wrapped her fist around the trunk of it but the tip towered so far in the air that she actually had to lift a leg as she guided the head into her pussy. A groan came from the cock’s owner, his face hidden in the shadows. I wouldn’t say it was a sound of pleasure. But right now I was fixated on my stepmother who was slowly sliding down that fleshy baseball bat.

“Ohhhh…my…God,” she moaned. “You’re going to be my slave young man! Whatever you do, don’t cum! Do you hear me?”

It was clear the massive instrument was causing her some difficulties. But she kept at it, letting her ass down on it and then rising back up, revealing her progress in the sheen of lubrication left on his shaft. As the cock head became visible, she eased back down impaling herself further, only to rise again slowly. As she did so, she lifted a nipple to her mouth and flicked at it with her tongue. The other hand alternately played with her clitoris and spread her crimson cunt lips open to accept more cock. She was half way down now, rising, falling, groaning, flinching as the rock hard invader crept toward her cervix.

“It feels like it’s in my throat,” she gasped. “I love it. By God, don’t you cum yet.”

She rose up one more time and then sank down for good, impaling her tight, taut ass, coming to rest on anonymous thighs. The fullness of it was obviously giving her a sensual thrill.

“Mmmmm,” she mewled.

With her thighs, she began moving up and down the shaft, slowly rising to its top and then sinking down again. Her movements quickly became erratic as she tongued her tits and massaged her clit. The careful rise and fall gave way to a smashing up and down as she took her fill of cock.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m…aaaaagh…”

And she shuddered and shook, her fingers now patting her clit, pounding out a pulsating orgasm. And even as she came, a young male voice, pled,

“Please…ma’am…I…can’t…hold it…much…”

Hearing this, she rose off him, staggering like a woman drunk with orgasm. She grabbed the cock, still glistening with her juice and began pumping hard, with both hands. The tongue that had just nursed her own tits to orgasm now flicked out to the base of that proud cock and the groan it elicited was a final warning. From somewhere in the room came an “uggh” and my stepmother inched back as a jet of gooey cum splattered onto her ample tits. It was followed by another and another and another, until her breasts and stomach were plastered with white, sticky goo. Gobs dripped onto her thighs and down onto the black mat of pubic hair between her legs. But she wasn’t satisfied. She began jerking him again, ignoring his yelp of discomfort. Her hands pistoned up and down, blurring with speed.

“Oh, stop please, it hurts,” the cock owner groaned.

“There’s more where that came,” she hissed. “Give it to me. Give it to me!”

She was jerking him violently now, licking his cock head. “Ohh…Ohhh…Aaaaaah!” And sure enough, his piss hole opened wide and tossed another stream of seed onto her dripping tits.

So here was Missy, cool, aloof, a woman so beautiful that few men other than my Father dared approach her, a woman whose features, whose bearing were downright intimidating to other women, here she was kneeling down on a rug, covered in cum, worshipping the almighty cock that had just rocked her to orgasm. As she licked the bulbous head, poking her tongue into its hole, swirling around it, licking, cleaning, sucking on it, I could see the penis stiffening. The purple veins running the length of its underside began to bulge, pulsating as they pumped life back into the proud member. It’s owner moaned again and believe me it was not a sound of amusement or enjoyment but of someone whose body was betraying him.

Her partner’s reticence seemed to excite Missy all the more. Roughly, she pushed illegal bahis his legs apart and crawled between them, wrapping her gorgeous breasts around his quickly thickening device. Instinctively, his hips bucked slightly as the penis sought contact, friction. As it slid through the tunnel of her tits, Missy continued ministering to the cock head with her energetic tongue, all the while taunting her mysterious sex object.

“If you don’t like it, tell me why your cock is getting so goddam stiff and hard again.”

She let a glob of saliva fall from her lips onto that majestic organ, smiling as the slippery fluid slowly ran down its length, disappearing between her breasts, mixing with the cum and pussy juice already lubricating this sensuous bout of masturbation.

“Your dick likes it,” she teased. “And let me tell you, I love your dick.”

Nature was quickly taking its course. The hips of this shadowy figure began bucking erratically, his groans increasing in intensity. Despite my shock at the scene unfolding in front of me, I must admit I was eager to see the bloated woody deliver another drenching of ooze onto my stepmother. Serves her right, I thought. As the cock moved up and down, Missy was seconding his efforts, her tits tightly clamped. Pearls of precum pouted out of that gorgeous cock head and the opening itself twitched as if trying to cry out.

Somewhere in the darkness the phantom voice yelped, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh God…”

And at that, Missy backed away, panting, staring at that luscious cock, that rampant pole engorged with cum, on the verge of eruption.

“Oh no you don’t, not yet,” she panted.

Catlike, she grabbed the base of this penis with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, clamping with all her might. I could actually see the hole on the cock head contracting, desperately trying to ejaculate.

“You don’t cum until I tell you to,” Missy warned, smiling menacingly at the figure in the shadows.

With hindsight I now realize she was trying to postpone his ejaculation but as soon as she released her grip, that cock released its load, a stream of cream that caught Missy unawares, splattering on her eye and nose and matting her hair.

“Ughh! God, Jesus, kid what are you trying to do, drown me?” she shrieked, wiping the jizz from her eye and sucking it down with her beet red tongue.

It seemed Missy was trying to do some kind of Dominatrix thing but it was hard to take her seriously being that she was now covered from head to cunt with cum.

“You little twerp,” she spat, as she reached forward and pulled her partner into a sitting position.

And at this moment, I knew I hated my stepmother.

The face that emerged from the shadows was Kurt, a classmate of mine, a guy I’d been infatuated with for years. If there ever was a perfect young man, Kurt was it. He was an Adonis, with the bleached blond hair and dark tan of a surfer along with the spectacular upper body that all surfers possess. If that wasn’t enough, he’d just won a swimming scholarship to Stanford where he would be majoring in chemical engineering next fall. We had been on the swim team together for years, doing daily doubles and thousands upon thousands of laps. He was a natural and so was I until the onset of puberty ruined my chances of becoming a world-class contender. Basically, my boobs started ballooning and my coach recommended breast reduction surgery to keep me competitive. My Dad nixed the idea. He didn’t want me sacrificing my youth on the altar of competitive sports. And I wasn’t all that sorry about it. My times in the 800 meters freestyle stagnated at about two and a half seconds off the world record. An eternity. What the heck, I was beginning to like my breasts. I overheard one of the guys whisper once that I was “the best two reasons he could think of to stay on the swim team.”

In the summer, Kurt worked as a lifeguard at our club to earn a little extra cash and he struck me and every other girl there as a Greek God, a finely chiseled work of art brought to life. But our Deity had one fatal drawback. For all his talents, for all his good looks, Kurt was painfully shy and still stammered his hellos to me after six years on the same swim team. I put it down to the fact that his parents are strict Baptists, but whatever. At age 18 I didn’t have much womanly guile yet but every ounce of charm I could muster couldn’t draw Kurt out of his shell.

So imagine now, my shock as this beautiful young figure of a man slowly emerged from the shadows. An almost crazed fear glazed his blue eyes as Missy, the predator, sized up her prey. She pulled him to her, flicking illegal bahis siteleri her tongue onto his lips, him flinching as if he’d just lip smacked a branding iron. She gently kissed him, and I could see her red-hot, cum covered tongue worming its way into his unwilling mouth. He seemed to be on the verge of hyperventilating, frightened yet stimulated at the same time.

As they kissed, his prick was already back at attention between their bodies, begging for release. Now Missy gently pushed Kurt’s head down towards her breasts.

“Lick my tits, stud,” she hissed. “Lick all that nasty cum off them and share it with me. Come on faggot, you like sperm, don’t you?” She taunted him as he resisted.

“No, I can’t, it’s perverse,” he replied. Was it sweat or tears streaming down his face? I couldn’t be sure.

“Perverse? We haven’t even started down that road yet, young man.” She smiled and ruffled his hair. “Kurt, I don’t want to bring this up every time but if you don’t cooperate I’m going to have to go public about your little problem. And then there’ll be no more swimming. And no more Stanford. And your parents will be publicly humiliated. Someone might even go to jail. Now get down on your fucking knees and lick the cum off my tits!”

Somewhere in my subconscious I registered this piece of information. Some synapse snapped, telling me that Missy had some kind of dirt on Kurt and was using it to make him her sex slave. But I was far too turned on by the sexual lessons taking place right before my eyes to care at the moment. Humbled and defeated, Kurt tentatively stretched out his tongue and made contact with a white glob hanging from her nipple. He gagged at first but kept at it, sucking and tonguing her breasts. Soon they were heaving to and fro as Missy sucked in air. She was clearly getting turned on and as he finished working on one breast, she forced his mouth to hers for a taste of his salty white fluid. She eagerly drew his tongue into her mouth sucking the cum off it like a lollipop. Just as suddenly, she pushed his head back down to her other tit where he continued to lap up his own spunk. Missy grabbed his ears, locking his face in place around her turgid nipple and rugged areola. Now it was she who was groaning as Kurt slowly warmed to his task, slurping, tonguing, playing with her rock-hard nubbin. She pushed him lower, down along her washboard midsection to her bellybutton, where a puddle of gelatinous goo had formed. He sucked it in and of his own accord lifted his tongue back up and offered it to Missy. She locked her lips around his arched tongue, wiping it clean and sending him back down for more.

Now, heaving dramatically, she re-arranged herself, lying down on the lounge chair he had occupied before. She spread her legs and I got my first glimpse of a crimson vagina, dripping with juice, steaming hot.

“Lick my cunt you twerp, you little pervert. Give me another orgasm, make me cum hard and fast and maybe, maybe I’ll do the same for you. Help you learn to use that monster.”

She was gasping for breath now as she forced his head between her legs. Kurt began lapping up her juices, reaming the edges of her dripping cunt, but Missy was too far gone for preliminaries. With raw power, she positioned him directly on her clit, and I could see his tongue flicking over her protruding pearl. Missy was out of control now, beyond all reasoning.

“Aaah, Aaah,” she groaned, her hips pounding against his jaw. “Yeah, you fucker. You’re good at everything, aren’t you? Oh, dammit, right there, lick it, harder…harder…Aaagh!”

And she let go with a scream that the whole club must have heard. Her body rippled with pleasure as she pushed Kurt’s head into her pelvis, crushing her clit against his mouth. And then the second wave hit. Her head whipped back and forth, sweat pouring from every pore of her skin. Like a nutcracker she pulled her thighs together, squeezing against Kurt’s head seeking further pleasure and release. And then silence.

I was afraid they’d hear my own excited breathing but I couldn’t tear myself away. Missy slowly regained consciousness and Kurt remained between her legs, his tongue languidly lolling her clit around. Missy pushed him away, and when she stood she was trembling again.

“Wow. That was some fucking orgasm, my friend. You’ve earned a payback. Now lie the fuck down again and give me that cock of yours.”

All resistance gone, Kurt took his place on the padded lounge chair, his still stiff cock swinging back and forth above his chest like a boa constrictor seeking prey.

“One of these days I’ll let you on top but I’m going to keep control canlı bahis siteleri until my pussy gets used to this thing,” she said.

The first time she had sat down on it, her back to him, facing me. Now, she straddled him, dropping her tits down on his face. He began sucking them eagerly as she positioned herself for another fucking. And again, I got a first hand look at Missy’s perfect round ass poking proudly into the air. Her vagina was still dilated from the first screw. It was gaping, and her wrinkled asshole was a tiny pinprick in comparison. Her bottom was glistening with a combination of sweat, semen and cunt juice. As Missy’s tits swayed above Kurt’s face, she grabbed his cock and pointed it into her eager vagina. Again, she slowly worked her way up and down it, two inches forward, one inch back as that incredible tree trunk slowly disappeared inside her. Now it was her turn to groan in pain as she willingly impaled herself. And as before, she suddenly moved forward until his glistening cock head emerged from her sopping cunt and then slammed back down until her taut ass slapped down on his thighs.

“Uggggg” came her tortured cry.

She grabbed his hand and maneuvered it to her clit, using his fingers, showing him how to give her pleasure. At the same time, he was trying to keep his tongue and lips glued to her sumptuous tits.

“You like my boobs, don’t you stud,” she gasped. He nodded, in reply. “I’m taking your innocence with me today,” she teased. “You can never have it back. Your cock is killing me, ripping me. Give me more!”

She began pistoning, and I could see the lips of her cunt, spilling liquid, stretched tightly around that gorgeous rod, slamming back and forth. Now, both Missy and Kurt were groaning and he was seconding her motions, thrusting up and down as best he could with his giant organ.

“This time you’re coming inside me, do you hear?” she moaned. “Give your fucking cum to me so I can take it home with me.”

Now, they were both screaming in unison. He was out of control and so was she. She jammed his fingers against her pussy as she ground her clit down on him. His balls had drawn together at the base of his cock and I saw the first load of cum squirm up the tube to the tip of his cock.

“Cum, cum, cum,” she screamed, her own orgasm thundering through her body.

She slammed down one more time, locking her sweaty ass onto his thighs, her boobs sinking onto his chest. His balls were rubbing up and down, and the sheer amount of cum that he spurted into her was such that great globs escaped from the seal of her cunt lips. Missy collapsed onto Kurt’s steely body, her vagina, her midsection, her whole body at the mercy of his still hard cock.

After a few minutes, she moved, grabbing her thong bikini bottom from the floor. As his softening prick plopped out of her cunt, she quickly slipped her brief on.

“You’ve just given me a present that will soon make someone very happy,” she said.

And with that, she leaned over and took his wilting penis into her mouth. In this state, she could work it all in and was soon deep throating the softening tool. She came back up with a mouth full of cum and pussy juice and forced Kurt to share it with her, their tongues mingling, trading bodily fluids. She was clearly enjoying it. He was still reluctant.

“Remember, Kurt. Discretion will serve us both well. Who knows, you might even begin to enjoy me after awhile. I’m very imaginative.”

Missy was dressing now, wrapping a sarong around her midsection, strapping a bikini top to her breasts.

“Tell me, Kurt, do you masturbate?


“Play with yourself?”

“I try not to. It’s against…”

“And that little stunt I caught you pulling?”

“I…I don’t know what got into me.”

Whatever it was he was ashamed of himself. I was dying of curiosity.

“Kurt,” Missy soothed. “You just ejaculated three times in less than an hour. Three and a half, actually. I’ve never seen so much cum come from one cock in such a short period of time. My guess is there’s a lot more where that came from.”

Dressed now, she knelt beside him and began licking his tits. He closed his eyes, sighing, as the big timber began to grow. She began stroking on it lightly as she tongued his nipples some more but stood up again before things got out of hand.

“I knew a guy in high school. I made him cum 10 times in six hours,” she said proudly. “The last one was nothing but air, like an empty water pistol. Think you can break that record?”

She tweaked the head of his dick and I swear it lurched at her hand.

“I’d love to, but…mustn’t keep the girls waiting,” she said, slipping into her sandals. “I’ll let you know when and how we’ll meet again. And don’t masturbate. I want it all.” She paused. “You’re going to make some girl very happy. And that girl is going to be me. Toodloo.”

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