Missing Her…But Then…

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Creampie Eating

We still miss her. It has been almost six years since my wife, my second wife, but the love of my life, had suddenly and quite unexpectedly passed away. She loved to walk outside, and had been hit by a texting driver. She left behind a terrible aching in my heart, a treasure trove of years of wonderful memories, and her nineteen-year-old daughter Sara from her previous marriage that left my wife as a widow. Sara’s heart ached just as much as mine did.

We found ourselves trying to establish a new sense of normalcy in the home that we had all shared. It was too awkward at times, and very quiet all the time without my wife’s voice and activities in the home. Through the early months, Sara and I often had to console each other. Being the adult, I found myself having to help her with her grief constantly, whereas there was no one that I could really turn to for help with mine. But, again, being the adult, I could handle my grief better than Sara could hers.

Since my wife and I bought the home together under a prenup, she willed her half to Sara, so Sara and I felt comfortable with keeping the house as our home, at least until she was ready to strike off on her own.

About 5 ½ months after my wife’s passing, it was at the end of one weekend during which Sara and I had spent countless hours working in the gardens around the home and planting the annuals that her mother loved so much, that our lives took a strange turn. Late Saturday night found us cleaned up and relaxing on the couch, watching a made-for-TV movie on a family channel. We had just turned it on for something to do and relax to, not knowing what the movie was about. Unfortunately, it was about a young girl who had lost her mother, and was trying to find ways of coping with it.

Eventually, Sara, who was sitting a couple of feet away from me, lowered her face into her hands and began a soft sobbing. I asked her what was wrong, not that I didn’t already know. She told me that planting her mom’s flowers and that this movie were too much. She missed her mom.

I held out my arm to beckon her over to me. She scooted across the cushion and leaned into me. I place my right arm around her shoulders, and reached across with my left hand to caress her hair. I kissed the top of her head, offering consoling words. Her sobbing seemed to only intensify.

After about fifteen minutes of caressing, the sobbing ceased, she let out a deep sigh, and relaxed more into me, lowering herself across my lap, resting her head on the sofa throw pillow on the other side of me. Calmed now, she continued watching the movie while lying on her side across me. I began to massage and rub her neck and shoulders. She let out another deep sigh.

The positioning was a little awkward for me to have access to her left shoulder, so I suggested that she roll forward onto her stomach. She adjusted herself, bringing her arms and hands across my body and around the throw pillow, and presenting her entire back for my massage.

I continued my ministrations, massaging her soft, petite neck, shoulders, and shoulder blades through her thin tee-shirt.

As I rubbed and kneaded, a small gap appeared between the bottom of her shirt and her pajama bottoms, exposing the small of her back. I don’t know what possessed me, but an urge to touch her back came over me. With one hand, I reached over and began lightly caressing her back with my fingertips, brushing them back and forth between the sides of her waist. I was anxious that she would object, but all she emitted was another deep sigh. I took that as her acceptance, but I wanted to be sure, so I asked how she was feeling. She replied that she was fine and that it was feeling real good.

Emboldened by this, I began widening the brushes with my fingers, causing my thumb to slide up her back an inch or two under her shirt. I didn’t sense any alarm or resistance on her part, and I was sensing something going on in my libido, something that I hadn’t experienced in the past five and a half months.

My confidence in her comfort with this grew, so I tested the waters a little, curious as to how far I could go. I began running my entire hand farther up under her shirt, caressing her soft skin. My fingertips were reaching about half way up her back at this time. Just as I wondered what she thought about it, she whispered that it felt good. Again, she sighed, signaling to me that she was relaxed about this.

After around five minutes of gradually creeping farther up her back under her shirt, my fingers brushed against the back strap of her bra. I held my line there, just caressing the entire lower portion of her back, but with her tee-shirt practically pulled up to expose that portion of her back. Now I could use my other hand, too, so I reached over and began caressing and massaging with both hands. As I did this, my fingers found their way down to the softness of the sides of her back.

I was overcome with the desire to take a quantum leap, beginning to slip my fingers up under her bra illegal bahis strap. There was no doubt that this was crossing a line, but I was not thinking exactly sanely, having gone without the touch of a woman for so long. And touching this pretty, young woman was stirring feelings in me that I had kept pent up for so long.

Let me describe Sara. As I said, she is pretty. Not beautiful, but with some nice features that are on the attractive side….long, brown hair, captivating eyes, and a good sense of humor. Standing at 5’3″, and at 115 pounds, she has a curvy body that many older women would die for. Having spent many days at the club swimming pool, watching her in her bikini, I can understand why the older women would.

Sara has never been with a boy to my knowledge. That has never been one of her priorities in life. She isn’t as academic as most people, and is somewhat lacking in self-confidence. Lacking in self-esteem, she hasn’t followed through on the couple of times some young man showed some form of interest in her. She also doesn’t pursue make-up and fine clothing with the same fervor as other young women. But she doesn’t really need much make-up because of her naturally-pretty features, and, unfortunately, the clothes that she usually wears only tend to hide the finer features of her figure. Along those lines, she has never met a young man who accepted her for who she is. Now she was lying across my lap, and my hands were wandering up that soft, smooth back that I have only been able to admire from a distance.

I worked my hands up under her straps and over her shoulder blades, making sure that I kneaded them lightly, and slowly broadening my strokes so that my fingertips reached up to her shoulders. This tended to tug at her bra strap, however. Taking another leap, I reached for the clasp on the back of her bra, unhooked it, and let it fall to her back. With my heart beating in my chest, I asked her if that was okay. She nodded her head, and hummed, “Mmm-hmm.” So far, so good.

I positioned my hands back at the small of her back, and then started lightly caressing and massaging in circles up her back with the tips of my fingers. When I got to the unfastened straps, my fingers pushed them down over the sides of her back. I now had a view and access to her entire back. My hands roamed freely, occasionally dipping down the sides of her back.

I sensed that my cock was beginning to stiffen, but I couldn’t be sure because it was so packed down by the weight of her torso across my lap. But it felt as if it were twitching every so often. I gathered that, if I couldn’t tell, then she likely couldn’t tell, either, what affect this was having on me. Regardless of what state my cock was in, my mouth was beginning to go dry.

After several minutes of tending to her shoulders and upper back, I moved my hands down her spine, stopping at the tops of her pajama bottoms. Having scooted across my lap, her pajama bottoms ended up lower on her hips to the point where the band rested just above her ass cheeks. My fingers caressed her skin at the band, working around the sides of her hips and back. I was very hesitant to venture any farther down than that, but my horniness got the better of me. I gently pushed my finger tips under the waistband, finding that her panty waistband was right there, too, so that I was really under the waistband of her panties, then venturing another inch or two below. “Does that feel okay?” I asked. “Uh-huh,” she answered. Another green light.

I began doing the same thing to her pajama bottoms and panties that I did with the bra strap, slipping my hands under so as to lift them slightly from her body. As I did this, I could see a little bit of her cheeks down in her bottoms. With my hands tucked under her pajamas and panties, I circled my fingers across the upper portion of her cheeks, again caressing them in a tickling fashion. “Good? I asked her. “Good,” she replied. At this point, I didn’t know where this was going, but whatever the destination, I was enjoying the ride.

“Farther down?” I asked. She nodded her head yes. And so I went.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. My mind was reeling. I now had my hands on each ass cheek, cupping and caressing them. While doing this, I used my thumbs to hook over her waistbands to pull the clothing a little farther down her waist, exposing half of her ass. I then worked my flattened hands down the sides of her ass to her hips, making sure that I barely touched a slight amount of the front of her hips.

I then began working on her cheeks again, working at pushing her bottoms even farther down. I slowly got them nearly down to the bottom of her ass. I lightly stroked her checks at the bottom, working up and down her cheeks. On a couple passes, I pushed farther down her cheeks onto the backs of her legs. By doing this, I was sure that I could see some of her pussy, but I wasn’t entirely sure because of the angle and the light.

I looked up at her face to see that her eyes were closed. illegal bahis siteleri “Are you enjoying this?” She replied with a “Yes.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and turn over, okay? I’ll take care of the other side.”

With that, she rolled over without adjusting her clothing….her shirt pulled up to the shoulders and her pajamas and panties pulled down to the bottom of her ass. As she rolled over in my lap, the position of her clothing in the back left her tee-shirt pulled up to just under her breasts and her pajamas and panties pulled down to just above her muff.

I began with her stomach, more massaging than caressing because I know that most people’s stomachs are ticklish. I quickly worked up her rib cage to the bottom of her shirt. Just as before, my fingers went under the clothing and came to the bottom of her bra. I left the bra alone and in place. But I asked her if she’d like to remove her shirt. She sat up to pull it off, and, in the process, her bra came off with the shirt. Rather than cover herself up, she just laid back down, completely topless. I could not believe how magnificent her youthful breasts were. They were just the right size and firmness so that they stood up while she was lying on her back. She looked at me, and I looked at her. I was sure that I saw, “Okay,” in her look. My hands went right for her breasts.

I started gently and slowly, lightly caressing them around her nipple, making sure that I cupped them several times in my palms, kneading them. I progressed to caressing her beautiful nipples that were dark and the size of a 50-cent piece. As I did so, they began to harden, and the tips began to become erect.

It seemed like I spent an eternity on those wonderful mounds of hers, but there was so much more of her to explore, and explore I did.

My focus was now shifted to the area of her belly below her navel and above her muff. I lightly rubbed and massaged that area, moving close to her pajamas. Using the same method as before, my fingers dipped under the bands and the backs of my hands lifted and moved the clothing farther down her body. I could at first feel the wisps of her pubic hairs, and then could soon after clearly see the tuft of her bush.

I gathered at this point that Sara was all in, so I moved my hands to the sides of her hips and under her pajamas and panties as if to take them down. I turned to look at her, and asked, “Okay?” She smiled and said, “Okay.” With that, I slid her bottoms off her hips and off her legs. I couldn’t reach all the way down her legs, so she lifted and flexed them to allow them to come off. As she lifted her legs, I could definitely see the labia showing out of the folds of her pussy. And I began to detect that unmistakable aroma of a woman who is very turned on.

My heart was beating wildly! Lying in my lap was a pretty, shapely, and very naked nineteen-year-old. What a body she had!! I didn’t know where to begin.

My hands, however, knew exactly what to do. They began caressing and roaming all around her hips, avoiding her pubic area for the time being. I was feeling all over the outsides of her hips, down the outsides and tops of her legs, then back of the insides of her thighs, but making sure that I didn’t touch her mound or pussy….at least not yet.

My cock was definitely rock hard, and there was no hiding it. When she sat up to take her shirt off, it freed my staff from being crushed down, of course with a little shifting of my own to make it comfortable. It sprang up and out so that it was noticeably protruding under my shorts…and so that she could feel it when she lied back down on it. I knew that she knew that I was turned on, too. And I didn’t care at this point.

After several passes up and down her hips and legs, I worked my hands up the insides of her thighs, gently pressing against the insides to get her to open her legs a little. She responded just fine, opening them so that I could see her pussy. My hands drew near the vagina, and I took my time caressing my way to it.

Rather than immediately explore her vaginal opening right away, I caressed up the outsides of her pussy lips, over to the top of her mound, and then down the gash to find her clit. As soon as my finger found it, I began gently massaging it. She flinched in my lap. I found a button! I maintained my focus on that button for several more moments.

Then it was time to explore her depths. My middle finger pressed down past her clit and along the inner creases of the labia to the opening of her vagina. I gently brushed the tip of my finger across the opening, finding it soaked with vaginal lubrication. With some of her fluid on my finger, I started circling my finger around her opening several times, delving deeper into her channel with each pass. Finally, I could take it no longer and inserted my finger as deep in her pussy as it would go. I turned to look at her face as I did this to see her reaction. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open slightly, and her head jerked canlı bahis siteleri back ever so slightly.

With my other hand, I reached behind her knees to draw them up higher and to spread them farther apart so to give me better access to her pussy. I began rhythmically pistoning my finger in and out of her hole. Her hole was so tight that she must have felt every crease on every joint on my finger.

It was becoming uncomfortable for me to keep this action up with her lying in my lap. I suggested that we take this upstairs, and she agreed. I gathered up her clothing and followed her as she walked up the staircase. I could only admire and ogle that naked body as she climbed the stairs. With each step she took, I could see her pussy from behind.

When we got to my bed, I told her to stand beside it. I stood next to her, took off my shirt, then asked her if she’d like to take my shorts off, to which she said, “Yes.” It was a little difficult for her to unbutton the tops of my shorts, so I took her small hands in mine and helped her. She them went on to unzip me and pull the shorts over my hips and to the ground. My cock slightly tented out in my boxer briefs enough to make out the shape of it. I’m not huge, but I’m of a fair size, and I get extremely hard. When she pulled my underwear down and over it, it sprang out at her. She continued to pull the underwear down to the floor, and I stepped out of them and the shorts.

Being a novice at this, she had no clue as to what to do next. I stepped closer to her, took her hand in mine, and placed it on my cock. Then I showed her how to gently rub up and down the shaft of it. After a few minutes of that, I turned her so that her back faced the bed, and gently nudged her towards it. I had her sit on the edge, then lie back on it. I told her that I’m going to go down on her. Kneeling in front of her, I lifted her legs so to position her feet on my shoulders. I parted her thighs as I drew closer to her opening. It smelled so sweet to me! The warmth of her legs and pussy radiated onto my face. I could see a hint of the pussy juice that awaited just inside the folds of her pussy lips. My tongue dove in and lapped up and down the inside of her labia. Once I lapped up the juice that was on the outside of her pussy, I snaked my tongue as deeply as it would go into her pussy’s hole. More juice met my tongue’s probing. I was sucking down as much of this virgin juice as I could. I wrapped my mouth around her gash, sucking and licking at her hole.

I looked up to see that her eyes were closed and her arms were splayed on the bed. I reached around her legs, took her hands, and placed them on the sides of my head, letting her know that she could guide where she wanted my tongue. It didn’t take her long to get the hang of it, alternating between her vaginal opening and her clit.

It took a while, but in time I could see little jerks of her stomach and legs. I wasn’t sure if she had an orgasm, but I do believe she was very close to one.

I moved her up on the bed and then climbed on, lying on my right side next to her with my head near her chest. I leaned over her and began sucking on her tits. I just could not get enough of those beautiful mounds. They were so perfect.

I adjusted myself on the bed so that my rigid cock was near her head. I explained how men like women to suck on and lick their cocks while pumping the base with their hand. While some men love blowjobs, I do like them, but prefer the feel of a pussy around my cock. But I wanted her to know how to do them, so we spent a little time doing that. She had too much to learn about blowjobs, so we moved on. I lied back and had her roll over onto me so that her pussy was planted right on my face. I sucked and tongued and lapped some more. Her breathing became deeper, so I know that something was happening within her. And she was still extremely juicy.

I decided it was time for the big event. My balls were going ‘blue’, and I couldn’t go much longer without relief. I had her lie back on the bed and draw up and part her knees to expose her vaginal opening. I moved around to position myself on my knees in between her feet. “Do you understand what we’re going to do now?” I asked. She looked at my rigid cock, then at me, and nodded her head “Yes.” “Is this something that you want us to do?” This time, she nodded her head and responded with a “Yes.” I smiled at her and moved forward between her knees.

I looked down upon this smoking hot body, trying to wrap my head around that fact that, in a few moments, my rock-hard cock is going to be buried deep within her pussy. And with that, I lowered my hips towards hers.

As the head of my cock neared her pussy hole, I stopped short just to savor the reality of the moment just one more time. Then I pressed forward until the head of my cock touched her pussy lips that surrounded her fuck hole, still glistening with her natural lubrication. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy around the opening to moisten it with her juices, then slid it in so that just the head of my cock was buried in her. Again, I looked up at her to get her reaction. She was looking directly into my eyes. “More?” “More,” she said. I slid more of my cock in, about another inch.

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